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Fields Maps

Corvallis Fields Map

Field Map
Adams Elementary School Corvallis Oregon | 1615 SW 35th St, Corvallis OR 97333
Corvallis School District Office | 1555 SW 35th St, Corvallis OR 97333
Western View Center | 1435 SW 35th St, Corvallis, OR 97333

Western / 509J / Adams School Fields Area Details

  • NOTE: Fields can show with a G or P at the end of the number, ignore it. (that denotes the type of use G = Game & P = Practice)
  • Preschool Boys and Girls play on Field 051.
  • Kinder Boys and Girls play on Field 061 - 063.
  • 1st Grade Boys and Girls play on Field 071 - 073.
  • 2nd Grade Boys and Girls play on Field 081 - 083.
  • 3rd/4th Grade Boys and Girls play on Fields 091 - 093.
  • 5th/6th Grade Boys and Girls play on Fields 111 - 113.
  • 7th/8th Grade Boys and Girls play on Fields 131 & 151.
  • High School play on Field 151.

Field Codes and Locations

CodeFieldLoc DescriptionLoc Address
CSP  Indoor Turf  Corvallis Sports Park  175 SW Twin Oaks Cir, Corvallis 

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Field Helper Tasks

Fields OpenerFields Opener: (Signup here)

  • Bring shoes and gloves you are okay getting paint on.
  • Pull equipment out of brown shed (see picture to the side and setup signage as directed).
  • Check field markings (walking the fields with a painter, look for any light lines that need touch up).
  • Check goals (walking the fields with zip ties, check for safety concerns, missing weights on small goals, and repair holes in nets).
  • Help with additional field markings (beside the base markings, some fields have additional marks that could be missing, like the penalty spot and arches).
  • Help setup referee canopies, table, and chairs.
  • Check with the board member for additional tasks, if none, help teams get equipment to fields and start to setup fields.

Fields Closer: (Signup here)

  • Bring gloves.
  • Help get all equipment in brown shed (recycle bins, trash cans, corner flags, referee flags, field signs, entry signs, and entry barricades).
  • Pickup field trash (walking all fields, pickup trash and lost items, lost & found is in the brown shed).
  • Ensure recycle bins are returned and all trash is in the massive blue dumpster by the district office.
  • NOTICE: we no longer need to remove the nets from fields.
  • NOTICE: we do not need to have the goals returned to the sheds.


Field Reliners, please read directions below...


Field Marking (Signup here)

Wear shoes that you can get paint on, bring sun glasses, and bring gloves.Line Painter

Each field is painted with aerosol spray paint cans. To use, shake the aerosol can thoroughly as per label instructions and install the paint can in the horse-shoe type can holder on the machine. Small thin lines are not expected, if you see them adjust the paint nose as needed to get the expected 2" inch paint line. Walk behind the machine throttling the line, this will help with painting a straight line while following an existing line. If the lines are faint use the string in the shed to create a taught string between two points and paint over the string.

External Video Link see from time 0:40 - 1:00

Field Lining Help:
Field relining is done after Thursday 5pm and before 8pm Friday of the week you signed up (mowing is often done on Thursdays and you need to be done before Saturday games). In some cases, you might find that the lines are easily visible and in good shape, please review all the lines for the field and ensure they get touched up if needed. Do not rush and do not let kids do the job; we are looking for visible and straight lines. Please walk at a pace that creates lines meant to last. If your pace is too fast your lines will look faint or faded. Once mowing begins faint lines will be nearly impossible to follow. 

Lining fields can create Zen moments. Enjoy the act of keeping a straight line, walking at an appropriate pace, and creating something beautiful! 

Cans, paint, and string are stored in the AYSO brown shed, we will send the shed combination lock code to you in your signup reminder email.

  • If you have not lined before it is very simple, pull the liner out of the brown shed and start to look at the setup and test the sprayer. Remember to shake the can, and ensure you stay centered on the prior line to get the few inch wide line matched up. The lines should still be slightly visible, so you should have something to follow and reline.
  • You can paint lines rain or shine (ideally shine). Careful, the sun can make the lines disappear when painting, sun glasses or approaching the lines from a different direction can help. The rain can fade the lines fast; see if you can paint at a time when it is not raining or closer to the game day.
  • There is string in the brown shed and screwdrivers to keep the string taught / in place if you feel like this would help get a straight line.
    If the paint comes out narrow, simply twist the can a quarter turn and it should come out wider, like 2".

See rules for field dimensions (here) (1yrd = 3ft)

Field Marking Measurements