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Fall 2015 Games

Parent Guide

Important Dates to Remember

Fall Season Begins - 2nd Saturday after Labor Day
Fall Practice Can Start - 1st Tuesday after Labor Day
Team Picture Day - 2nd Game Day of Fall Season
Spring Season Begins - 1st Saturday after Spring Break
Spring Practice Can Start - 1st Monday after Spring Break
(Fall and Spring seasons run 7 consecutive weeks each.)

About AYSO National

Everyone Helps Out - AYSO is a volunteer organization with more than 250,000 parents and friends volunteering, many of them working as coaches, referees and administrators. It’s not unusual to find two, three or more children in the same family playing AYSO soccer - while Dad serves as referee and Mom as coach. It can be a total family experience!

The Growth of AYSO - AYSO was founded in 1964 in Torrance, Calif. with about 125 players. Today that number has grown to more than 625,000 nationwide.

Why AYSO Works - AYSO works because our volunteers work. The volunteers work because they believe in the AYSO philosophies. Our phenomenal growth underscores AYSO’s commitment to a healthy competitive atmosphere for youth soccer players, combined with dedication toward the development of responsible individuals.

What Makes AYSO Tick - AYSO was founded on community involvement. Volunteer staff members are encouraged to organize in ways best suited to their needs. The foundation of AYSO is the “Region,” or basic community program. Each Region is headed by a Regional Commissioner who, with the help of a regional board, conducts business within the framework of AYSO’s philosophies, Rules and Regulations and Bylaws. Depending on its stage of development, a Region may have as few as 200 players or as many as 5,000, grouped into boys and girls divisions based on age.

Registration Info

Registration Fees - The Regional Board shall fix the registration fee for each player participant annually. Check online for the player fee for this season. Registration fees pay for insurance coverage for each player, a uniform for each player consisting of a jersey, shorts and a pair of socks (players must provide their own shoes and shin guards), and cover the expense of maintaining the fields and equipment and providing supplies for the Region. The players are allowed to keep their uniforms at the end of the season.

Registration Scholarships - Any child who is eligible for the free or reduced lunch program at their school may also be eligible for an AYSO Regional Scholarship. With a scholarship, the registration fee is reduced to the cost of insurance and other required fees. To apply for the scholarship, request a “scholarship form” at the registration event, fill in the form, and return it with your child’s registration materials and proof of eligibility.

Open Registration in May

Full Year (Fall and Spring Seasons) - Open Registration for a full season occurs from late-April through mid-June. During June, volunteers assign players to teams. In late-July, parents and players are notified of their team assignments and in early-August they attend team organizational meetings, where a parent for each child accepts a volunteer job.

Refunds - After the Open Registration in May, players withdrawing prior to June 15th will be issued a refund. After June 15th, NO REFUNDS will be issued except for the following reasons: (1) The child is injured and unable to play; or (2) the child has moved out of this region. All requests for a refund (less the processing fee) must be submitted by mail in writing to AYSO Registrar, PO Box 516, Philomath, OR, 97370, and must be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Limited Registration in August & February

Full Year - In early-August, we have a Limited Registration to fill open positions on teams, registration closes when play begins in early-September.

Spring Season - If your child missed the fall season, he/she may register for the spring season on a space-available basis. This limited registration is held from early-February through mid-March, registration closes after play begins in early-April.

Refunds - For our limited registrations in spring and fall, NO REFUNDS will be issued to players that are placed on a team. If we are unable to place your child on a team, a full refund will be issued.

Team Formation

1. New Teams - Teams are formed in June of each year. The goal of team formation is to create teams within a school/practice zone that are balanced with regard to volunteer availability and player age and skill level. Team Formation is done by the Boys & Girls Team Formation Coordinators and Divisional Coordinators, with the assistance of board members, coaches and other volunteers.

