Check the 509J website for field closures (here).

2018-2019 School Year Application { Opens May 2018 }

  • Open Registration for Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 in May 2018
    Complete the entire registration online. All payments should be by credit card, please email the registrar if you have questions. Common Questions (here). Players desiring a scholarship need to show at a registration event.
  • Registration Events w/ Computer Lab:
    • Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 9:00am to 12:30pm at Adams School Gym
    • Saturday, May 12, 2018 from 9:00am to 12:30pm at Adams School Gym

Program Registration / Application Frequently Asked Questions

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Parent Registration Guide (here) > (Start Here)

Volunteer Registration Guide (here) > (Start Here)

Youth Volunteer Registration Guide (here)


I am new to AYSO, what do I do?

Register (here). Add a participant (your player). Select a program that is available, and work through the registration process. You are required to provide proof of date of birth. You can upload a document or have the DOB verified at a registration event. If you upload the DOB, and pay by credit card, you are done, no need to attend an event.
Our program is 100% volunteer driven; please sign up to volunteer for your player(s).

I am returning to AYSO, what do I do?

Register (here). Add a participant (your player). Select a program that is available, and work through the registration process. If you pay by credit card, you are done, no need to attend an event.
Our program is 100% volunteer driven; please sign up to volunteer for your player(s).

What is the difference between registration for a new player vs a returning player?
Returning players have played AYSO in the past. New players need to have their Date of Birth verified before the first game day. You can upload a document for verification, or you can get the DOB verified at a registration event.

When and where are games played?

AYSO Region 149 games have been played on Saturdays at Adams Elementary School. Games usually run between 8:30am and 3:00pm. Older age group teams may periodically travel to other locations in the mid-valley for away games.

I want to volunteer. Why must I provide my social security number?

AYSO is committed to providing a child safe program, where children can develop in a safe, fair, and fun environment. The national AYSO program conducts background checks on all coaches, referees, team managers, board members, and other volunteers who may have contact with children. Social security numbers MUST be provided in order to complete these background checks. Board members are specifically trained to handle personal information in a secure, confidential manner. No region board member has access to social security numbers, and you will never be asked to produce that number outside of your first time in Blue Sombrero.


Payment Information

What is the cost?

Core Programs include the cost of the program ($62.5) & the membership into AYSO ($17.5). Total is $80.
Scholarships reduce the total price to $35, see details below.

I registered online and received a payment confirmation email. Do I also have to come to a registration event?

No, unless you are a new player and did not upload a birth verification document (we need that verification before you can play). See the calendar for registration event dates and times.

Pay by Cash or Check, what do I do?

You can only pay by Cash or Check (to AYSO) at a full registration event, designated event, or as instructed by the region registrar.

How do I apply for a Scholarship?

Full registration events are the best times to get a scholarship, we offer a limited number of scholarships and most are gone by the end of the registration events. A scholarship form (filled out at the event) and proof of acceptance into the school free or reduced lunch program is required (other types of proof like SNAP, aka Food Stamps, or TANF can be accepted).

I cannot make the Registration Events for a Scholarship, what are my options?

Outside of a registration event, scholarships will only be accepted by availability and must be approved by the region registrar (here). You will be required to provide the same proof digitally, or allow verification with 509J to receive a scholarship. You then will be asked to pay by Credit Card, after we adjust the amount due.

What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers the complete Fall and Spring seasons (about 14 games total). $17.50 of the players fee covers AYSO's registration/insurance fee. The program fee covers a uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts, and socks. Players keep their uniforms. Other region expenses include field painting and maintenance, field rental, game equipment, volunteer training, volunteer verification, team equipment, referee uniforms, and publicity. A complete budget is available to any member upon request. All AYSO coaches, referees, board members, and other helpers are volunteers, no people are paid in this region. AYSO is a non-profit organization.

 What is the refund policy?

Those desiring a refund must submit the request (here). All refund requests are at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner or their appointee. AYSO membership fee is non-refundable and payment processing costs apply at about 4% on the registration amount.


Special Requests

I have a special request, what should I do?

Fill out this form (here); use the categories to select what you are requesting. Types of requests include Team Friend/Buddy, Play Up, Not Placed With (volunteer or player), & Medical / VIP Placement. We cannot guarantee requests will be honored. Please fill out two forms when needed, for example if you wish to play in a higher division with a friend, please fill out one form for each request.


Team Formation

My player was placed in 15U, but is a high schooler, what do I do?

We will move high school players into the high school program. US Soccer rules do not allow us to have players play down a division, but we can move players up.

How are teams formed?

We ask questions to try and Balance Teams, this is a priority during team formation. For younger ages we look to group players by school, if that does not work, or we do not have enough players, we try by practice zones.

I want to be placed on a team with a friend. Is this possible?

Buddy requests may be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. You can find the form (here). Once teams are formed, no transfer of any player from one team to another may be made without the approval of the Regional Commissioner.

I live in Philomath or Newport. Will I have to travel to Corvallis for practice?

We will form separate location teams wherever possible, when the team balance works for the division. If we are not able to get the number of players or balance the team, we will use practice zones to get you on a team near your location.


Other Issues?



Application Times

 We run a member year, the member year is exactly the same as a school year.

Three types of registrations:
  • Open Application in May registers for both Fall and Spring.
    • Includes at least two registration events.
  • Limited Application in August for both Fall and Spring and in February for just Spring.
    • This registration is only to fill vacancies on teams. In some circumstances we will add new teams.
  • Deadline Application before first game.
    • This registration is only to fill a team NEED, and it is usually conducted with the instruction of team formation.


Program Eligibility and Division Age Guide

New this year, US Soccer & AYSO are moving to Birth Year for age determination...

Based on player age at the end of 2018

Age Guide for 2017-2018 Membership Year
Division Age Year Born Between
19U HS 15-18 2000 - 2003
15U* 13-14* 2004* - 2006
12U 11-12 2007 - 2008
10U 9-10 2009 - 2010
8U 7-8 2011 - 2012
6U 6 2013
5U Schoolyard 5 2014

*The 15U program will show as the option for some high schoolers. These players will be moved up into the High School program.


Corvallis AYSO Zone Map (for practice area grouping)

Practice Areas