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Board Minutes/Notes Archive - MY2017

March 2018


PRESENT: Luke Cotton, Jeff Goodwin, Andy Ungerer, Juan Fernandez, Vince Waterhous, Chris Jordan, Arianne Custer, Elaine Markley, Danny Aynes, Dan Herford,  Anton Grube, Mary Cotton

TEAM FORMATION: Andy reported that there were no girls added to any 10U team and only a few in 12U and 15U. The 6U girls will all be placed. There is a wait list in 12U boys and a new 8U boys team will be added to replace the “bye” week. The location will be in the north central area. There is still room in the 15U boys teams. A few players were asked if they would be willing to play up in order to have a spot on a spring team. 5U registration will close on April 5, 2018 according to Mary.

SPRING SCHEDULE: The schedule is still a work in progress. 15U and 19U are in the draft form to make sure the travel schedule is worked out. Blue Sombrero now has the capacity to ignore coach conflicts so the auto scheduler can now be used.

EQUIPMENT & UNIFORMS: A standard form for ordering uniforms makes it much easier to track for Arianne. Every request received will all look the same, making less errors in the order. Luke will inventory the Coach Manuals and order more if necessary. Vince will inventory the Referee Manuals and email Luke the number needed to order. Arianne will take an inventory of all the extra uniforms that arrived last fall and make sure out order is early enough to add to the number of uniforms per division (hoping the styles that were chosen are still available!)

FIELDS: Luke is requesting that the district mow on Thursday so the grass will be short when volunteers re-line the fields. Dates for field work were discussed. Fertilizing and patching will be done on March 17 from 9am-noon. Shed cleanup, metal detecting and marking will be done on March 24 from 9am-noon. Chris and Doug will work on the location of the corners of all fields. The following Saturday, March 31 from 9am-noon moving the goals into place and connecting the dots with the first coat of paint will be done. Volunteers can sign up to help with these field chores and the final lining will be done between 5pm-8:30pm on April 5. If necessary a “last call” will be given for help on Saturday, April 7 before 8am.

REFEREE TRAINING: Regional referee training will be on April 4 and 5 from 6-9pm. The location is TBA. Field training will scheduled for Friday and Saturday. There are 4 volunteers signed up for Intermediate Referee which will be held on April 3 and 4. The refresher course for regional referees will be on April 6 from 6:30-9:00 at the Franklin gym.

COACH TRAINING: The 6U and 8U coach/referee training will be at the Western View Center on April 4 from 6-9pm. Luke will be using a lot of information he gleaned from the EXPO in all the coach training sessions. Chris is requesting that coaches brainstorm a list of how to make the games more equal. The list would be given to all coaches. Chris and Eric will communicate on how and when the staff would intervene when the games are lopsided. Discussion centered around what was lopsided and it appears a 4 goal difference was the consensus. In the younger divisions, a player might be added. It was noted that in 12U and above which plays 11 v 11, that would go against FIFA rules.

TEAM MANAGERS: It appears there might be 5-4 new team managers this spring. Catalina will communicate with those new managers and make sure they are all on board to perform their volunteer job.

PORT-A-POTS: Elaine will order 4 units (3 standard and one oversized) to be delivered to Adams/Westland on April 2. Luke will talk to the district about moving the wooden pallets that are currently stacked in the area where the oversized unit needs to be placed.

SHOE/EQUIPMENT SALE: Catalina and Elaine will work together to recreate a new consignment form reflecting the 50% donation to the scholarship fund for those who want to have us sell their items. The location of the sale will be in front of the Safety/Information station to create better visibility, rain or shine!

REGION 149 TURNS 40: Next membership year, our region will celebrate 40 years of existence. Mary was given the task to brainstorm where young parents would most likely get information about AYSO and target those areas with lawn signs, poster, etc. Different ideas will be considered for the opening of MY2018-19 with a “fun day jamboree” concept to celebrate the 40th year and just have a fun party of casual soccer. More on this later.

MINUTES FROM FEBRUARY 23, 2018 MEETING:  It was moved by Danny and seconded by Mary that the minutes from the February meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will discuss player evaluation, player registration, 5-a-side, budget approval and season corrections. The date is to be announced at a later date since Andy will be out of town on the third Thursday of April. The meeting will be either April 19 or April 26 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building starting at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


Retreat Agenda (8:00am - 12:00pm 3/10) - 6050 SW Grand Oaks Dr, Corvallis, OR 97333

  1. Board Member Check-in
    1. Returning?
    2. Award - Andy
    3. Equipment Royal Blue (Lazio 4042 Coat = $42 | Perf Top 4200 = $21 | Santa Monica 670 = $27)
  2. Highlights from EXPO
    1. Coach Changes - new training, new books, changes in language, and improvements in training plans.
    2. Referee Changes - clarifications in PDIs... Vince & Chris?
    3. Management Changes - Updates to CVPA and Safe Haven, issues with our approach to yearly Safe Haven certification, and national office changes.
  3. Budget & NAP
    1. Proposed Budget
    2. Income Allocations (summer, photos, 5-a-side, EXTRA, indoor, )
    3. Change to using NAP only and how you will see future reports/accounting (still the plan Joan?).
  4. MY18 Changes
    1. New referee scheduling system.
    2. Team equipment assembled in advance, bag assembly day.
    3. Board member polo, sweatshirt, or sport coat (& hat).
    4. Coach training changes.
    5. First Saturday kickoff games.
  5. Group Breakout 1
    1. Group: Team Formation - registration questions for Team Formation, training zones, calendar dates, 6U & 8U program changes (Danny), late additions strategy (Juan)
    2. Group: Season Start - team meetings, trainings, communications, uniforms distribution, equipment distribution, fields setup
  6. Breakout Sync Up 1
  7. Group Breakout 2
    1. Group: Registration - late registrations, registration events, pricing, scholarships, registration strategy (Andy)
    2. Group: Programs - existing programs, summer program (Doug), winter program (Futsal), Adult/19U (16U & 14U)
  8. Breakout Sync Up 2


In preparation of our retreat next weekend, I wanted to get you all thinking about next year’s budget. I have attached a document that has our budget numbers in there from this year and where we are at now for actual numbers. The yellow highlighted numbers are the ones that we will need to discuss this weekend. If you have an idea of what your particular budget should look like for next year please feel free to send me that and I will start to plug in numbers.

Here are some fun facts about this year and items to discuss this weekend:

  • Revenue brought in from regular registration - $82,500
  • Revenue brought in from Extra program - $9,266
  • Revenue brought in from Indoor - $19,078
  • Amount paid to AYSO for registrants – $19,825 (this is the 17.50/player)
  • Amount paid in Credit card processing fees - $3,055 (this comes out to about 2.76% on all money that goes through Blue Sombrero)
  • Donations/Contributions/Fundraising collected so far (use for next year’s scholarships) - $6,037
  • Donation from Photography - $1,061
  • Concessions - $2,326
  • Shoe Swap - $574
  • Other - $2,076

Items to discuss will include:

  • How many players we anticipate for next year.  It looks like this year, so far, we have 1,133 players?  I am not sure how many of those played Indoor or Extra only? 
  • How many scholarships do we anticipate for next year?
  • We received donations for both Extra and Indoor?  That is just a statement and let’s discuss…

Depending on how the budget looks for next year, I don’t anticipate having to dip into the reserve too much – possibly only around $10k to get us through the rest of this year with the payment to the school district. That being said, as of right now, I do not see that we need a fee increase since our budget last year had an $8k surplus built in and we were able to absorb the extra cost on uniforms and most of the payment to the school district within the budget and balances in our checking account.  Once we have an idea on budget numbers for next year, I can make a better recommendation on the issue of raising fees for 2018-2019.

Let me know if you have any burning questions that you need answers to before the retreat.

Please see the altered budget attached (v2)

  1. I separated out the Facility Fees as another item, and included the Indoor Sports Park fees in that. I did not see where you had that.
  2. I split the coach and referee items to clearly show the AYSO supply center.
  3. Added line for a late registration fee of $20
  4. It seems that uniforms also includes soccer balls and team equipment? So what is in the equipment item?
  5. Where will the bank fee item go? Can we remove it as an item, and just enter the reduced income from BS?

I took some values from NAP, but it looks like things do not always match up.


Proposal for Simplified 5-A-Side:

  1. Games are scheduled automatically by Blue Sombrero, same game times for all groups.
  2. Teams are built by player registrations in Blue Sombrero & auto Grouped by Team in team builder.
  3. Free agents are grouped together.
  4. Divisions play on a field one size smaller (8U on 6U, 10U on 8U, 12U on 10U, 15U on 12U)
  5. 5 vs 5 for 12U & 15U.
  6. 4 vs 4 for 8U & 10U (no keepers).
  7. Flowing subs like hockey/indoor.
  8. Fewest stoppages desired.
  9. Most normal restarts, no PKs (like 8U game).
  10. No referee record keeping.
  11. Cost is $5 per player, proceeds go to field reserves.

Proposal for Adult Soccer Program (Age 16+):

  1. Registration is $30 & covers participants over 18 w/ SAI. ($17.5 for under 18)
  2. Group discussion board in Blue Sombrero.
  3. 7 Pickup Soccer Events during the season on weekends.
  4. Other ad hoc events can occur as desired.
  5. Depending on Numbers: Structured Teams in Spring (7 Games).
  6. Separate bank account is required, could add $10 for fields & equipment.

I would like to propose Adult Soccer registration this spring with games taking place this fall. My proposal would be that adults would sign up as individuals. Teams would not be created out of these sign ups but rather adults would arrive each day (Saturday or alternate?) at a specified game time and play a "pick up" game by separating teams and playing.

My recommendation is that the cost would be $40 per player annually (Fall and Spring Season) for 7 games. These costs would cover AYSO Nation fees of $17.50, Dri-fit T-shirt (no number) $10, with the remainder going to cover the costs for pinnies, balls and cones as well as credit card fees.

I would like to send out a survey to parents in the first week or two of games to gather data on interest, which day/time of the week would be best, etc.

I wanted to get this information out to the board so that everyone could think about it and offer comments/suggestions/questions ahead of the meeting on Saturday.

AYSO Advanced Coach Instructor Course Notes

  • Classroom shifts to more interaction in classroom. Online gets them prepped.
  • University, targeted quiz. Create banter and interaction. Uptake from online get gauged.
  • Assignment 1 - Match analysis part gets into review of a game, looking focused on a match. Watch whole half and fill out match analysis. Game moment worksheet, start and end, relevance, other moments of support, & appropriate training objective.
  • Assignment 2 - Bring it to life, who what where when why. Lower ages will see more technical issues. Create training plan for the players related to match analysis.
  • Assignment 3 - Conduct training session and reflect back on it. Coach evaluation form filled out evaluating self and progressing.
  • Classroom match analysis, in groups to do analysis. Same game 2nd half of match. Discussion and collaboration. Groups provides presentation. Individual analysis and half time talk. Draft training plan and how you would address issues. Go into exam/quiz.
  • Grading 45 for pre work, 45 for in person, 10 for reflection.

Team Formation & Registration

Post Mortem - Team Formation
November 6, 2017 7:45 PM

  1. More people seemed to delay signing up, various reasons we think.  Some of those will be improved because of getting used to the system and having their login already.
  2. People had to think a differently.  Didn't' have to show up at a place. 
  3. Oh… I can do this online… mental reminders are different than they used to be
  4. Player Evaluations were not provided by coaches in a timely manner
  5. Didn't know which ones were missing. (Andy's edit:  Too many never came in)
  6.  (Andy's Edit: Boys/Girls Coordinators and Div Coordinators need to be able to monitor missing evaluations so that they can get coaches to complete them, it should not be Eric's job to do this once he has made the initial request for player evaluations)
  7. Need deadline for evals.
  8. Need player evals end of Fall - need some carrots
  9. Try to get them to do it by the 3rd game of spring
  10. (Andy's Edit: Historically, some coaches will not want to do this so early especially for new players
  11. Is there a BS player eval tool?  Make our own entry system, like the surveys?
  12. Registration
    • Still want to have computer room available for Blue Sombrero
    • Want to speed people up so they are signed up more quickly.
    • Latest team formation ever. Late July and through August.  (Andy's edit:  last year's team formation)
    • Prepare for people not remembering their login…. Can't reset the password.
    • Get a postcard sized cheat sheet for parents - hand it out early in May thru team managers
    • Include a checkbox, task and due date… few details, those are on other sheets or put one website pointing to instructions on postcard
    • Something they can put on the fridge or carry in a pocket
    • Test ahead of time what it looks like for volunteer with no kid, volunteer with a kid but a new role, youth volunteer, volunteer that is tied to a kid.  No need to enter references again…
  13. Blue Sombrero
    • Emails - automatic reminders - Team managers training on how to use the team website effectively not to inundate with emails… discussion groups
    • Emails are clunky - ?Dan H?  Having to sign-in to get the info. From
    • Team managers that already send out lots of nice   emails about reminders
    • Can B.S. turn off the email reminders for events in team website?  This for the team managers that really want to send out their own reminder emails with more information included.
    • Need to get Board Members off of the 5U volunteer list.  
    • Need to be able to deactivate an activated player - someone on the wait list was activated, but they don't respond and you don't realize
    • Wait List Issue:  If someone decides not to play, you have to drop them in order to get another player off your wait list - HOWEVER, BS lets a registered player in to that spot even though there was a player on the wait list.  If the max is 80, and there is a wait list, then if you drop a player, then you have 79 and the next person that registers, gets that spot instead of BS waiting for the player on the wait list and just adding that new player to the waitlist.  (Andy’s edit:  I think that a player can be activated off the Wait List without dropping a player first)
  14. Balanced Teams
    • Complaints about teams that are always together year after year
    • Probably Newport players are the more serious players because they are willing to travel to Corvallis, so automatically might be better players
    • Might have some unbalanced teams - can't eliminate it altogether
    • In spring, those teams get seeded.
    • Philomath - lots of push back to travel to Corvallis since makes it hard to play volleyball too. (Andy's edit:  Girls teams only)
    • They don't have club, so tend to stick with AYSO, where Corvallis better players leave AYSO
  15. Spring Openings
    • See Wait List issue with dropping players - Don't drop players until we can place people on the wait list.
    • How do we find out if they are not continuing?  Is there an automated email?  A way to respond, or do we ask the team managers to contact them and let someone? Know who is not continuing? (Andy's edit.  I assume that we are sending the normal letter to coaches / TM's but by e-mail)

AYSO EXPO Trip Report - Bob Vingelen
My purpose for attending the 2018 EXPO was to learn more about the rapidly growing AYSO United Program and stay on top of the latest U.S. Soccer PDI's and AYSO National Initiatives. These initiatives are integrated into new pathways from the Grassroots AYSO levels to the U.S. National Team. Along with attending AYSO United and U.S. Soccer classes I also attended technical/tactical Coach Workshops to further enhance my role as Boys EXTRA Coordinator.

