Volunteer Application and Registration

Volunteer Registration:

 AYSO National requires all Board Members, Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Referees and Team Managers to electronically submit a new Volunteer Application form each membership year. Log in to eayso.org, follow the links to the volunteer section, create or update your information and e-sign. If this is the first time you have registered on eAYSO, you will also need to stop by one of the Player Registration events so that we can verify your photo ID before you can begin volunteering.

  • Returning Volunteer Application:
    1. Complete eAYSO.org form for Returning Volunteer Application.
    2. No other action is necessary (You can get a receipt with CVPA).
  • New Volunteer Application:
    1. Complete eAYSO.org form for New Volunteer Application.
    2. Before working with kids get ID verified at registration event.
      (Look for event dates on top of this page.)(Special Case)

If you do not have online computer access at home, you may complete and print the registration forms at any of the Public libraries, or in the computer lab during a registration event.  Lost eAYSO password? Contact (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Why AYSO Volunteers Must be Registered

AYSO requires every volunteer to register each year. Those volunteers include all coaches, assistant coaches, referees, team parents, board members, and persons filling certain other positions. Registering accomplishes two things. First, it provides liability protection for the volunteer under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 for unintentional harm caused by the volunteer “if the volunteer was properly licensed, certified, or authorized by the appropriate authorities…..and acting within the scope of their responsibilities.” Second, it provides the information needed for AYSO to run criminal background checks to screen for persons convicted of sex crimes and certain other serious crimes as authorized by the National Child Protection Act of 1993.

If you are not registered with, and authorized by, the Region to be a volunteer, you are not protected by the Volunteer Protection Act, and you may be held personally liable for any mishaps which occur during your volunteer activities. The members of the Region 149 Board of Directors may also be held liable for failing to exercise "due diligence" in assuring that all volunteers are properly registered and trained. It is the duty of the Regional Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) to assure that every AYSO coach, assistant coach, referee and team parent submits a valid Volunteer Application form each year. The Region 149 year begins with the Fall season, so volunteer registration begins with player registration in May and is completed before play begins in September.

If Region 149 does not have a valid Volunteer Application Form from you for the current season, you will not be allowed to be a Coach or Referee or a Team Parent. VALID means that all information requested on the form has been provided by you (including Social Security number), and that one copy of the signed form have been submitted in to the CVPA with current photo ID. Failure or refusal to complete any portion of the form will result in rejection of your application and you will not be allowed to volunteer with AYSO.

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