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November 2017


Attendees: Luke, Matthias Mueller CSC, Juan, Eric, Jason, Rube Peterson CSC, Toby, Catalina, Dan Stevens, Gibby Reynolds Area 2S, Bob, Chris, Dan H, Mary C, Andy, Vince Waterhouse, Steve Simmons CSC, Doug

December board meeting is canceled.

Prior Meeting Minutes Approved.

  • Eric moved, Chris seconded, approved

Welcome & Introductions

  • Round Table Introductions
  • Corvallis Soccer Club – Rube, Matthias (President) and Steve
  • AYSO Area 2S – Gibby Reynolds

Conversation about Soccer/sports in Corvallis with CSC.

  • Presented by Matthias Mueller - See Presentation Materials.
  • Where we were. Where we are. Where we want to be.
  • Wants to address history, preconceived notions
  • He wants the whole soccer community together and working together as one.
  • Reviewed Mission and Visions comparing CSC and AYSO
    • CSC community, Culture, Passion, Inspiration
    • Major differences is cost, coaching staff and league.
    • All the kids get to play in CSC. Might depend on how many kids there are, but 50% is normal or more except when doing Presidents and Founders Cup,
    • Paid Trainers, prof. staff and some part-time admin
    • Cost = staff, fields, equipment, corporate fees, trainers
  • Start with Basic Dev. U06-U10, recreational U11-HS, Competitive U11-HS
    • Beyond that development academies (Timbers & Thorns), College & Pro
  • Questions Comments, concerns - requested authentic, open and honest conversations regarding what has held us back from working together more effectively. Major concerns? Issues with the club/ayso relationship
    • Kid Management of the CSC program - unresolved - not as fully developed as the soccer parts
    • Favors were supposed to be traded. There was concern that CSC didn't contribute as promised.
    • Best scenario is kids using the orgs in complementary ways - can be a good thing
    • Strong negative history is prior to club being re-launched recently as CSC
    • Concern that CSC is profit based. Matthias shared the budget.
    • Transparency was discussed as an issue in the past. Coaches coming out to AYSO field on the sidelines to recruit. Wanted to set up a booth at least to make it clear what is happening instead.
    • Concern that CSC can't coach in AYSO without AYSO certification. Some came to get certified and there were some problems getting it together to share some coaches. CSC was supposed to and wanted to help, but AYSO insurance and certification (training on the AYSO way) was a barrier. Gibby gave some explanation on the reason for AYSO certification and volunteer registration is necessary.
    • Couldn't get player cards from OYSA this year for the first time, for our EXTRA program. CSC managed to get them for our boys, but girls EXTRA had some issues. Issues with confusion on the old Eugene AYSO program (Gibby gave some history on the issues this year). Should not be repeated.
    • AYSO doesn't have competitive travel to faraway places. AYSO United rolled out last year as "AYSO club soccer". We can have a plan to get competitive soccer. It is currently being put together for the AREA.
    • Perception that “club groups” are strict in the way they want to do things. AYSO Lost 2 regions to club teams because they undercut the member prices in a very deliberate, intentional way. Many parents are complaining (to AYSO) about kids not getting to play enough and wanting to go back to AYSO.
    • AYSO programs exists because there are people who want to run the program within AYSO guidelines. If they don't want to do it, we don't have that program. This program flexes with what parents/volunteers want to do. Huge portion of it is the enrichment of the parents and other volunteers. Not true of CSC.
    • AYSO $17.50 membership fee is for mostly insurance and making sure volunteers have a clean background.
    • AYSO spends a huge amount of time training parents and volunteers to be coaches and referees and to do other things.
    • Perception is that CSC is all about competition, but that is not true. They do compete, but the mission is to develop the player. Their technique of executing is different with prof. coaching, etc. They also have recreational programs.
    • AYSO is about mentoring to children. Help them see their improvement and not care about level of play.
    • CSC is wanting to provide pathways.
  • Ideas for going forward:
    • Pick a few people from each side and work together to find the synergy and using the organization strengths in a complimentary way.
    • Fields - new - can't share the equipment/fields with non-AYSO teams because of insurance
    • Create a sub-committee
      • Each org. has a member on that sub-committee
      • Luke and Matthias will be the co-sponsors and create the sub-committee without needing to attend meetings of the sub-committee
      • No decisions would be made without bringing it back to Luke and Matthias and then to respective boards.
  • If interested, contact Luke.

Season Recap & Thank You

  • Season Successes
    • Roster Emails.
    • Parent/Team Meetings.
    • PDI Adoption.
    • 2 Teams in One Bundling.
    • In Person Trainings (over 50 coach/refs 6U & 8U)(over 70 Team Managers)
    • Youth Volunteer Numbers.
    • Refund Request Details.
  • Volunteer Thank You
    • Arianne - Work pertaining to uniform requests & late team changes.
    • Chris - Quickly picking up complex referee scheduling demands.
    • Joe - Work handling the 41 Youth Referees.
    • Doug - Getting field safety issues resolved.
    • Juan - Handling a tough 12U division situation.
    • Andy - Handling a tough 12U division situation and registrar duties.
    • John W. - new game scheduling system and late team changes.
    • Board thanked LUKE for doing so much for the program. It comes up in groups and from parents all the time. Luke thanked us all for being supportive and helping him.

Goals for Winter (See Below List Previously Distributed)

  • Each Board Member’s Goal for Winter is listed below and was sent out to the board as a group and to each individual.
  • Anton - has a goal as well, Adult indoor soccer and Futsal
    • Bob suggested we might include older U19
  • Chris - Surveys - will be compiling some of the information
  • John - will have all the team cards and build brackets for 10U & 12U.

Spring planning meeting January 6th 8am-12pm.

  • January retreat and board meeting in January
  • Need for an additional board meeting in January will be determined by the amount of work that still needs to be done after the Jan. 6th

MY18 planning meeting March 10th 8am-12pm.

  • March Retreat and board meeting in March.
  • See number 29 below.
  • Luke wants to have a 5-a-side in the spring. Used to be on a Sunday. One day tournament
  • EXPO - 1st weekend in March. This 2nd Board retreat will allow us to deal with changes and updates from the EXPOs.
  • New Board members or people with a new role, may want to go. We have a few options to support some people. Wait until you see the class list before deciding. Can be a very encouraging and educational opportunity.
  • People who attend an EXPO expect to provide a review for the board at the March retreat.

Regional Commissioner Training Attended by Luke last week

  • Saw many improvements that are in the works for Blue Sombrero.
  • Volunteer registration will be much more the way we think it should work. They are changing it for all their customers. We have a lot of volunteers and this helped them to make it better. Other customers were asking for similar features.
  • Blue S. is adding a survey feature

Reflections on Fall MY2017:

  • Required Team Manager Training worked well. Live training very effective.
  • Want to try and pay special attention to people who have done a really good job in our volunteers - TMs, Refs, etc. Send emails perhaps.
  • Could look at who was active with the systems, using emails and thanking them especially.
  • Could use some of the really good TM emails as examples in the training.
  • Indoor Soccer Registration - completely online and went very, very well with Blue S. Much better than with the past methods. Last year was a TON of hours. This year data was already in there. Asked parents to rate players. Asked Blue S. to average and got only one team not balanced that well.

Goals for Winter as Previously Distributed

  1. Andy - Part 1: Create the Winter 2 season, duplicate of W1, and document how that process could be done for MY18, have the Winter 2 season ready before mid-December. Part 2: Take lessons learned and develop an action plan for registration in MY18, have an action plan ready for the March retreat.
  2. Arianne - Assemble a spreadsheet with full inventory, inventory details, and put together the order that would be needed to right size existing uniform sets before the March retreat. (We would place the order in mid-May after confirming MY18 numbers.)
  3. Bob - Identify ways to improve the tryout process, keep in mind Blue Sombrero’s ability for pre-signups, and have a plan ready for the January retreat.
  4. Catalina - Create a comprehensive plan for team volunteer recognition driven by the team managers, have the plan ready for the January retreat.
  5. Chris - Review all region surveys concluding in November, fall season referee engagement, and develop actionable items to improve on the desired outcomes before the January retreat.
  6. Dan - Identify and document qualities needed to be a master/lead coach for 5U before the January retreat. (In other words, what things should we look for in a person that would indicate a good master coach?)
  7. Daniel - Pick Juan’s brain about the formation process; learn Blue Sombrero for team formation before the January retreat.
  8. Danny - Provide an analysis of the two teams bundling approach for 6U, how is that approach working, what are ways to improve the 6U program, and have your review/action items ready for the March retreat.
  9. Doug - Develop a pickup group program, where parents can sign up players and be given the opportunity to participate in pickup games, create the proposal to be presented at the March retreat. (How could we make that program work?)
  10. Elaine - Put together a simplified guide/package to running the shoe swap in the same manner it was run in fall, and have the materials ready before the January retreat.
  11. Eric - Work on creating coach-training opportunities before spring and identify volunteers to be targeted for advancement and/or training to be coach instructors before the January retreat.
  12. Humberto - Gather ideas for program growth, and how to market to High Schoolers. Put together some ideas for the January retreat.
  13. Jason - Facilitate conversations to develop a partnership/agreement with the Corvallis Sports Park prior to the start of the Winter 2 season. (Set the groundwork for future agreements with CSP by including conversations about approaches for winter 2018.)
  14. Jeff - Familiarize yourself with the AYSO CVPA job and be prepared for the CVPA work expected before March.
  15. Joan - Have Area complete an audit before the end of January.
  16. Joe - Build a marketing flier for all youth volunteer opportunities (referee, coach asst, others?), include key points that address concerns that are common and prepare the flier for review before the January retreat.
  17. John - Identify a method to offer coaches field continuing education opportunities and outline ways to entice/encourage coaches to show for the continuing education / technical clinics. Package the proposal to be distributed before the January retreat.
  18. Juan - Take lessons learned from fall and develop an action plan for formation in June, and dealing with late additions in September, prepare your plan for the March retreat.
  19. Kelsey - Ideas?
  20. Laura - Identify ways to help improve early registration numbers for MY18 in May, and have your plan complete by the January retreat. (Getting returning players to sign up early, encouraging returning families to tell others... ideas/how?)
  21. Luke - Finalize a field use agreement with the School District before the end of January.
  22. Marty - Ideas?
  23. Mary - Identify areas for marketing and develop a marketing plan, specifically targeting the younger ages, and present your plan at the March MY18 meeting.
  24. Steve - Pick Andy's brain about formation processes and learn Blue Sombrero for team formation before the March retreat.
  25. Toby - 1: Evaluate risk of having volunteers operate 509J field equipment; provide report with your findings as soon as possible. 2: Look into ways to help remove the vermin on the fields, create your proposal before January.
  26. Vince - Organize a well-attended intermediate training before the start of the spring season.
  27. Walt - Develop a zero tolerance policy for spectators “yelling” at region volunteers on game day and the form that must be signed for them to return to spectate again. Package a comprehensive proposal before the January retreat.
  28. January Retreat Additional Items - Spring Season Calendar, Final Policies & Protocols Addendums, Final Field Agreement, Draft Region Assessment Complete, Digital Player Evaluation Form, Board Equipment Proposal, 5-A-Side Proposal, Partnership Approach, March Retreat Additional Items - New Programs Proposal, EXPO Updates Review, Blue Sombrero New Features Demo, New AYSO U Classes Review, Region Document Share,
  29. March Retreat Additional Items - New Programs Proposal, EXPO Updates Review, Blue Sombrero New Features Demo, New AYSO U Classes Review, Region Document Share,

Respectfully submitted:
Mary Cotton, Schoolyard Coordinator
AYSO Region 149

October 2017


PRESENT: Chris Jordan, Andy Ungerer, Luke Cotton, Juan Fernandez, Eric Gleske, Dan Herford, Elaine Markley, Mary Cotton, Doug Conrad

MINUTES FROM SEPTEMBER: It was moved by Mary and seconded by Chris the minutes be approved as edited in email stating that training will resume in the spring, rather than try to complete in the fall. The motion carried unanimously.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Applications for CVPA and Girls Team Formation were discussed.*Stephen Crandall applied for the Girls Team Formation. Andy has not had conversations with Stephen. Jeffrey Goodwin applied for CVPA and has had conversations with various Board members at the field about his interest in helping Region 149, having been in Region 870. It was moved by Mary and seconded by Andy that both Stephen and Jeffrey be appointed to these Board positions. The motion carried unanimously. Dan Herford was present at the meeting and has applied for Assistant Boys Team Formation. Dan has coached a variety of divisions and brings knowledge from younger to older divisions. He felt he could start with the 8U and 10U this spring and move up in the next membership year. It was moved by Juan and seconded by Elaine that Dan be approved as the Assistant Boys Team Formation Coordinator. The motion was unanimously approved. Welcome to the Board, Jeffrey, Stephen and Dan.

PICTURE RETURN: There has been no follow up with requests for information about pictures at this date. It is the hope that NW Sports Photography will have the team and individual pictures to us by October 28 in time to distribute at the last game. Communication is the biggest problem with this company.

LAST GAME OF SEASON: Luke will send out a reminder to all teams about how to prepare the field if they are the last game scheduled on October 28. Goals need to be rolled off to the side of the field and all nets returned to the brown equipment shed being placed in the trashcan that matches the field number. This way we can fit the correct nets on the goals in the spring.

INDOOR SOCCER: An email will be sent out October 20 reminding everyone that the registration for the indoor program closes that weekend. Luke will teach Jason how to form teams using the online program. For the first time, parents rated their child for skill level to help with team formation. We will see how that goes! Jason will have a quick referee session to train volunteers on rules of indoor when they arrive at the sports park. All soccer balls and pinnies will stay at the indoor sports park until the season is over. Luke reported that he has not seen a contract with the sports park. The Indoor Soccer banners and flyers will be up at the field on Oct. 21 reminding everyone to sign up.

