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AYSO Region 149 Progressive Play will be an option again for those players with a desire to play a little more soccer than just the regular AYSO season and to play at a higher level of play. After tryouts and team formation, the Progressive Play teams play in a variety of tournaments from late spring and through the summer. Exactly which tournaments are up to the coaches, players, and players’ parents.

Corvallis AYSO offers regular season AYSO players a chance to “tryout” for Progressive Play teams. The word “tryout” is used loosely as it is always hoped that every player who shows an interest can be placed on a team. However, the number of teams is limited by the number of parents who volunteer to be coaches.

Progressive Play


Boys Progressive Information

Annual tryouts and Parent Information Meeting for the 2015 Boys Progressive Play Program will take place Saturday May 16th from 4:00-6:00 p.m. at Adams School on Fields D and E. ALL registered AYSO players interested in continuing to improve and develop their soccer skills through practices, scrimmages, games, league play, and competitive summer tournaments are encouraged to attend.

Tryouts: Tryouts are a loose term as we strive to place every child in attendance on a team. Teams will be formed by age, any player U8 – U14 is eligible and encouraged to attend tryouts. In past years the Region 149 Boys Progressive Play teams have formed per the number and ages of interested players in attendance. Ideally, we can form teams in every age group consisting of 16 or less players.

We need coaches to volunteer to form each team.  Last summer we had a large group of exceptional parent coaches and formed 5 boys teams (U9-U14). We look forward to continuing that number of teams this summer and hope more parents are willing to contribute their time.

Cost: The cost to participate on a Summer Progressive Play Team was <$120 per child last summer. This included 2-3 Summer tournaments, uniforms (2 jerseys, shorts, 2 pairs of socks), friendly scrimmages, and practices twice a week June-August at Adams School. The summer Progressive Play cost can range from $100-$200 per player based on team size, age group, number of tournaments, and leagues the teams decide to play.

Season: Most Boys Progressive teams operate through the summer (Beginning of June-End of August). At the conclusion of tryouts the coaches and parents from each team will organize a weekly practice schedule and discuss which summer tournaments interest the majority. In Oregon there are competitive tournaments nearly every weekend throughout the summer. Deciding which tournaments to play is usually based on the registration fee, competition level, player availability, and location (Portland, Salem, Eugene, Bend, etc.)

Progressive Teams looking to continue can participate in the Fall and/or Spring KidSports leagues based in Eugene. All Progressive players must be currently AYSO registered with a team, and practice/game attendance priority is with each players Region 149 AYSO individual team first. All Progressive teams will be reformed each year during the annual tryout period. The cost to participate in a Fall or Spring KidSports league is approximately $50-$100 per child per league depending on team size and team age group.

Philosophy: All philosophies that apply to AYSO also apply to the Region 149 Progressive Program. This includes focus on player development before winning, and each child plays at least half of every game. Expect your child to play multiple positions and learn fundamental skills that apply to each position. This program is intended to be a fun and positive experience for every child involved.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We are always looking to grow the Progressive Program and are actively seeking parent volunteers. Let us know if you or someone you know may be interested.


Bob Vingelen (here)
Region 149 Boys Progressive Play Coordinator


Girls Progressive Information

Region 149 Girls Soccer Progressive Play - Summer & Fall 2015

To: all interested AYSO players who would like to improve their soccer skills by having additional touches on a soccer ball throughout the summer.

Through the summer - starting the first week in June through August - there will be “open”, no cost, practices for all interested players on schedule below:

  • U10/U12 girls ( 2015 - 2016  3rd – 6th graders ) - size 4 ball - Monday & Wednesday, 5:30-7pm, north end of the Philomath HS JV field (parking is via the Philomath City Park, Applegate St to 23rd, and south into the park) – starting June 1.
  • U14 girls ( 2015 – 2016  7th & 8th graders ) - size 5 ball - Tues & Thurs, 5:30 - 7pm, north end of the Philomath HS JV field (parking is via the Philomath City Park, Applegate St to 23rd, and south into the park) – starting June 2.

In August, an email will be sent to all players participating in the summer practices, to determine interest in joining a Region 149 Girls Progressive Play team for the Fall Season.  (This schedule of practice-through-the-summer, but play in the Fall & Spring leagues, is so that the players & families can enjoy the summer Oregon weekends, while still improving soccer skills.)

Soccer players that are signed up for a regular AYSO team are eligible to participate on a Progressive Play team also (the key word is "also" – the players will be on two teams - regular AYSO and the Progressive Play) .  In the Fall, the Progressive Play teams play in the Kidsports KLASSIC soccer league, and play a seeding tournament the 2nd weekend in September, nine league games and then a season-ending tournament (through the 2nd weekend in November). 

  • The KLASSIC soccer season starts with a "seeding" Jamboree where the teams play 4 to 6 30-minute games on the 2nd weekend in September.  The results from the "seeding" Jamboree are then used to "place" the registered teams in various Leagues based on skill level (gold, silver, or bronze) and the Fall schedule determined.   (This is Kidsports way to try and "balance" play and have stronger teams play stronger teams, and weaker teams play weaker teams.)
  • That Fall game schedule won't be available until the Wednesday of the following week.  Then the team will start playing the league games on various Friday evenings, and/or Saturday and Sunday afternoons, in both Eugene/Springfield (away) and Corvallis/Philomath (home) until the end of October.  In the past we have always been able to provide rides for those players that would like to play but need a ride to and from a game (especially the away games).
  • At the end of the league season, there is the Fall KLASSIC Tournament, a double-elimination tournament for all the League teams that choose to play.
  • Historically, due to everyone being so busy in the Fall, the Progressive Teams have not had any "special" Progressive Play team practices.  The players have been "invited" to come to practice with various other AYSO teams, but there are no "mandatory" team practices. We use the "game situations" that occur in our Fall games to talk through the situations either at half time, after the game or before the next game - for example:  how to play a corner kick, how to defend a corner kick, how to defend a direct or indirect kick right outside our penalty box (holding the 18), etc.

The Progressive Play teams do not play together in the Winter (time to do other things:  basketball, swimming, skiing, snowboarding, ...).

In the Spring, the teams will play in the Spring Kidsports league, and will finish the "year" playing in the Memorial Weekend tournament in Springfield, OR, and State Games of Oregon tournament in Portland the 1st weekend after Memorial Day.

This past year there were four Region 149 Girls Progressive Play Teams – one U10 (3rd & 4th graders), one U11 (4th & 5th graders), one U12 (5th-6th graders), and one U14 (7th & 8th graders).  The cost to participate on a Progressive Play Team includes the uniform cost (~$35 – jersey, shorts, 2 pairs of socks), the Fall Registration fee for a kidsports team (player cost ~ $80), and the Spring Season Registration fee (player cost ~$60).  The two Spring tournaments cost an additional $55 for those players & families that chose to participate (for an annual total ~$230).

For Fall 2015, we will again have at least both a U12G and a U14G team consisting of players returning from this year’s teams along with an additional interested players.  Additional teams will be formed depending on interest.
Please note, it is ok to “only” come to the summer-time practices, working to “just practice to get better..." without plans or intentions of participating on a Progressive Play team in the Fall.

Please email if you have any questions,
John Williams (here)
Region 149 Girls Progressive Play Coordinator

AYSO Region 149
P.O. Box 516 Philomath OR 97370 United States of America