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Coach Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do with too few players? Playing Short

Many teams have had games where they were short players.  Here are the guiding principles for when your team is short players and you see the need to change the game.

  1. Communicate the issue, with the referee and the opposing coach.
  2. Balance the Game.
    1. Ask for players from the opposing team.  (Players showed for that game, ensure they get the most playing time first.)
    2. Get players from your division or a lower division.  (Be sure they have parents present.)
    3. Attempt to balance the game/teams with the other coach.
  3. Get them in the right color.
  4. Play the first half and revisit number two.

For some reason I have received reports of teams not truly realizing the purpose of AYSO.  Saturday games are a recreational competition intended to be fun for families and players.  There are certain points where it is obvious you should change the game to make it fun for everyone.

  • Your team is down four points, forfeit, and change the game.
  • Your team is up four points, change the game.*
  • Your team is short two plus players, either forfeit, and change the game or revert to bullet one.

*Read the Coach FAQ for info on how to deal with lopsided games.
Forfeit = I use this term to help in the understanding that you are no longer playing a scheduled competition, but a scheduled scrimmage with a total number of players at both coaches' disposal.

How do I provide feedback to a Referee?

Constructive Feedback - There are always issues, first remember we are all volunteers.  From issues with parents to issues with referees, there are channels to get help.  If you observe a problem or have one with a parent feel free to email me.  If you observe a problem or have one with a referee feel free to email the Ref Admin.  Please be sure to mention the game, field, and start time.  Remember it is just a game, but if you believe it is a problem email someone so we can help.  Keep it constructive so we know what we can do to help.

What does a Player need to know in their Division? Player Deliverable:

  • U6 Technique
    • Dribbling
    • Instep Kick
    • Throw In
  • U6 Principle
    • Attack: Penetration & Defense: Delay
  • U8 Technique
    • Inside of the Foot Pass
    • Inside of the Foot Control
  • U8 Principle
    • Attack: Depth & Defense: Depth
    • Attack: Width & Defense: Concentration
  • U10 Technique
    • Tackling
    • Goalkeeping
  • U10 Principle
    • Attack: Mobility & Defense: Balance
  • U12 Technique
    • Top of the Thigh Control
    • Sole of the Foot Control
    • Juggling
  • U12 Principle
    • Attack: Creativity & Defense: Composure
  • U14
    • Laws of the Game

The intent is teach the areas in your division and solidify the areas in all prior divisions. More details are in the coach manuals at AYSO Training or a brief run down can be found here Player Ability.

What do I need to do to start the season? General Coach Check List to start the Season:

  • Submit Volunteer Registration
  • Submit Coach Data Sheet
  • Reserve Practice Fields (U8-U19)
  • Get Classroom Training*
  • Get Field Training*
  • Get Safe Haven Training Online

*Training needs to be for the division/age level your coaching, you do not need to get all the training from the lower levels, just your division level. Training above your division level is okay, but I suggest you brush up your understanding of the requirements for the lower level. Classroom training can be done online for U6-U10 only.

How long can practices be?

Generally 3 hours per week per program. Progressive 3 hours per week. Primary Season 3 hours per week.

  • U19 division - 2 practices per week, 2 hours
  • U10-U14 divisions - 2 practices per week, 1½ hour
  • U8 divisions - 2 practice per week, 1 hour duration (suggested, but 1 ½ is okay)
  • U6 divisions - 1 practice per week, 30min before game.

Many coaches schedule practices for 2 hours per day to include the time for breaks and late arrivals.

How do I fill out a game lineup card or game card?

I am glad you asked... it is seemingly basic. You will receive a game lineup card with other equipment before the first game day. After you distribute the uniforms at a practice or game you then write the numbers and names of all players in numerical order. Make sure, if you have two players with the same name you distinguish them on the card. Fill out as much as you can on the top of the card, feel free to do a bunch of these at the same time leaving off the information for that day. At the game you give the card to the referee. (if you loose the cards you can get one at the info shed)

What should I be sure I have on the first game day?

Game Day Checklist

  • Insurance Forms
  • Goalie Jersey (U8 and up) (none?)
  • Extra Uniform
  • Extra Socks
  • Extra Shin Guards
  • Clipboard with pencil and paper

What equipment should I have by my first practice?

