Winter Indoor Soccer - 2016

Spanish Registration Form

This is really fun soccer!! This league is an extension of AYSO and will remain consistent with its philosophies. Balanced teams will be formed from registered AYSO players who sign up for indoor soccer.

All currently registered AYSO players from divisions U8 through U19 are invited to sign up for the league. There will not be a U6 league. If there are not enough players to form a team, we will refund your money.

All games will be played in the comfort of Corvallis Sports Park (located next to Papa’s pizza). The season starts on Nov 4th and goes through Dec 19th. Games are 36 minutes long and will be scheduled on Saturdays from 12 - 6:30pm and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 4:10 - 5:40pm There are no practices.

Sign up for indoor soccer will be on October 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th at the safety/information station. After this, registration will only be accepted on a space-available basis. The fees will be $45 and need to be paid when you register. Corvallis Sports Park will not be taking registration for the league.

We need volunteers to make this work. Coaches and referees will be needed. The time commitment is minimal and it is a lot of fun. Training for referees will be provided.


  • What is the cost for the AYSO Indoor season?
  • My child is currently enrolled in the U6 division. Can he/she sign up for the indoor season?
    No. The indoor season is for U8- U19 only. Historically there has not been enough interest for form teams at the U6 level.
  • Are there practices?
    No. For the indoor season, there are no practices. Typically, coaches will organize the teams a few minutes before the game and do a brief (1-2 minute) kick around.
  • How many games will each team play?
    Each team will be scheduled to play 6 games during the season.
  • I currently coach. Can I sign up and keep my team intact for the indoor season?
    We would love to have you coach your child's indoor team. You will not, however, be able to keep your outdoor team intact for the indoor season. AYSO will be forming new teams from individuals who register to play. We adhere to the AYSO philosophy of creating balanced teams to ensure fairness for all.
  • How long are the games?
    36 minutes
  • Are scholarships available?
    As we try to break even with our special events, we will not be able to provide scholarships to kids.
  • What happens if not enough players sign up to form a team?
    If there are not enough players to form a team, we will refund your money.
  • Are special shoes required?
    Court shoes are allowed for U8 - U12 only.
    For safety reasons NO RUNNING SHOES are allowed.
  • Are teams single-gender or co-ed?
    U8, U10, and U12 are divided by gender. U14 is scheduled to be run by gender but depending on the number of registrants, we may make it co-ed. U19 is co-ed. The kids have a great time.
  • On what size field do U8 teams play?
    U8 games are played on half or full field depending on number of players. This is the same layout the Corvallis Sports Park uses in their programs. The kids have a great time.
  • If I have more than one child playing indoor soccer, can I write one check?
    To help us with book keeping, we ask that you write a separate check for each player.
  • How do coaches and referees learn about differences between outdoor play and indoor play and the Corvallis Sports Park rules and operating the time clock?
    We may offer some brief training for coaches and referees before the first game.
Equipment needed:
  • White t-shirts (Pinnies provided by coaches)
  • Shorts with no zippers or pockets (AYSO-issue are ideal.)
  • SHIN GUARDS REQUIRED; socks of any color okay
  • Shoes: Indoor soccer shoes or turf shoes required for U14 and U19. Court shoes allowed for U8 - U12 only. NO RUNNING SHOES allowed for safety reasons.


American Youth Soccer Organization - Region 149
5060 SW Philomath Blvd #193, Corvallis, OR USA
AYSO Region 149 Soccer Fields