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Rec Soccer for Fall and Spring

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IMPORTANT: Games must end on time. If your game starts late, the referee or coaches may need to shorten your match to prevent conflict with the next scheduled game.

Due to the complexity of game schedules, it is usually impossible to accommodate requests. Errors will be corrected whenever possible.

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Upcoming Games

Sat-9/30  8:30am  061G S00B 11 Hulks -CR S00B 12 Grasshoppers -CR S00B
Sat-9/30  8:30am  062G S00B 09 Hornets -CR S00B 04 T-Rexes -CR S00B
Sat-9/30  8:30am  063G S00G 05 Wildcats -CR S00G 04 Stars -CR S00G
Sat-9/30  8:30am  071G S01B 06 Tsunami -CR S01B 09 Messi Minions -CR S01B
Sat-9/30  8:30am  072G S01B 01 Ninjas -CR S01B 10 Eagles -CR S01B
Sat-9/30  8:30am  073G S01B 07 Crocs -CR S01B 03 Crystal Dragons -CR S01B
Sat-9/30  8:30am  081G S02G 01 Dart Frogs -CR S02G 05 Panthers -CR S02G
Sat-9/30  8:30am  082G S02G 03 Jaguars -CR S02G 02 Emerald Leopards -CR S02G
Sat-9/30  8:30am  083G S02G 07 Pandas -CR S02G 06 Feisty Falcons -CR S02G
Sat-9/30  8:30am  091G S04G 08 Golden Girls -CR S04G 04 Arctic Foxes -CR S04G
Sat-9/30  8:30am  092G S04G 10 Retrievers -CR S04G 07 Goats -CR S04G
Sat-9/30  8:30am  093G S04B 04 Blue Sharks -CR S04B 03 Volcanoes -CR S04B
Sat-9/30  8:30am  111G S06G 04 Blue Jays -CR S06G 05 Whales -CR S06G
Sat-9/30  8:30am  112G S06B 05 Sea Dragons -CR S06B 04 Vipers -CR S06B
Sat-9/30  9am  051G SDVC 01 Lions -DV SDVC Pr SDVC
Sat-9/30  9am  151G S08G 02 Outstanding Orcas -CR S08G AY S08G
Sat-9/30  9:45am  061G S00B 03 Blue Sharks -CR S00B 07 Wolves -CR S00B
Sat-9/30  9:45am  062G S00B 10 Blue Dragons -CR S00B 08 The Beavers -CR S00B
Sat-9/30  9:45am  063G S00G 01 Dolphins -CR S00G 06 Bobcats -CR S00G
Sat-9/30  9:45am  071G S01B 08 Tigers -CR S01B 05 Pterodactyls -CR S01B
Sat-9/30  9:45am  072G S01B 02 Beavers -CR S01B 04 Wild Dogs -CR S01B
Sat-9/30  9:45am  073G S01G 04 Water Dragons -CR S01G 01 Unicorns -CR S01G
Sat-9/30  9:45am  081G S02B 04 Cheetahs -CR S02B 09 Beavers -CR S02B
Sat-9/30  9:45am  082G S02B 01 Electric Dragons -CR S02B 07 Knights -CR S02B
Sat-9/30  9:45am  083G S02G 04 Dragons -CR S02G 07 Pandas -CR S02G
Sat-9/30  9:45am  091G S04G 09 Dolphins -CR S04G 02 Hurricanes -CR S04G
Sat-9/30  9:45am  092G S04G 06 Ocelots -CR S04G 05 Falcons -CR S04G
Sat-9/30  9:45am  093G S04B 06 Raptors -CR S04B 09 Pickles -CR S04B
Sat-9/30  9:45am  111G S06G 01 Tidal Wave -CR S06G 03 The Under Dogs -CR S06G
Sat-9/30  9:45am  112G S06B 02 Things -CR S06B 07 Warriors -CR S06B
Sat-9/30  10am  051G SDVC 02 Tigers -DV SDVC Pr SDVC
Sat-9/30  11am  061G S00B 05 King Cobras -CR S00B 02 Green Dragons -CR S00B
Sat-9/30  11am  062G S00B 06 Dragons -CR S00B 01 Cheetahs -CR S00B
Sat-9/30  11am  063G S00G 02 Foxes -CR S00G 03 Orcas -CR S00G
Sat-9/30  11am  073G S01G 02 Violet Dinosaurs -CR S01G 03 Rainbows -CR S01G
Sat-9/30  11am  081G S02B 06 Super Strikers -CR S02B 02 Scarlet Dragons -CR S02B
Sat-9/30  11am  082G S02B 05 Green Ghouls -CR S02B 03 Raptors -CR S02B
Sat-9/30  11am  083G S02B 10 TBD -CR S02B 08 Alligators -CR S02B
Sat-9/30  11am  091G S04B 10 Blue Phoenixes -CR S04B 13 Lightfooted Llamas -CR S04B
Sat-9/30  11am  092G S04G 01 Otters -CR S04G 03 Cubs -CR S04G
Sat-9/30  11am  093G S04B 05 Dragons -CR S04B 01 Tigers -CR S04B
Sat-9/30  11am  111G S06G 06 Super Sloths -CR S06G 02 Otters -CR S06G
Sat-9/30  11am  112G S06B 08 United -CR S06B 01 Kings -CR S06B
Sat-9/30  11:30am  151G S08G 01 Warriors -CR S08G AY S08G
Sat-9/30  12:15pm  091G S04B 07 Blue Devils -CR S04B 14 Cobras -CR S04B
Sat-9/30  12:15pm  092G S04B 08 Bombers -CR S04B 12 Bulls -CR S04B
Sat-9/30  12:15pm  093G S04B 11 Eagle Sharks -CR S04B 02 Leopards -CR S04B
Sat-9/30  12:15pm  111G S06B 06 Ocelots -CR S06B 03 Lightning Venom -CR S06B
Sat-9/30  1pm  HA4 S08B AY S08B 02 Sky Squirrels -CR S08B
Sat-9/30  1:30pm  151G S08B 01 The Hamburglars -CR S08B AY S08B

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