U19 Soccer Program

For questions or issues contact this program coordinator (here)

The AYSO High School program provides the opportunity for players of high school age, 14 to less than 19 years of age, a continuing opportunity to play recreational soccer in the AYSO tradition of safe, fun, and fair. Like all AYSO programs, the high school program strictly adheres to the principal that everyone plays. Qualified AYSO referees guarantee well-officiated games, and make every effort to keep the play safe.

The U19 schedule is usually a mix of playing the other Corvallis U19 team or teams, and playing teams from either Albany/Lebanon or Eugene. These two regions also run coed U19 programs. The inter-regional games tend to be more competitive, but they remain AYSO and adhere to the principals of safe, fun, and fair. Note that occasional travel to Albany/Lebanon or Eugene may be involved.

Signing Up - U19 Registration

You can register to play U19 soccer almost any time by going to www.eayso.org, filling out the registration form, and either turning it in at a registration event (preferred) or sending it to the U19 Coordinator.

  • Typically, in July/August for fall play, and in February/March for spring play, there are registration events where you can just attend and take care of everything at one time. See the Registration section of this web site for dates and times.
  • If you register outside of a registration event:
    • In eAYSO, you now have the option of paying online. In this case, you can mail, or scan and email, only the registration form.
    • If you want to pay by check or cash, you will have to mail the form with payment.
  • Although you can register at any time, it is best to register early to be guaranteed of a spot. We try to accommodate as many players as want to play, but in some cases that may not be possible.

Registration Contact Info:
To email or mail a registration: Humberto Nation, U19 Coordinator, 538 NW 12th Street, Corvallis, OR, 97330, Email Here


The registration cards includes a commitment to fill a volunteer position. At the regional level, AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization; no one gets paid for their effort, which for a core group of people is very considerable. Simply, AYSO could not and would not exist without its volunteers. At the high school level, players themselves can meet the volunteer commitment, such as by becoming trained as AYSO referees. But however this commitment is met, it must be met.


Below are the rosters for the two nominal teams. Adjustments may be made after the first game or two if the teams do not seem well balanced. Adjustments may also be made on game days if one team is in need of players.

In forming the teams, an effort is made to divide the players equally in terms of age, skill level, and preferred positions. Once the teams have been formed, a player can switch from one team to the other only if they can find a comparable player -- again in terms of age, skill, and position -- on the other team willing to switch. All such changes are at the discretion of the program coordinator, in consultation with the coaches.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers common questions asked about the high school program. The list will grow as people continue to ask me questions.

Who can play in the high school program? You do not have to be enrolled at a high school. Home schoolers and individuals of the correct age but not enrolled at a high school are also welcome.
Are there practices? Like the other AYSO divisions, U19 generally practices twice a week. We recognize that high school players lead busy lives, so practices are considered voluntary, but players are encouraged to attend, for the fun of it, and to increase their skills.

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