Fall Soccer Registration Open

Rec Soccer for Fall and Spring

Winter Indoor Soccer Season - Nov - Dec, 2023

(In Sports Connect)

Season Nov-Dec Overview

Register (Sports Connect). Select a program that is available, choose the correct division (1st Grade - 8th Grade), and work through the registration process. If you have a special request, use this request form (here).

All games will be played at the Corvallis Sports Park. The 6 games are about 36 minutes long and are scheduled with 1 or 2 weekday games and Saturday. During the weekdays, games could start at 4:50. Games on Saturday are anywhere from 12-7pm. There are no practices. This session will go from Nov - Dec, team notifications will happen by end of Oct, with a game schedule expected soon after.

The season/program fee is $50 and will need to be paid by Credit Card in Sports Connect. Players that have not played with AYSO this School Year often need to pay the AYSO non-refundable membership fee of $20. We cannot guarantee that a division will have enough players for teams, if that is the case, and we could not place your player, your credit card would be refunded the $50 (if your player is placed, and you cancel, the refund could be $45. After we start the season/games, no refunds) (refund form).

NEW Volunteers (Referees & Team Manager/Coach): During player registration, I am asking for volunteer indication. Once I know the team framework, I will indicate that the individual needs to register as a volunteer. This saves us the cost of a potential Background Check and it saves you the hassle of registering before we know you are needed.

EXISTING Volunteers (Referees & Team Manager/Coach): Please register as a volunteer online in Sports Connect, if your account is not tied to your player, ensure the helper/volunteer spot in the player registration form has your name so I can connect the dots. You will not need to go through the background check process again.


  • What is the cost for the AYSO Indoor season?
  • $50/player all paid online by Credit Card after you are placed with a group. No scholarships are available for this program. NOTICE: Sports Connect charges $2.75 per credit card transaction, so for one player, it could be $52.75. NOTICE: Players that have not played with AYSO this School Year will need to pay the AYSO membership fee of $20 that is non-refundable.

  • Can we play up a division?
    Please register for the division that is available & use this request form (here) to have us move the player up.

  • What is the refund policy?
    We cannot guarantee that a division will have enough players for teams, if that is the case and we cannot place your player, your credit card will be refunded the full program cost. Players dropping after placement, but before games, will be charged a non-refundable fee. Players dropping after playing, cannot be refunded. Please fill out the refund request form (here).

  • Are there practices?
    No. For the indoor season, there are no practices. Typically, managers will organize the teams a few minutes before the game and do a brief (4 minute) kick around.

  • How many games will each team play?
    Each team will be scheduled to play 6 games during the season.

  • I currently coach. Can I sign up and keep my team intact for the indoor season?
    We would love to have you coach your child's indoor team. You will not, however, be able to keep your outdoor team intact for the indoor season. AYSO will be forming new teams from individuals who register to play. We adhere to the AYSO philosophy of creating balanced teams to ensure fairness for all.

  • How long are the games?
    36 minutes.

  • Are scholarships available?
    We are not be able to provide scholarships for indoor.

  • What happens if not enough players sign up to form a team?
    If there are not enough players to form a team, we will refund the $50 per player.

  • Are special shoes required?
    INDOOR SOCCER SHOES or TURF SHOES are REQUIRED for 5th - 8th graders.
    Court shoes are allowed for all others.
    For safety reasons NO RUNNING SHOES are allowed.

  • How do managers and referees learn about differences between outdoor play and indoor play and the Corvallis Sports Park rules and operating the time clock?
    We will offer some brief training for managers and updates for referees before the start of the first games.

Quick Rules Sheet

GAMES: 18 minute halves w/ 1 minute half

  • 1st  Grade - 7 vs. 7, no goal keeper, full field (or half field with fewer players), free substitutions.
  • 2nd Grade - 7 vs. 7, red line is build out line, free substitutions.
  • All Others - 7 vs. 7, free substitutions.


Indoor Soccer Field


  • Roof Netting - restart on red line on the side where the ball was kicked.
  • Side Netting or Off the Field - restart one yard from the wall near where the ball hit the netting or went out.
  • Over the Goal Netting - either corner kick on the white dot or a goal keeper throw (1st grade goal area kick).

RED LINE VIOLATION: The ball cannot cross 2 red lines in the air. The restart is anywhere on the first red line that was crossed for the opposing team. If it touches the wall, a player, or the ground before crossing the 2nd line, it is not a violation.


  • Waiting violation, players with any restart, need to move the ball within 6 sec. The result is a free kick for the other team if it is not done in 6 sec.
  • Unlike normal indoor rules with the park, we do allow Advantage and do not give blue cards for 5 fouls by a team.
  • A player with one team can only score 3 goals for that team.


  • All are direct.
  • Opposing team should be 3 yards away.
  • Kicking player cannot touch ball again without it touching someone else.
  • Non-penalty infractions (passing back to keeper) free kick at edge outside keeper box.