SEASON REVIEW SESSIONS: Luke would like different Board members to combine knowledge of the past season and have a sub-committee meeting in the next few weeks. Groups identified were:
Team Formation/Registration/Blue Sombrero: Juan, Andy, Dan, Danny, Mary
Referee/Referee Support group: Chris and staff
Coach: Eric, John W. and any other Board members
Fields/Catch All: Doug, Luke
The Board member in charge of each subject will facilitate and call the meeting with their group. Summaries will go to Luke.
Chris mentioned that the dates for the next referee training session have not been set.

RC TRAINING: Luke will attend the Regional Commissioner training November 10-12. He will focus on getting answers to issues with Blue Sombrero!

SPRING PLANNING SESSION: Mark your calendars for January 6, 2018 for a half day planning session. This will replace a full day Board retreat and after EXPO and membership year 2018 has been discussed, another "retreat" day will be planned.  The location will be announced at a later date. Luke felt is is better to work with what we know and not second guess what will come from National for the next membership year.

FIELDS REPORT: Luke sent the following report of fields to Board members prior to the meeting. Mary volunteered to ask a contact she has about donation of grass seed.

In Progress:
-1- I am working with 509J on the tractor item, and what agreement would work to get that progressing.
-2- The plan is to have the last teams help with takedown, removing nets, and moving goals for 10/28.
-3- I am working with 509J on getting the fields aeriated, and to look into issues with trees, fences, and water cannons.
-4- I am working with 509J to get field closed signs up for work on specific areas and to work on a plan for improvements at Garfield.
-5- I am drafting letters to grass seed companies to get donations/discounts (could use help with this).
-6- I ordered new Team & Spectator signs, they will show after the season.
-7- I ordered new trashcans for all fields, they will show after the season, I am still working on the signage for the cans.
-8- I am drafting a letter to a few roofing companies to get help with the blue shed (could use help with this).
-9- I plan to have a meeting with facilities staff regarding a timeline for spring.

Season Changes Report:
This season we have been trying a few new strategies:
-A- Each team needs to supply a field volunteer for lining a field for a designated game day (see attached). An email is sent each week with directions and a reminder (see below).
-B- First teams and last teams are sent a take down or setup notice by email (see below).
-C- Board volunteers are asked to not do the job of assigned teams or volunteers, creating greater visibility of areas needing help.

I have to admit the communications/coordination/training work is time consuming, but has ultimately left us with more volunteer engagement. Getting re-liners trained and forcing teams to feel responsible for the fields will ultimately help us in Spring.

Season Difficulties:
Initial Setup: Getting help with initial setup was tough. The number of trained markers and measurers makes initial setup tough. I will be trying an assigned approach for teams that did not need to reline, they will be charged with helping with spring season setup.
Signage: some of the signage is not setup yet (on goals), but the idea is to add more to everything. Stronger zip ties and a few goal improvements will hopefully reduce issues.
Adams Practices: better communication is needed with teams that practice at Adams. A set of directions regarding goals and field use is needed (no more Saturdays of goals needing to be fixed)
Field Damage: Issues w/ voles, moles, squirrel things, and elementary school students digging holes. Multiple practicing teams are doing heavy use, this will be bigger a problem in spring.
Practice Locations: Some key locations could benefit from greater attention, Garfield is the most used location according to the school scheduling tool.

Field Relining Assignments - sent Thursday to team volunteers signed up online (if no volunteer, Team Manager is sent the email):
Hello Field Volunteers & Team Managers,

Please complete the field relining before game time Saturday 10/21. Training is available Friday 10/20 5pm-5:30pm at the AYSO sheds. In some cases, you might find that the lines are easily visible and in good shape, please review lines for that field and consider relining a field that has not been done.

If you have lined the fields before, please feel free to use the code "JADE" to get the needed equipment, everyone else email me or come to the training Thursday. Do not rush and do not let kids do the job; we are looking for visible and continuing straight lines. This can be straightforward once you see how the inverted spray cans are set in the device and how you need to walk behind the device to get a straight line (and not paint your shoes).

NOTE: You can paint lines rain or shine, ideally it is shine.

Field Marking: https://www.corvallisayso.org/about/fields.html#marking

Marking Assignments This Week:
Item    First Name    Last Name    Notes


There is string in the brown shed and screw drivers to keep the string in place if you feel like this would help keep them straight. If the line is too narrow that you are painting simply twist the can a quarter turn and it will come out wider. If you have not lined before its very simple, pull the liner out of the brown shed "JADE", and start to look at the setup and test the sprayer. Remember to shake the can, and ensure it is centered on the prior line to get the few inch wide line matched up. The lines should still be slightly visible, so you should have something to follow and reline.

Team Setup Notifications - sent Thursday to all team volunteers for each team that is first on a field:
6U Coaching Gear: Please pick up your field bag with 12 size 3 soccer balls, & 20 disc cones from the area outside the AYSO Brown Shed. Missing or damaged equipment? Talk to the volunteer at the information shed.
6U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 4 goals, 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 1 team field sign, 8 corner flags, and 2 spectator team signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, to field 61.
8U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 4 goals, 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, field signs, and the 8 corner flags, found at the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 82.
10U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 101.
10U Field Goals: Please double check the goal for safety and patch any open holes. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
12U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 122.
12U Field Goals: Please double check the goal for safety and patch any open holes. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
12U Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 2 red goal nets, 1 trashcan, 1recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 123.
12U Field Goals: Please setup the red nets and double check the goal for safety. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
14U+ Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 half line flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 141.
14U+ Field Goals: Please double check the goal for safety and patch any open holes. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
14U+ Field Equipment: Please setup/take the 2 orange goal nets, 1 trashcan, 1 recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 half line flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 142.
14U+ Field Goals: Please setup the orange nets and double check the goal for safety. Please be sure a sandbag is on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.

Team Takedown Notifications - sent Thursday to all team volunteers for each team that is last on a field:
6U Coaching Gear: Please pick up your field bag with 12 size 3 soccer balls, & 20 disc cones, and take it to the AYSO Brown Shed.
6U Field Equipment: Please return the field 61 pop up goals, trashcan, recycle bin, team field sign, corner flags, and spectator signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
8U Field Equipment: Please return the field 81 small goals, trashcan, recycle bin, field signs, and the corner flags to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
10U Field Equipment: Please return the field 103 trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
10U Field Goals: Please leave the goal nets and anchor sandbags on the field 103 goals.
12U Field Equipment: Please return the field 121 trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
12U Field Goals: Please leave the goal nets and anchor sandbags on the 121 goals.
12U Field Equipment: Please return the field 123 red nets, trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
12U Field Goals: Please take the red nets down and be sure you leave the sandbag on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.
14U+ Field Equipment: Please return the field 141 trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 half line flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs, found around the AYSO Brown Shed, out to field 141. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
14U+ Field Goals: Please leave the goal nets and anchor bags on the 141 goals.
14U+ Field Equipment: Please return the field 142 orange nets, trashcan, recycle bin, 4 corner flags, 2 half line flags, 2 referee flags, and field signs to the AYSO Brown Shed. [Remember to pick up trash around the field.]
14U+ Field Goals: Please take the orange nets down, be sure you leave the sandbag on the back bar of the goal for anchoring.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, November 16 at the OSU Oceanography Administrative Building. Rube from Corvallis Soccer Club has requested to be on the agenda to discuss soccer in our community. Elaine will be out of town so Mary has volunteered to take minutes for that meeting. Thanks Mary.

Respectfully submitted:
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

September 2017


PRESENT: Juan Fernandez, Eric Gleske, Elaine Markley, Catalina Segura, Chris Jordan, Mary Cotton, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Danny Aynes

BLUE SOMBRERO: Mary will take the Team Worksheets that were sent out by Luke to the Team Formation folks. She will divvy them out between Andy and Juan. All three volunteers will start forcing Blue Sombrero volunteers to have the role the have on the team worksheet. From that point they will start getting emails they need from the Coach and Referee Administrators and Team Managers. Any training missed in the fall can be picked up in the fall.

CALENDAR: Picture Day will be October 7 with October 14 as the make-up date. The Knights of Columbus Shoot Out will be held the same day. Goals will be set up on an open field for the competition.  Pictures proofs should be back to the team managers by October 21. Indoor Soccer registration will be October 14, 21, and 28. Indoor games begin November 4 and run until December 16.

BOARD RECRUITMENT: Dan Herford will be applying as an assistant for Boys Team Formation. He also offered to help with the scheduling of fields at Garfield since SchoolDude does not have the correct options for the space available. If we can get enough assistants, it is possible to go back to the old model of having one person own a division for team formation. Mary also talked to the 05U parents about getting involved and might have someone form another AYSO region interested in helping Region 149. Stay tuned for applications being submitted.

SCHOLARSHIP FUND RAISERS: Elaine reported that we made almost $500 at the shoe/equipment sale. The location was perfect to get a lot of traffic. Even if it rains in the spring, we will keep the sale across from the concession and safety buildings and be under tents. Only about 3 families used the sale for consignment. There was discussion that we should charge a percentage fee for sales made. Nothing was decided on that. The concession sales was down from previous years but we still took in approximately $800 that day for the scholarship fund. The volunteers for the shoe/equipment sale were all extremely enthusiastic and committed to the concept of the sale.

INDOOR SOCCER: Jason has made contact with Corvallis Indoor Sports Park and there is space for 26 teams for indoor this winter. The cost to each player will be $47. $42 will go directly to the Sports Park and the remaining will offset the cost of the credit card cost. All registration will be done on-line. No scholarships are available for this program. Jason will be sure to distribute the necessary information about the program.

COACH REPORT: Eric reported that we have 16 coaches that need to complete the 12U training before the end of the fall season. Luke would like to see that the 06U-08U coaches get trained earlier in the fall. If we have more early volunteers step up, this can be accomplished. Eric will remind coaches of October 7 picture day in advance so they can be on time for their games.

REFEREE REPORT: Chris reported the number of referees who have fulfilled their game obligations thus far (104) but there are 23 who have not scheduled themselves for any games. It appears approximately 1/3 of the referees do not have children in the program and 1/3 are youth referees. Joe’s mentoring program was praised for all the positive results with the youth referees. T-shirts are going to be designed for the youth referees as a “thank you” for their contribution. Intermediate and Advanced training sessions will be held in December.

TREASURER REPORT: Luke reported that the uniform/equipment is over budget. We can save the uniforms for next year. There is an overabundance of uniforms in 06U and 08U divisions. It was discussed that it might be money well spent to buy the additional uniforms needed to match the team size now, while the uniform is in stock, and not end up wasting an entire set if we can not get additional uniforms of that style next season. Blue Sombrero costs are still an issue.

CVPA REPORT: Luke reported there are still some bugs that need to be worked out. Most ID's were checked at the training sessions. There were a few with red marks that needed to be dealt with.

TEAM MANAGER REPORT: Catalina reported that the biggest issue right now is the frustration some managers have with Blue Sombrero. There hasn’t been much to put in the folders until the week before picture day (September 30).

FIELD REPORT: Luke praised the work of Doug, Walt, Joe, Chris and Brian for the work they did pre-season to get the fields ready. Chris and Joe will spike the corners and center lines now so they are ready for the spring. All goals will have sand bags left on top of the back of the goals. Luke will move the sawhorses and rope to block off the grass area near the highway to keep people from parking on the grass.

EXTRA TEAMS: Thanks to Bob and John for the work they have done to keep the EXTRA teams involved in our program. It appears games have been scheduled and payers are enjoying their experience.

MINUTES FROM AUGUST MEETING: It was moved by Danny and seconded by Eric that the minutes from the August 17, 2017 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD MEMBERS HELP NEEDED: Board members are reminded to sign up to help open or close the fields. The sign up in on the website.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, October 17 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building

Respectfully Submitted
Elaine Markley, Secretary…with the help of Mary Cotton for the first 20 minutes of meeting
AYSO Region 149

August 2017


 PRESENT: Juan Fernandez, Luke Cotton, Eric Gleske, Danny Aynes, Andy Ungerer, Arianne Custer, Mary Cotton, Chris Jordan, Catalina Segura, Elaine Markley, Joan Ruekauf

MINUTES: It was moved by Eric and seconded by Chris that the minutes from the July 26, 2017 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE: Chris reviewed the draft of the PDI rules that he developed. There were a few suggestions and changes that will be edited and he will send out the final draft this week. Any new rules will be indicated in the document to catch reader’s attention. It was suggested that in 6U and 8U reference be made to volunteer Coach/Referee throughout the document. It was moved by Eric and seconded by Juan that the document be approved as changed. The motion carried unanimously.

GAME CARDS: Game cards will not be kept in 8U this season. Coaches will be asked by Eric to monitor goals scored and keep watchful eye on amount of time each player is in the game. Keeping good records will help with rating players in the spring. Game cards will be counted out and given to coaches at equipment distribution. Chris will send cards to UPS Store and Arianne will pick them up.

REFUND POLICY: Issuing refunds when credit cards are used to pay is presenting issues. If a player requests a refund in the Core program, they will get back $60 if they paid with credit card and $61.50 if they paid by cash or check. All scholarship refunds will be $15. Luke will finalize the language and post that. The deadline for a refund will be until the first game in September.

