Spring Registration Wait List

Spring Outdoor Rec Soccer

5-A-Side Games - 6U, 7U, 9U, 11U, 13U, & 15U

A fun series of games for players to explore many positions, in an often high scoring game. The day is filled with many opportunities to network, as you move from one 15min game to another.


Game Day: Saturday May 21st 2022


Coaches, please check-in at 8:30 on Saturday at the Info Shed.


  • This has a cost of $5 per player paid in cash or check on game day.
    • Funds cover costs and raise money for field/playing space in Benton County.
    • Scholarship players can signup/play for free.
  • Each team plays 4-5 games, over about 3 hours on Saturday.

  • Volunteers:
    • Team/Squad Coach: Any current referee, team manager, or coach can fill this role. You are tasked with checking in, organizing players for each game, assigning playing positions, and running substitutions.

    • Center Referee: Any current referee can fill this role. You can signup on the region website in hour blocks. You can swap on game day. Scheduled subs/alternates will be prioritized to players looking to referee.
  • Teams:
    • Each team needs a unique lead coach, you will likely have overlapping games and you will need someone to lead the squad/team.
    • Players should be on and stay on a single team. Only exceptions are allowed for squads that are short, need balancing, or substituting for a sick/injured player.
    • 6U is 3-5 players on a squad, games are 3 vs 3.
    • 7U is 3-5 players on a squad, games are 3 vs 3.
    • 9U is 4-6 players on a squad, games are 4 vs 4 (no keeper).
    • 9U & 11U is 5-8 players on a squad, games are 5 vs 5.
    • 13U is 5-8 players on a squad, games are 5 vs 5.
    • 15U is 5-8 players on a squad, games are 5 vs 5.
  • Notable Rule Modifications:
    • Games are 15 min w/ 5 min between games, games start by horn or whistle.
    • Any time, on-the-fly substitutions like hockey / indoor soccer.
    • Most restarts are direct except kickoff, drop ball, & throw-in/kick-in.
    • Goals can only be scored with a touch on that half of the field. [see details below]
    • Keeper punts/throws cannot cross half in the air, restart is at half.
    • 6U-9U no keepers (no goal hanging allowed).
    • 7min halves, 5min between games (all fields signaled by horn).
    • No offside.
    • No deliberate heading (except 13U+) restart is a direct kick.
    • No buildout line, no penalty box, and no penalty kick.


Disabled Signup Online Form (here)


7 Minute Halves
7 minute halves.

All restarts are direct.
All restarts are direct (except kickoff, drop ball, & throw-in/kick-in)

No punts or throws across half, must touch playing half (restart at half line).

No offside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outside Players?
If they registered for AYSO this school year, they can play. Please be sure you balance if you have multiple squads.

Balancing, How?
5-A-Side favors big kickers and a lot of energy, look to balance those players first. Only distributions from the hands of the goalkeeper are restricted by how far they can go in the air, you can score a goal from a goal kick (Most free kicks are direct, kick-off, drop ball, and throw-in/kick-in cannot score a goal directly).

4-A-Side for 9U?
In 9U, they will not have a goalkeeper, so it is actually 4-A-Side. The goals are 6ft tall by 8ft long. The field will be setup going in one half of a field with a goal on each touch (throw-in) line.

Yes, you can bring food, but you cannot use a flame and cook the food at an AYSO event.

Free Substitution?
There is free, any time, substitution. The substituted player must leave the field before the replacing player comes on. Again, this can be done at any time without needing to check with the referee. If too many players are actively playing on the field, it is a restart for the other team at half, if a goal was scored and too many were playing on the field, the goal would be reversed.


Goalkeeper throw or punt?
Cannot cross the half in the air. If it travels over half without touching anything else, the opposing team restarts from half about where it crossed.

Central Horn Timer?
Once that horn goes to start a half, you can start, even if the other team is not on the field.

Home team starts the first kick-off, away team kicks off after the half, see the game schedule. If the kicking off team isn’t ready, the other team may kick off if the referee allows. Teams cannot score directly from a kick-off.

Penalty Kick?
No penalty area will be marked, just a goal box, so no penalty kick.

Goals can only be scored with a touch on the half with the goal (not directly from a kick-off, throw-in, or drop ball). Basically all kicks from the opposite half are indirect until a player touches it in the half with the goal.

Game Cards?
No game cards are required, no tracking of scores will be done.

Players Near Goal?
6U-9U Players should be discouraged from goal hanging. Keeping at least a few feet away from the goal line. Since the goals are small, and no players can use hands, it is not recommended to have players stick in the goal.

Restart Distance?

9U it is 4 yards or the goal line. 11U it is 6 yards or the goal line. 13U+ it is 8 yards or the goal line. No restarts should take place in the marked goal area except a goal kick. Since 9U has no goal area, move the ball 4 yards away from the goal (parallel to the infraction). 9U players are allowed to be on the goal line for a kick that is within 4 yards of the goal (In general players should be a few feet off the goal line as much as possible).