Classes Attended:

  • AYSO PLAYER PATHWAY; On Field Lecture with Scott Snyder (AYSO Player Development Specialist) Author of the updated AYSO National Coaching Curriculum, David Thomas (AYSO United/Academy Director), Paul Bright (AYSO United Director of Coaching, served 8 years with Manchester United Academy, Robbie Earle (AYSO United National Technical Director, NBC Sports Broadcaster seen on TV every weekend, Robert Benavidez, and Yvonne Lara.
  • This round table question and answer segment discussed the current status of AYSO and U.S. Soccer from U4 to Developmental Academies (DA's) to the National Team and the general overall fit of AYSO and U.S. Soccer. Topics included following a European model where the top coaches are with the youngest ages, initiating AYSO United I.D. camps with top level DA players and similar elite programs, U.S. Soccer merging with AYSO in grassroots licensing, etc.
  • This Q and A segment was followed up with an on field training session with Paul Bright and local AYSO United Players. Paul stressed its not the "what" you are teaching so much as the "how" you are getting it across that seperates good coaches from amazing coaches and maximizes learning and development. He stressed not overloading players with information and following a rule of 3 in all training sessions, meaning 3 key points in each session. A key take home message from this session is the importance that kids ENJOY THE GAME and have fun. Kids want to play not listen to a Coach, keep talking to a minimum, touches and fun to a maximum. This will help best develop players and grow the game of soccer in the U.S.
  • AYSO UNITED; I attended all 8 Classes and Technical Workshops over the weekend that focused on U.S. Soccer and AYSO United such Leading the Process The U.S. Soccer Way, AYSO Services versus "Pay for Services", The United Way "Creating a Club Culture", AYSO Financial Services "Managing Your Club Accounts", AYSO United-Our National Club Program, Promoting the AYSO Player Pathway, AYSO United "The Coaching Manual" AYSO United Platform, and an invite to sit in on the AYSO United Roundtable for Admins and DOC's only. Here is my best attempt to summarize everything.
  • AYSO United currently has 26 Clubs in the U.S. They categorize them as Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Many of these clubs were referred to by other names in past two year but now all fall into AYSO United. They strive to shift the focus of AYSO back to soccer versus teaching parents/adults how to be Board Members or part of a Region Board.
  • They integrated a CAP (Club Accountability Program) that hold coaches to standards, players and parents to standards, provide top notch customer service, and prompt communication, such as minimizing the use of out of office email replies. AYSO United utilizes program fees of $45 and player fees of $17.50. Some United Clubs charge a $1,500 annual player fee, while most are still all volunteer based and only charge base fees.
  • AYSO United's focus currently is not adding more clubs, but improving and growing the 26 existing ones. Each of these clubs follows National Guidelines but also have flexibility to operate unique to what works in that particular Region and State. Each United Club has a staff that could include a DOC, Assist DOC, Administrator, Registrar, Coaches, Team Managers, and other Parents. Most are all volunteer run, some have paid Admins, DOC's and Coaches in order to draw top level coaches from larger clubs outside AYSO.
  • Considerations for each Region getting approved to start an AYSO United Program are a player base of 3,000 kids, field availability to support both programs (Core/United), a valid league to play in, and "would it be the best thing for AYSO".
  • Some of the discussion focused on getting away from coach driven teams as they aren't sustainable long term think more about each player and the entire club not one team with one coach. Examples were Ajax in Holland where they rotate coaches every 6 weeks per team versus the impacts of having the same "Parent Coach" with a group of kids year after year, and what happens when these parents/players age out of the program. The same 6 philosophies that apply to AYSO Core apply to AYSO United and the main philosophy brought up several times and supported by all AYSO United Clubs and National Staff was that EVERY CHILD PLAYS 50% OF EVERY GAME.
  • AYSO United has an Online Coaching Manual with Curriculum consistent for each of the 26 clubs that leaves room for each Coach or DOC to adjust to fit their needs. The Main Site is open to everyone including players and parents. The United Site is Restricted by log in for DOC's and coaches only and requires a subscription fee. AYSO United has a unique partnership with the Southampton Academy that allows them to video all their training sessions and post these on line to integrate material into training sessions.
  • The site provides tools for coaches, players, and parents to "Get better at soccer". They stick to the 3 points of focus in every session theme. The site provides age appropriate training session tabs to allow a progression. Coaches and DOC can use the calendar feature to populate and build month by month and year by year sessions. They utilize the same diagram standards integrated by the U.S. Soccer Federation. The information is also organized by themes, can click on key words and multiple sessions and videos pop up.
  • It was mentioned that trying to get into any other European Club training session is impossible today and the partnership with Southampton is very unique and special opportunity due to the initiation phase occurring when the club was in Division 1 nearly 10 years ago. Southampton has produced loads of home grown talent and none of the material is edited. Viewers catch it all to show that coaches and players are human and occasionally make mistakes during training. This partnership is partly why the manual has a small subscription fee along with the countless hours put in by Chris and Paul to integrate the technical, tactical, and develop the software. Each of the 26 United Clubs can upload and share their own videos to show their own tweaks to their training sessions to show how they integrate their best style and approach to the "how".
  • Much of the changes within AYSO are also occurring and driven by changes made in the U.S. Soccer Federation. The common goal is to grow the game of soccer within the U.S. There is data that shows kids are not as good coming into programs at an early age compared to years ago, and that kids drop out of soccer by age 13. Focus is changing the culture by making soccer fun again and retaining players. The 4 D's were discussed Drive, Desire, Dedication, and Devotion for coaches as well as the U.S. Soccer Federation 6 tasks of a Coach, Coaching the game, coaching training sessions, Leading the team, leading the player, managing the performance environment, and overall leadership including self accountability. Each of the 6 components was discussed in detail by Zac Crawford the U.S. Soccer Grassroots Educator. Some of the focus areas were accountability of coaches (fun leaders) and self evaluation on a 1-5 scale each of the 6 tasks in the performance wheel as leadership comes from within.
  • The roundtable discussion with AYSO United DOC's and Coaches led by Robbie Earle was eye opening. It was great to hear how each of the 26 current clubs had their unique issues. Some of the common issues were getting players and parent to understand the Club Culture and that United is a higher level of soccer that requires a higher level of commitment and how to handle kids who don't show up to training consistently. The 3 A's were mentioned Attendance, Attitude, and Ability and how this impacts playing time. Some clubs use player contracts to help break the recreational mold for players/parents coming from AYSO Core programs. They all seem to agree that 50% Playing Time is extremely important, and sticking to National Policy as well as Regional Addendum to have zero negative impact on the AYSO Core or Primary Programs.
  • Coach Workshops; Other classes I attended outside of U.S. Soccer Federation and AYSO United were Coach Workshops open to Intermediate and Advanced Trained Coaches only. They were very educational and informative and the session were well put together and presented by National Coaches. These sessions such as Attacking Technically and Tactically, Coaching the Modern Defender, and Tactical Formations and Systems of Play offered a ton of insight and knowledge which I can help provide to our current Boys EXTRA Coaches when they reach out to me.

AYSO EXPO Trip Report - Vince Waterhous
My purpose in going to Expo was personal development, i.e. working to better understand both my responsibilities as well as how to execute my responsibilities as the designated Director of Referee Instruction for Region 149. Personally, I was very exhilarated to be in a convention center with some 500 or so volunteers in support of this organization and this was just the few that could get there and just the Western portion of the US. Beyond that personal impression, I spent my time focused on discussions that would help me fulfill my commitment to the region.

Courses attended:

  • Referee Instructor Evaluator - the pre-requisites to sit in this position are, basically, experience. I do not yet have a lot of experience in my position so I chose to audit this class. My take away allowed me to better understand those aspects of training that are looked for and considered valuable for the messages AYSO stands behind.
  • Establishing a Mentoring program - this was the first of several trainings I attended regarding mentoring. The value of this is both helping referees do their work better but also providing the support network to support retention of these important members of the AYSO team.
  • Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) certification - my position serves to support the RRA, so my primary interest in this was to better understand that position.
  • Regional Board Member Training - I learned that I am not a required member (there are 7) so I serve more at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner.
  • Annual Referee Update - this, with other discussions for the PDIs (Player Development Initiatives) focused on any new changes to implementation and interpretations for the Laws of the Game. There were no significant changes since last year. Our region has been using a more conservative execution of these initiatives and most of those are in discussion as future (Jun 2018) changes to the directives.
  • Coach/Referee Roundtable - Take away - we work as a team. Good to have discussions about the common interests- its for the kids
  • PDIs
  • How to be a Lead Referee Instructor - both the administrative as well as the technical side of this position.

Group Breakout 1: Season Start group

Disclaimer: We would like to note that dates were identified ASSUMING Team Formation was completed by the first week in August, 2018.

  1. Early Communication a must. Identify the Team Managers for each team and send out notice of TM training so they can be ready to jump right into their job.
    • Dates: Week of August 6 have 2 training sessions
    • Dates: Week of August 13 (prefer Monday and Tuesday since Catalina is getting ready to leave the country …but she will come back)
  2. Team meetings held at Adams Fields - It was felt this was an improvement from having them off site as in the past. Easy transition from one division to the next.
  1. August 21 have 08U at 6:00 and 10U at 7:00
  2. August 22 have 06U and 14U at 6:00 and 12U at 7:00
  1. If team managers did their job between the training and team meeting, the volunteer forms should be filled out and teams ready to receive uniforms
  2. REFEREE training will begin before Labor Day. If the teams have identified their volunteers at their meetings, everyone should be ready to be trained, right?!
  3. Sept 5 teams can bring completed volunteer forms to Adams fields between 5:30-6:30 to get uniforms.
  4. Sept 8 will be the last chance to get uniforms before first game
  5. Sept 8 have the 40th birthday party Jamboree Fun Day. NO UNIFORMS would be worn that day. Each player brings a white (light) and dark shirt to wear. Any color of socks and shorts will work.
  6. Sept 8 COLLECT clothing items for the shoe/equipment sale which will be the following week.
  7. FIELDS SET UP. Ask district to mow the fields the week BEFORE Labor Day. Marking will be done on Sept 6 and 7 so there are lines for the birthday party on Sept 8
    • Fields volunteers can be lining fields on the night of uniform pick up on Sept 5. Maybe others can help out too when they see how much fun the volunteers are having.
    • There are metal pins in the ground at all corner marks. Chris has a metal detector to help find the pins. Board member(s) would find the pins and mark with screwdrivers for volunteers
    • Donation of old screwdrivers are needed to have in place to attach the string to paint lines. Anyone who has screwdrivers they can donate or sees some bargains, snag them. 50 is a nice number to add to what Doug has already collected. The more we have, the more fields can be ready for painting for the first time around.
  8. FIELDS SET UP FOR SPRING 2018. Line the fields April 5, 6 and/or 7.

AYSO Extras - (Board Retreat break out session.)

Programs : Summer program, Winter program (Futsal), Adult (post 19U thru 16U)

Objectives: Look at current and requested programs and develop a strategy to implement including identifying interest, identifying coordinator, considerations of cost, considerations of structure within AYSO umbrella

Summary: Logistics of programs discussed and potential coordinators identified. Break out group supported implementing these programs thru designated coordinator or other person identified if those designees can coordinate logistics and concerns as expressed during discussions.


