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Managers Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I do if parents don’t reply emails?
You can try sending a second email or sending a text.  Ultimately talking to parents at the games or practices is always a good option.

Q. How can I best help the coach?
There are 2 aspects of helping the coach that are the most important:

  1. Providing support at the beginning of the season: Making sure your team has all the required volunteering positions filled. Filling up the Team Worksheet Form (see here). Bringing this form ready the day uniforms are distributed is really helpful. Keep in mind that the team would not get uniforms unless that form is filled and verified.
  2. Taking change of the communicating with the parents about practice and games schedules, special events (picture day for example), and volunteering opportunities.

Q. How can I get help communicating in Spanish?
You can email managers and explain the situation.

Q. How do parents sign up for volunteering?

  • Parents sign up during registration for annual positions (manager, coach, referee, assistant coach). See position descriptions and details (here).
  • Parents sign up for game day volunteering (here). These include helping in concessions, safety, lining fields, and shoe swap.

What do I need to at the start of the season?
General Team Manager Check List to start the Season: (detailed list here)

  • Coordinate with the coach, fill, and submit the Team Worksheet Form (here) at the beginning of the season.
  • Coordinate volunteering positions.
  • Coordinate snacks for the season.
  • Team Manager Trainings (here)
  • Send emails and updates to parents about schedule practices, games, and volunteering tasks.
  • Help distribute information in special events such as picture day.

Oct 30 - 08:30AM
5-A-Side Jamboree Day
Nov 02 - 04:10PM
Indoor Soccer S1 Starts
Nov 06 - 08:00AM
9U-13U Area Tournament
Jan 31 - 04:10PM
Indoor Soccer S2 Starts
Feb 01
Spring Season Registration Starts
Apr 02 - 08:00AM
First Spring Game Day