PARTNERS AND SPONSORS: It was moved by Eric and seconded by Danny that the following will be considered "partners" with Region 149: AYSO Region 870, Knights of Columbus, UK International and NW Sports Photography. Any other outside organization seeking to advertise on the fields will have to seek Board approval and discussed with the Regional Commissioner. The motion carried unanimously.

TRAINING DATES: All dates are posted on the Website.

TEAM PICTURES: The tentative date is set for the second week of the season which is September 23, with September 30 being the backup date. Luke will finalize those dates.

GAME DAY VOLUNTEERS: Toby will create the online sign up for the game day volunteers for concessions, safety, special event (shoe/equipment sale). Elaine will send the time slots to him for posting. A new concept for lining the field was presented by Luke. He is suggestion teams are assigned to line the fields during the week and will be notified when they are chosen to do that.

TRACTOR: The tractor is still in discussion. National suggests the school district presents Region 149 with a bill for the fields which would be the amount of the tractor. The district would use the money for field use to purchase the tractor. Not all Board members were convinced this is the way to go. Luke will continue discussion with the district.

EXTRA UNIFORMS IN TEAM SETS: It was suggested that coaches turn in any extra uniforms they received on the first game day and we will store them until the spring. If they have a new player added to their team, we have the uniform stored and will not waste money buying another one. It was suggested that the Team Manger be the one to return the uniforms. This will be discussed at the Team Manager training so they know to do that.

INSURANCE FORMS:  Mary will create a report with the insurance/emergency forms and take to UPS Store to have printed. She will sort them by team and will bring them to the equipment distribution event to give to the coach/team manager. Thanks Mary!

VOLUNTEER WORKSHEET: It was suggested the Team Manager either take a picture of the completed volunteer worksheet or have someone the team do so before turning it into the equipment distribution station. We are keeping the originals! We don’t have enough electrical outlets to have a copy machine at the field those evenings.

TEAM FORMATION: Luke praised both Andy and Juan for the work they have done in forming teams with the new software program. When teams are completed they are posted and families get notification. 15U ratings were not turned in so it was hard to balance that division. There is a shortage of coaches/referees in Philomath in relationship to the number of players from that area.  The boys teams are all formed except in 8U. There are enough coaches and team managers for one per team but they are still working out the final balancing. Andy requests Laura be on the email list for the Board so she is in the loop. There has been a good reaction from families with the Blue Sombrero notices when they have been placed. The program is quick to send out a lot of information.

REFEREE REPORT: Chris reported they are still working out the training schedule. Watch the website for the final training sessions. Mary will work with Chris on the "gray areas" of the program and communication with referees. Youth referees must have their own unique account. This is a roadblock for getting them registered right now.

COACH REPORT: We are looking for one 5U coach since there are enough players for 2 teams. Dan will coach 2 teams each week.  If you know of anyone who would be a good fit, let  Eric or Luke know.

TREASURER REPORT: All is well with the money at this time. The Score uniform order may need to be adjusted so either a refund will be needed or pay additional cost for the extra uniforms.

COMPREHENSIVE MEMORANDUM: Luke is working on preparing a comprehensive memorandum with the Corvallis School District in terms of buildings on the property, field use, longevity of use, etc. Chris will ask the advice of a volunteer who has a law background in the best wording for these documents. A memorandum per issue was discussed as a better way to break up the discussion rather than one long document. This will be discussed next month.

ANNUAL PARENT MEETING: Tuesday, August 29 and Wednesday, August 30 will be the dates for the annual parent meeting held at the Adams fields.  The first division will begin at 6:00pm and the second one at 7:00pm. A portable PA system will be used. Luke’s dad has lights that can be used after dark and there are LED lights in each of the concession and safety buildings. Equipment will be distributed to coaches along with game cards and emergency insurance forms. If all the volunteer worksheet blanks are filled in, a team could receive their uniform that evening. Elaine will help with girls teams, Arianne with the boys teams. All Board members need to come help out in some way both nights if possible.

NEXT MEETING: Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, September 21 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

July 2017


PRESENT: Luke Cotton, Humberto Nation, Elaine Markley, Chris Jordan, Bob Vingelin, Andy Ungerer, Eric Gleske, Laura Schell, Vince Waterhouse, Danny Aynes, Doug Conrad, Anton Grube, John Williams, Joan Ruekauf

MINUTES: Humberto moved and Anton seconded the motion that the minutes from the May 18, 2017 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously. There was no formal Board meeting in the month of June, as subcommittees met and worked on specific tasks.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Catalina Segura applied for the position of Team Manager Coordinator. Her application was discussed (she was unable to attend the meeting) and favorable comments had been given by Juan. She is bi-lingual so that is a plus in bridging the gap with the Spanish speaking families and helping team managers communicate with those families. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Chris that we accept Catalina as the Team Manager Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. Laura Schell applied for the position of Assistant Registrar. Laura gave the Board a brief background of her interests and how she can help the region. It was moved by Eric and seconded by Andy we accept Laura as the Assistant Registrar. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome Catalina and Laura.

CORVALLIS SOCCER CLUB: Luke has been working with Rube on how each organization can benefit from the other. It appears the values and missions are more in line with AYSO than they have been in the past. It is possible that Corvallis Soccer Club can assist with the coaching of the 5U and/or 6U teams, but as John pointed out, they would have to go through the AYSO training in order to do that. Good two way communication is needed as we move forward. We will proceed with caution on how much field use they are asking for and what they are doing to enhance the field conditions. Concern was expressed as the weather gets wet later in the fall.

FIELDS REPORT: The water cannons are operating with some tired moments. It is important that proper maintenance takes place for the longevity of the cannons. Focus has been on the EXTRA fields that are being used, but water will be used on other fields prior to the start of the season. Fields 81 and 82 will be labeled as such, not using the numbers 83 and 84 since the teams will split and use the area for games. The U8 teams just go the assigned field and then move accordingly similar to 6U. Luke is trying to work out a memorandum with Kim Patton from the school district for field usage. That is still in the works. The purchase of the tractor for the school district was discussed. Chad Smithson from the Corvallis School District submitted a bid for the tractor that they would prefer. We have a limit of $26,000 to spend. Anton was concerned about additional cost of the cab and other features that made the total above our budget. Laura will check with her husband for other bids from local dealerships such as Linn Benton Tractor. The $2,000 cost for shipping was also a concern for the total price. The total amount of fertilizer donated to the Philomath School District was reduced from $5,000 to $2,000 this year.

EXTRA REPORT: John reported that the girls are practicing 4 times per week: 2 days with size 4 balls and the other 2 days with size 5 balls. The girls will play in the fall league through Kid Sports. The boys have three teams and are looking for about 5-6 more players for the 12U group. Player cards are no longer being issued by OYSA so Corvallis Soccer Club will take care of the player cards for us for the boys program which needs to be done by August 18. The girls pay $14 each through Kids Sports.

BLUE SOMBRERO: There are still a lot of bugs to be worked out with the new system. The fee for credit card use was discussed. At this time no teams have been formed and will not be formed prior to August 1. The goal is to have teams in place by August 14. Blue Sombrero can produce reports of number of key volunteers and emails can be customized to match our needs. Mary and Luke can access reports for those who may want one. Board members are reminded to register for the MY2017 through Blue Sombrero. Time will tell how this will work for every region!

TRAINING SESSIONS: A variety of training sessions will start taking place from August 19 through September 9. A complete schedule will follow. Currently there are many missing volunteers and we need to send out an email blast recruiting key volunteers. Locations will vary as will times and dates. Saturday, September 9 will be used for adult/volunteer training day. The first game of the fall season will be September 16.

PICTURE DAY: Luke needs to follow up with Leanne to see if the contract with NW Sports was signed and we sealed the date of September 23 for pictures. There isn't an OSU football game that day so that is hopefully when we can have the pictures taken.

TEAM MEETINGS: This year the team meetings will be held at the Adams soccer fields on August 29 and August 30. 8U and 15U will be on the first night and 10U and 12U will be on the second night. Luke will have a short presentation and then teams will discuss who is filling each volunteer spot. All Board members are encouraged to be at both evening meetings if possible to help with various stations. Contact Luke if you are able to attend one or both evenings. All teams will receive equipment those days. If they have their volunteer sheet completed, they could select their uniforms. If not, an alternate date will be set up to turn in volunteer form and get uniforms.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting would be August 17. Luke did not mention this date, so perhaps Board business will be done after the parent meetings. Information and the specific date of the meeting will be send out by Luke.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

Jun 2017

No board meeting was held on June 15, 2017, Team Formation had a meeting to review Blue Sombrero data and discuss formation strategy.

May 2017


PRESENT: Juan Fernandez, Eric Gleske, Humberto Nation, Toby Westberry, Elaine Markley, Andy Ungerer, Joan Ruekauf, Luke Cotton, Anton Grube, Bob Vingelin

MINUTES FROM APRIL 20 MEETING: It was moved by Toby and seconded by Joan that the minutes be approved with the correction of Chris Jordan’s name rather than Chris Nelson. The motion carried unanimously.

SPRING SEASON SUMMARY: Considering all the weather issues, field closures and changes in program levels, the consensus was the season was a success. The Eagle Scout project to collect used equipment and jerseys is ongoing. It was suggested the scout move to the hub of the field to become more visible. Please be sure he does not collect coach gear that needs to be turned in the last Saturday of the season! For coach appreciation, each coach will receive "coach bucks" when they turn in their equipment to be used at the concession stand. Summer camps will run one per month in June, July and August. Registration will close on June 10. Nets will stay on the goal post for the time being and will be removed at a later date.

Spring Takeways : We need to continue to have better "in person" communication with the Spanish speaking community. Juan has a contact at Lincoln Elementary that can assist with this. There was confusion on the new age/division breakdowns. Cases will be discussed with players especially in 15U. Volunteer sign up needs to be tracked better for the fall with the help of the Team Manager to make sure all volunteers are signing up for their 2 hour shift in the fall and in the spring. The new players in the spring tend to not sign up due to lack of clear expectations. There are 59 scholarships remaining after the two weekends of registration. There will be another on site registration at the field on May 25 from 5;00-6:30pm Credit cards will be the acceptable way to pay. EXTRA will pay $100 to register and that will be done on-line this year through Blue Sombrero. Team Manager communication was poor this spring. Improvements will be made for fall. Yard signs were a plus to advertise registration. Board members can take signs and place them in areas throughout the city but are responsible for picking them up by June 10. The quality of balls seemed to be good this year. Eric would like to order hats and T-shirts for coaches for next year.

BOARD MEMBER POSITIONS: A number of Board position applications were reviewed and discussed. The following were voted unanimously to serve in the following positions:

  • Registrar: Andy Ungerer
  • Referee Administrator: Chris Jordan
  • Director of Youth Engagement: Joe McVeety
  • Referee Instruction: Vince Waterhous
  • Youth Referee Support: Amy McVeety
  • Safety Director: Toby Westberry
  • 6U Boys Coordinator: Danny Aynes

Thank you to those who stepped up to help out with our needs. Welcome aboard!

BUDGET REVIEW: Joan presented the budget and issues were discussed and edited. The one issue that is still on the table to discuss, gather more information and make a final decision is the proposal from Luke to purchase a Seiner mower for the Corvallis School District. More information will need to be received from National about liability and proper procedures. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Toby that the MY2017 budget be approved as edited. The motion carried unanimously. Joan will retype the changes and distribute those to the Board.

POLICIES AND PROTOCOLS: Luke will tidy up the policies to reflect the change in the $17.50 refund for those who request to drop from the program. He will modify the 15U and 19U wording for player placement as well.

TEAM FORMATION: Since school is out so late, it was decided to start team formation the 3rd week in June. The number of players in the program may not appear to be accurate with the new Blue Sombrero program so more research will be needed to know who is still in applicant status and how the names of those who paid a scholarship rate will show up in the list of players.

SUMMER PLANNING: Andy, Luke and Joan will get together and develop a new "refund request form."

  • Arianne needs to develop an Equipment/Uniform ordering form for standardization.
  • Chris and Eric will get together and develop a clear practice and rainout policy, practice policy and build out line clarifications.
  • Other items that will be considered during the summer are: cost per player breakdown pie chart, Spanish communication, volunteer sign ups, Board position advertising, team formation, identifying key volunteers for team formation.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be June 15 at 7:15pm. The location is to be announced.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

Apr 2017


PRESENT: Luke Cotton, Juan Fernandez, Humberto Nation, Anton Grube, Christopher Jordan, Eric Gleske, Toby Westberry, Elaine Markley, Andy Ungerer

VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION DAYS: Team Manager Appreciation will be April 22. Luke will email coaches to remind them to thank their team managers for all they do for the team. It was reported that Tori Amato will no longer be serving as the Team Manager Coordinator. Elaine will pick up the pieces until a new Board member is identified. May 6 will be Referee appreciation and May 20 will be Coach appreciation day. Luke will give tickets to Referees to use at the concession stand as a token of appreciation. The Board will not give any monetary gifts to the Team Manager or Coaches. The team can do something if they would like to.

WEATHER AND PRACTICES: The majority of fields are closed at the Corvallis schools. Because we have a policy to cancel practice when over half the fields are closed, Luke will continue to monitor the situation and post cancellation notices on the website each day. The Adams fields are not closed, but the but decided to not allow practices to save them for the games. The EXTRA teams and the U14 teams are going to be allowed to practice since they play against other Regions that are practicing and they have an unfair advantage when we have interplay.

RANDOM ISSUES: Luke will put the No Parking signs out with the rope connecting them in the area by the Western View Center to keep people from parking on the grass. More information will be given on the “build out line” to clarify concerns. Silent Saturday has been cancelled for this spring due to the weather conditions and teams not being able to practice. Coaches need to be communicating with their players. Corvallis Soccer Club wants a tent on the field to advertise. It was decided ONE Saturday will be allowed but that is all.