Soccer over the summer

  • Pick-up game style, (so walk on ready to play)
  • Coordinator: current idea - Doug for Youth
  • U10 and up to15U
  • (coordinater responsibilities not specifcally discussed but general idea is that they would publish times and location and responsible to make sure adult/child ratio meets AYSO guidance)
  • Registration would be May
  • If this is an AYSO event
  • Need to have youth to adult correct ratio (8 - 1) and gender considerations for players below 19U
  • Cost will be: the field cost - e.g. $20/season? (TBD) + insurance ($17.50/person) if they are not currently registered in AYSO
  • (Current registrants have paid that fee thru the year, new year begins Aug 1 for AYSO)
  • Will solicit interest from people by email

Adult program (for AYSO, Adult is considered 16U and above)

  • Pick-up game style, (so walk on ready to play)
  • Coordinator: Anton Grube
  • Registration would be May
  • If this is an AYSO event
  • Need to have youth to adult correct ratio (8 - 1) and gender considerations for players below 19U
  • Cost will be: the field cost - e.g. $20/season? (TBD) + insurance (If not current , would require $30 for insurance for adult over 18, otherwise $17.50 for non-registered youth)

Winter program

  • Futsal (alternative or complementary to current Indoor), Soccer on a basketball court (6 v 6) w keeper & referee
  • Pick-up style but requires more coordination with locations and officiating than Winter Indoor e.g. Sports park $45/ for 6 games
  • Coordinator: Futsal Jason Hower?
  • Registration would be ? (TBD)
  • Cost will be: ?? the court cost - e.g. $20/season? (TBD) + insurance

Group Breakout 2 - Group: Registration

registration events,

  • Open up MY18 on April 10th - after first game

pricing, & late registrations,

  • Goal is to get them BEFORE the cut-off that takes us from OPEN reg. to going to wait list which goes on at Limited openings
  • Joan thinks that it won't make a difference because has been an incentive to offer a discount in the past. Which was only a couple years ago.  Also had more REFUNDS which makes Joan cranky.
  • Earlier you register,  team formation has more flexibility for placements and could state that in registration advertising.  - (meaning their notes for this or that preference might actually be accommodated- but we don't want to market that specifically)
  • How many really registered AFTER the last game?  Only 150, or so in June and then another 200 end of summer-early Fall
  • Make the late fee significant?  -  NO, just increase refunds
  • NON-refundable late fee???? - that goes to scholarship - AFTER CUTOFF from Open Reg.
    • This could work !!!! Joan approves - 200 registrations with a nonrefundable late fee, thinks those  people tend not to request refunds at that point.  They really want on.
  • We want an early PRICE that is good for the budget, not less than the budget
  • People who are late, then pay more
  • After the June cut off - then the price goes up???
  • NORMAL price is $85 and discount is $80???
  • All options look like they would just increase refunds.

RECOMMENDATION - NO LATE or EARLY fee - don't mess with it - however a non-refundable fee after open cutoff could still be option if really desired.  Could try it and see if there are more than usual refunds.


Joan, Juan, Andy to develop better process because after May dates, Juan & Andy did not know how many they had left…..

RECOMMENDATION - Plan to use the shared drive for all to update live and they can check for a certain number.  Shared document

 registration strategy (Andy),

  • Need computer lab
  • Volunteers - how many do we need
  • Didn't really discuss much
  • No cash, no checks  - Joan doesn't want them

RECOMMENDATION:  - No Checks - but cash is OKAY - we can use volunteer CC if cash is handed over (or some other gift card process). This may need more discussion.  There was some strong opposition to using cash and forcing gift card instead.

Correcting bad registrations

  • Add wording at new account creation to explain it is a PARENT account if possible - pop-up?
  • But, if Youth volunteer -need their OWN account
  • How to communicate that at the time of registration!!???
  • Not much time spent discussing this.

February 2018


PRESENT: Elaine Markley, Anton Grube, Vince Waterhous, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer, Eric Gleske, Chris Nelson, Catalina Segura, Bob Vingelen, Danny Aynes, Dan Herford, Mary Cotton, Luke Cotton

BUDGET REVIEW: Everyone is asked to look over the budget review that Joan presented and get any changes or additional line items to her so she can finalize the proposal for they MY2018-19 and have it ready for the retreat on March 10, 2018.

FIELDS: Luke has been working with Corvallis 509-J staff to develop a field use contract for our Region. A change in the previous agreement would show that Region 149 will need to pay $5,000 per year for field use throughout the district. A reduction of rental for building space is also proposed. Past rental for fields would be approximately $32,000. The district will use the money to purchase field equipment to support field maintenance for the Corvallis School District. The district will allow approved AYSO volunteers to use the field equipment on the Adams fields, per agreed letter from Kim Patton, Director of Facilities and Transportation. Continued negotiations will take place after June 30, 2018 for the next year of field use. It was moved by Chris and seconded by Eric that AYSO will pay $32,000 to Corvallis 509-J for the purchase of field equipment per agreement letter from Kim Patton. The motion carried unanimously. Luke will continue to check with AYSO lawyers for language of the contract.

SPRING SEASON: Luke will send a follow-up communication to all coaches asking key questions such as when and where practices will be held, which players are not returning, what equipment is needed, etc. Team mangers will get a note from Catalina making sure coaches and team managers are on the same page with player return. The email will request all information be returned within the week. Specific dates for training sessions are being set up for referee and coaches. More details should be available by the retreat date. A field set-up sign up will be developed to send to fields volunteers. Luke will set this up.

TEAM FORMATION: Only new teams will be added in 6U or 8U if there is enough interest. Elaine sent flyers and posted information to Corvallis School District and flyers to Philomath advertising Limited Open Registration which will run through mid March.

MARCH 10 BOARD RETREAT: We will meet at the Grand Oaks Clubhouse from 8:00am-noon on March 10 to finalize organization for the spring season and look ahead to MY2018-19. Possible topics include: Registration for players and volunteers, volunteer training, special programs such as 5U and 19U, budget, player evaluations, late registration fee. Breakout groups will be identified to cover many of these topics.
Elaine will provide the snacks. Please bring your own coffee cup/mug. Bottled beverages will be provided.

NEXT MEETING: Retreat on March 10, 2018 at 8:00am-noon at Grand Oaks Clubhouse.

Respectfully Submitted
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

January 2018



TASKS/NOTES - Not in order


  • Email to coaches/managers letter/roster
  • who is not coming back
  • *letter to family expect to be contacted/tell to ?contact
  • *early March mentioned
  • *email to managers/coaches with roster
  • Email EXTRA coaches to see who is returning
  • Email Riptide coaches about league placement
  • Order new EXTRA Jerseys' as necessary


  • Open limited Reg website/BS
  • Would like team records from Fall for balancing teams
  • With open spots From John?
  • Wait List Setup?
  • Bob to confirm w/Joan the $ within the EXTRA programs
  • Sort Out Trainings and Refreshers


  • Early march start filling open roster spots
  • Submit Sat/sun field availability to EXTRA league
  • Start filling open spots
  • Notify uniform coordination
  • Game Schedule
  • Kickoff Newsletter
  • Advertise Shoe/Equipment Sale
  • Volunteer Sign-up for game day volunteers
  • Field Setup Events
  • Intermediate Trainings


  • Trainings
  • Refreshers
  • Weekly Emails
  • 5-a-side advertising
  • 5-a-side Blue S. sign up
  • April 29 - 5-A-Side Event
  • Open Blue S MY18 Core


  • Registration Lab Open
  • Silent Saturday
  • Ref Appreciation
  • EXTRA registration
  • Coach Appreciation
  • TM Appreciation
  • EXTRA Team Formation
  • Player Evals


  • 2 weeks before meetings before august meeting, list of volunteers from previous year
  • Close registration
  • mid-June start team formation
  • recruit coaches, assts, refs


  • 19th - team formation team #s and names to John



Section 1: TM/Your Experience

Overall TM experience average 6.9 out of 10 (n=46)

Coach positive attitude to TM average (3.7) somewhat to strongly agree

  • A couple coaches were more intense, but the coaches for my team were positive, as were most that I witnessed.
  • I hear the complaints. I think we are somewhere between Somewhat and Strongly Agree. My unscientific evaluations suggests we have definitely passed the 50% threshold of families that would agree with that statement.
  • poor communication. Hard to get a hold of.
  • I appreciate getting email feedback after writing to the coach, that wasn't so strong this season.

Spectator positive attitude to TM average (3.0) close to strongly agree

  • parents negative coaching from sidelines
  • Spectators always seem to be the most challenging to get them to understand the AYSO way of doing things.
  • I think our families are generally good, but it does not take many bad apples, as it were, to spoil the proverbial barrel. We should work harder to have families read and sign pledges to better buy in to the "Big Family" Kid's Zone notion.
  • Parent verbal support wains at the 15U level.
  • I notice a difference in competitiveness and comments from the parents in 15u. A ref has to stop the game and address the parents for unsportsmanlike comments. I thought the Red handled it very well.
  • I heard too much coaching from the sidelines from parents.
  • Majority of parents are awesome at supporting all kids on the team. Too bad there are still a few parents that can work on their attitude and word choice - luckily not the parents on my kid's team.
  • There are a couple of parents on our team that can be very loud and tend to yell instructions or negative comments. I would like to know how to get them to be quiet.
  • A man verbally attacked me as I exited my car. It was right near the sheds.

Referee Support TM average 3.6

  • There was some inconsistency among how referees called the game (esp. off sides and fouls). Most were positive, though.
  • The youth referees were sometimes uncomfortable explaining things to the kids. Maybe training on how they can explain a rule in an age appropriate way to the younger kids would be helpful.
  • Most of the time definitely. I think our referees work very hard to do as good a job as they can, and on Saturdays they face an uphill battle with some coaches.
  • We had two instances when referees were a bit too harsh and girls ended up in tears after the game.
  • We had great refs all but one game. The younger refs (older kids and teens) are especially focused on doing a good job. I also really thought the ref volunteer from our team did an outstanding job -- he was there in uniform every week even if he didn't ref just in case he was needed.
  • I wouldn't really say for me but they were great with the kids
  • Love having the youth involved in reffing! Great examples for the kids and helps emphasize sportsmanship.
  • Our team referees were usually the only ones at our games, no other teams provided any.

Section 2: Player Experience

Overall observed player experience average 7.5 out of 10 (n=46)

Coach positive attitude to player observed average (3.5) somewhat to strongly agree

  • Parents informed me that they kids really appreciated the patience of our coaches.
  • My son thinks his coach is the best. I can't speak for other parents but I like our coach's enthusiasm. He communicates clearly with the players and has positive words for each player about what they're doing right.
  • a head coach on one of the teams I manage didn't rotate the girls much at all, there is was a lot of sitting at talking during practice, the coach even was coaching from behind a goal at one game.
  • Some experiences that I would have liked to see handled differently: 1) Coach yelling "You're okay!" when my daughter was walking off the game field after being struck in the stomach by the ball. 2) More coach collaboration on making the play more even when there was a 6 point lead. 3) More positive reinforcement on game day for all players, i.e. more equal treatment for all skill levels

Referee positive attitude to player observed average (3.6) somewhat to strongly agree

  • The refs always seem to be good about helping the kids or explaining rules to them.
  • They were great, so even better than others

Spectator positive attitude to player observed average (3.2) somewhat to strongly agree

  • I don't know how much my son notices other spectators besides his family members.
  • Everyone was nice and supportive
  • I heard too much coaching from the sidelines from parents.

Section 3: TM Support/Equipment/Software

Support Support to TM from Region 7.2 out of 10 (n=18)

  • Luke Cotton was always willing to answer my questions and provide support.
  • Good support, Luke is just stretched too thin.
  • The only time I contacted the board, for clarification on Fields duties, I never got a response.
  • What a whiny bunch, wait - wrong group. I feel like we've all been experiencing growing pains the past three years, with all the changes that have been made to our programs. It's been stressful and rewarding, and it's interesting to see the new members figuring things out.
  • Luke provided lots of support and continually answered questions quickly.
  • I think Luke is amazing and always does his best to communicate, but there was one problem I ran into with equipment. I was really frustrated this season when we were short one uniform and it took 4 weeks to get the missing uniform ordered. I checked every week about it and sent emails, and was told each week it would be there the next. Our uniform-less kid was pretty sad about it and so I was especially upset that it took so long to get handled correctly. I try to remember that everyone's a volunteer though, and mistakes happen. :)
  • Because of the new system and various other issues, there were a lot of questions. I did not get answers in a timely fashion.

Scheduling Blue Sombrero experience average 5.1 out of 10 (n=29)

Equipment provided to TM was sufficient for most (38 of 46).

  • My child didn't receive his jersey until about half way through because AYSO forgot to order it. The coach checked weekly before the people at the shed finally realized it had not been ordered. it was a simple mistake, i am not sure if it could have been avoided or not.
  • We were short one uniform and it took more than 4 weeks to get it ordered. I asked via email and each week at the equipment shed and was always told it would be there the next week. I think the parent of the player with the missing uniform finally had to get involved to get it ordered. It was not a great experience, but I try to remember that everyone is a volunteer and mistakes happen.
  • The team was short 2 uniforms
  • Practice goals for young teams would be nice. I purchased some for my kid's team to use on practice days.
  • We didn't receive enough balls for practices - perhaps that's normal?
  • Initially no, but then we got more uniforms. It was sad for the kid that didn't get a uniform while the others had theirs.
  • Uniforms were enormous and missing a few for multiple weeks

Section 4: TM Training & Policy

Training, new TMs somewhat agreed that they were prepared (2.8, n=46), with the comment below.