2. Balanced Teams - Teams are created within each school/practice zone , so that each team has a similar number of players at each skill level and grade level. Teams are formed by assigning some less skilled players, some mid-level players, and some highly skilled players to each team. The skill of returning players is based on the evaluation by their prior-year coach who rates them. Since new players do not have a rating, they are distributed among the teams of their age group.

3. Age Brackets - The primary consideration for player placement is their age on July 31 of each year. Check the Age Guidelines on the next page for details.

4. Playing up - Players are allowed to “play up” one year on the recommendation of the current coach, or to stay with their classmates. The latter applies to players with August birth dates or players that have skipped a grade. In order to play up a division, a request must be made in writing either on or attached to the Player Card. AYSO national regulations prohibit players from “playing down” a division.

5. Players are not moved - Once teams have been formed and rosters are printed, players cannot be moved to another team. Exceptions are made for an error in placement in the wrong division or wrong gender. Occasionally a player is moved if there is a benefit to the region, i.e. a team is in need of a coach and the parent of the moved player can coach this team.

6. Volunteers - Another important consideration when forming teams is the availability of volunteers who are willing to be a Team Coach, Assistant Coach or Referee. During the Player Registration process in May of each year, a Player Card is provided to the parents of each player. On that card, the parent(s) should indicate which volunteer job they are willing to do. Priority placement on a first choice school/practice area is given to the children of the Coach, Asst Coach, Referee and Board Member volunteers. The parent should also note on the card their first and second choice of school/practice areas, and any special considerations they have (play up with classmates, need to car pool with Johnny Smith, would like to have Sally Jones as coach, etc.). Not all of these wishes may be granted, but they will be considered when forming the teams.

7. School/Practice Zone - Since U6 teams do not practice during the week, they are formed from the pool of all players within this age group. For U8, teams are formed and balanced within a grade school. Not all grade schools have teams. We cannot form teams at a school unless we have coach, assistant coach and referee volunteers. For U10 - U14, teams are formed in three practice zones - South, Central, and North. Players may be placed at their alternate choice school/practice area if there are not enough roster spots available at their first choice. It is not always possible to form balanced teams and keep all of the players from one area together.

Age & Division Info - Age Guidelines

Region 149 uses six Age Divisions - These age divisions are based on a players age on July 31st each year. Except for U6 players, AYSO players are grouped into a two-year age division (for U6 the age division is 1.5 years). The divisions are called U6, U8, U10, U12, and U14. Players in U6 are all UNDER SIX years of age on July 31st. The U8 group is all UNDER EIGHT years of age, U10 is UNDER TEN, and so forth. There is also a U19 division for all players aged 14 through 18. Players must be at least 4.5 years old on July 31st for the youngest division (U6) and not older than 18 on July 31st for the oldest division. Since the birth date range for each division changes each year, please see our website for the current year's birth date range.

Consult the website for exact birthday ranges. (here)

Parent Info

Attendance and Participation - Every player shall be entitled to play at least half of every game. Parents must be aware, however, that late arrival for a game is disruptive to the team and must be avoided. Therefore, while a player arriving during the first quarter will play the above numbered quarters, any player arriving during the second or third quarter may result in the player participating in only one quarter.

Practice - For Divisions U19, U16, U14, U12 and U10, practice will not exceed two hours, twice a week. For Divisions U8, practice will not exceed 1½ hours, twice a week. U6 teams do not practice except during pre-game warm-up on game day. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make sure that their child attends practice. If a player is going to miss practice, the coach or the team parent should be notified as soon as possible.

Practice Location & Attendance - As all of the coaches in AYSO are volunteers, practice times are scheduled at the coach’s convenience. Practice fields are arranged at various schools and field reservations are made directly with the school by the coach. Shorts are better suited for the game of soccer than long pants. In cold weather, sweatpants are recommended as jeans can restrict motion. Cleats are best suited for most fields and should be worn at practices. It is recommended that each player bring an appropriately sized ball and water to practices.

