U05 Jamboree Program

The AYSO U05 Jamboree program provides the opportunity for players that are four years old an opportunity to play recreational soccer in the AYSO tradition of safe, fun, and fair. Like all AYSO programs, the U05 Jamboree program strictly adheres to the principal that everyone plays. A Qualified AYSO head coach guarantees a well-defined practice, and makes every effort to keep the play safe.

U05 will not have scheduled games. The program is designed to encourage parents to be coaches of their own kids under the direction of a master coach. Your child would be practicing with other players of a similar age. The practices and or scrimmages can total an hour per Saturday of the season.

At the U05 level, every child must be represented by a registered volunteer that will be on the field with him/her. This can be any adult that will be able to be present with the child on Saturday’s and may even be more than one adult. Again, this must be a registered volunteer with AYSO.  You will notice when registering your child that the registration card includes a commitment to fill a volunteer position.  At the regional level, AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization; no one gets paid for their effort, which for a core group of people is considerable. Simply, AYSO could not and would not exist without its volunteers. At the U05 level, this commitment is for Saturdays only.

Signing Up
Generally, sign up for the U05 Jamboree program is the same as for any other program. Current AYSO participants are given the opportunity to sign up for the next year during the Spring AYSO season. New players can sign up at the new player registration, in the Spring and sometimes during late registration before the season begins in the Fall.