  • I thought the trainer was great. The Blue Sombrero Site was a nice idea, but was a disaster. I felt it was not useful, it never worked right and we ended up needing to use sign up genius for game day tasks, regular email through my personal email for communication and blue sombrero. it was an inefficient website. it actually added an unnecessary step. the parents and coaches on our team agreed. nobody enjoys having to use three platforms for communication about one team.
  • Very hard to get all the training on Blue S. because it was new to everyone. But, what I got was very good and allowed me the ability to learn together with everyone else. I got both in-person and online.
  • My 7 year old played in a league at age 6 in Ohio that taught much more advanced soccer, positions etc. and the kids delivered and did well. She was bored and unengaged on the field in this league as other girls also seemed. They are capable of more at this age.
  • I think given that Blue Sombrero was a new platform there as fair amount of confusion. Particularly with regard to joining accounts
  • Training helped but still had a lot to familiarize with
  • Team manager training detailed and thorough. Very helpful and much better than in the past. Great tips for blue sombrero
  • Luke taught the managers training that I attended and it was well done and comprehensive. There was a lot about Blue Sombrero and how to use it.
  • It was helpful to have some direction with blue sombrero being new, and hearing about changes for volunteer sign ups, but I feel an email would have been just as good. Maybe an optional training.
  • Didn't realize when I sign up how much you were expecting out of me
  • I was not able to attend the in person training due to signing up so late to be team manager. I think there should be recorded team manager training.
  • Luke led a very informative training for team managers -- I learned new things that were helpful (this is my 3rd year in this volunteer role)
  • I felt the training covered what was already required within the Safe Haven and didn't add many useful tools, templates, timelines, outlines that could have been used to make it easier for team managers to communicate with their parents.
  • It can be a challenge to know who has signed up for what volunteer positions and who I need to reach out to to get them to volunteer
  • 90 minutes for team manager training is WAY TOO MUCH!! Training manuals would be much more useful. What I learned could have taken 30 minutes.
  • Blue Sombrero is difficult, especially if you're not using it regularly. Hard for parents too.
  • Other than bluesombro, which I could of figured out myself, the training didn't offer any information that I didn't already have with my experience. For people with 2 years experience, training should be optional
  • Keep in mind that less is more and that it would be better to reduce the number of communications to one very succinct and complete communication. People are getting frustrated with the confusion and amount of time it takes try to figure out things. Just because it is easy and free it doesn't mean another email should be sent out. Ask yourself if you had to put a stamp on it whether you would send the message.
  • Since it was new to everyone there were some things not covered by the training.
  • The new system needed more training. Also, it was often unclear who to contact for various issues. And changes to volunteer info were impossible for me to make, and difficult to make when contacting board members, which was frustrating to the volunteers.

Section 5: Comments / Recommendations

TM Again? 44 of 46 indicated that they would ref again

  • I'd be willing to manage again. My frustration this season was that we had multiple non-communicative parents. Some (not all) were native Spanish speakers, but I tried to send information bilingually, and that didn't help. We had several practices with only 4-6 players, and our team lost every game. It would be nice to have more materials from AYSO available in Spanish.
  • My only criticism is something that I'm sure you can't change at the local level but the registration is always pretty cumbersome. Another suggestion (although possibly beyond your ability to address) is to possibly try to get a practice schedule set ahead of team assignments so that if the practice is on a day that you can't get your kid there, you can be assigned to a different team. Thanks for all you do to make AYSO so much fun for the kids!
  • I'm not an organized person. This probably isn't the best fit for me. I'll be fine in the spring but will probably choose another role in the future.
  • Volunteers do a great job. The 15U team balancing could be a LOT better. The team I managed was blown out most games and had two close games they won. The Region also needs to address unnecessary, inefficient, redundant, and unclear process with respect to volunteer and parent involvement.
  • It was my impression and the impression of other managers that often managers felt like "the middle man" the information they are supposed to pass on to the parents is information that they get from an email that could have been set to everyone to begin with. A part of me agrees : We need to think of ways to de-centralize the management. On the other hand redundancy is important.
  • I was disappointed with the level of participation of my team parents. The coaches and one referee did there jobs, but only one parent signed up to work game day jobs. I checked regularly and prodded them all several times. If there is some way we could make them volunteer in the spring that would be great. I guess I just get tired of parents getting a free ride when others do so much. Maybe there kids can't play next year if they don't fulfill at least one 2hr shift. Might be a little harsh but it would work.
  • Still struggling with Blue Sombrero. I found it easier to just do my own emails and schedules outside of BlueSombrero. I won't give up though.
  • Suggestions for Blue Sombrero: *A place for non volunteer parents to sign up to be included in emails *To have the ability to select email frequency & to send individual emails vs always the general discussion. *Having clarification and clear paths with joint accounts and the paired training website; it mixed ours up saying my spouse had completed the training I just had.
  • It was challenging filling our volunteer roles this season; I think I need to improve my powers of persuasion/coercion.
  • It is extremely difficult to get parents to volunteer for coaches, referees and fields. I would love to see admins help in assigning parents to these positions prior to the team manager. In my case I was only assigned a head coach and had to find every other volunteer which resulted in just three families filling all of the major volunteer positions. Disappointing!
  • Volunteer assignments (including Field Prep) need to be in one place. Hard to manage communications when half the parents don't use/like Blue Sombrero.
  • I put player experience at a 7 because we have too many players on our U10 boys team. So much so, that if every kid shows up to the game, each player must sit out half the game!


Section 1: Coach/Your Experience

Overall coach experience average 7.1 out of 10 (n=60)

Coach positive attitude to coach average (3.7) somewhat to strongly agree

  • I wish there was an easy way to may sure the two U8 teams were more balanced or it was clear if there was a "better" side.
  • They always shook my hand and thanked me for volunteering. There were a couple of coaches that were over the top competitive though, it made it awkward.
  • Our coach was overcommitted and therefore completely inflexible in being able to accommodate any schedule changes that didn't fit his pre-determined practice times.
  • This past season I had quite a few younger/inexperienced players and some of the games were pretty unbalanced. For the most part opposing coaches seemed to try and balance things out, but not all.
  • We don't keep score and the girls are focused on skills not the outcome of the score
  • My son struggled being in the league with kids who were so much older than him. I think he would have been much better off in u6 and my experience would have been much more positive. He essentially skipped from u5 to u8. If I would have realized ahead of time, I think I would have asked to switch him to the lower league.
  • There were a couple of teams that were negative and down as the game progressed. I believe that this was a reflection of the coach's attitude and competitiveness more than the players. I have coached through many blowout games (my team being blown out) and kept positive and supportive and my players followed suit. There was a few teams as well who displayed this attitude and everybody enjoyed the experience greatly.
  • Good time, fun games. Only concern was having 14 kids on the team made it difficult to manage on game days with equitable playing time, and transitions between quarters. It required bringing the whole team over and reassigning positions, which stressed some of the refs because of the extra time it took.
  • 6U is a tough age for me but that is where my son is at, short attention span, mood swings week to week. My assistant coach was very competitive and felt strongly about his son needing to have success
  • My directions might have been a bit too direct for some of our players.
  • I enjoyed seeing the progress in the girls and helping them reach their potential. Some of the teams we played had many skilled players which made for some uncompetitive games that weren't fun.
  • Enjoyed my coaching experience. And appreciate the support and training given to us by the AYSO region and volunteers.
  • Most games were blowouts. Most coaches were worked to address the imbalance. A couple were all about the win.
  • One opposing coach has upset (his team was behind by 4 or so goals) but wasn't really willing to participate in leveling the field (e.g. he didn't want to add a few players, etc)
  • I have a great group of committed, hard-working girls, which makes coaching fun/easy. In previous years, that has not been the case, and I find that to be the most frustrating part of coaching.
  • Not a fan of being over-rostered with players. Makes it harder to manage games and have equal playing time. In addition, this season I was rostered with a lot of inexperienced players which made it very difficult to be competitive. We lost every game this fall.
  • Overall good but the rosters were too large and I had kids sitting out half the game. I think we should stick to AYSO written policy of 12 players to team, and if needed make more teams. We could be more firm about parent volunteers to get the number of coaches. Cultivating new coaches by having two assistants or a coach- in- training volunteer position that might help someone ease into the role of coach in the future. Also my Assistant Coach missed several practices and games and it would have been nice to have a designated person who could fill in at times like those.
  • A few coaches just yelling too much at players and not letting the kids play.
  • There were coaches which lost their perspective related to the goals of AYSO, they did refrain their teams when the game already was a washout.

Referee positive attitude to referee average (3.4) close to strongly agree

  • There were many times that referees didn't show up for U8 and I had to ref my own games.
  • The hardest position to fill with volunteers, the people that stepped up were fair a and just in their calls and direction to kids.
  • I think the referees could have done more to hold players accountable. For example they let poor throw-ins slide after I had asked them to keep an eye on it.
  • Had one referee that warned us before the game she was going to call fouls and she did. The girls were playing great soccer but were being penalized for contact. It was on both teams so I guess that made it even. Sometimes it's hard for girls to play hard when they worry about getting fouls the will game.
  • There were usually not referees (8U)
  • Refs are great except the one senior ref who inappropriately joked about belly button piercings to my 10U girls a year ago.
  • Refs were great, Just understand that if a coach has 14 players on his team it's going to take a little more time to transition Subs between quarters.
  • Not all of the refs knew what they were doing, at times there was lack of control. I feel the refs have unique position to teach the game by doing a good job. Some did not keep time well
  • I have issue that referees call any slightest aggressive move during a girls game to the point of stopping the game to talk to the player. This would NOT happen in a boys game and is something we have been working on at the 12U girls level. Referees need to recognize that girls are not flowers and will not wilt away if they come in contact with another player. If you need to make a call, then make a call and walk away rather than saying they can only be shoulder to shoulder as it is IMPOSSIBLE to run at top speed without moving your arms.
  • Sometimes refs were not ready for game time and did not time quarters accurately. Coaches at U6 level do not always want to switch ends of field at halftime and refs did not always listen.
  • Referees where always great. Taking the time to explain calls the to the players.
  • With the teams so big, takes time to do player swaps at quarters, and having ref interjecting to hurry things along doesn't help
  • Most referees were awesome. Especially appreciate the youth referees doing a great job.
  • One referee in particular was rude to one of our athletes telling her to "shut up" after she complained about a penalty called

Support Support Team average 8.3 out of 10 (n=3)

  • The off-field and on-field training sessions were both good. I also got a quick response when I asked for advice.
  • Eric and Luke are great at getting back to volunteers.
  • Responsive. Good input.

Section 2: Player Experience

Overall observed player experience average 7.4 out of 10 (n=60)

Coach positive attitude to player observed average (3.6) somewhat to strongly agree

  • The kids seemed to have fun. I didn't see any overly negative coaches or parents. I do think sometimes coaches / refs talked/guided too much, but it was in a positive way.
  • The opposing players were respectful and enjoyed the game. There were a lot of teams that had a strong showing with many good players.
  • We played the Lebanon team in U15 girls and that was really the only coach that was not positive. It was a strange game for sure with the ref asking the assistant coaches to address the parents at half. But the rest of the games were enjoyable.
  • Coaching was done at practice and game day was more about positive reinforcement
  • The coaches were great, there for the kids, most of them stepped up b/c others wouldn't. Some of them lacked game plans for subs, splitting up teams, etc
  • My fellow coach was very positive and worked to help improve the players skills and have fun.
  • I thought the coaches were all very positive. However, some of the teams were not very organized and did not see to have any positional awareness. I am not sure if the players were taught and just did not understand or if the coaches did not understand/know how to teach those aspects.
  • I put this somewhat lower for my player because of the too large roster and kids having to sit on the bench for half a game some weeks. Kids don't want to sit that much. It ruins the overall experience for everyone to have too many players on a team.
  • There were coaches which lost their perspective related to the goals of AYSO, they were highly competitive, made athletes from my team to cry, through the instructions given to their teams and comments made beside the field. Players from my team voluntarily and independently informed the following from a same coach: 1st player: "Step on her, step on her" when this player was running down the side line towards the goal. 2nd player: "It seems these girls don't even know how to play"

Referee positive attitude to player observed average (3.6) somewhat to strongly agree

  • Most refs I did see were great. Only one was overly guiding (pass the ball, spread out, etc)
  • Some games got too rough. I think some coaches should watch more carefully for pushing, or reckless play.
  • Most refs were great, although a few seem to be calling any physical contact quickly with the girls, which parents have told me is different for the boys. One ref. not knowing his size, age, etc., scared a player to tears when explaining his call. "He pointed his finger at me."
  • Good experience and when they did have a concern the referee always listened
  • There were games where referees could have been more assertive which could have created less confusion for players
  • Overall, the refs did their best. There was one ref who called a lot of penalty kicks which seemed to me to send the wrong message to the kids.
  • I would like to see more consistency in refs calling offsides in particular, as it was not consistent and when I train them to not commit offsides and then they see certain refs not call it on the other team it breaks down training.

