Player Application and Registration

What is Needed: Print only 1 copy of the electronically signed Player Pre-Registration form, bring the registration fee or proof of payment ($80 per player), and, for new players, bring proof of player birth date to the registration volunteers at the registration events listed on top of this page.

  1. eAYSO application completed
  2. Player fee ($80) to AYSO or proof of player fee payment (paid by credit card in eAYSO)
  3. (New Players) Proof of player birth date (birth certificate, immunization record, or government issued ID)

Bring all of the above to the registration event listed above.

See Player Registration FAQ (here) for more Information.


Scholarships require acceptance into the school meal program (aka free and reduced lunch program). Proof of acceptance must be submitted with an application, along with the $35 fee to AYSO.

AYSO Region 149
P.O. Box 516 Philomath OR 97370 United States of America