Check the 509J website for field closures (here).

5-A-Side Games - Sunday 4/29

  • Cost is $5 per player, paid at the field on 4/29.
  • Games are 15 min w/ 5 min between games.
  • Depending on demand... 4 games from 9am-2pm.
  • Flowing substitutions at any point in the game.
  • Volunteers:
    • Team Organizer/Sponsor: Any current referee, team manager, or coach can fill this role. You are asked to help with organizing players, assigning positions, and running substitutions.
    • Referee: Any current referee can fill this role. 10U+ can signup for games in Web Ref, 8U referees will be assigned a block of games.
  • Teams:
    • Grouped by team name, then by ratings.* If two or more players signup with the same team/group name, we will try to keep them together.
    • Free agents are allocated based on rating to help balance teams.
    • The divisions are setup to allow players to play up if desired, if we do not get enough players for a division we will close it.
    • 8U is 5 players on a team, games are 3 vs 3 on fields 61a, 61b, 62a, & 62b.
    • 10U is 6 players on a team, games are 4 vs 4 on fields 81a, 81b, 82a, & 82b.
    • 12U is 7 players on a team, games are 5 vs 5 on fields 101, 102, & 103.
    • 15U is 7 players on a team, games are 5 vs 5 on fields 101, 102, 103, 121, & 122.
  • Notable Rules:
    • On the fly substitutions like hockey / indoor soccer.
    • All restarts are direct.
    • 10U will do throw-ins.
    • 12U+ keeper kicks/throws cannot cross half in the air.
    • 8U & 10U no keepers (no goal hanging allowed).
    • 7min halves, 5min between games (all fields signaled by horn).
    • No offside.
    • No deliberate heading (except 15U) restart is a direct kick.
    • No buildout line.

 *NOTICE: We reserve the right to choose not to place players based on team grouping, we would do this if it is evident that a team/group will overpower most other teams.

7 Minute Halves
7 minute halves.

All restarts are direct.
All restarts are direct.

No punts or throws across half (restart at half line).

No offside.