Section 3: Coach Tools/Equipment

Equipment provided to coaches was sufficient for most (50 of 60).

  • I had to buy some of my own cones because 10 was just not enough. Some of the balls were flat and lost air quickly.
  • We needed more soccer balls. I asked for more and got enough for the team.
  • The players wanted goal keeper gloves. I needed extra cones, so I bought my own.
  • We didn't have enough balls for every kid. We also didn't have enough cones to set up much. Also we were missing some of the uniforms at the beginning.
  • More pennies, two different colors would be nice.
  • We needed more cones so the other coach and I bought more.
  • needed more pennies for the larger team. If we get 14 players I need at least 7 pennies, minor point but would have helped to have more,

Section 4: Coach Training & Policy

Training, new coaches somewhat agreed that they were prepared (2.9, n=60), with the comment below.

  • I did enjoy the field training and the booklet was helpful. I would like more direction about when to introduce skills and what is a good arc to the practices as far as skills.
  • I had taken field training in the past and the classroom this year provided me with the coaches manual, which I utilized greatly. I used quite a few new games, like Sharks and Minnows and others. I had utilized the Numbers Game in the past and still do.
  • A big part of coaching was getting to know each player, and figuring out what each player needs, and what the team needs as a whole.
  • I enjoyed the training provided, and John Williams ( think that's who it was) is a really great guy, great ideas, etc. Highly positive feedback from me on him and his training.
  • Training was good, but would like more opportunities for learning in the following: Teaching ball handling techniques Teaching field positioning strategy
  • Training was good for first time coaches but it would be nice to have advanced options.
  • Training is always helpful, but when it comes to you and girls itso always more challenging to keep them focused. Luckily I have an amazing coach that lives and breathes soccer. It may be helpful for the coaches training to focus on teaching players certain skills. Like specifically how to strike the ball. Our coach has a list of skills the girls need to learn for the season and we work on one every week. Then at the end of fall they did a skills challenge to see how much they learned. It was fun for the girls and challenging. It created a new focus for several kids and a drive to be better.
  • Eric and John did great jobs in classroom and on field, respectively. Even after coaching for >5 years the training helped me this year.
  • At one of the coach training sessions, one of the trainers talked about how our coach book had sufficient lesson plans for all the weeks, and I did not find that to be the case.
  • I enjoyed the classroom and outside training. I found it so valuable for the time and experience.
  • I did the concussion trying. I have coached previously (30 years ago)
  • I've had classroom and field training in the past so felt perfectly comfortable coming into the season.
  • I had taken field training before. Also, have sought help from other coaches and board members. This year was the first that I had a coaches manual, so I utilized many of those games, also
  • I did not go through field set up but figured it out on the fly, seeing a Saturday play out definitely helps, not sure you can train that
  • I could have had more technical training on how kids can learn to dribble and kick in steps, like having a level of skills that students could graduate and clear. No need to test the kids, but if we have some ways to evaluate the kids in our mind, we could instruct them better. I think.
  • The online training was helpful.
  • Already certified, so I didn't go though any training. I did review the new 8U material. There are some areas of clarification in the 8U program that would be good to address,.
  • A bit of guidance on how to deal with kids' behaviors at this age would be helpful. We had some kids refusing to participate and other kids acting out, but we didn't know how to handle it.
  • Unable to attend the training sessions as they were at odd times or announced after I already had other commitments.
  • The volume of material is quite large. It requires less time and training to become a 509j staff employee. I believe there are diminishing returns. The content is sound. The delivery is flawed.
  • Field training is excellent.
  • John Williams does a great job of sharing drills and strategies for developing players.
  • The one coaching day is good to give interested coaches the idea of what to look for, which is great. Naturally a one day will never be enough.

Section 5: Comments / Recommendations

Coach Again? 59 of 60 indicated that they would coach again

  • I like the small sided games for U8 (and U6 last year). However, they make it really challenging to actually coach the teams and keep the playing time fair and the teams balanced.
  • Maybe. Our team was filled with a lot of first time players that really just wanted to play with each other during practice making it very difficult coach. We also had 4 players that would not show up to practice or the games consistently or would show up very late. It was a difficult first year for me.
  • It has been a rewarding experience.
  • Yes, I will continue to volunteer coach with AYSO. Overall it's a good experience. My only complaint I've expressed for a few years is in team creation. Last year or two our teams were constantly lacking. We would borrow 3 to 4 players from opposing teams each week. Other teams were stacked with many skilled players + many subs. Same thing this year. Not enough players, and the replacements we got had 0 yrs soccer experience, more detriment than help. Fair & balanced is one of the 6 AYSO pillars
  • After 5 years of AYSO, it was so shocking to find that a team could be so poorly put together. Our kids won zero games, barely scored any goals an felt totally unmatched to any team. It was a demoralizing and defeating experience. In addition, coming onto a team to discover that your coach would take zero input from the team on practice days/times and showed zero flexibility was just awful. Parents work, siblings have other commitments and our son was on a team where he could barely practice.
  • I recommend switching back to setting the divisions to the school year rather than the calendar year. Children often will mature to their grade level more than to their age level. There seems to be a bigger range of maturity between a 2nd and 4th grader than there is between a 7 year old and a 9 year old that are just one school year apart. Coaching to such a wide maturity range this year in the 10U division was much more challenging than in previous years for the U10 division.
  • My first years of soccer were through AYSO and I'm appreciative of the start I got there and will continue to give back.
  • Our team would love to host at least one game in Newport if not more. We have a new turf field available to us. Also, our uniforms tend to be on the large side for our team size
  • AYSO Region 149's volunteers are generally great. The issues with the Region revolve around unnecessary, inefficient, and unclear process.
  • I'm a maybe. It was a tough transition from my child which kind of soured the experience.
  • Had a great experience! Our team mom had quite a bit of difficulty getting parents to volunteer for field duties so that was frustrating, but not sure much can be done about that.
  • I was pleased with the setup and organization for the games played in Corvallis. I enjoyed 90% of the opposing coaches and thought that a few of them were spectacular! I had a tough time coaching during games this year trying to manage one sided games and still make it fun and educational for both teams players.
  • The AYSO did a wonderful job helping me to assimilate to coaching in Corvallis. I had great team managers, assistant coaches, and volunteers that made that process even better.
  • Love AYSO. My only concern this season was the size of the roster, 14, but understand we want everyone to get to play.
  • I am saying yes b/c I plan to coach the team in the spring. I will reevaluate after spring with commitments, added time required with next division and my son's desire to play.
  • I'm looking forward to the 2nd half of the season this Spring! We had a great group of young players who, overall, worked hard and wanted to improve and do their best.
  • AYSO is a wonderful program
  • more competitive selection of players for AYSO EXTRA U15 BOYS.
  • AYSO remains one of the very best youth sport organizations in Corvallis. Congrats!
  • I think it would be very beneficial to make it easier for coaches to contact each other to facilitate better coach communication and help build more of a community.
  • Our team experienced some extremely uneven games (0-10, 1-7, 2-8). These games were really disheartening. I would love to see move conversation around evening the playing field. Those that play extra should not be grouped onto one team, even if their evaluations from the spring might suggest as much.
  • I really enjoyed coaching and will continue to volunteer. My only suggestion is that team volunteers get a little more guidance at the beginning of the season on what to expect. There were some days that were very confusing where we didn't know who was doing snacks, where the equipment was supposed to go, who was refereeing, etc. But that can all be accomplished. :-)
  • I think the volunteers do a great job, and the league runs well. Support when needed is available and helpful.
  • The team that I coach has multiple club players as well as extra players. While other teams have no club players. This is a huge challenge when it comes to keeping games close. No team should ever have more than one advanced player let alone 3 on the same team.
  • I love coaching. The times I get frustrated during coaching are when players/parents do not put much/any effort forward to make practices/games. I also get frustrated as a coach and a parent when opposing coaches don't work to prevent blowouts.
  • Don't exceed maximum roster standards again.
  • I was not able to access all the online training and could not log in. I contacted AYSO by email but never got a person to help me.
  • Reference:
  • It is frustrating having so many subs that most kids only get to play 2 quarters. The board is doing a great job! Thanks!!
  • I have been following AYSO region 149 for 2 years now, as a parent, later as an assistant coach and now as head coach. In this period what most caught my attention was the disparity in the balancing the teams. From the three years, the present one is the most striking. Taking away the Newport team, two local teams are way ahead on experienced players.


Section 1: Referee/Your Experience

Overall referee experience average 7.5 out of 10 (n=40)

Coach positive attitude to referee average (3.5) somewhat to strongly agree

  • I had mostly positive interactions with coaches and no major issues to report.
  • Coaches, in general, were good. I felt like coaches were respectful and stayed positive even when they didn't like one of my calls. I do think they tend to forget that not everyone who wears a yellow jersey has the same level of experience, though, as I felt that some of the coaches were not as patient as they could have been with the parents who were new refs.
  • I had no coaching problems this year, there were a few questions, but nothing that warranted anything more than a friendly word
  • I saw a few coaches trying to influence calls of youth referees who were AR s. Especially when they were on the side right by them.

Spectator positive attitude to referee average (3.8) close to strongly agree

  • In general, I saw fine behavior from spectators.
  • Would really appreciate it if other parents watching educate negative parents or those coaching their child from sidelines about keeping a positive attitude and letting coach be in charge of players
  • I have been surprised by the overwhelming show of support, appreciation, and thanks given to me as a ref by the spectators.
  • A few cases of fan dissent, but mostly quiet and/or positive.
  • At a couple of games I had parents making/yelling comments about calls
  • Other trained parents filled in as refs when the team we were playing did not provide one.
  • I was surprised to see that spectators at little girl's games could be kind of catty sometimes.
  • Seemed like the parents did a lot of griping from the sidelines this fall. As a center ref I don't notice it as much, but as an AR when I tried asking spectators to take it easy on the negativity I got serious push back. Maybe I just had a run of bad luck, though.
  • Only one issue and it was an away game (Lebanon) that I dealt with promptly

Referee Support Team average 9 out of 10 (n=8)

Section 2: Player Experience

Overall observed player experience average 7.9 out of 10 (n=40)

Coach positive attitude to player observed average (3.7) somewhat to strongly agree

  • It seemed fine the player/coach interactions.
  • The coaches were supportive of their players.
  • The coaches gave good direction and teaching to their players.
  • The coaches wanted fair games, and would encourage the super-talents to sit out or play back.
  • Never say much negative things
  • The coaches provided/encouraged a positive experience for the players. The coaches are doing a great job at giving equal playing time to all players and balancing the team for matches.
  • Coaches showed good support and attention to players toward development rather than just winning, partly a success of the build-out line at U10
  • There was more than one coach for our team, they had very different styles.
  • All of the coaches that I saw seemed very focused on making the experience positive for the kids.

Spectator positive attitude to player observed average (3.3) somewhat to strongly agree

  • They cheered for the kids and did not yell at them.
  • The spectators were very supportive of the players.
  • There were a few that seemed to be a little downtrodden by their kids' playing.
  • Spectators help the play of the game
  • I did not observe any negative spectator attitudes. Spectators also let the referees and coaches do our job without interference.
  • Aside from the usual parents coaching from the sidelines, the spectators were fine with the kids

Section 3: Referee Tools/Equipment

Scheduling Horizon Web Ref experience average 7.1 out of 10 (n=25)

Scheduling self-scheduling / choosing games 8.0 out of 10 (n=25)

Equipment provided to referees was sufficient for most (39 of 40).

Section 4: Referee Training & Policy

Training, new referees somewhat agreed that they were prepared (3.1, n=40), with the comment below.

  • The training was good, it took a few games to get more comfortable with making calls, but I don't think there's any way to change this.
  • I learned all the rules well and had very little trouble with rules during the games.
  • You can only get so much in the classroom. Mentor on the field , even for asst ref position, if the volunteer is new would help. Maybe just the first time out or upon request.
  • The content of the training was outstanding as it pertains to the laws of the game, rules, scenarios and situations. I think an addition that could be made includes match readiness and game cards, equipment checks, time management, coach interaction, player interaction, coin toss and preferences/selections (field and ball), CR/AR pre-match roles, etc. It would be helpful to address these match mechanics.
  • I did not attend training this season due to other commitments, but I don't think it adversely affected me.
  • could always use more refreshers...
  • The center referee training was so helpful. It really helped to build my confidence in centering a game. The mentors at the field were super helpful.
  • I attended the coach/referee training sessions, and I can say without hesitation that the coaches were not prepared to deal with referees properly. I would get attitude from other team's coaches about asking girls to put shin guards under socks, to take off earrings and other jewelry, and other such things. Also coaches had annoying habit of either coming onto the field to give instructions or pulling girls off the field for impromptu coaching sessions, or subbing at times other than the appointed sub times. All of this should have been circumvented with proper training.
  • The training was great. Somehow I was told I needed the full ref training/certification class even though this is my fourth year refereeing, but it was a good refresher.