Length of Season - The regular season will begin on September 1st and run through May 30th each year. There are normally seven games during September and October, then a winter break, and normally seven games in April and May. Inclement weather or poor field conditions may necessitate the canceling of games. Any such cancellation will be made at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner or representative.

Check the website for cancellation information on game day. There are no refunds for cancelled games.

Parent Participation - THE REGION AND THE CHILDREN NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION. Attend practices and games. PARENTAL SUPPORT IS CRUCIAL. Learn about the rules of the game by obtaining materials from your local library or by reading, “The Rules of Soccer: Simplified.” Above all, show tolerance of the players’ mistakes and weaknesses. When attending games, cheer for all players on both teams as well as your own child. Every parent is requested to volunteer in some area of the program and there are various jobs available. Before your team’s annual meeting, read the section on volunteering in this handbook and visit our website. Then you should offer to help.

Coaches - As a parent, you can help your child’s coach by introducing yourself and thanking them for their interest in coaching a team. Support the coach’s request that your child be on time for practices and games. If you do not stay for the entire practice session, pick up your child promptly at the end of practice. Be positive with your comments and remember that a coach has a reason for his selection of player positions. Don’t criticize the coach because you think your child should play a different position. Offer help at practices. Remember that coaches volunteer their time and energy to instruct and help your child, and they need your cooperation and support.

Referees - AYSO referees are entitled to the highest respect from coaches, players, and spectators. The referee’s mistakes--and there will be mistakes--shall be accepted without complaint. Many of the referees have no children playing in our Region and all of them gladly give their time to help us. Please show them the respect they deserve as they are volunteers. Express your appreciation for their commitment to our soccer program. The Region is always in need of referees. If you are interested, contact the Regional Referee Administrator.

Volunteer Training

All coaches, referees and other volunteers who work directly with children, shall be appropriately trained before working with children. Head coaches, assistant coaches and referees must be AYSO certified. The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 ONLY provides liability protection for volunteers whom are registered and trained by the organization to perform their duties. Only AYSO approved materials, courses and instructors may be used to train and certify these key volunteers.

There are various levels of AYSO training and certification for coaches and referees. The training becomes more comprehensive as you become certified to coach and referee older players. Training sessions for various levels of coaching and refereeing are offered locally each year by Region 149. Please check the Region 149 website for training opportunities and arrange to attend. Several lower-level training classes are offered online at the national AYSO webpage You may complete that training online if you are unable to attend a local class.

In addition to training to learn the basics of their position, all Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Referees must complete “Safe Haven” training and be “Safe Haven Certified.” The Safe Haven program is specific to AYSO and is designed to create the mindset which will provide an environment for the players which is both safe and pleasant. By following the Safe Haven principles, allegations of misconduct by adult volunteers are minimized or eliminated. Safe Haven training for Coaches and Referees is available online at

You must use your AYSO ID number to access the on-line training at You can find your AYSO ID number on your registration form at If you cannot find your number, send an email with your full name and phone number to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you should receive a reply within 48 hours.

In 2010, AYSO established a requirement that all coaches should be trained and certified at the level they are coaching. Volunteers are subject to ongoing evaluation, and additional training may be required to maintain good standing within the region and the organization. For example, Safe Haven is changed every 3 years, you might be required re-certify by taking the course again.

Game Day Info

Field Rules

AYSO Region 149 has agreed with the Corvallis School District that we will enforce the 509J rules for use of their facilities, so you are expected to comply with these school district rules:

  • Deposit all trash in trash cans, place recyclables in the appropriate containers.
  • No parking on grass or dirt
  • No smoking

Substitutions During The Game - Players coming on to the field must be recognized by the referee before entering, and must enter and leave at midfield. It helps the referees if the children remain on the slide with their numbers facing the field until the game restarts. All divisions from U6 through U14 will have a substitution break approximately midway into each half (This should last roughly one minute. This time is for substitutions, not for lengthy strategy sessions). Substitutions will occur only at quarter breaks, halftime, or for an injury.

