Check the 509J website for field closures (here).

Fields Map

Field Map
Adams Elementary School Corvallis Oregon - 1615 SW 35th St, Corvallis OR 97333
Corvallis School District Office - 1555 SW 35th St, Corvallis OR 97333

Other Fields

  • AL8 = Timber-Linn Park | 900 Price Rd, Albany
  • CH5 = Denver Fields at Cheadle Lake | Corner of Weirich Dr and Hwy 20, Lebanon
  • LHS = Lebanon HS Turf | Corner S Airport Rd & S 5th St, Lebanon
  • LF5 = Lebanon Field 5 | Denver Fields at Cheadle Lake, Lebanon
  • HA4 = Halsey 4 | Central Linn Elementary, Halsey
  • NMS = Newport Middle School | NE 7th St, Newport
  • PPB = Pioneer Park | 127 N Main St, Brownsville
  • PHS = Philomath High School JV Fields | 2054 Applegate St, Philomath

Field Details

  • 5U Boys and Girls Jamboree play in the 51 Area.
  • 6U Boys and Girls play on Fields 61 & 62.
  • 8U Boys and Girls play on Fields 81 & 82.
  • 10U Boys and Girls play on Fields 101-103.
  • 12U Boys and Girls play on Fields 121-123.
  • 15U Boys and Girls play on Fields 141 & 142.
  • 19U Coed High School play on Fields 141 & 142.

Field Marking

Line PainterEach field is painted with aerosol spray paint cans. To use, shake the aerosol can thoroughly as per label instructions and install the paint can in the horse-shoe type can holder on the machine. Small thin lines are not expected, if you see them adjust the paint nose as needed to get the expected line result. Walk behind the machine throttling the line, this will help with painting a straight line while following an existing line or following a string.

Cans, paint, and string are stored in the AYSO brown shed.

 See rules for field dimensions (here) (1yrd = 3ft)

Field Marking Measurements