Section 5: Comments / Recommendations

Referee Again? 38 of 40 indicated that they would ref again

  • The support from other referees was excellent. I got good positive feedback throughout the season which I appreciated.
  • I have ref'd for AYSO for years. I am hoping to continue to do so. I had a very challenging work scenario this season, and the times I volunteered to referee, I was unable to find an open slot that didn't interfere with the other multiple AYSO teams I was coaching. Therefore, I was unable to referee a single game this past autumn. I hope to do so in Spring 2018. My answers in" Your Experience" and "Player Experience" were only answered so that I could submit the survey. They were required.
  • I enjoyed my first time mentoring new referees. I hope to do it again.
  • It is a great organization and I love what they're doing.
  • I really hope you have the center/new ref training in the spring, as well as the mentors roaming at the games it really helps you to feel supported as well as the feedback was super helpful.
  • I had an experience last spring as a referee that I was not sure how to handle. A U6 player was defiant towards me and physically aggressive towards other players. I should have had his parent take him home.
  • I will continue to ref this year, but not certain about ref'ing after that. If my daughter continues with AYSO as opposed to Storm, I will probably give it another shot, even though it would necessitate more training.



Balance Factors - make a list

  • Quality of coaching
  • Coaching training - Doug's idea of practicing with a pool practice, help the new coaches
  • Geography,
  • Following rules - Practices - make sure they are only doing the correct number
  • Athleticism of players
  • Club players or not

External evaluation process

  • Speed of players is a raw skill and endurance - tends to separate the athletes from the others - Can we test that up front?
  • Coaches in each age group, short sided games, watch them and see who's an athlete, give each kid a ranking - 5-a-side possibly
  • Coaches can test the speed - run a certain distance, time them
  • Last Sat. in May? - if parents want balanced teams, they will show up.
  • Make it like a photo day - Eval Day - Ranking Day

Board Evaluation Process (Refs & Coaches)

  • Let's have 3-5 people that are assigned to go around and eval players - can use the numbers by team
    • Bob and Doug volunteered
    • Bob did this last time - and it seemed it wasn't used. Juan would only ask if he didn't have a ranking from another source
  • Need rosters with names & numbers
  • Do a trial, 3 evaluators - watch 2-3 games a week.
  • Ref can do this easily as well
  • Need to do it twice since some players don't come each time.

Education on Balancing Process:

  • Coaches know a lot of the players
  • Have not used coaches opinions for a while -biased positive and negative?
  • Need people to analyze the goals scored data - used to have a database
  • Some coaches don't really know how to DO a player eval - better training on that?
  • Have them empowered and knowledgeable
  • Develop a Ranking Checklist-Process - a consistent system, a structure, do it frequently since skills change throughout season
  • Spot check will still have holes
  • Comment heard is things are rigged - by "them" more education on balancing process and challenges
  • Require the # and name cross reference for each team to help with roving evals
  • Coaches MUST have a consistent system to get ranking into the system - evaluate against the players that you play against! - not against themselves
  • Parent evals at REGISTRATION (?? One of the questions)- what if we had a 1-5 ranking (whatever) with brief descriptions on the registration questions -
    • ask the parents to compare to other players from last year or other soccer.
    • One more data point. Write it is needed for better balancing of the teams.

In-game balancing:

  • Eric's article - if you win and if you are losing, what to do to help player experience
  • Balance - don't want kids to play down - maybe a written policy for when a team is winning too much!
  • Add players to the team - only if the game is conceded at that point.
  • Re-seed in the Spring - already doing that
  • Coach Training - Pool practice idea
  • Do we have data where the blow outs are happening? Luke says YES

Indoor is easy to rank players there:

  • Indoor rating was done by the parents - were very balanced according to Danny with 12U
  • Having kids that also play club and AYSO Core - he was only there at AYSO one time - inconsistency of roster with the good players not showing up or ALL showing up.


  • Spectator education - more active agreement and understanding with Kids Zone
  • Too large a roster


Key walkaways from volunteer focus group...

  • Creation of Position Checklists - Help to clarify tasks and expectations.
  • Tasks Training - Focus on training to specific tasks.
  • Team Manager & Coach Communication - Help with communication between team volunteers and encourage a split of tasks.
  • Equipment Issues - Create clear details about equipment ordering and equipment requests.
  • Fouls Recognition - Look at differences between divisions and genders, help with proper foul recognition.

December 2017

No Meeting

November 2017


Attendees: Luke, Matthias Mueller CSC, Juan, Eric, Jason, Rube Peterson CSC, Toby, Catalina, Dan Stevens, Gibby Reynolds Area 2S, Bob, Chris, Dan H, Mary C, Andy, Vince Waterhouse, Steve Simmons CSC, Doug

December board meeting is canceled.

Prior Meeting Minutes Approved.

  • Eric moved, Chris seconded, approved

Welcome & Introductions

  • Round Table Introductions
  • Corvallis Soccer Club – Rube, Matthias (President) and Steve
  • AYSO Area 2S – Gibby Reynolds

Conversation about Soccer/sports in Corvallis with CSC.

  • Presented by Matthias Mueller - See Presentation Materials.
  • Where we were. Where we are. Where we want to be.
  • Wants to address history, preconceived notions
  • He wants the whole soccer community together and working together as one.
  • Reviewed Mission and Visions comparing CSC and AYSO
    • CSC community, Culture, Passion, Inspiration
    • Major differences is cost, coaching staff and league.
    • All the kids get to play in CSC. Might depend on how many kids there are, but 50% is normal or more except when doing Presidents and Founders Cup,
    • Paid Trainers, prof. staff and some part-time admin
    • Cost = staff, fields, equipment, corporate fees, trainers
  • Start with Basic Dev. U06-U10, recreational U11-HS, Competitive U11-HS
    • Beyond that development academies (Timbers & Thorns), College & Pro
  • Questions Comments, concerns - requested authentic, open and honest conversations regarding what has held us back from working together more effectively. Major concerns? Issues with the club/ayso relationship
    • Kid Management of the CSC program - unresolved - not as fully developed as the soccer parts
    • Favors were supposed to be traded. There was concern that CSC didn't contribute as promised.
    • Best scenario is kids using the orgs in complementary ways - can be a good thing
    • Strong negative history is prior to club being re-launched recently as CSC
    • Concern that CSC is profit based. Matthias shared the budget.
    • Transparency was discussed as an issue in the past. Coaches coming out to AYSO field on the sidelines to recruit. Wanted to set up a booth at least to make it clear what is happening instead.
    • Concern that CSC can't coach in AYSO without AYSO certification. Some came to get certified and there were some problems getting it together to share some coaches. CSC was supposed to and wanted to help, but AYSO insurance and certification (training on the AYSO way) was a barrier. Gibby gave some explanation on the reason for AYSO certification and volunteer registration is necessary.
    • Couldn't get player cards from OYSA this year for the first time, for our EXTRA program. CSC managed to get them for our boys, but girls EXTRA had some issues. Issues with confusion on the old Eugene AYSO program (Gibby gave some history on the issues this year). Should not be repeated.
    • AYSO doesn't have competitive travel to faraway places. AYSO United rolled out last year as "AYSO club soccer". We can have a plan to get competitive soccer. It is currently being put together for the AREA.
    • Perception that "club groups" are strict in the way they want to do things. AYSO Lost 2 regions to club teams because they undercut the member prices in a very deliberate, intentional way. Many parents are complaining (to AYSO) about kids not getting to play enough and wanting to go back to AYSO.
    • AYSO programs exists because there are people who want to run the program within AYSO guidelines. If they don't want to do it, we don't have that program. This program flexes with what parents/volunteers want to do. Huge portion of it is the enrichment of the parents and other volunteers. Not true of CSC.
    • AYSO $17.50 membership fee is for mostly insurance and making sure volunteers have a clean background.
    • AYSO spends a huge amount of time training parents and volunteers to be coaches and referees and to do other things.
    • Perception is that CSC is all about competition, but that is not true. They do compete, but the mission is to develop the player. Their technique of executing is different with prof. coaching, etc. They also have recreational programs.
    • AYSO is about mentoring to children. Help them see their improvement and not care about level of play.
    • CSC is wanting to provide pathways.
  • Ideas for going forward:
    • Pick a few people from each side and work together to find the synergy and using the organization strengths in a complimentary way.
    • Fields - new - can't share the equipment/fields with non-AYSO teams because of insurance
    • Create a sub-committee
      • Each org. has a member on that sub-committee
      • Luke and Matthias will be the co-sponsors and create the sub-committee without needing to attend meetings of the sub-committee
      • No decisions would be made without bringing it back to Luke and Matthias and then to respective boards.
  • If interested, contact Luke.

Season Recap & Thank You

  • Season Successes
    • Roster Emails.
    • Parent/Team Meetings.
    • PDI Adoption.
    • 2 Teams in One Bundling.
    • In Person Trainings (over 50 coach/refs 6U & 8U)(over 70 Team Managers)
    • Youth Volunteer Numbers.
    • Refund Request Details.
  • Volunteer Thank You
    • Arianne - Work pertaining to uniform requests & late team changes.
    • Chris - Quickly picking up complex referee scheduling demands.
    • Joe - Work handling the 41 Youth Referees.
    • Doug - Getting field safety issues resolved.
    • Juan - Handling a tough 12U division situation.
    • Andy - Handling a tough 12U division situation and registrar duties.
    • John W. - new game scheduling system and late team changes.
    • Board thanked LUKE for doing so much for the program. It comes up in groups and from parents all the time. Luke thanked us all for being supportive and helping him.

Goals for Winter (See Below List Previously Distributed)

  • Each Board Member's Goal for Winter is listed below and was sent out to the board as a group and to each individual.
  • Anton - has a goal as well, Adult indoor soccer and Futsal
    • Bob suggested we might include older U19
  • Chris - Surveys - will be compiling some of the information
  • John - will have all the team cards and build brackets for 10U & 12U.

Spring planning meeting January 6th 8am-12pm.

  • January retreat and board meeting in January
  • Need for an additional board meeting in January will be determined by the amount of work that still needs to be done after the Jan. 6th

MY18 planning meeting March 10th 8am-12pm.

  • March Retreat and board meeting in March.
  • See number 29 below.
  • Luke wants to have a 5-a-side in the spring. Used to be on a Sunday. One day tournament
  • EXPO - 1st weekend in March. This 2nd Board retreat will allow us to deal with changes and updates from the EXPOs.
  • New Board members or people with a new role, may want to go. We have a few options to support some people. Wait until you see the class list before deciding. Can be a very encouraging and educational opportunity.
  • People who attend an EXPO expect to provide a review for the board at the March retreat.

Regional Commissioner Training Attended by Luke last week

  • Saw many improvements that are in the works for Blue Sombrero.
  • Volunteer registration will be much more the way we think it should work. They are changing it for all their customers. We have a lot of volunteers and this helped them to make it better. Other customers were asking for similar features.
  • Blue S. is adding a survey feature

Reflections on Fall MY2017:

  • Required Team Manager Training worked well. Live training very effective.
  • Want to try and pay special attention to people who have done a really good job in our volunteers - TMs, Refs, etc. Send emails perhaps.
  • Could look at who was active with the systems, using emails and thanking them especially.
  • Could use some of the really good TM emails as examples in the training.
  • Indoor Soccer Registration - completely online and went very, very well with Blue S. Much better than with the past methods. Last year was a TON of hours. This year data was already in there. Asked parents to rate players. Asked Blue S. to average and got only one team not balanced that well.

