Player Refund Request

Your player would like to be unregistered?
Fill out this form and use the categories to select what you are requesting. Types of requests include Refund (unregister & send the max amount possible), Donate and Refund (unregister, partial donation percent, & send the remainder), or Donate Everything (unregister & all to the scholarship program).
We cannot guarantee requests will be honored in these situations: Your player has participated in a game, you are requesting the refund after the first game day, or your player is part of an associated program (EXTRA or AYSO United).

In general, we will refund the amount that ensures we recoup our costs. Organization fee w/ insurance costs $17.50, that is not refundable. Payment handling/processing costs can be close to $4. Other costs often depend on timing and if another player could take your spot.

Common Refund Amounts (see exceptions above):
Core Recreational Program = $60
If a scholarship recipient for Core Program = $15
If EXTRA & Core Program = $200
If EXTRA Program only = $140
If Indoor Program = $43
Special Fee Refund 96%

All vary by timing and represent common amounts.
Please be sure you enter the legal names in this form. We need legal first name and legal last name in order to look up records/data.
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After you submit this form, your request will be sent to the commissioner for approval. The request is then sent to team formation for removal and the treasurer for payment.
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