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Pickup Soccer - Free Play & Scrimmage Events

 Updated 02/24/2021

Why "Scrimmage" and not Game?
We will not have "referees" per say, but a lead field coach. This is necessary for rule modifications and playing adjustments that allow the "referee" to create the lowest risk and safest possible experience. Approaching this like a regular soccer game would be improper and create an unsafe playing space.

Allow players to participate in an activity that is as safe as possible, while attempting to run and feel like a normal soccer game.

Arrival Procedure
You will check-in with the lead volunteer and be assigned a field. Each field will be setup for a 7 vs 7 game. Teams will be created by the field leader / coach / referee. Activities will be run at the discretion of the field leader and will be adjusted as needed.

Field Leader / Field Coach / Field Referee
This volunteer is in charge of everything at the field. This person chooses how the field is used and by who. They organize the teams/groups, setup the time limits (quarters of 10-20min), start & stop play, make needed rule adjustments, can force substitutions, and work to balance the activity in any way to create a challenge for the players.

Players Bring
Bring a ball with your name on it, shin guards, cleats or athletic shoes, dark soccer socks (covering shin guards), dark athletic shorts, athletic shirt, all/any pinnies issued, water bottle, face covering(s), and hand sanitizer. Multiple face coverings are recommended when rain is expected.

Scrimmage Rules

  1. A parent, guardian, or person bringing the player to the activity must attest, before joining the activity, to a players capacity to participate and confirm the player does not have and/or had not had that day: a fever of 100.4°F or greater, a new cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, odd chills, odd muscle pain/aches, a sore throat, a headache, fatigue, odd congestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and a new loss of taste or smell. If you, a family member, or player are sick DO NOT COME TO THE ACTIVITY.
  2. All persons within 24ft of AYSO activities must wear a mask, face shield, or face covering. Face coverings are required if a 6ft distance cannot be maintained, for example near parking areas or other areas of likely congestion.
  3. Free Flowing Substitutions; player must be off the field before the new player can go on. Coaches will be asked to only yell to call players and use the free flowing sub opportunities to provide distanced instruction when needed. Players can sub themselves off as needed.
  4. No Throw-Ins; all will do kick-ins (indirect free kicks), 12ft distance required and ball must travel below the average waist height.
  5. Goal Keeper; opposing players should avoid the goal area, gloves are recommended. Keepers cannot punt, drop kick, or throw the ball over the half line, restart is a kick at the half.
  6. Face Coverings Required; when playing, 6ft cannot be maintained, and within 24ft of the activity area. Volunteers are required to wear face coverings the entire time.
  7. Spectators must keep 6ft distance between family units. Face coverings are required for all persons within 24ft of the field, individuals unable to follow this, must be 24ft away from the field. Spectators and non-team members, must be 18ft away from team areas and should never go near the team, this allows them to find space and remove face coverings safely.
  8. No Offside.
  9. No food, snack, or eating allowed within 24ft of a soccer field.
  10. Cones or red lines will be used to denote distances or boundaries, like an activity buffer area (a 7ft boundary line parallel to each touchline).
  11. 3 Up Rule: Teams that are down 3 points, should add a player (from their team or the other team), and then remove the player when they back to being down 2 points.
  12. 5 Up Rule: Coaches will immediately shuffle multiple players to attain a better balance and allow all players to play at their desired playing level. Teams are likely to be off balance and a balance should be balanced among the players assigned to the activity time.
  13. Willful violators of these player protection policies could be banned from the property and could incur further action per the property owners policies &/or AYSO's policies.

Note: 24ft = length of a full size soccer goal.

Field Map

 Field locations in cyan have painted lines and on Saturday will have goals placed at them.

Field Map
Philomath Middle School | 2021 Chapel Dr, Philomath
Philomath City Park | 299 S 23rd St, Philomath
Philomath High School | 2054 Applegate St, Philomath