PLAYER EVALUATION: Since we are transitioning from eAYSO to Blue Sombrero the coach evaluations will be done manually. Luke will draft a message about this. Data is still needed to created balanced teams. Eric will continue to remind coaches this is coming. Coaches can either email the evaluations or put them in the Safety Station when they turn in their goalie jerseys and pinnies on May 20.

BOARD POSITIONS OPEN: The following Board positions are currently open and all Board members need to be talking to parents about joining the fun. Positions that need filling are: Team Manager Coordinator, Safety Director, Registrar, Shoe Swap Coordinator, Summer Camp Coordinator, Fields Coordinator, Assistant Fields Coordinator, U6B Coordinator.

BOARD MEMBER APPLICATIONS: Due to the lack of time for discussion of Board applications, the positions of Referee Administrator, Referee Instructor, Safety Director, Director of Youth Engagement and Registrar have been received and will be reviewed at the May meeting.

REGISTRATION: We will be at Adams gym and computer lab May 6 and 13 from 9:00am-2;00pm helping people register. Elaine will recruit 3-4 Spanish speaking students every hour and one half to help with those who need translation and general help on the computer. It was decided that all players, regardless of their division, will pay $80. Scholarship qualifiers will pay $35 but must produce either a letter from the schools showing eligibility for free/reduced lunch, an Oregon Trail food stamp card or OHP insurance card to qualify. A half page form will be filled out and a sticker will be placed on the form showing the number of the scholarship. We have budgeted 175 scholarship for MY2017-18. Elaine will make 175 stickers so we can keep an accurate count of how many scholarships have been awarded. Board members are asked to be in the gym and/or computer lab as much as they can on the 6th and 13th. Toby will be gone May 6. Elaine and Joan will be gone May 13. All payment will be done online with a credit card unless the player is seeking a scholarship. Cash or a check can be paid in the gym after then have completed the online registration. Joan will keep a running spreadsheet of those who pay in the gym rather than online. Luke will bring some laptops for the gym. We may have another date to assist families but it will be at the shed rather than Adams.

MINUTES: It was moved by Toby and seconded by Eric the minutes from the March 16 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting will be May 18 at 7:15pm at the Western View Center, unless we hear otherwise.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

Mar 2017


PRESENT: Anton Grube, John Williams, Arianne Custer, Juan Fernandez, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Humberto Nation, Toby Westberry, Eric Gleske, Dan Stevens, Kelsey Walker, Marty Hernandez, Elaine Markley

BOARD POSITIONS: Luke Cotton submitted an application for the position of Commissioner of Region 149 for a 3-year term. Luke has been involved in Region 149 since he was a player. He is currently acting in a variety of Board positions until replacements can be found. After discussing the importance of having open filled and allowing the Commissioner to focus on that job, it was moved by Elaine and seconded by Eric that we accept Luke Cotton as Commissioner. The vote carried unanimously. Assistant Commissioners Anton and Leanne will be meeting with Luke to outline the Executive strategies and divide the responsibilities.

SPRING SEASON: At this date, no one knows if they have been placed on a team. Eric will start sending out emails to coaches to get them prepared for the spring season. It appears there will be an odd number of teams in U6B. If that remains, Eric volunteered to contact the coach of the teams who have the "bye" and explain how their field time will look without an opponent. There is need for another coach for the U19 since there are 45 registered players. Dan Stevens volunteered to coach the second team. Eric will call the coach of the U14B Rebels to get the names of the dropped players. The new field assignments will be posted on the website. Luke will see that we have larger size maps for the referee station, safety station and the main gate. Elaine can get them laminated.

CVPA: Toby is starting to get volunteer information. He will be at the Safety station on April 8 to check ID.

NEW TEAMS: The final decision of how many teams must be made by March 19 so John can complete the schedule. Arianne needs to know what uniforms need to be ordered by March 22.

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP: Luke has combined the Safety, Concession, Shoe Sale and Field Volunteer sign up into one "game day" sign up. It is the hope that there will be a way to list "extra" volunteers who can be contacted if a replacement is needed. The coordinators of these volunteer jobs will have the ability to create lists for the sheds even though Luke was the administrator of the sign up program.

MINI NEWSLETTER: Luke volunteered to put together a "mini" newsletter over spring break to send out to all families. Items of importance are 1) Field map 2) volunteer sign up 3) Rule changes 4) information from coach report 5) Shoe/equipment sale

PORT-A-POTS: Elaine will order the units to be delivered the week of April 3. None of the units will be locked per okay from the Corvallis School District. One change will be an oversized/handicapped unit will be placed on the cement right at the entry gate. Two standard units will be on the south end of the U8 fields and one standard unit next to the pickle ball courts.

REFEREE: The online schedule will be available soon. Luke, Walt, Kelsey and Anton will help with the new rule of the build out line. There may be video links identified to help explain this rule. John requested that the referees be trained on how to fill out the game card properly. It is difficult to gather data when the cards are incomplete. Kelsey will be available to help remind referees to turn in their cards at the end of the game and check them before they drop them in the box.

INDOOR: Luke will follow up with Jason to see if there were any glitches.

MEMBERSHIP YEAR: We have an option for setting the membership year by calendar year for a full year or keep it the way it has been. The consensus was to go with the calendar year. Blue Sombrero will have this built into in when players register for MY2017-18.

EXTRA PROGRAM: There will be girl's teams of 5th and 6th graders and another team of 7th and 8th graders competing in Kid Sports. This is a continuation of the fall grouping. Anton will be overseeing the EXTRA program. Bob was not at the meeting to report on the boy's side of EXTRA.

BOARD MEMBERS: Luke asked for a commitment of all Board members for the next season. Boys Team Formation (Juan) will continue as long as there is shared data and he is not left out of the loop. He needs to be in the first loop of information. Girls Team Formation (Andy) will continue but would like to move his role to Registrar and find someone for team formation. Equipment (Arianne) will continue. Scheduler/EXTRA/Coach trainer (John) will continue in all roles. Assistant Commissioner (Anton) will continue as well as Coach Trainer. Youth Volunteers (Kelsey) will continue as long as her schedule allows. She is waiting to hear about possible responsibilities on campus that might take her away from the field. Concessions (Marty) will continue. Secretary (Elaine) will continue and do the shopping for concessions among other duties. Coach Administrator (Eric) will continue. CVPA (Toby) will continue but expressed an interest in changing roles as needs arise. U19 Coordinator (Humberto) will be able to continue 1-2 more years. Shoe Swap (Shana) is seeking a replacement after this spring. U5 Master Coach (Dan) will continue this spring but is uncertain where he will be in the fall of 2017.

READ ATTACHMENTS: Luke suggested that everyone read the attachments of data and the matrix he has prepared. We will do Safe Haven yearly.

MINUTES FROM FEBRUARY MEETING: It was moved by Anton and seconded by Eric that the minutes from February 21, 2017 be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 20 at 7:15 an the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary, AYSO Region 149

Feb 2017


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Tori Amato, Elaine Markley, Humberto Nation, Andy Ungerer, Toby Westberry, Luke Cotton, Mary Cotton

MINUTES: It was moved by Andy and seconded by Toby that the minutes from the January 14, 2017 retreat be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD MEMBERS: As Commissioner, Leanne appointed Luke Cotton as an Assistant Commissioner to take the place of Benjamin Carleski who will be serving on the Area Board only. New bank account signers were identified due to Board position changes. The following Board members are authorized to sign checks: Leanne Henriques (Region 149 Commissioner), Elaine Markley (Region 149 Secretary), Joan Ruekauf (Region 149 Treasurer), Luke Cotton (Region 149 Assistant Commissioner) and Gibby Reynolds (Area Commissioner). New bank cards will need to be signed once Joan gets them from the bank.

LIMITED OPEN REGISTRATION: Leanne reported that she split the lists of Team Managers with Tori and she will help contact any Team Managers who have not reported back with information for openings on their team. Michelle Sparks will not be able to fulfill her role as Assistant Team Manger so we need to all help out Tori with her duties as needed. We will offer online registration starting February 1 and walk in registration on February 9 and February 27. The computer lab will not be open. Luke will bring laptops for use. Spanish speaking students from CHS will be on hand to help out if needed.

EXPO REPORT: Luke and Mary attended the EXPO in Chicago. They came back with a lot of notes that they are sharing with the region. Luke used the remainder of the meeting to go over a power point slide presentation of the ins and outs of Blue Sombrero, which we will be using for the MY2017-18 registration in May. More information is needed, therefore, Andy was given the task of trying to find out the answers to a variety of questions we still have about the program. It appears we can tailor it to our needs, but of course, there isn’t a perfect program that will be 100%. There are other organizations that use Blue Sombrero so it is not a new program to those who have registered for Little League or Boys and Girls Club (Albany). The debate will be whether or not we need to have the registration stations in the gym the first two Saturdays of May. The computer lab will be open for those who do not have a computer. The goal is to have as many people as possible pay on line. The drawback is the cost of the program per registration player is $2.72 per player. Joan will be asked to factor that cost into the registration fee when figuring the budget and report back at the March meeting. The change of birthdates was also mentioned. Luke will run a report of the birthdate and school choices to see the possible impact on balanced teams.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 16 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administrative Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

JAN 2017


PRESENT: Marti Hernandez, Dan Stevens, Toby Westberry, Elaine Markley, Anton Grube, Mary Cotton, Leanne Henriques, Andy Ungerer, Juan Fernandez, Bob Vingelen, John Williams, Jason Hower, Kelsey Walker, Walt Mahaffee, Luke Cotton, Joan Reukauf, Arianne Custer, Eric Gleske

MINUTES FROM OCTOBER 2016 MEETING: It was moved by Anton and seconded by Juan that the minutes from the October 26, 2016 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

SEASON IN REVIEW: Working on speed bumps from the 2015 retreat, the following events were cited as positive growth for the Fall 2016 season:
-- Less open spots in the Safety Station
-- More youth referees
-- Better communication with U14 players to referee
-- Flip coin given to youth referees
-- On line scheduling for referees
-- More youth coaches
-- Field realignment, changes in goal sizes and field lining
-- Vandalism resulted in improvements to infrastructure (sheds, etc.)
-- Team balancing seemed good, but data not evaluated yet
-- Less complaints in general
-- Addition of Mary to U5 Coordinator and Picture Day
-- $700 from NW Sports for scholarship fund
-- U8 coach/referee training combined together
-- Combination training gave coaches more information
-- Canceled games at the right time to save them for future games due to weather
-- Arianne's attention to detail with the uniform/equipment orders and inventory to find out what we do not need to order
-- Data flow improved

Speed bumps to work on between now and 2018 retreat:
-- Better communication with Spanish speaking families
-- Photo procedures. Better communication on use of forms. Need flexibility in schedule and not a strict time to report for pictures.
-- Schedule pictures September 23, 2017 when OSU football is away.
-- Weather in Albany was bad and games still were played and Corvallis games canceled.

U5 COORDINATOR REPORT: The addition of Mary as the coordinator has had positive results. Some suggestions Mary has to offer for the future include:
-- Better communication of how to register for first timers
-- Better communication on the role of the parents in U5
-- Better internet access at the fields
-- Don't move the equipment!
-- Fields need to be lined by a volunteer, not the U5 coaches
-- Need a Spanish translator at the field when players are registering
-- Mary has a parent who volunteered to help translate emails
-- Needs the website updated
-- More U5 Coach training to have more Master Coaches
-- Keep numbers at no more than 24 per session
-- Will slide birthdates for spring if they turn 4
-- Need to know who will coach in the fall 2017 for better planning

FIELDS REPORT: Luke prepared copies of the proposed field labeling for the spring to correspond with the age assigned to the field. The old Field A would now be Field 122 which is the second field for U12 players and old Field F would now be Field 121. Because the parents and fans would not see a pattern for the field marking it was suggested that business size cards be printed up with the map on the card indicating the age of the player and what field is assigned to that age group. Luke will get those made and have them available in the Safety Station. Other items discussed were:
-- Develop a plan for consistent volunteers to line fields and to water fields in the summer. Luke, Walt, Toby and Doug will work on this as a subcommittee.
-- Walt said other regions give points for parent helpers
-- EXTRA players could help line fields?
-- Ask district to mow earlier in the week so we are not lining fields at the last minute.
-- Have quality lines!
-- Summer watering: Pay a high school student a stipend at end of summer if job is done properly and consistently
-- Ask professional landscape business to water field and display banner that says “Fields maintained over the summer by…(name of business).
-- Offer a scholarship to high school student upon completion of summer
-- Check with OSU Turf Club
-- Port-a-Pots will remain unlocked per permission of school district.
-- Oversized unit will be placed on the cement by the main gate
-- Gravel will be placed in front of the two units next to the bone yard
-- New field placement will be used in the spring 2017
See PDF file for additional field information provided by Luke.

INTERPLAY: Corvallis does not travel well. Better communication needed to teams who are traveling. U12 teams WILL NOT travel next year. The Newport team appreciated having a home game. Anton volunteered his team to travel to Newport in the spring. The question came up about our U14B teams traveling to Dallas for a game. Certified referees must be provided. At this time, Dallas has not requested that.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan reported we had budgeted 108 scholarships and 138 were awarded. All who received the scholarships had proof of free/reduced lunch. She said if we keep this pace, we must set up a reserve for scholarships or seek sponsorships from outside sources. The button was not turned on last year for registration so we did not get automatic donations when players registered like the previous year. The button will be turned on for MY2017-18! John suggested we send out an email request for direct donations at the end of the calendar year. Anton suggested we look into Amazon Smile for donations. We would need to check with National. Joan proposed we change banks for our field funds to make more interest money. Money is currently with Smith-Barney and there is a $50 fee. She suggests we keep $25,000 liquid which should be enough for 2-3 years and invest $45,000 for 25 months with Willamette Community. It was moved by Anton and seconded by Elaine that we accept Joan's proposal. The motion carried unanimously. The question came up if we can use the interest gained to slide to scholarship funds. No decision was made on this idea. Joan will have details on other budget items next month.