Proper Uniform - The uniform for all divisions is provided and is as follows: 1 AYSO shirt, 1 pair of black shorts, 1 pair of socks (the correct color socks help the referee) and shin guards. Shin guards, which are required but not provided, should be put on first, with socks worn over the shin guards. Any extra garments must be worn underneath the provided uniform. Soccer shoes are not required, but are recommended. Any cleat with a center toe cleat is not allowed. If a player is not in a complete and proper uniform, he/she will not be allowed to participate.

Cancelation of Games - Games may be halted at any time if it is determined that lightening is occurring within 2 miles of the fields. An air horn will be blown two long blasts to alert all players, coaches and referees. Referees will immediately halt the game and coaches will gather their team members and walk to the nearest building to take shelter until an all-clear horn is sounded with three short blasts. If weather does not allow an all-clear notice, runners will be sent from the Safety Station to notify each team that play is suspended for the remainder of the game. The score at that time will be considered the “final” score of the game.

Special Seasons

Special Winter Season - Indoor Soccer

AYSO Region 149 will offer an indoor program during the winter season for U8-U19 players if there is enough interest and volunteer coaches and referees are available. Indoor soccer begins during the first week of November and runs for six weeks. If you enjoy a fast-paced game, this might be for you. Training will be provided for volunteer referees prior to the start of the season.

The game is played with six players per team on the field at one time. Teams are formed using the same AYSO philosophy of balanced teams and registration is open to anyone who has signed up for the current fall/spring season. Since there are no practices for indoor soccer, the indoor coordinator balances the teams from throughout the region, not by school/zone preference. Registration is held at the safety/info Station in October. This is a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Games are played indoors at the Corvallis Sports Park, 175 SW Twin Oaks Circle, usually on Saturday. It is possible that an occasional game would be played during the week, depending on the number of teams formed. The cost will be determined prior to indoor registration and must be paid at the time of registration. If there are not enough players registered, the season will be cancelled and the registration fee will be refunded.

Special Summer Season - Summer Camps

Aside from Progressive Play, AYSO only offers a few options over the summer season. We offer one summer camp per month, with the first offered by AYSO, the second by Skyhawks, and the third again by AYSO. All camps are approved by AYSO and adhere to our principles. The camps provide discounts for AYSO registered players.

Progressive Play

Progressive Play is an option for those players with a desire to play a little more soccer than just the regular AYSO season, and to play at a more challenging level of play. After tryouts and team formation, the Progressive Play teams play in a variety of tournaments, often with teams from other communities, from late spring through the summer.

Players who participated in the regular season may “tryout” for Progressive Play teams. Only U10 - U15 players are eligible for progressive play. Tryouts are typically held in late April. Some teams may begin tournament play as early as Memorial Day weekend.

The number of teams that are formed is completely dependent upon the number of parents who volunteer to be a coach or assistant coach. If nobody steps forward to be a coach for a particular age group, no team will be formed for that group. All traditional AYSO rules and philosophies guide both team formation and play. Many of the Progressive Play games require travelling to other communities throughout Oregon.

Registration - The Progressive Play registration form is due on the first day of tryouts. Date, time, and place of the tryouts are announced in the Region 149 Newsletter each spring.

Cost - If a player accepts a position on a team, they will be asked to pay a registration fee (in addition to the regular season fee). The fee covers a new jersey, shorts, socks and most, but not necessarily all, of the summer tournament fees. Player insurance coverage continues from the Primary AYSO season through the end of July. Players who do not register for the next Primary season must pay an additional member and insurance fee.