PENALTY KICKS: Penalty taken from the top of the keeper box. Non-kickers line up behind the red line and can move once the ball is kicked. Penalty kicker cannot touch the ball twice (must touch another player).


  • All outdoor fouls for the age group (including heading rule).
  • Two hands against the wall (to push off).
  • Deliberate or Out of Control Sliding.
  • Punting or Drop Kick.
  • Jumping Over Wall.
  • Playing on the Ground.

Make sure outgoing player steps off field before incoming player steps in. (If they will not come off (do not know the name), feel free to send a player on to have them pull off the other player. Player going on should not get involved with play until they get the player coming off.)

ENTERING FIELD (not from player box) - get referee permission first.


  1. Blue - 2 minute penalty or until opponent scores.
  2. Yellow - 2 minute penalty.
  3. Red- ejection plus 5 minutes penalty served by another player.

Typical Game Day

Game Day Gear: The sports park will have a bag with soccer balls and pinnies for players, stored at the front desk.

Parents: Ensure you player is wearing the right equipment and has a white shirt; first game day, sign the release form (one needed per year) and turn it in; drop your player off with the right team manager by the benches next to the field; if you are staying for the game, I suggest you go upstairs to spectate and cheer (note: players can hear your conversations and comments from the balcony); if you have young children with you, consider the downstairs space by the benches (do not kick soccer balls against walls by benches); from entering the field, the game is about 42min, be back to meet your player in the lobby at that time.

Players: Wear a white shirt (or team designated color and bring a white shirt); standard soccer restrictions ([no watch, earrings, etc.], socks over shin guards, court shoes (okay for Elementary Players) or turf shoes (required for Middle Schoolers); the field could be cold at start, but you will warm up fast, sport pants can be a good idea; enter on the ground floor and check in with your manager at the bench seats right next to the field (be sure you know your team name); when your manager says okay, enter the field and place your equipment in one of the player boxes, after the other team is out; warm up, stretch, and wait for positions from your manager; after the game, grab your equipment and leave the field to the lobby.

Team Managers: Bring a printing of your roster (here), the referee could have a roster for you (use the roster for sub/player tracking); if you are the first game, or the team before you uses different size soccer balls, ask the front desk to check for the game day bag for your size; gather your players in the waiting area by the benches (or on the field if the referee is present); check player equipment on arrival and note them in your roster; enter the field with your team after the prior game clock is done (about 5min before your start time according to the field clock); figure out a team box to the west and place your equipment, after the other team is out of the box; talk with the opposing team manager, find the pinnies, and decide who will wear them (often the team with players not all wearing one color); indicate positions to players (1 GK (use a rotation if needed), 2 defenders, 2 midfield (your energizer bunnies), 2 forwards, remainder to box), give the goal keeper a unique color pinnie; after game start, do on the fly substitutions (players should only sit out for 6min at a time), and mark the subs in the roster; I use a method where I sub a player every 2min (w/ 3subs) or every 3min (w/ 2subs); at half YOU HAVE 1MIN, swap the goal keeper (if they want to stay in the position, press them to play the field), and do your 1 sub; at the end of the game, gather all the gear from the team box and leave the field, we have little time between games, so do the high five off the field.

Referees: Get team roster from front desk (they will often highlight the players missing something); if clock is off, ask them to turn it on; enter the field and place your gear in the box to the south east; check the sports park clock (often 6 min slow) and set the game clock to count down to about 2min before the game should start; check w/ managers for players missing liability forms (you can give them the roster); check player equipment (standard soccer stuff, no outdoor cleats)(larger players need turf shoes); ensure the teams have consistent colors and the keeper is a unique color; get a game ball, if it is flat the front counter has a pump; INDOOR IS FAST, please do everything you can to keep the pace and get folks playing; set the clock for 18min, start the 18min within 1min of game start no matter what; you do not need to put scores on the board; at half set the clock for 1min or less to catch up; start the last 18min, 30seconds after the half time clock ran out, no matter what; take all of your equipment and help get game equipment off the field to the front desk. Signup to Referee (here).

Game Clock Details
To set the time, press "Set Clock", enter in time, press enter >> Start time - Press "Clock on/off" which will also pause the clock.
To award goals, press either "Guest Score +1" or "Home Score +1" NOTICE: we do not normally keep track of goals on the board.
To take away goals, press "Set Guest Functions" or "Set Home Functions".  You will then type in the number of goals the team should have and press enter.
To enter a penalty, press the button labeled "Guest Penalty" or "Home Penalty".  Enter player #1, press enter, enter time, press enter again.
** If you are not the first game, you will need to hit the button labeled "New Game Options", enter in the time of the game and hit enter. **
** For halftime, press the timeout button. It will automatically bring up 1 minute **