EXTRA PROGRAM REPORT: The side by side tryouts for girls and boys was received well. A set fee for both genders is suggested as is the team size. Bob would like to see a summer only program so there is less overlap with the core program. Summer only is not an option like it used to be. There is a new league forming that might help with this schedule. Bob is seeking coaches who are willing to continue coaching each summer for consistency. On the girls side, John reported the EXTRA girls practice in the summer. At the end of the summer they can decide if they want to play in Kidsports out of Eugene in addition to the core program. John feels these players must stay in core program to keep it alive due to number of players. Jason said we must step back and answer the question of “what need are we trying to fill with EXTRA? Then details of how to build the program will be easier.” Dan feels that open registration is important and the cost remain reasonable since club costs exclude players right away. A subcommittee was formed to discuss options. Those members are: Jason, John, Bob, Anton and Eric. A report will be given at the March meeting.

SCHEDULE: Any new teams that are added need to be named and given to John no later than March 5 so he can build the spring schedule. Additional dates to be added to the calendar are:
-- February 1, 2017 Open Registration begins for Spring 2017
-- February 9, 2017 Limited Open Registration at Adams 5:30-7:00??? Leanne will check
-- February 22, 2017 No NEW TEAMS will be allowed to be formed
-- February 27, 2017 Limited Open Registration at Adams 5:30-7:00??? Leanne will check
-- March 8, 2017 Schedule for spring due
-- March 8, 2017 Volunteer sign ups open for concessions, safety, shoe swap and fields
-- April 8, 2017 First game of spring season
-- April 22, 2017 Team Manager recognition
-- April 29, 2017 Silent Saturday
-- May 6 and May 13 Open Registration for MY2017-18
-- May 20, 2017 Coach recognition
-- May 20, 2017 Last game of Spring 2017 season
-- ???Referee recognition. Luke please let us know which date!

Anton will check with the GT reporter and see if he can get interest on an article to perhaps generate interest and money for scholarship fund. Leanne will reach out to the Valley Newsletter for the same purpose.

TEAM MANAGER: Letters will go out to the Team Manager and the Coach on January 30, 2017 to find out if players are returning for spring 2017. The information is due back to the Team Formation Coordinators by February10. Juan, Kristin, Andy and Leanne will meet to discuss the procedure for new player registration. Due to lack of budgeted funds, NO scholarships are available for spring 2017. Andy and Juan will print out new player forms and get to team manager for the folders.

NEWSLETTER: There are a few changes in team size and rules at U8 that will be printed for a Spring newsletter. Luke and Eric have those changes.

DIVISION SUMMARY: Luke prepared a flow chart with all the information needed for equipment, volunteers, field size, birthdates, etc. that was discussed and some changes were made. The initial draft of the division summary is found in the attached PDF file. A revision will follow from Luke.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: The pre-order for MY2017-18 is due February 15. The quality and number of soccer balls ordered and distributed seemed to be a good fit. Arianne and Leanne will discuss what and how to place the order. New team/spectator signs are coming. Leanne is arranging that. Also lawn type Registration signs are being ordered for Spring and also for Fall/Spring season. They will be slightly different. Leanne is working on that as well.

BLUE SOMBRERO: There are still a lot of unknowns about the new program, but EXPO is offering sessions to learn how to use the program (we hope). Luke does know that it will cost our region more money to use the online payment method. Stay tuned for more information as Board members report back from EXPO.

EXPO: Luke and Mary will attend the EXPO in Chicago. Joan and Anton will be attending the EXPO in Los Vegas for sure. Andy, Dan and Eric might attend and need to decide soon.

PHOTOGRAPHY REPORT: As discussed previously, we will ask for picture day to be September 23, 2017 with September 30 as a makeup date for teams that were off site or could not make the first date. Hearing no major complaints about the photography company, it was moved by Luke and seconded by Anton we sign a 3 year contract with NW Sports Photography to receive additional kickbacks to go directly into the scholarship fund. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD POSITIONS: Leanne's term as Commissioner is up in April and she will not seek re-election. She has decided to step down and fill the role of Assistant Commissioner and Luke has agreed to run for the position of Commissioner. If elected, he will be looking for passionate volunteers to take over the Safety Coordinator and the Referee Administrator positions. He would like to continue to maintain the website, keeping everyone up to date with changing information. The positions are open to anyone, but Leanne has worked hard to fill her vacancy. Over the past three years, Region 149 has been moving forward because of Leanne's leadership and willingness to network with so many different Board members to make sure their jobs are defined and can be carried out to meet the needs of our Region. We appreciate all she has done for so many and isn't leaving us. Thank you Leanne.

2018 RETREAT: Mark your calendars now for the retreat next January 6, 2018. The location is likely to be CPI and we can only hope the weather isn't as cold to freeze the pipes and water will be available for the gathering.

NEXT MEETING: Leanne or Luke will send out a Doodle Poll to see what date works best for our next meeting since we want to have it after Board members have attended EXPO. Results will be shared. The options will be either February 20 or 21 or perhaps wait until March 16. Be sure to fill out the survey when it comes to you. We will meet at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

DEC 2016

No Meeting

NOV 2016

No Meeting


PRESENT: Toby Westberry, Elaine Markley, Joan Ruekauf, Leanne Henriques, Anton Grube, Jason Hower, Andy Ungerer, Eric Gleske, Luke Cotton, Juan Fernandez

TREASURER'S REPORT/BUDGET: Joan reports that we are doing well with our budget. Fields is getting close since we did receive a water bill from the Corvallis School District, although there is not a date on the bill so it could have been from summer 2015.

MINUTES: It was moved by Eric and seconded by Toby that the minutes for September 15, 2016 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

FIELDS REPORT: Due to the amount of rain over the last week, several fields have been closed for use by the Corvallis School District. At this time, all fields at Linus Pauling and Cheldelin are closed as well as Crystal Lake. This is a first that we cancelled a game in the fall due to inclement weather. Luke submitted the following report via email prior to the meeting. It also includes a section on Incident Reports.

Field Closures
509j has quietly been closing some fields, and it appears they are not notifying some about the closures. I will be working with the district office to see if we can improve notifications about closures.

Overall this season has gone well, with so many changes the parents and players seem to adapt well. We have had some road bumps with field lining, locks, and field equipment. It became evident that we might need to tighten the approach in how we get volunteers to line fields, with some struggling to paint straight lines, and other having their kids do it, we were left with some unfortunate lining s after Doug and a few others did their exceptional work at the beginning of the season. Lock handling has had its ups and downs, with one combination lock disappearing, we are working to improve our education of volunteers handling the locks. While some field equipment getting misplaced or damaged, is an expected scenario, having a U6 goal disappear after the second weekend was troubling. Doug has built a new goal for U8 and helped to replace the flimsy fiberglass goals. We now keep those fiberglass goals as backups, where we had none before.

Sheds & Shelter Project

Current State:

  • All signage, registration, excess uniforms, excess team equipment (first aid, team/coach bag, cones, balls, etc.), fliers, and tools (pens, binders, white boards, paper clips, etc.) are in the safety shed.
  • Excess fields equipment has been recycled or donated (extra chairs, old canopies, old nets, and old line painters).
  • First Aid Cabinet, First Aid Box, AED, and Fire Extinguisher are on the wall near the safety shed exit.
  • Security improvements have been installed.
  • All training equipment, referee uniforms, coach uniforms, and shoe swap items are in the blue shed.
  • All fields equipment for normal weekly use like, U5 equipment, U6 equipment, U8 equipment, referee flags, trash cans, recycle bins, team folders, line painters, paint, team & spectator signs, board parking signs, kid zone signs, Lost & Found, corner flags, Adams field nets, dumpster sign, small ladders, and team info white board are in the brown shed.

Pending Work:

  • Further caulking is needed on both info and concessions sheds (bottom of walls, faced boards, panel joints, & some windows).
  • Brow shed roofing, a temporary 1-2year fix will be put in place once weather permits.
  • The fields storage shed project, this little gem is tough, a discussion with the district and ED Hughes is on the docket to get something started.

Fields Re-Alignment Concept
A group of stakeholders will be having a discussion on 10/22 about adjusting fields, and/or shifting the sizes/locations of old fields. A formal proposal will be provided at the November board meeting.

Brow Shed Roofing
I have not sent out an email requesting help with a final solution on this. I have a temporary solution that can be applied to the main roof, and will be applied when the weather outlook is favorable.

Golf Cart & Other Equipment
Walt has been helping to fix the Golf Cart, there are still some plans in the future that could include this tool, and will be included in a proposal that is being developed for future fields work distribution.

Incident Report
No formal incidents have been submitted, game reports indicate some minor concerns, after follow up, no incidents to report. I have added to the website an option to submit a fillable PDF for an incident report, and added the link in the Coach FAQ.

Leanne read a thank you note from Newport expressing their appreciation for allowing them to host a U14G game there. There was a brief mention about perhaps adding a U12G team from Newport in the future. This is to be continued.

REFEREE REPORT: It was requested by Eric that if Luke has any "remarks" on the player score card, please let Eric know when he is emailing the coach mentioned in the remarks. The following was submitted by Luke prior to the meeting via email:

We continue to cover games, but each week is slim on the games in the afternoon, much of the burden is placed on a few that cover many. Overall the referees have been doing a great job this year, and the mentoring has been bearing fruit as more youth and adults are taking bigger roles. The youth referee count is up this season, and the drop rate is lower, but not ideal. The adult drop rate is low, but many are choosing to stop contributing or not contribute instead of looking for a replacement or indicating the job is not for them. Some U8 teams are working though losses in volunteers, the new program allowing coaches to referee is working out well. We plan to have training over the winter break, the dates and times are TBA, we will be working on a campaign the last week to get referees to consider Intermediate or Advanced training. Only about 50% of the referee budget has been used, compared to the expected 80% at this time in the year. We will be looking toward investments in extra equipment preparing for next year.


  • Each week we serve over 1,100 players, using over 530 registered volunteers, running about 430 games in 7 weeks.
  • 189 of the volunteers indicated they are willing to referee, with 114 for U10+, 34 for U8, 28 for U6, and the remainder are floaters.
  • Each week we ask for about 90 volunteer referees to cover U10+ games, 17 referees to cover U8 games, and 14 referees to cover U6 games.
  • Even with those numbers we continue to have issues to get referees to cover some games. For example, of the 114 referees for U10+, only 102 are actively contributing so far.
  • We have continued issues with game coverage, likely due to the number of teams that somehow passed without referee volunteers.
    • U08B54 Broncos, U08G11 Robins, U12G02 Eclipse, & U14G04 Mercury have no referees indicated.
    • U06G01 Canaries, U06G04 Ladybugs, U10B53 Clippers, U10B54 Cougars, U10B60 Suns, U10B68 Thunder, U10G06 Magic, U10G08 Pacers, U12B58 Seahawks, & U14B54 Rebels are missing one referee of the required two.
    • Of all of the above, I was aware of four teams that talked to me about their issues with getting volunteers.
  • 9 referees are filling multiple team referee spots, and bear the weight of most games.
  • 36 referees are filling multiple positions like coach + referee, this includes the people above.
  • 14 referee volunteers did not get the requirements done or are no longer volunteering.
  • 24 referees have filled the required number of 6 games for this season.
  • Top Contributors: Naomi O. 11 (2 teams), Bob Carleski 10, Litzy B. 9, Jaewoo C. 9 (2 teams), Un-Ku M. 9, & Maranda T. 9 (2 teams)
    • If you see them say thank you!
  • We trained 45 U10+ referees and 49 U8 Ref+Coaches

Youth Volunteers
We have 28 identified Youth Referees, 8 of them are not currently contributing. 46 youth are registered as volunteers, and more work needs to be done to understand why some registered and got trained, but are not volunteering. Joe's Youth Referee of the week program is doing well and going over well, the plan is to reward the volunteers with Gift Certificates (like we did last year) to the Snack Shack.

WEBMASTER REPORT: Luke provided a summary of the website action along with graphs. The graphs will not be documented in the minutes but he can make them available for anyone who wants to see them.

Game schedule online continues to be the most popular page, and it peaks on Saturdays. The most popular documents are the schedule, the region flier, and picture day schedule. Most users are on a Windows PC and using Chrome, but IOS and Safari is next up. Many people search for the site, go to the site from Facebook, and the rest open links from an email.

Webpage Updates
I am always looking for updated information, especially information on special programs or changes in procedures. Updates for Extra, Team Managers, U5, & U19 would be beneficial to ensure the information communicated is accurate. Do you have Frequently Asked Questions? Send the question and answer to me for posting.

I continue to add little things, but Facebook is not my forte, if you can help with monitoring and posting, I would appreciate it.

Newsletter & Soccer Shorts
We did not have a newsletter this year, and we have not had Soccer Shorts Letters, so much of the calendar and events were guessed from the region Google calendar, please email me if you have something coming up. If you expect to have something in the future, you can ask I include it on the website and the region calendar.

CVPA REPORT: Toby reported there was nothing new and the one case that is pending will be closed by the end of the season.