Birth Certificate - Each player must provide a copy of their Birth Certificate to their coach. Oregon Birth Certificates can be obtained by calling the Oregon Health Division, Office of Vital Records, (503) 731-4095, or

Flex Programs

5 vs. 5 Jamboree

5-A-Side is a short sided soccer tournament played with two teams of 5 soccer players on the field. Each game consists of two 7 minute halves and a one minute half time (totaling 15 minutes). Each registered team will play a total of 4 games in the tournament. One primary season soccer team (e.g. U14B Pilots) can form 2 separate 5-A-Side teams of at least 5 players if enough players are interested. These games are very fast paced and exciting for all to play and to watch.

High School (U19) Coed

The Region 149 High School program provides the opportunity for players in the 15 to 18 age range a continuing opportunity to play recreational soccer in the AYSO tradition of safe, fun, and fair. Like all AYSO programs, the high school program strictly adheres to the principal that everyone plays. Qualified AYSO referees guarantee well-officiated games, and make every effort to keep the play safe.

You do not have to be enrolled at a high school to participate. Individuals of the correct age, but not enrolled at a high school are also welcome.

The program is coed. Some parents have concerns about women players competing against the men, but our experience has been that women compete well, and often exceed the skill of the male players.

The goal for this program is to make it comparable to all other Region 149 divisions, with well-defined teams and regular practices. One problem is that typical sign-up allows for the formation of only two teams. To give players more variety in the games they play, we try to schedule games with other AYSO regions, such as Albany and Eugene. For this to work, teams need to be willing to travel occasionally to these locations.

The Region 149 High School program is easily the best value available for high school-aged players to continue to enjoy this great game in a low-key, player-centric, and fun environment. Please come join us.

Sideline Coaching

Just about every AYSO coach hears those magic words sometime. Whether they are coaching this season or haven’t coached in 15 years, there is always someone out there who only knows them as "Coach."

It is heartwarming to be remembered for a selfless act of service, even more so if that little U-8 defender is now a college student who never forgot his or her favorite coach.

It’s time to let coaches know they changed lives – before the kids grow up and start coaching teams of their own. Let’s celebrate the people who run the drills, organize practices, and gather their teams for a huddle and a shout every Saturday. Let’s honor the people who set up the cones, pick up the balls, and show more patience than they really have. Let’s make sure they know they are appreciated.

Everyone who volunteers is vital to AYSO. Coaches have the most lasting impact on the athletes, and we want to thank them for their dedication and encourage them to continue their service.

Look for articles featuring exceptional coaches in upcoming issues of our newsletter. If you have a story to share about a great coach in our region, please send it to: AYSO 149 Commissioner, PO Box 516, Philomath, OR 97370.

Coaches Coach, Parents Cheer

Annual Parent Meeting

Late in July, a letter is sent to the parents of each player advising them of the child’s new team assignment. The date, time and place of the Parent Meeting is also stated in the letter. The meeting, usually held during the 2nd week of August, is intended for parents only. This gathering will allow parents to meet the coach and assistant coach, and to determine which parent will fill each of the volunteer positions required for the team’s participation in the program. Your attendance at this meeting is crucial to the successful organization of your child’s team and the region.

Those of you who volunteer to coach, referee or be the team parent can submit your Volunteer Application form at the meeting if you have not already done so. Uniforms will not be issued until all of those crucial volunteers have turned in their Volunteer Application forms. Also at this meeting, coaches and referees can sign up for their training sessions, and Concessions, Safety Shed and Fields volunteers can sign up in advance for the 2-hour periods when they will perform their volunteer duties.

By the end of the meeting all volunteer positions need to be filled and your Team Volunteer List completed. When the list is complete, the team uniforms will be issued to the Coach. If the list is not complete, uniforms will not be issued, and alternate instructions will be given.

Latest Events

Mon Jul 06 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
U10/U12 Girls Progressive Play
Tue Jul 07 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
U14 Girls Progressive Play
Mon Jul 13 @ 9:00AM - 03:00PM
AYSO Summer Camp
Mon Aug 03 @ 9:00AM - 03:00PM
AYSO Summer Camp
Sat Sep 19 @12:00AM
Fall 2015 Games

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