Volunteer Application

Step 1 - eAYSO Application

Go To eAYSO.org

Please be sure you have your volunteer AYSO ID and application document (digital or paper) before you move to the next step.

Step 2 - Picture of State ID

We require verification of identity and key information. Please obtain a photo or digital copy of your drivers license or state ID in a jpg.

Step 3 - Submission

This submission is the nearly final step in a process, you can attach step 1 (eAYSO application) or email it directly to the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate

Attaching Documents From Step 1 & 2

You will still need to provide a digital copy of the eAYSO volunteer application and digital copy of the front of your state ID.

Login to your existing account or, if you are new to AYSO, create an eAYSO account. Complete a Volunteer application form for yourself and e-Sign it.
Download/Export one PDF copy and give it your name. (export is in the same area as printing)

Volunteer eAYSO ID(*)
Need only the ID numbers. You can find them on the volunteer pre-registration from eAYSO.org.

Top corner of the pre-registration form, 8 digits.

Below, please attach the Application document.

eAYSO.org Application(*)
eAYSO.org Pre-Registration Form Required in PDF format. (300kb file size)

Please Upload the PDF you retrieved from eAYSO.org

Below, please attach the Copy of State ID.

State ID Photo(*)
State ID or Drivers License in JPG of PDF format. (900kb file size)

Please Upload the State ID Image you took or scanned. (PDF or JPG)


  RefreshRequired Field - Enter the #s

Enter the four numbers

Submit Form Data

After you submit this form, the Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate will be emailed the data of this form for final approval.
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