Goals for Winter as Previously Distributed

  1. Andy - Part 1: Create the Winter 2 season, duplicate of W1, and document how that process could be done for MY18, have the Winter 2 season ready before mid-December. Part 2: Take lessons learned and develop an action plan for registration in MY18, have an action plan ready for the March retreat.
  2. Arianne - Assemble a spreadsheet with full inventory, inventory details, and put together the order that would be needed to right size existing uniform sets before the March retreat. (We would place the order in mid-May after confirming MY18 numbers.)
  3. Bob - Identify ways to improve the tryout process, keep in mind Blue Sombrero's ability for pre-signups, and have a plan ready for the January retreat.
  4. Catalina - Create a comprehensive plan for team volunteer recognition driven by the team managers, have the plan ready for the January retreat.
  5. Chris - Review all region surveys concluding in November, fall season referee engagement, and develop actionable items to improve on the desired outcomes before the January retreat.
  6. Dan - Identify and document qualities needed to be a master/lead coach for 5U before the January retreat. (In other words, what things should we look for in a person that would indicate a good master coach?)
  7. Daniel - Pick Juan's brain about the formation process; learn Blue Sombrero for team formation before the January retreat.
  8. Danny - Provide an analysis of the two teams bundling approach for 6U, how is that approach working, what are ways to improve the 6U program, and have your review/action items ready for the March retreat.
  9. Doug - Develop a pickup group program, where parents can sign up players and be given the opportunity to participate in pickup games, create the proposal to be presented at the March retreat. (How could we make that program work?)
  10. Elaine - Put together a simplified guide/package to running the shoe swap in the same manner it was run in fall, and have the materials ready before the January retreat.
  11. Eric - Work on creating coach-training opportunities before spring and identify volunteers to be targeted for advancement and/or training to be coach instructors before the January retreat.
  12. Humberto - Gather ideas for program growth, and how to market to High Schoolers. Put together some ideas for the January retreat.
  13. Jason - Facilitate conversations to develop a partnership/agreement with the Corvallis Sports Park prior to the start of the Winter 2 season. (Set the groundwork for future agreements with CSP by including conversations about approaches for winter 2018.)
  14. Jeff - Familiarize yourself with the AYSO CVPA job and be prepared for the CVPA work expected before March.
  15. Joan - Have Area complete an audit before the end of January.
  16. Joe - Build a marketing flier for all youth volunteer opportunities (referee, coach asst, others?), include key points that address concerns that are common and prepare the flier for review before the January retreat.
  17. John - Identify a method to offer coaches field continuing education opportunities and outline ways to entice/encourage coaches to show for the continuing education / technical clinics. Package the proposal to be distributed before the January retreat.
  18. Juan - Take lessons learned from fall and develop an action plan for formation in June, and dealing with late additions in September, prepare your plan for the March retreat.
  19. Kelsey - Ideas?
  20. Laura - Identify ways to help improve early registration numbers for MY18 in May, and have your plan complete by the January retreat. (Getting returning players to sign up early, encouraging returning families to tell others... ideas/how?)
  21. Luke - Finalize a field use agreement with the School District before the end of January.
  22. Marty - Ideas?
  23. Mary - Identify areas for marketing and develop a marketing plan, specifically targeting the younger ages, and present your plan at the March MY18 meeting.
  24. Steve - Pick Andy's brain about formation processes and learn Blue Sombrero for team formation before the March retreat.
  25. Toby - 1: Evaluate risk of having volunteers operate 509J field equipment; provide report with your findings as soon as possible. 2: Look into ways to help remove the vermin on the fields, create your proposal before January.
  26. Vince - Organize a well-attended intermediate training before the start of the spring season.
  27. Walt - Develop a zero tolerance policy for spectators "yelling" at region volunteers on game day and the form that must be signed for them to return to spectate again. Package a comprehensive proposal before the January retreat.
  28. January Retreat Additional Items - Spring Season Calendar, Final Policies & Protocols Addendums, Final Field Agreement, Draft Region Assessment Complete, Digital Player Evaluation Form, Board Equipment Proposal, 5-A-Side Proposal, Partnership Approach, March Retreat Additional Items - New Programs Proposal, EXPO Updates Review, Blue Sombrero New Features Demo, New AYSO U Classes Review, Region Document Share,
  29. March Retreat Additional Items - New Programs Proposal, EXPO Updates Review, Blue Sombrero New Features Demo, New AYSO U Classes Review, Region Document Share,

Respectfully submitted:
Mary Cotton, Schoolyard Coordinator
AYSO Region 149

October 2017


PRESENT: Chris Jordan, Andy Ungerer, Luke Cotton, Juan Fernandez, Eric Gleske, Dan Herford, Elaine Markley, Mary Cotton, Doug Conrad

MINUTES FROM SEPTEMBER: It was moved by Mary and seconded by Chris the minutes be approved as edited in email stating that training will resume in the spring, rather than try to complete in the fall. The motion carried unanimously.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Applications for CVPA and Girls Team Formation were discussed.*Stephen Crandall applied for the Girls Team Formation. Andy has not had conversations with Stephen. Jeffrey Goodwin applied for CVPA and has had conversations with various Board members at the field about his interest in helping Region 149, having been in Region 870. It was moved by Mary and seconded by Andy that both Stephen and Jeffrey be appointed to these Board positions. The motion carried unanimously. Dan Herford was present at the meeting and has applied for Assistant Boys Team Formation. Dan has coached a variety of divisions and brings knowledge from younger to older divisions. He felt he could start with the 8U and 10U this spring and move up in the next membership year. It was moved by Juan and seconded by Elaine that Dan be approved as the Assistant Boys Team Formation Coordinator. The motion was unanimously approved. Welcome to the Board, Jeffrey, Stephen and Dan.

PICTURE RETURN: There has been no follow up with requests for information about pictures at this date. It is the hope that NW Sports Photography will have the team and individual pictures to us by October 28 in time to distribute at the last game. Communication is the biggest problem with this company.

LAST GAME OF SEASON: Luke will send out a reminder to all teams about how to prepare the field if they are the last game scheduled on October 28. Goals need to be rolled off to the side of the field and all nets returned to the brown equipment shed being placed in the trashcan that matches the field number. This way we can fit the correct nets on the goals in the spring.

INDOOR SOCCER: An email will be sent out October 20 reminding everyone that the registration for the indoor program closes that weekend. Luke will teach Jason how to form teams using the online program. For the first time, parents rated their child for skill level to help with team formation. We will see how that goes! Jason will have a quick referee session to train volunteers on rules of indoor when they arrive at the sports park. All soccer balls and pinnies will stay at the indoor sports park until the season is over. Luke reported that he has not seen a contract with the sports park. The Indoor Soccer banners and flyers will be up at the field on Oct. 21 reminding everyone to sign up.

SEASON REVIEW SESSIONS: Luke would like different Board members to combine knowledge of the past season and have a sub-committee meeting in the next few weeks. Groups identified were:
Team Formation/Registration/Blue Sombrero: Juan, Andy, Dan, Danny, Mary
Referee/Referee Support group: Chris and staff
Coach: Eric, John W. and any other Board members
Fields/Catch All: Doug, Luke
The Board member in charge of each subject will facilitate and call the meeting with their group. Summaries will go to Luke.
Chris mentioned that the dates for the next referee training session have not been set.

RC TRAINING: Luke will attend the Regional Commissioner training November 10-12. He will focus on getting answers to issues with Blue Sombrero!

SPRING PLANNING SESSION: Mark your calendars for January 6, 2018 for a half day planning session. This will replace a full day Board retreat and after EXPO and membership year 2018 has been discussed, another "retreat" day will be planned. The location will be announced at a later date. Luke felt is is better to work with what we know and not second guess what will come from National for the next membership year.

FIELDS REPORT: Luke sent the following report of fields to Board members prior to the meeting. Mary volunteered to ask a contact she has about donation of grass seed.

In Progress:
-1- I am working with 509J on the tractor item, and what agreement would work to get that progressing.
-2- The plan is to have the last teams help with takedown, removing nets, and moving goals for 10/28.
-3- I am working with 509J on getting the fields aeriated, and to look into issues with trees, fences, and water cannons.
-4- I am working with 509J to get field closed signs up for work on specific areas and to work on a plan for improvements at Garfield.
-5- I am drafting letters to grass seed companies to get donations/discounts (could use help with this).
-6- I ordered new Team & Spectator signs, they will show after the season.
-7- I ordered new trashcans for all fields, they will show after the season, I am still working on the signage for the cans.
-8- I am drafting a letter to a few roofing companies to get help with the blue shed (could use help with this).
-9- I plan to have a meeting with facilities staff regarding a timeline for spring.

Season Changes Report:
This season we have been trying a few new strategies:
-A- Each team needs to supply a field volunteer for lining a field for a designated game day (see attached). An email is sent each week with directions and a reminder (see below).
-B- First teams and last teams are sent a take down or setup notice by email (see below).
-C- Board volunteers are asked to not do the job of assigned teams or volunteers, creating greater visibility of areas needing help.

I have to admit the communications/coordination/training work is time consuming, but has ultimately left us with more volunteer engagement. Getting re-liners trained and forcing teams to feel responsible for the fields will ultimately help us in Spring.

Season Difficulties:
Initial Setup: Getting help with initial setup was tough. The number of trained markers and measurers makes initial setup tough. I will be trying an assigned approach for teams that did not need to reline, they will be charged with helping with spring season setup.
Signage: some of the signage is not setup yet (on goals), but the idea is to add more to everything. Stronger zip ties and a few goal improvements will hopefully reduce issues.
Adams Practices: better communication is needed with teams that practice at Adams. A set of directions regarding goals and field use is needed (no more Saturdays of goals needing to be fixed)
Field Damage: Issues w/ voles, moles, squirrel things, and elementary school students digging holes. Multiple practicing teams are doing heavy use, this will be bigger a problem in spring.
Practice Locations: Some key locations could benefit from greater attention, Garfield is the most used location according to the school scheduling tool.

Field Relining Assignments - sent Thursday to team volunteers signed up online (if no volunteer, Team Manager is sent the email):
Hello Field Volunteers & Team Managers,

Please complete the field relining before game time Saturday 10/21. Training is available Friday 10/20 5pm-5:30pm at the AYSO sheds. In some cases, you might find that the lines are easily visible and in good shape, please review lines for that field and consider relining a field that has not been done.

If you have lined the fields before, please feel free to use the code "JADE" to get the needed equipment, everyone else email me or come to the training Thursday. Do not rush and do not let kids do the job; we are looking for visible and continuing straight lines. This can be straightforward once you see how the inverted spray cans are set in the device and how you need to walk behind the device to get a straight line (and not paint your shoes).

NOTE: You can paint lines rain or shine, ideally it is shine.

Field Marking:

Marking Assignments This Week:
Item First Name Last Name Notes

There is string in the brown shed and screw drivers to keep the string in place if you feel like this would help keep them straight. If the line is too narrow that you are painting simply twist the can a quarter turn and it will come out wider. If you have not lined before its very simple, pull the liner out of the brown shed "JADE", and start to look at the setup and test the sprayer. Remember to shake the can, and ensure it is centered on the prior line to get the few inch wide line matched up. The lines should still be slightly visible, so you should have something to follow and reline.

Team Setup Notifications - sent Thursday to all team volunteers for each team that is first on a field:
6U Coaching Gear: Please pick up your field bag with 12 size 3 soccer balls, & 20 disc cones from the area outside the AYSO Brown Shed. Missing or damaged equipment? Talk to the volunteer at the information shed.
6U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 4 goals, 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 1 team field sign, 8 corner flags, and 2 spectator team signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, to field 61.
8U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 4 goals, 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, field signs, and the 8 corner flags, found at the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 82.
10U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 101.
10U Field Goals: Please double check the goal for safety and patch any open holes. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
12U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 122.
12U Field Goals: Please double check the goal for safety and patch any open holes. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
12U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 2 red goal nets, 1 trashcan, 1recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 123.
12U Field Goals: Please setup the red nets and double check the goal for safety. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
14U+ Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 half line flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 141.
14U+ Field Goals: Please double check the goal for safety and patch any open holes. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
14U+ Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 2 orange goal nets, 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 half line flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 142.
14U+ Field Goals: Please setup the orange nets and double check the goal for safety. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.

Team Takedown Notifications - sent Thursday to all team volunteers for each team that is last on a field:
6U Coaching Gear: Please pick up your field bag with 12 size 3 soccer balls, & 20 disc cones, and take it to the AYSO Brown Shed.
6U Field Equipment: Please return the field 61 pop up goals, trashcan, recycle bin, team field sign, corner flags, and spectator signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
8U Field Equipment: Please return the field 81 small goals, trashcan, recycle bin, field signs, and the corner flags to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
10U Field Equipment: Please return the field 103 trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
10U Field Goals: Please leave the goal nets and anchor sandbags on the field 103 goals.
12U Field Equipment: Please return the field 121 trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
12U Field Goals: Please leave the goal nets and anchor sandbags on the 121 goals.
12U Field Equipment: Please return the field 123 red nets, trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
12U Field Goals: Please take the red nets down and be sure you leave the sandbag on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
14U+ Field Equipment: Please return the field 141 trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 half line flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 141. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
14U+ Field Goals: Please leave the goal nets and anchor bags on the 141 goals.
14U+ Field Equipment: Please return the field 142 orange nets, trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 half line flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
14U+ Field Goals: Please take the orange nets down, be sure you leave the sandbag on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, November 16 at the OSU Oceanography Administrative Building. Rube from Corvallis Soccer Club has requested to be on the agenda to discuss soccer in our community. Elaine will be out of town so Mary has volunteered to take minutes for that meeting. Thanks Mary.

Respectfully submitted:
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

September 2017


PRESENT: Juan Fernandez, Eric Gleske, Elaine Markley, Catalina Segura, Chris Jordan, Mary Cotton, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Danny Aynes

BLUE SOMBRERO: Mary will take the Team Worksheets that were sent out by Luke to the Team Formation folks. She will divvy them out between Andy and Juan. All three volunteers will start forcing Blue Sombrero volunteers to have the role the have on the team worksheet. From that point they will start getting emails they need from the Coach and Referee Administrators and Team Managers. Any training missed in the fall can be picked up in the fall.

CALENDAR: Picture Day will be October 7 with October 14 as the make-up date. The Knights of Columbus Shoot Out will be held the same day. Goals will be set up on an open field for the competition. Pictures proofs should be back to the team managers by October 21. Indoor Soccer registration will be October 14, 21, and 28. Indoor games begin November 4 and run until December 16.

