Winter Registration Open

Indoor in 2022

19U Coed High School Program

AYSO High School

This program is designed for players who are in High School and under 19 years old. After you sign up you will be placed on a team. You are asked to show to as many practice sessions and games as possible (teams practice once a week).

Your registration is for the school year. Teams formed in the fall play 7 games. Teams are built again in the spring, and play 7 games for a total of 14 games per year.

Players in High School who are born in 2007 can choose to play in our Core 15U program (here) alongside our High School program, you would not have to pay the yearly membership fee for both 15U & High School.

  • Players born in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, & 2003, age 19 and under by the end of 2022.
  • Games are on Saturdays, 7 in fall after labor day and 7 in spring after spring break between 12pm-4pm.
  • You will have one training session throughout the week that could be 1½ hour. (coaches choose location & time)
  • Games are 11 vs. 11 (see region rules).
  • Game Field #151 in Corvallis, Lebanon HS Turf, Central Linn Elementary in Halsey, Denver Fields at Cheadle Lake in Lebanon, & Timber-Linn Park.

NOTICE: Travel is involved to the locations listed above.


Signing Up

You can register to play soccer before the season starts by filling out the registration online (here).

  • Typically, in May or August for fall, and in February for spring.
  • You have the option of paying online by credit card. (If you want to pay by check or cash, you will have to attend a registration event listed in the calendar.)
  • It is best to register early to be guaranteed of a spot. We try to accommodate as many players as want to play, but are limited by time or team openings.


At the regional level, AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization; no one gets paid for their effort, which for a core group of people is very considerable. Simply, AYSO could not and would not exist without its volunteers. Everyone plays because everyone volunteers. Please consider volunteering (here).

At this level, players themselves can meet the volunteer commitment, such as by becoming trained as AYSO referees.


Contact 19U High School Coordinator