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School Year 21-22

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Fall 2021 Online Registration

  • New Players: Create an account (here), register each player, and pay the $92.75 per player in Sports Connect. Proof of date of birth is required and can be uploaded or brought to the first game day. If you upload a copy, you are done & registered, expect an email in late July.
  • Returning Players: Login (here), select the program to register, and pay the $92.75 per player in Sports Connect. You are done & registered, expect an email in late July.

    NOTICE: A $20 membership fee along with a minimum of $20 program deposit is due for application today (+ a $2.75 Sports Connect fee). The 2021-22 program fee total is $70 ($20 for scholarship players), and would need to be paid on or just before training activities start. (FAQ?)

  • Scholarships: Players approved for free and reduced meals, SNAP, or TANF in the 2021-22 school year qualify.
  • Volunteers: No volunteer registration yet, please indicate interest in the player application. We will open volunteer registration in late July.

Core Recreational - 9U - Born 2014 & 2013


Our core program is the foundation for all the fun, excitement and learning that happens on the fields. AYSO is best known for our core program - it's where the large majority of kids fall in love with soccer and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Teams are put together in a way that makes playing soccer about the experience, not wins or losses. It's not about blowing out another team with an unbelievable score; it's about sportsmanship and learning to be the best possible team mate and opponent. Developing players is what we're about, because soccer skills and life skills go hand in hand. AYSO's main purpose is to get kids on the field, provide them with good coaches, and teach them to play soccer.

  • Players born in 2014 & 2013, age 9 and under by the end of 2022.
  • Games are on Saturdays, 7 in fall after labor day and 7 in spring after spring break from 8:30-3pm.
  • You will have two training sessions throughout the week that could be 1 hour each. (coaches choose location & time)
  • Games are 7 vs. 7 (see region rules). Unique rules apply regarding goal keeper restarts.
  • Game Fields are #091, #092, & #093 in Corvallis (here).

Signing Up

You can register to play soccer before the season starts by filling out the registration online (here).

  • Typically, in May or August for fall & spring, and in February for just spring.
  • You have the option of paying online by credit card. (If you want to pay by check or cash, you will have to attend a registration event listed in the calendar.)
  • It is best to register early to be guaranteed of a spot. We try to accommodate as many players as want to play, but are limited by time or team openings.


At the regional level, AYSO is a 100% volunteer organization; no one gets paid for their effort, which for a core group of people is very considerable. Simply, AYSO could not and would not exist without its volunteers. Everyone plays because everyone volunteers. Please consider volunteering (here).


Contact Boys 9U Coordinator =|= Contact Girls 9U Coordinator




Jun 16
Fall Open Player Registration
Jun 18 - 05:30PM
Striker Clinic for 9U
Jun 18 - 05:30PM
Keeper Clinic for 9U
Jun 21 - 09:00AM
Soccer Camp Start - June
Jul 18
Fall Volunteer Registration Starts
Jul 19 - 09:00AM
Soccer Camp Start - July
Aug 01
Volunteer Online Training Opens
Aug 02
Fall Team Notifications
Aug 09 - 09:00AM
Soccer Camp Start - August
Aug 23
Fall Practices Can Start