BOARD RECRUITMENT: Dan Herford will be applying as an assistant for Boys Team Formation. He also offered to help with the scheduling of fields at Garfield since SchoolDude does not have the correct options for the space available. If we can get enough assistants, it is possible to go back to the old model of having one person own a division for team formation. Mary also talked to the 05U parents about getting involved and might have someone form another AYSO region interested in helping Region 149. Stay tuned for applications being submitted.

SCHOLARSHIP FUND RAISERS: Elaine reported that we made almost $500 at the shoe/equipment sale. The location was perfect to get a lot of traffic. Even if it rains in the spring, we will keep the sale across from the concession and safety buildings and be under tents. Only about 3 families used the sale for consignment. There was discussion that we should charge a percentage fee for sales made. Nothing was decided on that. The concession sales was down from previous years but we still took in approximately $800 that day for the scholarship fund. The volunteers for the shoe/equipment sale were all extremely enthusiastic and committed to the concept of the sale.

INDOOR SOCCER: Jason has made contact with Corvallis Indoor Sports Park and there is space for 26 teams for indoor this winter. The cost to each player will be $47. $42 will go directly to the Sports Park and the remaining will offset the cost of the credit card cost. All registration will be done on-line. No scholarships are available for this program. Jason will be sure to distribute the necessary information about the program.

COACH REPORT: Eric reported that we have 16 coaches that need to complete the 12U training before the end of the fall season. Luke would like to see that the 06U-08U coaches get trained earlier in the fall. If we have more early volunteers step up, this can be accomplished. Eric will remind coaches of October 7 picture day in advance so they can be on time for their games.

REFEREE REPORT: Chris reported the number of referees who have fulfilled their game obligations thus far (104) but there are 23 who have not scheduled themselves for any games. It appears approximately 1/3 of the referees do not have children in the program and 1/3 are youth referees. Joe's mentoring program was praised for all the positive results with the youth referees. T-shirts are going to be designed for the youth referees as a "thank you" for their contribution. Intermediate and Advanced training sessions will be held in December.

TREASURER REPORT: Luke reported that the uniform/equipment is over budget. We can save the uniforms for next year. There is an overabundance of uniforms in 06U and 08U divisions. It was discussed that it might be money well spent to buy the additional uniforms needed to match the team size now, while the uniform is in stock, and not end up wasting an entire set if we can not get additional uniforms of that style next season. Blue Sombrero costs are still an issue.

CVPA REPORT: Luke reported there are still some bugs that need to be worked out. Most ID's were checked at the training sessions. There were a few with red marks that needed to be dealt with.

TEAM MANAGER REPORT: Catalina reported that the biggest issue right now is the frustration some managers have with Blue Sombrero. There hasn't been much to put in the folders until the week before picture day (September 30).

FIELD REPORT: Luke praised the work of Doug, Walt, Joe, Chris and Brian for the work they did pre-season to get the fields ready. Chris and Joe will spike the corners and center lines now so they are ready for the spring. All goals will have sand bags left on top of the back of the goals. Luke will move the sawhorses and rope to block off the grass area near the highway to keep people from parking on the grass.

EXTRA TEAMS: Thanks to Bob and John for the work they have done to keep the EXTRA teams involved in our program. It appears games have been scheduled and payers are enjoying their experience.

MINUTES FROM AUGUST MEETING: It was moved by Danny and seconded by Eric that the minutes from the August 17, 2017 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD MEMBERS HELP NEEDED: Board members are reminded to sign up to help open or close the fields. The sign up in on the website.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, October 17 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building

Respectfully Submitted
Elaine Markley, Secretary…with the help of Mary Cotton for the first 20 minutes of meeting
AYSO Region 149

August 2017


PRESENT: Juan Fernandez, Luke Cotton, Eric Gleske, Danny Aynes, Andy Ungerer, Arianne Custer, Mary Cotton, Chris Jordan, Catalina Segura, Elaine Markley, Joan Ruekauf

MINUTES: It was moved by Eric and seconded by Chris that the minutes from the July 26, 2017 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE: Chris reviewed the draft of the PDI rules that he developed. There were a few suggestions and changes that will be edited and he will send out the final draft this week. Any new rules will be indicated in the document to catch reader's attention. It was suggested that in 6U and 8U reference be made to volunteer Coach/Referee throughout the document. It was moved by Eric and seconded by Juan that the document be approved as changed. The motion carried unanimously.

GAME CARDS: Game cards will not be kept in 8U this season. Coaches will be asked by Eric to monitor goals scored and keep watchful eye on amount of time each player is in the game. Keeping good records will help with rating players in the spring. Game cards will be counted out and given to coaches at equipment distribution. Chris will send cards to UPS Store and Arianne will pick them up.

REFUND POLICY: Issuing refunds when credit cards are used to pay is presenting issues. If a player requests a refund in the Core program, they will get back $60 if they paid with credit card and $61.50 if they paid by cash or check. All scholarship refunds will be $15. Luke will finalize the language and post that. The deadline for a refund will be until the first game in September.

PARTNERS AND SPONSORS: It was moved by Eric and seconded by Danny that the following will be considered "partners" with Region 149: AYSO Region 870, Knights of Columbus, UK International and NW Sports Photography. Any other outside organization seeking to advertise on the fields will have to seek Board approval and discussed with the Regional Commissioner. The motion carried unanimously.

TRAINING DATES: All dates are posted on the Website.

TEAM PICTURES: The tentative date is set for the second week of the season which is September 23, with September 30 being the backup date. Luke will finalize those dates.

GAME DAY VOLUNTEERS: Toby will create the online sign up for the game day volunteers for concessions, safety, special event (shoe/equipment sale). Elaine will send the time slots to him for posting. A new concept for lining the field was presented by Luke. He is suggestion teams are assigned to line the fields during the week and will be notified when they are chosen to do that.

TRACTOR: The tractor is still in discussion. National suggests the school district presents Region 149 with a bill for the fields which would be the amount of the tractor. The district would use the money for field use to purchase the tractor. Not all Board members were convinced this is the way to go. Luke will continue discussion with the district.

EXTRA UNIFORMS IN TEAM SETS: It was suggested that coaches turn in any extra uniforms they received on the first game day and we will store them until the spring. If they have a new player added to their team, we have the uniform stored and will not waste money buying another one. It was suggested that the Team Manger be the one to return the uniforms. This will be discussed at the Team Manager training so they know to do that.

INSURANCE FORMS: Mary will create a report with the insurance/emergency forms and take to UPS Store to have printed. She will sort them by team and will bring them to the equipment distribution event to give to the coach/team manager. Thanks Mary!

VOLUNTEER WORKSHEET: It was suggested the Team Manager either take a picture of the completed volunteer worksheet or have someone the team do so before turning it into the equipment distribution station. We are keeping the originals! We don't have enough electrical outlets to have a copy machine at the field those evenings.

TEAM FORMATION: Luke praised both Andy and Juan for the work they have done in forming teams with the new software program. When teams are completed they are posted and families get notification. 15U ratings were not turned in so it was hard to balance that division. There is a shortage of coaches/referees in Philomath in relationship to the number of players from that area. The boys teams are all formed except in 8U. There are enough coaches and team managers for one per team but they are still working out the final balancing. Andy requests Laura be on the email list for the Board so she is in the loop. There has been a good reaction from families with the Blue Sombrero notices when they have been placed. The program is quick to send out a lot of information.

REFEREE REPORT: Chris reported they are still working out the training schedule. Watch the website for the final training sessions. Mary will work with Chris on the "gray areas" of the program and communication with referees. Youth referees must have their own unique account. This is a roadblock for getting them registered right now.

COACH REPORT: We are looking for one 5U coach since there are enough players for 2 teams. Dan will coach 2 teams each week. If you know of anyone who would be a good fit, let Eric or Luke know.

TREASURER REPORT: All is well with the money at this time. The Score uniform order may need to be adjusted so either a refund will be needed or pay additional cost for the extra uniforms.

COMPREHENSIVE MEMORANDUM: Luke is working on preparing a comprehensive memorandum with the Corvallis School District in terms of buildings on the property, field use, longevity of use, etc. Chris will ask the advice of a volunteer who has a law background in the best wording for these documents. A memorandum per issue was discussed as a better way to break up the discussion rather than one long document. This will be discussed next month.

ANNUAL PARENT MEETING: Tuesday, August 29 and Wednesday, August 30 will be the dates for the annual parent meeting held at the Adams fields. The first division will begin at 6:00pm and the second one at 7:00pm. A portable PA system will be used. Luke's dad has lights that can be used after dark and there are LED lights in each of the concession and safety buildings. Equipment will be distributed to coaches along with game cards and emergency insurance forms. If all the volunteer worksheet blanks are filled in, a team could receive their uniform that evening. Elaine will help with girls teams, Arianne with the boys teams. All Board members need to come help out in some way both nights if possible.

NEXT MEETING: Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, September 21 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

July 2017


PRESENT: Luke Cotton, Humberto Nation, Elaine Markley, Chris Jordan, Bob Vingelin, Andy Ungerer, Eric Gleske, Laura Schell, Vince Waterhouse, Danny Aynes, Doug Conrad, Anton Grube, John Williams, Joan Ruekauf

MINUTES: Humberto moved and Anton seconded the motion that the minutes from the May 18, 2017 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously. There was no formal Board meeting in the month of June, as subcommittees met and worked on specific tasks.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Catalina Segura applied for the position of Team Manager Coordinator. Her application was discussed (she was unable to attend the meeting) and favorable comments had been given by Juan. She is bi-lingual so that is a plus in bridging the gap with the Spanish speaking families and helping team managers communicate with those families. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Chris that we accept Catalina as the Team Manager Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. Laura Schell applied for the position of Assistant Registrar. Laura gave the Board a brief background of her interests and how she can help the region. It was moved by Eric and seconded by Andy we accept Laura as the Assistant Registrar. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome Catalina and Laura.

CORVALLIS SOCCER CLUB: Luke has been working with Rube on how each organization can benefit from the other. It appears the values and missions are more in line with AYSO than they have been in the past. It is possible that Corvallis Soccer Club can assist with the coaching of the 5U and/or 6U teams, but as John pointed out, they would have to go through the AYSO training in order to do that. Good two way communication is needed as we move forward. We will proceed with caution on how much field use they are asking for and what they are doing to enhance the field conditions. Concern was expressed as the weather gets wet later in the fall.

FIELDS REPORT: The water cannons are operating with some tired moments. It is important that proper maintenance takes place for the longevity of the cannons. Focus has been on the EXTRA fields that are being used, but water will be used on other fields prior to the start of the season. Fields 81 and 82 will be labeled as such, not using the numbers 83 and 84 since the teams will split and use the area for games. The U8 teams just go the assigned field and then move accordingly similar to 6U. Luke is trying to work out a memorandum with Kim Patton from the school district for field usage. That is still in the works. The purchase of the tractor for the school district was discussed. Chad Smithson from the Corvallis School District submitted a bid for the tractor that they would prefer. We have a limit of $26,000 to spend. Anton was concerned about additional cost of the cab and other features that made the total above our budget. Laura will check with her husband for other bids from local dealerships such as Linn Benton Tractor. The $2,000 cost for shipping was also a concern for the total price. The total amount of fertilizer donated to the Philomath School District was reduced from $5,000 to $2,000 this year.

EXTRA REPORT: John reported that the girls are practicing 4 times per week: 2 days with size 4 balls and the other 2 days with size 5 balls. The girls will play in the fall league through Kid Sports. The boys have three teams and are looking for about 5-6 more players for the 12U group. Player cards are no longer being issued by OYSA so Corvallis Soccer Club will take care of the player cards for us for the boys program which needs to be done by August 18. The girls pay $14 each through Kids Sports.

BLUE SOMBRERO: There are still a lot of bugs to be worked out with the new system. The fee for credit card use was discussed. At this time no teams have been formed and will not be formed prior to August 1. The goal is to have teams in place by August 14. Blue Sombrero can produce reports of number of key volunteers and emails can be customized to match our needs. Mary and Luke can access reports for those who may want one. Board members are reminded to register for the MY2017 through Blue Sombrero. Time will tell how this will work for every region!

TRAINING SESSIONS: A variety of training sessions will start taking place from August 19 through September 9. A complete schedule will follow. Currently there are many missing volunteers and we need to send out an email blast recruiting key volunteers. Locations will vary as will times and dates. Saturday, September 9 will be used for adult/volunteer training day. The first game of the fall season will be September 16.

PICTURE DAY: Luke needs to follow up with Leanne to see if the contract with NW Sports was signed and we sealed the date of September 23 for pictures. There isn't an OSU football game that day so that is hopefully when we can have the pictures taken.

TEAM MEETINGS: This year the team meetings will be held at the Adams soccer fields on August 29 and August 30. 8U and 15U will be on the first night and 10U and 12U will be on the second night. Luke will have a short presentation and then teams will discuss who is filling each volunteer spot. All Board members are encouraged to be at both evening meetings if possible to help with various stations. Contact Luke if you are able to attend one or both evenings. All teams will receive equipment those days. If they have their volunteer sheet completed, they could select their uniforms. If not, an alternate date will be set up to turn in volunteer form and get uniforms.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting would be August 17. Luke did not mention this date, so perhaps Board business will be done after the parent meetings. Information and the specific date of the meeting will be send out by Luke.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149