Check the 509J website for field closures (here).

2018-2019 School Year Application { Opens May 2018 }

  • Open Registration for Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 in May 2018
    Complete the entire registration online. All payments should be by credit card, please email the registrar if you have questions. Common Questions (here). Players desiring a scholarship need to show at a registration event.
  • Registration Events w/ Computer Lab:
    • Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 9:00am to 12:30pm at Adams School Gym
    • Saturday, May 12, 2018 from 9:00am to 12:30pm at Adams School Gym

Core Program - 5U Schoolyard


The Schoolyard program is for players born in 2014. Young players and their parents are introduced to the beautiful and simple game of soccer in a pressure free setting. Facilitated by a certified coach, participants are exposed to soccer by playing simple, fun activities that require little to no practice, and a minimal time commitment. Sessions are one hour on Saturdays during the season using the Jamboree Parent with Player concept that each player will have a parent (or other adults) working with them on the field.

5U will not have scheduled games. The program is designed to encourage parents to be coaches of their own kids under the direction of a master coach. Your child would be practicing with other players of a similar age in groups of no more than 25. The training sessions including scrimmages total an hour per Saturday of the season. The program includes fun games that encourage skill development and end with a 20 minute Jamboree scrimmage where the kids have 3-4 on side and play with only half of their small field. In recent years, the hour session has been scheduled in the morning, but is dependent on coaching availability each year.

Signing Up
New players can sign up at the new player registration, in the Spring and sometimes during late registration before the season begins in the Fall, Sign up for the 5U Jamboree program is the same process (apply online) as for any other AYSO program. Current AYSO participants are given the opportunity to sign up for the next year during the Spring AYSO season. In this way, parents with older AYSO players can register their child at this time.

At the 5U level, every child must be represented by a helper that will be on the field with him/her. This can be any adult that will be able to be present with the child on Saturday's and may even be more than one adult. At the 5U level, this commitment is for Saturdays only.

You will notice when registering your child that the process includes a section to fill a volunteer position, this volunteer registration is not required for 5U.  That said, AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization; no one gets paid for their effort, which for a core group of people is considerable. Simply, AYSO could not and would not exist without its volunteers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Schoolyard (Under age 5)
For additional questions, please contact the 5U Coordinator.

Why do I need to come with my child and not just drop him/her off?
Teams are made up of as many as 25 children with 1 coach. Your participation is required to assist your child, other children and the coach.  We could not do the program without you there to be responsible for your child. The program is designed to teach you as well as your child. You will take home a soccer ball that is yours to keep.  You will learn many fun games to practice skill building with your child at home during the week.

Why do the children's parent/volunteer need to sign up in AYSO officially? Why can't I just show up with my child?

  • Insurance coverage. Safety is a top priority, but accidents do happen and AYSO wants to be sure you are covered while out on the field with your child.
  • Criminal background check and protection of your children with other adults. Since your child is on the field with other adults, it is important to be as sure as we can be about the adults interacting with your children.
  • The program is designed to encourage parents to coach their own child.

What if I don’t have email or any access to internet?

  • Free access to the internet is provided at the public libraries. You can access email there.
  • You can also have a friend with more internet knowledge and an email be your AYSO contact.  We need only have their email address on the forms.

Why do I need a birth certificate or other ID for my child?

  • Prove their age in order to place the on the correct team.
  • To be sure that older children are not playing with younger children for reasons of fairness and safety which are of prime importance in AYSO.

Do I need to provide the Child’s proof of age every year?
No. Once your child’s ID and age has been verified in the system, it will be stored securely for team placement purposes every year your child is registered.