Corvallis AYSO Soccer Rules 2016-2017

Substitutions During the Game:

Players coming on to the field must be recognized by the referee before entering, and must enter and leave at midfield. Substitutions for U6 through U12 will occur only at quarter breaks, halftime, or for an injury. The referee will make note of the substitutes on the game card. U14 & U19 substitutions we be allowed at normal stoppages throughout the game, as per AYSO's national guidance on monitored substitutions. A cautioned player may be substituted at the coach’s discretion.

Proper Uniform:

The uniform for all divisions is provided and is as follows: 1 AYSO shirt, 1 pair of black shorts, and 1 pair of socks. SHIN GUARDS ARE REQUIRED BUT ARE NOT PROVIDED. Shin guards should be put on first with socks worn over the shin guards. Any extra garments must be worn underneath the provided uniform. Shorts worn under the uniform must be black. Soccer shoes are not required, but are recommended. If a player is not in a complete and proper uniform, he/she will not be allowed to participate. (more here << Restricted Attire Details)


No sideline coaching is allowed except POSITIVE instructional coaching. The coaching area is limited to 10 yards either side of the mid-field line. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their spectators. Coaching for each team is limited to one side of the field. No slide tackles or headers allowed until U14 because of safety concerns.







Maximum team Size:
14 12 10 8 8
Players On Field:
11 9 7 5 3
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lines People:
Yes Yes Yes No No
Field Size:
100x50yd. min 100x50yd. 80x40yd. 50x25yd. 30x15yd.
Ball Size:
5 4 4 3 3
Length Of Game:
35 minute halves
5 minute half
30 minute halves
5 minute half
25 minute halves
5 minute half
20 minute halves
5 minute half
(2 Games at Once)
12 minute halves
6 minute half
Additional Rules:
AYSO Rules + Monitored Subs.
Possible Headers & Slide Tackles.
AYSO National Rules Apply. AYSO National Rules Apply. No keeper.
No offside.
No keeper.
No offside.
Only practice before the game.

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