Spring 2024 Online Limited Registration

Parents/Players: Start (here), select the program to register, and pay the per player fee in Sports Connect. The program + membership fee total is $90 ($40 for scholarship players), and would need to be paid in Sports Connect (FAQ?).

Wait List FYI: We use wait lists as a method to check and verify that we have openings for your player before you pay. We allocate players every week, but often do placements in bulk a month before the season starts. You will get an email once you are allocated along with instructions on how to pay. We cannot guarantee placement, but we work hard to get as many players playing as possible, sometimes even building new teams weeks before the season.

Volunteers: Head Coaches & Referees, please go into Sports Connect (here), and register for your desired division. Registration guide is (here).

Spring Registration Limited

Outdoor Soccer Registration Spring 2024

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