INDOOR SOCCER: Jason wanted to be sure that the registration window was open for anyone who is not currently registered for fall/spring season. Luke will open the eAYSO for Winter and close it on October 30. Teams will be formed after the registration closes for new players. An email blast will go out to all players U8-U19 advertising Indoor and include registration forms and FAQ flyer. Players are encouraged to print the form and bring exact payment this Saturday since we only have one more week to register.

TEAM MANGER REPORT: Tori was not present, but Leanne outlined items that should go in the team email this next week before we end the season.

  • If their team is in need of a referee, now is the time to try to get one for the spring. Training will take place prior to the spring season.
  • In January we will be contacting them to find out which players are not returning in the spring.
  • Remind players to keep their uniforms
  • Remind coaches to keep all extra uniforms
  • Pictures need to go to parents Oct. 29. If parent is not at game, Team Manager needs to make arrangements to get their order to them.
  • If they know their coach or any referees are leaving, let us know.

COACH REPORT: Eric submitted his report via email prior to the meeting.
Things are going more or less swimmingly. I have not been made aware of any major conflicts or concerns, so folks are either keeping me in the dark or have other worries.

Two items have been mentioned to me repeatedly, however: Parking and field sizes. The latter is one in which a few Board members have been having a continuous discussion, and we are meeting this Saturday to discuss in greater depth, in person with the group of concerned person.
Field size is the most common complaint. Field D in particular is far too large for our U12 matches, but the U10 fields are a bit on the large side, too. Our Extra teams play on a different size, and we are larger in general than club fields. Again, there is a meeting of the minds this Saturday to look to the future...

A few U8 Coaches and families have expressed concern about the spacing of the U8 fields, as have some U6 folks. We may need to look to that as well, to allow adequate team/spectator spacing on the back-to-back U8 fields.
The other issue that folks have addressed to me because they see me in my stylish Board Wear is parking. With the addition of U5, and the very packed schedule we have at Adams on Saturdays, it's getting to be a bear, parking-wise. Yes, people on A and B, and the U6 teams, for that matter, can park at the church and walk over, but few do. Most families complaining to me and their teams like to enter and/or exit near the snack shack.
As we address fields, this will impact scheduling, and this will in turn impact parking. I don't have answers, but a few have asked me questions...
Any messaging that needs to get in front of coaches? Let me know.

PICTURES: Leanne reviewed the system with the new photography company. The will be on hand to take the rest of the pictures that were missed on the first weekend. She will publicize how much money was donated to the scholarship fund as a result of purchase of picture packets.

RETREAT: January 14, 2017 is the date for the retreat but the location is TBA. Watch for emails from Leanne about subcommittees that will be formed to work up proposals and ideas prior to the retreat. Topics that have been identified for the retreat are:

  • Water and lining of fields
  • Weather conditions and cancellations

EXPO and NAGM: EXPO will be back in Vegas again this year. Dates are March 2-5. New Board members are encouraged to attend. Leanne will not be attending this year due to a prior commitment that weekend. The NAGM is in Chicago February 17-19. If there are training sessions that apply to our needs, Leanne encourages Board members to attend to receive the proper training. Let Leanne know if you plan on attending either conference. Blue Sombrero is live! If they are offering "hands on training" several Board members indicated they would attend to learn the new program.

CLOSING THE FIELDS AT END OF DAY: Please see if you can take a turn at closing the fields.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting is Thursday, November 17 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Anton Grube, Benjamin Carleski, Andy Ungerer, Joan Ruekauf, Mary Cotton, Juan Fernandez, Luke Cotton, Eric Gleske, Elaine Markley, Tori Amato, Toby Westberry, Leanne Henriques, Doug Conrad, Arianne Custer

MINUTES: The minutes were edited to correct the spelling of Eric's last name which should have been Gleske. It was moved by Eric and seconded by Toby the minutes be approved as corrected. The motion carried unanimously.

SAFETY REPORT: Luke reported that the boy that broke into the sheds has confessed to his vandalism. Leanne and Luke are to meet with the boy and his family to settle the amount of money that needs to be paid for the damage done in the two break-ins. Gary and Elaine made metal grates and installed them on the inside of the safety and concession sheds under the skylights to prevent future entry from that area. Luke will email the members of AYSO and ask for donation of time, labor and materials to replace the shake roof on the equipment shed that was vandalized. Hopefully there are folks out there who can help out with salvageable materials they have from a business and safe additional cost. Luke reported that Doug injured his back while moving the goals into place. Elaine requested that a list of all players and the team they are on be printed and put in the Safety Station by the first game. Benjamin will create the list and print it for the notebook kept at the station.

REFEREE REPORT: Luke reported that we need more referees! If we do not have enough scheduled referees for the games, the game will be treated as a practice and the two coaches will run the practice for the time allowed on the field. The U8 combined training classes allows the coach to referee their games if no one else is scheduled for that game. Luke also reported that the concussion training course is not working. Many coaches and referees have expressed frustration with the program.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Jason Hower applied for the Indoor Coordinator position. Jason is familiar with the indoor program and is enthusiastic about keeping it going. It was moved by Toby and seconded by Eric that Jason be appointed to the Indoor Soccer Coordinator position. The motion carried unanimously. Jason will need to meet with Prem to be mentored and follow his guidelines of a well oiled machine that he has run for years. Thank you Prem for your dedication to the off-season Indoor Soccer program

CALENDAR LINK: Benjamin will send all Board members the link to the Google calendar.

SILENT SATURDAY: It was decided that we will not do a Silent Saturday this fall. The topic will be on the agenda for the January Retreat which is scheduled for January 14, 2017 at a location to be determined. Mark your calendars now!

BAKE SALE FOR SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Kristin's daughter and team will be doing the bake sale to benefit the scholarship fund. The date has not been determined. They will use a wagon to travel to the various fields to promote their sales.

CVPA REPORT: There are approximately 500 registered volunteers at this date. Only the head coach was assigned to a team. Benjamin will add assistant coach to the program. We can not link volunteers with eAYSO.

TEAM FORMATION: The topic of borrowing players from the opposing team was discussed if a team is short players. The idea of having a pool of players who would like to play an extra game was also discussed. Emergency forms would need to be duplicated so the player would have that with them if they were a guest player. Juan will present his proposal to the coaches by email in U10 and above.

COACH REPORT: Walt, Kelsey and Luke conducted classes. There were 36 coaches who took the U8 combo referee/coach course. Training has been going well.

TEAM MANAGER REPORT: Tori reported she is fielding questions as they come and asking questions when she does not have the answer to the question. There are a lot of teams that need volunteers. If a team is short of volunteers that are trained, any parent who has Safe Haven and CDC can be at the practice to fill in for a missing volunteer. Michelle will be stuffing the folders each week. If anyone has something that needs to get into the folders, contact Michelle to make arrangements to get what you need in the folder.

FIELDS: The topic of fields will be discussed in detail at the retreat. The field size will change again next year, going to slightly larger fields in U12 where they will be playing 9 v 9. Doug requested to purchase a small trainer to haul dirt to fill holes at all fields. The cost would be about $240. He was given the green light to make that purchase since there is money budgeted for such items to improve the fields. Secretary comment: "The lines on the fields look the best they have ever looked! Nice wide lines with a lot of color to show up for the referees." Thanks Doug!

INTERPLAY: There was some discussion about the U14G having to travel to Newport for games. It was the understanding of the Board that Newport joined our Region and we did not think our existing teams would have to travel to Newport. Nothing was concluded from this discussion.

PICTURE DAY: We are using NW Sports this year for team and individual pictures. There will be two dates this year rather than all on one Saturday. The dates are October 8 and 15. The photographer said they would have tents to shelter from the rain since it is very late in the season for the pictures. They promised pictures would be here by the last game of the fall season (3 week turnaround guaranteed). The coach will receive a free 8" x 10" team picture. Mary has agreed to help check in teams at the picture location both October 8 and 15. Leanne will make the time slot chart and see that Team Mangers know when they have their pictures. Michelle will stuff the team folders with the price document from NW Sports as well as the flyer for the decals that are an option for car or home windows. The decal will be personalized to Region 149.

JANUARY RETREAT: (January 14, 2017) Leanne would like ideas for agenda topics to be emailed to her as soon as possible. If there are special committees that are meeting and need to report back to the entire Board, Leanne needs to know that as well.


EQUIPMENT REPORT: Arianne is trying to get a solid count of what items we have, don't need or are in demand. She is requesting "PLEASE DO NOT MOVE EQUIPMENT AROUND." She is trying to sort, organize and create a flow of where things are going to be stored and can not do that if things are being moved around all the time. We will continue to give out uniforms when teams have their volunteers in place. There will be WiFi available when representatives come to the field to get equipment or if a volunteer needs to verify their paperwork. We are hopeful that the Blue Sombrero will help the Team Manager link the volunteers to a position and we will have verification of that list when the new program is up and running. Arianne is doing a great job of organization in her first time of distributing uniforms.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, October 20 at the OSU Oceanography Building at 7:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Benjamin Carleski, Kristin Francisconi, Andy Ungerer, Juan Fernandez, Eric Gleske, Luke Cotton, Elaine Markley, Joan Ruekauf

MINUTES FROM JULY 21, 2016 MEETING: It was moved by Luke and seconded by Kristin that the minutes from July 21 meeting be approved as submitted. The motion carried unanimously.

PARENT MEETING: The set up for stations seemed to work well at the August 16 parent meeting. We will keep them the same, but know that we may be setting tables in place at the last minute since Corvallis High School registration is going on until 7:00pm. Several ideas for new slides in Toby's presentation include:

  • No practices until the Tuesday AFTER LABOR DAY.
  • Board member openings: Indoor Coordinator, Data Manager, Team Formation assistants
  • Bone marrow drive to honor Rio (Benjamin sent the link to be used along with Rio's picture) Side note: Juan will follow up on obtaining a jersey and personalize it with Rio's name on it since he would have been in U6 this fall.
  • NO team changes

Leanne will make it clear we are not letting then know what team they are on at the August 24 meeting. A letter will be sent.

BOARD POSITIONS: Leanne reported that Benjamin will step down as Assistant Commissioner but will still be available for consultation and will stay on the Area AYSO Board. We can not thank Benjamin enough for all the attention to detail and forward thinking he has brought to the Board. Thank you Benjamin Applications were reviewed for the position of U5 Coordinator and Team Manager. Mary Cotton was approved to begin the duties of U5 Coordinator and Tori Amato was approved as the Team Manager Coordinator. Michelle Sparks will be working closely with Tori and Leanne will be guiding Mary in her duties. Welcome Mary and Tori.

MINI CAMP REPORT: The training camp is scheduled for August 19-20 which is the predicted hottest day of the year! Management training and VIP training will not be offered.

UPCOMING PARENT MEETING AND LOGISTICS FOR EQUIPMENT: Equipment was issued to coaches only on the parent meeting on August 16. If the teams are identified by team name, either the coach or team manager can pick up equipment after the parent meeting on August 24. It is the hope that the emergency forms will be printed and sorted and be ready for distribution that date but if not, August 29 emergency forms and equipment will be given out at the soccer sheds. Uniforms will be given out September 6 and 12 at the shed. A list will be generated with names of teams that have all their volunteers identified. Player letters will be mailed on August 24 if we are ready. An electronic message will be sent to the coach and team manager August 23 with names of team members and parent information. The team manager will submit the volunteers in order to be eligible for uniforms to be picked up. The following number of player uniforms are needed by division:

  • U12 12 uniforms 9 v 9
  • U8 8 uniforms 5 v 5
  • U6 9 uniforms 3 v 3 splitting into two teams
  • U10 10 uniforms 7 v 7
  • U14 14 uniforms 11 v 11

VANDALISM AT SHEDS: Over the past two weekends, the sheds have been broken into. Police reports were filed and a case number was received. Luke and Leanne contacted the school district to view the camera footage and tried to narrow the time of the activity. With further investigation and the help of a neighbor, someone came forward and confessed their vandal action. A summary of the cost of the vandalism needs to be given to Luke. Elaine will itemize the expenses and the loss of a bin of candy. Luke's time will be factored into the cost as well as the cost of new skylights, roof replacement on the brown equipment shed and damage to the referee door and drop down window. If the family cooperates, charges may not be pressed. Community service hours was recommended by the Board for the youth. Luke will send out an email asking for volunteer labor and supplies to refinish the entire equipment shed shake roof.

FIELDS: Luke presented the map that he designed based on the new field size needs. Field "E" will now be used for four U8 fields running east and west. Field C will now run east and west and be used for U10 games. The size of the fields is the maximum size. The water cannons are being used for the fields. Luke will see that large field maps are created and smaller ones inside the safety station.

INTERPLAY WITH REGION 870: We will not be sending any teams to play against region 870 in U12 this fall. Eric asked coaches and they were not interested. A detailed survey will go out to families in the spring to include U10 players as well and see if anyone is interested in traveling in the future. Dallas is putting together a team from their area and will travel to Corvallis each Saturday in the boys U14 division.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, September 15 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building. Everyone is encouraged to be at the parent meeting at CHS on August 24 and help out on uniform distribution dates.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Humberto Nation, Elaine Markley, Toby Westberry, Eric Gleske, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer, Kristin Francisconi, Benjamin Carleski, Luke Cotton

MINUTES FROM MAY MEETING: The minutes for the May 19, 2016 meeting were approved as written. There was no meeting held in June due to multiple schedule conflicts of all Board members.