  • Coach Bag
  • First aid kit
  • Game Lineup Card
  • Whistle
  • 3 soccer balls
  • Goalie Shirt (U8 and up)*
  • Pennies (U8 and up)
  • Uniform bag*

* Requires all primary volunteers registered (the top 4 in the list - referees, coach, asst coach, & team parent). Are you missing Something?

How do I find, apply, and reserve a practice field?

First off, get it done now, or you will be stuck with what you get.

  1. Pick a school or location that is best for you. (parks cannot easily be reserved, so there can be greater risk)
  2. Check to see if that school would be best for the addresses of the players on the team, or you can ask them. (you won’t appease everyone, but you can make it central enough for a good chance of attendance.)
  3. Determine some days and times that work for you.
  4. Check with the team to narrow down two practice days and times.
  5. See the guide below for reservations:
    • All Corvallis school locations except Adams (here)
    • Adams Location:
      • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:
        Phone number
        Email address
        Division (ie U10B or U10G)
        Time of practice (ie 5:00-6:00)
        Day of the week (ie Mon and Wed)
    • Philomath is first come, first serve and coaches can work out the space together.
  6. Ensure you get a confirmation on a reservation, or an agreement ahead of time. (AYSO provides insurance for all AYSO events, and the district has those papers on file.  Also schedule for some extra time at the end of your practice to help individuals, or meet with parents.)

Most of the time you can enter the online district form and they will present you with the field in a few weeks. In other cases you will have luck of the draw in public spaces.  AYSO has insurance for all parties involved in most locations, but we recommend that you work with school district to find a location.

Where should I stand during a game? or What side should my team be on be during the game?

Please look at the field map to see the spectator and team side assignments.

How should I deal with a Lopsided Game?

Balancing teams is difficult and some games will inevitably favor another team, if a game is in your favor due to the opposing teams poor attendance, or lack of player experience here are some possible remedies that can be agreed upon (with the other coach), or implemented to even out the game. These are in order from best to worst:

  1. Force field position restrictions. (forwards must remain in one half and defenders must remain in one half)
  2. Offer the other coach a player, or offer them to increase their on-field player count.
  3. Force a skill focus before scoring. (require a number of passes, or non-dominant foot shots only)
  4. Drop your on-field player count

Are kids with injuries allowed to play at games? What about practices? or Can I allow players that are not registered play with the team? or What are the player requirements to allow them to play?

Here is a brief overview of the player requirements.

  • All players need to be registered and you need to have a copy of the players registration forms.
  • All players at practices and games need to wear shin guards.
  • At practices and games no player can play with casts or hard splints.
  • At practices and games no player can wear earrings, jewelry, or other metal/hard plastic items (bobby pins).
  • At practices and games no player can wear a hat with a hard brim.

All of these rules must be followed in order to ensure a players coverage with Soccer Accident Insurance and your coverage with General Liability by AYSO. No AYSO player is allowed to play without meeting the above requirements.

NOTE: their are some forms that apply to this section, injury report and return form injury report. (linking will be done later)

What is the criteria for canceling practices? or What is the policy for cancellations? or Do we have makeup games? (Primary AYSO Program Only)

We do not have makeup games and you most likely cannot have makeup practices since you are only allowed to practice 3 hours per week, when a game day is canceled it is canceled. The current policy for the primary AYSO program is that if a majority of the Corvallis 509j fields are closed all practices should be canceled. Majority is currently set at a number greater than 7 schools. You can find information on this websites home page.

What are some options if my practice field is closed?

If you are one of the unlucky few that have a field that is closed, you have a few options. Best option is to find another green space that you are allowed to play on, remember to be safe and scout the area. Another option is to remember that player development does not require grass, but remember to be safe if you are doing something on unfamiliar terrain (I do not recommend that you try a practice on wet concrete, but you can try some games that apply to soccer. Think team building or general physical fitness, ask them what they do for P.E.).

What are some options if we are not allowed to practice?

If AYSO has canceled practices or games for the week, you can always communicate with the parents to try a more social gathering. Some locations in town can provide physical activity, or just team building/familiarity. Remember that these are not AYSO authorized events, meaning you and everyone else should be notified of this fact. (Please do not bend the rules on this, if a bunch of coaches want to have a recreational game with their kids and friends that can be ok, but remember to be sure everyone is informed it is voluntary and not part of AYSO.)

Latest Events

Tue Jun 30 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
U14 Girls Progressive Play
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U10/U12 Girls Progressive Play
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