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Outdoor Soccer Registration Spring 2024

Preschool Developmental Program - Born 9/1/2018 - 7/31/2020


The Developmental program is for young players and their parents are introduced to the beautiful and simple game of soccer in a pressure free setting. Participants are exposed to soccer by playing simple, fun activities that require little to no practice, and a minimal time commitment. Facilitated by a certified coach, there will be fun activities that encourage skill development and will progress towards learning how to play 2v2 and 3v3 Jamboree scrimmage games. The program is designed to encourage parents to play with their own kids under the direction of a master coach.

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Sessions are 50 minutes on Saturday mornings during the season using the Parent with Player concept where each player will have a parent (or other adult guardian) on the field to partner with during the session. You and your child would be practicing with other preschool players in groups of no more than 24 with one Head Coach. Your participation is required to assist your child, other children and the coach. The program is designed to teach you both. You will learn many fun activities to practice skill building with your child at home during the week.

NOTE: This adult is not a volunteer, but a participant in the program along with the player.

Signing Up

New players can sign up at the new player registration in the spring and many times during late registration before the season begins in the fall. Sign up for the Schoolyard Jamboree program is the same process (apply online) as for any other AYSO core program. Current AYSO participants are given the opportunity to sign up for the next year during the Spring AYSO season. In this way, parents with older AYSO players can register their children at this time.


Every child must be represented by an adult guardian that will be on the field with him/her. This adult is not a volunteer, but a participant in the program along with the player. This can be any adult that can be present with the child on Saturday's and may be more than one adult.

NOTICE: volunteer registration is not required for parents in this program.


For additional questions, please contact the Preschool Coordinator


Parents/Players: Start (here), select the program to register, and pay the per player fee in Sports Connect. The program + membership fee total would need to be paid in Sports Connect (FAQ?).

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Cost? Scholarship? Special Request?


Frequently Asked Questions

Wait List?

We use wait lists as a method to check and verify that we have openings for your player before you pay. We allocate players every week, but often do placements in bulk a month before the season starts. You will get an email once you are allocated along with instructions on how to pay. We cannot guarantee placement, but we work hard to get as many players playing as possible, sometimes even building new teams weeks before the season.


Core games are played on Saturdays at Adams Elementary School between 8:00am and 3:00pm. The 7th & 8th grade division will periodically travel to other locations in the mid-valley for away games. EXTRA teams often travel and could play on Saturday after 3pm &/or on Sundays in the afternoon.


Practice locations and times are determined by your volunteer coach, we try to group players and coaches in zones. See the division page for the likely number of practices and duration.


Payment Information

How Much?

Core programs include the cost of the program ($70) and the yearly membership to AYSO ($22.75). Total is $92.75. Other programs will have different costs shown in Sports Connect.
Scholarships often reduce the total price to $42.75, see section below.

Cash or Check?

Everything can be paid by Credit Card online in Sports Connect, they charge $2.75 per transaction. In rare circumstances we accept payment by cash or check, please email the registrar if you need that accommodation (contact).


You register/apply the same as everyone else, when asked about eligibility for a scholarship during registration, check yes. Register (here). You should see a question... "My family and this player is approved for free and reduced meals, SNAP, or TANF. My family can provide proof when requested and authorize AYSO to verify my approval/enrollment. If I cannot provide proof when requested, I understand I will be charged the full player registration fee." after checking yes, your fee would be reduced and you can finish the application online.

What Do I Get?

Yearly $22.75 Membership: AYSO's membership that is mostly going to location insurance, soccer accident insurance, and the national organization.

Core Program Fee:

  • 27% to Volunteers: training, equipment (i.e. referee uniform), and background checks (12%).
  • 44% to Uniform & Team Equipment: player uniform set (30%), and team equipment like soccer balls, cones, pinnies, etc.
  • 25% to Fields: The majority is spent on field equipment and maintenance at the Adams Complex, but we also contribute to Philomath 17J and Corvallis 509J as a whole, along with picking up special projects to improve playing spaces in Benton County.
  • 7% to Credit Card & Admin: The remainder goes to other costs, like the Credit Card fee (3%), materials, & marketing.

All AYSO coaches, referees, and board members, are volunteers, no people are paid in this region. AYSO is a non-profit organization.

Refund Policy?

Those desiring a refund must submit the request (here). Please read the form (here) for refund details. All refund requests are at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner or their appointee.


Special Requests

Placement Request?

Fill out this form (here); use the categories to select what you are requesting. Types of requests include Team Friend/Buddy (want to be placed with this one other player), Play Up a Division, Not Placed With (volunteer or player), Volunteer Buddy (want to volunteer with this person), Player w/ Family Volunteer (family volunteer has independent account and is not associated to the player), & Medical / Developmental / VIP Placement. We cannot guarantee requests will be honored. Please fill out two forms when needed, for example if you wish to play in a higher division with a friend, please fill out one form for each request.


Team Formation

Ages? Eligibility? Divisions?

Age Guide for 2023-2024
Division/Grade Sports Connect
DOB Range
High School  
7th-8th Grade

9/1/2009 - 8/31/2011

5th-6th Grade

9/1/2011 - 8/31/2013

3rd-4th Grade

9/1/2013 - 8/31/2015

2nd Grade

9/1/2015 - 8/31/2016

1st Grade

9/1/2016 - 8/31/2017


9/1/2017 - 8/31/2018


9/1/2018 - 7/31/2020

Use the placement request form (here) to ask for us to move you between divisions if needed. You still register in the division Sports Connect shows you, then we move you later.

How are teams formed?

We ask registration questions and use player evaluations to try and balance teams, this is a secondary priority during team formation. Parents have consistently indicated practice areas/zones or schools should be our first priority. For younger ages we look to group players by schools, if that does not work, or we do not have enough players, we go by practice zones. Older ages are by practice zones, and we attempt to do some balancing with neighboring zones when possible.

Where are practices?

We will form separate location/school teams wherever possible, when the team balance works for the division. Coaches are often from that area and usually choose locations in the area. If we are not able to get the number of players or balance the team, we will use practice zones to get you on a team near your location.


Application Times

When is Registration?

We run a member year, the member year is exactly the same as a school year (Aug-Jul).

Three types of registrations:
  • Open Application in May registers for both Fall and Spring.
    • Includes at least two registration events. This registration time allows us plenty of time to work on placement requests and get uniforms for all players.
  • Limited Application in August for School Year and in February for just Spring.
    • This registration is only to fill vacancies on teams. In some circumstances we will add new teams. This registration time has no guarantees, i.e. we will not be able to fulfill special placement requests or special orders for uniforms will not arrive until late in the season.
  • Deadline Application before first game.
    • This registration is only to fill a team NEED, and it is usually conducted with the instruction of team formation. This registration time has no guarantees, and could result in adjusted costs because we can not get uniforms for the player.


Practice Zone Map (for practice area grouping)

Practice Areas

The zone for Philomath or Monroe will be honored when possible, if not you will be placed with a south zone team.