BOARD POSITIONS OPEN: Leanne will follow up with Mary Cotton to make sure she is willing to be the U5 Coordinator. The Data Coordinator position is open. At this time, Marc Betz, Benjamin and Bob Carleski are sharing responsibilities. Leanne reported that Rachel Smith, our Team Manager Coordinator will step down since her family is moving away from the area. Michelle Sparks, the Assistant Team Manager Coordinator will be stepping in on a trial bases. Michelle will be actively seeking someone to work along side her in the fall. We are looking for an Assistant Equipment Manager to train with Arianne Custer, who is new to the position. Kristin will complete this membership year as Registrar but will step down after that. We need to actively recruit someone to train with her during the fall and spring.

TRAINING SESSIONS: The mini training camp will be held August 20-21 for coaches, assistant coaches and referees. Referee training will also include assessment training and intermediate training. Coaches will be trained at all levels. These sessions will be at Adams in the modular and at the field. If the modular are not available, the sessions are likely to be held at Richardson Hall on the OSU campus. Dan Stevens and Jason Hower will be doing the training. Luke and Leanne are able to teach job specific duties. They will not be offering CVPA training or dispute resolution training.

GOLDEN GATE CAMP: Region 149 will be sending Dan Herford and Jason Hower to the camp this year.

PARENT MEETING: The two dates set for the parent meeting held at the Corvallis High School theater are August 16 and 24 from 7:00-8:00pm. Board members are asked to be there at 6:00. The presentation of materials for parents will be done with a Power Point presentation by Toby. Anyone that has information they would like presented needs to send that to Toby soon. Any new families and U5 parents will be asked to stay in the theater after the presentation for special information and questions and answers. Board members will be in the hall and forum at tables to field questions. To the right of the doors as you exit the theater; the Coach, Referee and Team Managers will have tables set up. Safety/Concessions/Fields will share a table to the left. Further to the left will be CVPA then Data. Team Formation/Registration will be at the end near the kitchen and gym area where there is more open space. If there are enough tables, EXTRA will be in that area and if not, they will meet in the courtyard. Eric will bring "gaffer" tape to connect the signs for each table group. Leanne will order vinyl signs with stations identified. Elaine will check out the space and what tables will be available for the August 24 session since CHS has their registration until 7:00 in the cafeteria and tables are being used for that event. Last resort is to use the round cafeteria tables. Any Board member who would like a business card with your name and contact information on it should let Benjamin know and he will have those for you at the parent meeting. It was discussed that we will stress "no moving of players to other teams." It will be in the parent letter and a Power Point slide. Coaches or Team Managers will pick up equipment at the curb by the courtyard at CHS the night of the parent meeting. They will receive balls, mesh ball bag, First Aid kit, a set of cones, pinnies in U8-U19 (one per player~ half one color, half a different color) goalkeeper jerseys in U10-U19. Available for new coaches or anyone who wants them will be a lanyard with a whistle and a coach bag. Uniforms will be given out at Adams sheds on August 29 and September 6. Last desperation distribution would be September 12. It was moved by Juan and seconded by Eric that we purchase additional pinnies in colors we do not have to allow each team to have one pinnie per player in U8-U19. The motion was approved with one Board member abstaining. Leanne will contact the AYSO Store to see the pricing ($2.95 or less) and get those ordered right away. There are 109 teams so the cost would be approximately $1,200 as a one-time expense.

GAME BALLS: Anton gave Leanne his report on suggestions for purchasing and distribution of balls to teams. He has experimented with Score, Baden and Molten balls. Current we are giving each team 3 balls, which were $7.50 per ball for a total of $2,750. Another proposal would be to have 1 ball for every 2 players per team and have 8 balls per field at the U6 games. A third proposal was to increase the quality of U12-U19 balls. After discussion by coaches who have used the equipment it was moved by Luke and seconded by Benjamin that we have 30 field balls at the U6 fields and purchase enough Baden balls (same quality that was purchased for the 2015-16 season) for 1 ball for every 2 players. The motion carried unanimously.

PHOTOGRAPHY VENDOR: Luke prepared and submitted a survey to the parents about their interest in team and individual pictures. The concern expressed was the quality of pictures. Leanne researched and got bids from other vendors. She presented the bid from NW Sports for a one-year contract. They will give a "kick back" to Region 149 that will go into our scholarship fund. This kick back will be advertised on the flyer handed out to the players. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Eric that we try NW Sports as the vendor for pictures this year. The motion carried with one Board member abstaining. Leanne will follow up with Hise Studio and let them know of the decision for the 2016-17 membership year.

TEAM FORMATION: It was reported by Andy and Juan that there is a shortage of key volunteers at all levels. Letters will be mailed out to let families know we need their help in stepping into one of these roles in order to form teams. Team formation needs to get together soon. Team cards are at the printers so they will be ready to use in sorting out teams.

REQUEST FROM PHILOMATH SCHOOL DISTRICT: The Philomath School District requested fertilizer and seed for their fields. Leanne will have Doug check with Mike Middleton about how to order and get that delivered. At this time, Corvallis School District did not need any more supplies.

SUMMER PROJECTS: Luke has been busy with painting, repairs and moving things around in the concession stand, safety station, equipment shed and referee shed. If you are looking for something specific, ask Luke because it might not be where you last saw it! Thanks Luke. The water cannon has not been used yet since Doug and Luke are trying to figure out how to get it moved to the starting location to travel back to the water source. Neither have a vehicle that can pull it. A conversation with Mike is in order to get his ideas on how to make this work.

MONITORED SUBSTITUTION: Please note the addition to the original minutes shown in red that was submitted by Luke Cotton to be added to the minutes. Initial Implementation: U14 will have normal soccer substitution rules (sub at stoppage), ARs are asked to keep an eye on player time spent out, but not required to record anything regarding subs. 2nd Tier: If an issue arises (complaint/concern is received), spectators with opposite allegiances will be asked to keep track of player's time out (in minutes) on extra game cards. Those extra cards are returned to the AR or center referee and submitted.

NEXT MEETING: The next regularly scheduled meeting would be August 18 but since we are having the parent meeting on August 16 and again August 24, typically we meet after one of those gatherings. Stay tuned for Leanne's decision on if we need another meeting.

Respectfully submitted.
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

JUN 2016

No Meeting


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Arianne Custer, Rachel Smith, Joan Ruekauf, Elaine Markley, Luke Cotton, Eric Gleske, Juan Fernandez, Doug Conrad, Andy Ungerer Benjamin Carleski, Kristin Francisconi, Anton Grube

MINUTES FROM APRIL MEETING: It was moved by Kristin and seconded by Anton the minutes be approved for the April 21, 2016 meeting as written. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD APPLICATIONS: Applications for Safety Director and Equipment Manager were reviewed and applicants were asked questions about their position and background. The duties of the Safety Director will now include being the liaison between AYSO Region 149 and the Corvallis School District, Will over see the Fields Coordinator, make sure the safety schedule is full each week, and be sure the first aid supplies are well stocked. It was moved by Anton and seconded by Rachel that Luke Cotton be accepted to this position. The motion passed unanimously. Arianne Custer applied for the Equipment Manager position. She understands the duties of the job and will be mentored by Leanne and Elaine, who have been piecing the Equipment Manager's job together. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Rachel we accept Arianne Custer as the new Equipment Manager. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome aboard Luke and Arianne. Mary Cotton has been approached about becoming the U5 Coordinator but no application has been submitted at this time.

BUDGET: Items in the budget were discussed. The issue of scholarship funds was discussed. There were 100 scholarships reserved and there are 29 players on a wait list for scholarships. After considering the amount of money in the scholarship fund, it was decided we have enough funds set aside to honor all the requests and have 9 additional scholarships that can be given out for the remaining MY2016-17 on a first come, first served basis. Those what were placed on the waiting list will be notified they can come to one of the registration events to pay for next season. It was moved by Eric and seconded by Luke that we approve the budget as written. The motion carried unanimously.

UPCOMING EVENTS: The mini camp will be held August 20 at either Adams or OSU. More details to come on this. August 16 will be the first parent meeting and August 20 will be the second meeting. Printing of the letters to be mailed to parents will be completed by July 20. The folding party will be at the July 21 Board meeting. All letters will be mailed by July 22 and should be received by players by July 26.
Team formation will start July 11 and will be completed by July 17. An email will be sent out to ALL families that key volunteers are needed and it is the hope the parents will jump on the opportunity to step up to coach, be an assistant coach, referee or be a team manager! July 1 all team names will be sent to John Williams to build the schedule.

REGISTRATION AT FIELD: On May 23, 24 and June 2, 2016, there will be open registration for those who need to pay since they were on a scholarship list or anyone who missed the events in May. Kristin will send an email to those who show up in the applicant folder to remind them they must bring paperwork and money to the shed in order to be completely registered. On May 23, Kristin, Leanne, Juan and Arianne will be at the safety station between 5:30-6:30 to accept registration materials. On June 24, Elaine, Kristin, Juan and Andy will be there and on June 2, Elaine, Kristin, Juan and Huberto will be there to help. A side note: Andy will be out of town June 8-16. Leanne purchased "Register Now" lawn signs that have not arrived. They will be sent to Humberto's home and he has volunteered to place them out and about prior to the registration event.

VIP PROGRAM: It was reported that there will be a maximum of 25 players in the program. A meeting of parents will be announced at a later date.

FIELDS REPORT: Doug will check with Luke and Mike about storing the goals for the summer. Water cannon coordination needs to be done and Doug needs to learn how to use them properly. He will be meeting with Mike to see about resurfacing the fields again this summer. EXTRA field lining needs to be coordinated with Bob who was not at the meeting.

COACH REPORT: Training will be held June 17 and June 21. Eric will do the classroom portion and Dan will do the field portion. Confirmation will need to be made on who will do the U5 coaching. There needs to be a cap on the number per coach. Anton will be sending Eric the coach evaluations.

TEAM MANAGER: Rachel will send names to Benjamin of who should not be a Team Manager next year. Next year, Rachel would like any flyer information sheets sent to her electronically so they can be emailed to Team Managers as well as being placed in the team files.

EXTRA REPORT: There were two girls teams formed; one at U12 and one at U14. On the boys side there was one U10 team, one U12 team and only about 10 players trying out for U14 so that team will not exist.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting is Thursday, June 16 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building. Elaine will not be there so someone will need to take minutes for that meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Joan Ruekauf, Humberto Nation, Anton Grube, Bob Vingelin, Luke Cotton, Jason Hower, Juan Fernandez, Elaine Markley, Andy Ungerer, Doug Conrad, Eric Gleske, Gibby Reynolds, Rachel Smith, Michelle Sparks, Toby Westberry, Benjamin Carleski, guest Wade Haslam

REFEREE REPORT: Luke reported that things were going well. He presented the concept of cross training the Coach/Referee in U8 to be implemented next year. Juan wonders if that should be considered in U10 as well since there will be more teams due to the number of players on the field next fall. The U8 referees would not be scheduled online. They would fill in on game day .

PARKING LOT: The size of the U8 teams and how that affects practices. Combine teams for practices?

MINUTES FROM MARCH MEETING: It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Anton that the minutes from the March 17 meeting be approved as re-submitted with Andy's specific breakdown of team formation for the girls. The motion carried unanimously.

NEW BOARD MEMBER: Doug Conrad applied for the position of Fields Coordinator. This position will fall under the supervision of the Safety Coordinator. Doug has been a coach for the core program as well as Extra. Mike will be helping train Doug throughout the spring and into the summer. It was moved by Gibby and seconded by Humberto that we accept Doug's application for Fields Coordinator. The motion carried with one abstention vote. Welcome Doug

EXTRA PROGRAM: Decisions needed to be made for the Extra program and what direction we will go next year. With open registration closing in on us, there was a lot of discussion centering around the time to outline the program to advertise it with the "side by side" program option or continue to play concurrent with the core team. At this time we will stay concurrent for next year and continue to improve the direction of the program in our region. Bob asked for help with the tryouts that are being held May 16 and 17 at Adams. Doug, Jason, Wade and Juan all volunteered to assist in the selection process that will run from 6:00-7:30pm. The fee structure was discussed and broken down. The total per player would be $100. The breakdown is as follows:

  • $5.00 to the core program to cover port-a-pot units and paint for fields
  • $25.00 for OYSA membership for a year
  • $15.00 uniform cost
  • $50.00-$60.00 for fall league ONLY.

The $100 player fee does not include tournaments or spring expenses. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Gibby that $5.00 of the total fee goes back to Region 149 to cover the cost of port-a-pots and field paint. The motion was approved unanimously.

VOTING BOARD MEMBERS: Leanne discussed the need to identify Board positions with voting rights. 2/3 of the voting members must be present when voting on items submitted to National such as annual budget, procedures and protocol, RC appointments. All Regional items can be voted on by any Board member in attendance. According to the guidelines, Regional Coordinator positions are voting members. Region 149 will include the following Regional Coordinators in the eAYSO listing: Team Manager, Girls Team Formation, Boys Team Formation, Secretary. The required seven positions are also voting members: Commissioner, Treasurer, Referee Administrator, Coach Administrator, CVPA, Registrar. The idea of having a new Board member attend a minimum of 9 out of 12 meetings before being identified as a Regional Coordinator was discussed. Benjamin will add these changes to the eAYSO listing.

VOTING AMENDMENT: After a brief discussion, it was decided that we will follow Article 6, Section D as outlined in the Procedures and Protocol.

REFUND POLICY: It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Gibby that the refund policy states: Region 149 offers a full refund to players who have not participated in a scheduled match during the standard primary program. Those desiring a refund must submit a request in writing to the Regional Registrar. Special requests outside this policy may be submitted in writing to the Regional Commissioner for review on a case-by-case basis. All refunds are at the discretion of the Regional Commissioner or their appointee. The motion carried unanimously.

