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Training Sessions / Practices

Updated: 10/31/21 ~Luke

Training Session Plan

  • Stage 0: Cone Setup & Check-in
    • Plan your activities ahead.
      • You can use this template (here) to build on your own training plan.
        • Ball mastery activities (here)
        • General activities (here)
        • More activities (here)
      • In AYSO's training online (My Training), you can download books with some set plans/activities for you to use specific for the age in the Document Library after hitting the My Training button.
    • Setup cones for your activities.
      • Feel free to write on the cones, placing numbers on cones can streamline your warmups and activities.
  • Stage 1: Technical Warmup
    • Stretches, your P.E. warmup or FIFA 11 Plus (here).
    • Transition into ball or activity mastery items like in this PDF (here).
  • Stage 2: Small Activity
    • Likely can be done in the same cone setup or grid, you can setup channels for movement of players from one area to another.
    • You can feel free to do activities found in the AYSO online training.
  • Stage 3: Expanded Activity
    • The PDF (here) includes additional ideas about activities that can work. Some will require additional equipment, so check to see if it will work for you.
  • Stage 4: Match Like Activity
    • This would be 10-15min at the end of the practice and is often similar to a scrimmage. The activity should focus on what you covered earlier, focusing players on applying the items taught in a game like situation.

Training Session (Practice) Guidance

The head coach makes the call on the practice location and time. Ideally the head coach works with the majority and the assistant coach to find the best time & place.

Training Session Duration

Each coach should ensure they offer at least one practice per week, again, ideally at a time & location that works for the majority. Remember to setup your practices in Sports Connect (Picture Guide: here). Below are the max training sessions per week when the team has a Saturday game that week. When you do not have a game in the week, you can add one more.

  • 13U+ divisions - 2 training sessions per week for 1½ hours.
  • 11U divisions - 2 training sessions per week for 1 hour.
  • 09U divisions - 2 training sessions per week for 1 hour.
  • 07U divisions - 1 training session per week for 1 hour.
  • 06U divisions - 1 training session per week during the first 30min on game day.

Team's Training Session Equipment

  • 2 Game Balls.
  • 6 Practice Balls.
  • ~30 Disc Cones.
  • Soccer Ball Bag.
  • Primary Color Pennies (or reversible).
    • 06U: None
    • 07U: 12 Pinnies
    • 09U: 10 Pinnies
    • 11U: 12 Pinnies
    • 13U: 12 Pinnies
    • 15U: 12 Pinnies
  • Secondary Color Pinnies (if not reversible).
    • 06U: None
    • 07U: None
    • 09U: 5 Pinnies
    • 11U: 6 Pinnies
    • 13U: 6 Pinnies
    • 15U: 6 Pinnies

Missing Equipment? (here) All team equipment is required that you return it after the Spring season. You can contact the Equipment Manager to schedule a return or drop off the equipment at the sheds on the last game day.

Coach equipment like first aid & whistle are provided on request.

Training Session Locations

Coaches OR Managers...
  1. Pick a school or park location that is best for both coaches.
    NOTICE: Only grass fields are approved/insured. If turf is needed, contact Luke.
  2. Check with the volunteers to narrow down the training session day(s) and time(s).
  3. Confirm with parents to see if the selected date, time, & location will work for the majority.
  4. Setup your practices in Sports Connect (Picture Guide: here)
  5. See the info below for each location

Most of the time you will have luck of the draw in public spaces. AYSO has insurance for all registered individuals involved in most locations with a grass surface.