VIP PROGRAM: It was moved by Luke and seconded by Benjamin that we approve the VIP program for Regional 149 as outlined by the VIP Coordinator, Katie Carleski. The motion carried unanimously. It was moved by Luke and seconded by Gibby that the payment for the program will be $50. The motion carried unanimously.

ARTICLE 7 IN PROCEDURES AND PROTOCOL: It was moved by Eric and seconded by Gibby that we check the box for playing ¾ game. The motion carried unanimously.

REGISTRATION EVENT: Registration will take place from 9:00-am-2:00pm at Adams gym/computer lab on May 7 and May 14. Kristin will create an electronic sign up sheet for volunteers as well as Board members. Please plan on spending as much time as possible helping out in the gym or computer lab those Saturdays. Leanne will check with Kristin and get the letter ready for printing this week so Rachel can stuff the folders. A roster needs to be included in the Team Manager direction sheet. We will be using eAYSO for the program to register since Blue Sombrero is not ready. Credit cards can be accepted at the gym or pay online from home. Lawn signs should be ready to put out after April 30. Elaine will contact the radio station and newspaper for public service announcements for the event. She will have Spanish and English version flyers ready to take to the schools to post by May 1.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan shared budget information she has received but it is incomplete. All Boards members need to submit their items to her within the next week or so, allowing her time to complete the proposed budget for approval at the next Board meeting. If you have questions, check with Joan!

SAFETY STATION: The shifts for the safety station are not full. Each week there have been 2 or 3 open spots. Luke will send Gibby a list of volunteers who signed up for safety and see if they can fill the spots. Board members should not be doing their job.

SILENT SATURDAY: April 30 is Silent Saturday. Anton has the write up for this and will send it out to Luke and Eric for reminders to families of the purpose.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, May 19 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Anton Grube, Juan Fernandez, Eric Gleske, Rachel Smith, Elaine Markley, Humberto Nation, Kristin Francisconi, Andy Ungerer, Benjamin Carleski, Kelsey Walker, Joan Ruekauf, Luke Cotton

TEAM MANAGER REPORT: Rachel has been contacting each Team Manager to see how the volunteer pool is going and challenges for each team. U6 referees are hard to come by. There are a few U8 teams that do not have a Team Manager identified. Leanne will help contact teams that are having trouble getting people to volunteer.

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS: Mike Middleton has submitted his recognition as the Fields Coordinator. He has contacted several volunteers and hopefully they will fill out an application and train with him this spring. Benjamin will send out a notice to all fields volunteers to see if anyone would like to help in the Board position role. Gibby is stepping down as Safety Director since he will be the Area Commissioner. We are still in need of a Trusted Data Manager and Equipment Manager. Everyone needs to be proactive on the field and talk to folks about becoming a Board member. Networking is the key to getting new faces on the Board.

TRAINING: A new concept for registration in May will include trying to find 5 new volunteers who will be the expert in a particular aspect of the registration process. All registration volunteers will receive an email about this new opportunity. They would oversee the other volunteers, freeing up more Board members throughout the day. There will be ongoing coach training, perhaps during the season. Referee training will take place prior to the season and the refresher course the Friday before the season begins. Coach training will take place since there is a need. There will be a "mini camp" August 19 and 20 for the Team Managers, Coaches and Referees.

REFEREE REPORT: Luke briefly talked about monitored substitutions for U14B and U14G in the fall. The logistics will be worked out at a later date. U19 is currently doing this and Luke will be contacting Region 870 to see how they are monitoring this. An impartial volunteer keeps track (time) of players playing time. Each "EXTRA" team will need to provide one qualified, trained referee for their game that is played at our location.

EXTRA PROGRAM REPORT: Anton met with John, Walt and Jason. Tryouts will be held for the Extra program for both girls and boys on Monday, May 16 and Tuesday, May 17 from 6:00-7:30. Each team will be required to have a coach, assistant coach and a team manager. The team manager could act as the treasurer for the team. The teams would decide the length of the season. Some could do summer and end in the fall or others may decide to extend through the following spring. Girls play in the Kidsports league. U10 is always played in Eugene. U12 and U14 switch back and forth between Eugene and Corvallis. The name of the program will no longer be called Progressive, but "EXTRA." Information needs to be changed in any registration materials and on the website. Anton and his committee will bring a written draft of the "sales pitch" to the April meeting.


FIELDS REPORT: All fields are very, very, very wet! A review of the closure policy and practice schedule was discussed. If 50% of the fields are closed by the school district, ALL practices will be canceled. An email blast would be sent out and the website would have an up-date from information obtained from the school district. If we were to cancel the first week of games due to wet field conditions, the schedule would drop the first game and follow the games scheduled for week 2, which would be April 9.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan would like to have all the individual budget requests to her prior to the April meeting. We will discuss the information provided and she will then come back in May with the budget for final approval. She is looking into options of moving some of the money to different types of accounts to better serve our Region.

TEAM FORMATION: Juan reported there was one new U12B team and one U14B team formed. The teams are being adopted for practices so the players can have trained coaches. 17 boys were not placed on teams this spring. Juan was going to ask the U6B coaches if they would take one additional player to bring total up to 8 players since there were only 4 that were not placed in that division. Andy's report for girls program
U8G - 4 girls not placed
U10G - 7 girls not placed
U12G - 4 girls not placed, but 3 were already doing other sports
U14G - 1 girl not placed
Leanne will email the U5 players to welcome them back next week. If anyone needs additional uniforms, email Leanne with the information since she will be placing the order.

MINUTES FROM FEBRUARY MEETING: It was moved by Anton and seconded by Benjamin that the minutes from the February 25, 2016 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

VOLUNTEER EMAILS: Luke will send out email blasts to Concession, Safety, Special Events reminding them to sign up for their 2 hours shift this spring. Rachel will remind Team Managers to do the same and help fill the empty slots (there are a lot of them).

INDOOR REPORT: Prem was not present, but it was reported there were 253 players in the first session and 144 in the second session. No major complaints were reported. Good work Prem!

BOARD MEMBERS ON THE FIELD: Elaine will create and send out a Genius Sign up sheet for Board members to pick either a time you can help at the field to open the fields or close them. Watch for that and help when you can.

USED SOCCER BALLS: Anton will present the plan for collection at the April meeting.

U12 INTERPLAY: Due to lack of interest by the coaches, we will not participate in any interplay with Region 870 this spring.

VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION AND KEY DATES: The following dates will be earmarked to show appreciation for our key volunteers:

  • April 16 ~ Team Manager appreciation
  • April 23 ~ Referee appreciation
  • April 30 ~ Silent Saturday
  • May 7 ~ 2016-17 Open Registration at Adams gym all day
  • May 14 ~ 2015-17 Open Registration at Adams gym all day
  • May 14 ~ Coach appreciation

If anyone has ideas of how we can honor these volunteers let each of the Board members who oversee these volunteers know your thoughts.

SUMMER CAMPS: The dates for the AYSO summer camps are June 27-July 1, July 25-29 and August15-19. All sessions will be held at Adams fields.

NEW POST OFFICE BOX: We will be transitioning away from our PO Box 516 in Philomath and our new post office box will be located on Philomath Blvd at the UPS store. The new address is

5060 SW Philomath Blvd #193
Corvallis, OR. 97333

Kristin will have a key to pick up mail since she goes there on a regular basis. Rachel will be the back up.

NEWSLETTER: Vicki is putting the final touches on the newsletter and it will be out soon. Leanne will give Vicki the dates for the Volunteer Appreciation.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting is Thursday, April 21 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Gibby Reynolds, Kelsey Walker, Andy Ungerer, Juan Fernandez, Eric Gleske, Elaine Markley, Humberto Nation, Anton Grube, Rachel Smith, Kristin Francisconi, Luke Cotton, Benjamin Carleski, Joan Reukauf

MINUTES FROM JANUARY RETREAT: It was moved by Anton and seconded by Gibby that the minutes from the January 9, 2016 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

NEW AREA COMMISSIONER: Congratulations to Gibby Reynolds for being chosen to serve as Area Commissioner with his term beginning April 1, 2016. Many thanks to Shellie Parmelle for all the years of service and leadership to our area

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS: We must continue to recruit and talk to volunteers about filling the open Board positions. The most critical right now are Equipment Manager, Data Manager and Safety Administrator (since Gibby is the new Area Commissioner). With the new restructure of Board positions and standard policies, all Board members are now considered voting members. 2/3 of the Board must be present.

BOARD AND VOLUNTEER POSITION TRAINING: Regional Board training will be offered several times with the first training on March 9 from 6:00-8:00pm. Benjamin will send out a reminder to all those who need their job specific training. Specific dates for referee training, coach training registrar training and team manager training will be posted on the website.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: After the March 1 limited open registration evaluations will be made as to which division might still have openings. There are currently 1142 registered players, 51 players have registered and waiting to be placed on a spring team and there are 35 players in the applicant stage. There will be no new teams formed in U8G and U8B as well as the U10G and U10B teams. Since there is an odd number of teams in U12B, it was decided to form a new team in that division as long as the key volunteers can be identified and trained. Leanne will draft a letter to be mailed out March 9 to those who were not placed.

PROGRESSIVE REPORT: Anton reported that he met with Bob and John to discuss the nuts and bolts of the progressive program. From his training at the EXPO, Anton reports that the title "progressive" is not an AYSO word for what our progressive program is setting out to accomplish. Anton found out that there are tiers of soccer that are under the AYSO umbrella:

  • AYSO primary
  • "EXTRA" (this would be our current Progressive teams)
  • Club - A player is not on a primary AYSO team and membership must be approved by National
  • Academy - An elite level group

BALANCING TEAMS: The number of goals scored has been tallied from the fall. The format is ready for volunteers to calculate the information in the safety station. It was proposed that the referees turn in their game cards at the Safety station rather than the referee station.

VIP REPORT: Katie, Walt and Leanne all took classes at EXPO. They found out the VIP program does not have to have a separate budget to operate. Although it would be legal to raise the player fee to support the expenses of the VIP program, our region will not do this.

YOUTH REPORT: Kelsey is planning on a pizza party for all the youth volunteers at the end of the season. Training opportunities will continue for the youth volunteers to include coach training.

CALENDAR FOR 2017: In thinking ahead, it was suggested that open registration for spring 2017 be completed by mid February so have more time to form teams, order uniforms and get the schedule developed for printing.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan reported a concern about enough scholarship money to go around by spring. We need to find a way to track the number of requests when the families register to know if we have overspent our budget. We have a new PO Box with UPS on Philomath Blvd. We will keep the old one so there is an overlap in case mail is going to the one in Philomath. The cost to keep the existing box is $41 for six months.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby followed up on the Corvallis School District policy on the use of drones at the fields. The school district does not allow drones on the property. AYSO National does not provide insurance for this new fad. Gibby talked about the new ruling on heading the ball and relationship to concussions. Heading the ball is banned from U12 and below. U14 and above can not have more than 15-20 headers in an activity lasting 30 minutes. They are legal in games since it is not a repeated action with the ball coming into contact with the head. We must follow AYSO policy for return to practice and games is someone has had a concussion or head injury. Gibby will put the new policy on heading the ball in the newsletter. Luke will post the policy on the website.

REFEREE REPORT: Due to the lack of time, the discussion of open substitution at U14 and above will take place at the March meeting.

COACH REPORT: Luke and Eric are now certified as Advanced Coaches. Anton is certified as a Coach Instructor. An Advanced Coach instructor will teach the U12 and U14 coach clinics. Dan, Luke and Eric will be sent to Golden Gate Camp the last week in July for continued education. New materials are coming out soon. Eric is looking for suggestions for "coach appreciation" that will be the 2nd week in April. Give Eric your ideas.

TEAM MANAGER REPORT: Rachel reported there are still 11 teams looking for key volunteers, primarily coaches and referees. There were 10 teams that found their own volunteers that were primarily the coach positions.

COMMISSIONER WRAP-UP: Leanne reported the team that represented Region 149 came away from the EXPO with a lot of good ideas. There will be more information to follow about changes in birth year, small sided games and field size for the MY2017. She reported they got a lot of good recruitment ideas from the conference. The big news is that the Blue Sombrero registration program will not be opened in time to start it with next year registration. It will open in January of 2017 so we will continue to use the eAYSO for the fall/spring 2016-17. Hopefully by spring of 2017 all the kinks have been worked out and it will be foolproof by then.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, March 17 at 7:15 in the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Benjamin Carleski, Katie Carleski, Anton Grube, Elaine Markley, Leanne Henriques, Humberto Nation, Dustin Denver, Mark Baur, Luke Cotton, Toby Westberry, Dan Stevens, Marty Hernandez, Juan Hernandez, Kristin Francisconi, Jason Hower, Rachel Smith, Kelsey Walker, Michelle, Sparks, Andy Ungerer, Bob Vingelin, Bob Carlseski, Marc Betz

MINUTES: The minutes from the November 19, 2015 were approved as corrected. The addition to the word "limited" was added to the spring registration statement. In the section review of Region 870, it was noted that the U12 teams may have a game with Region 870 this spring.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Introductions of Katie Carleski and Marty Hernandez were made and questions were asked of each of the applicants. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Humberto that Katie Carleski become the VIP Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Kristin that Marty Hernandez become the Concession Coordinator at the end of the spring 2016 season, transitioning with the help of Nichole. The motion carried unanimously. It was moved by Luke and seconded by Benjamin that Marc Betz become the Assistant Data Manager. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome to the Region 149 Board!

SEASON IN REVIEW: Leanne began the discussion of things that went well this past fall and others added to the list. Positive results included:

  • Field conditions
  • Team Manager interaction and follow through
  • Less complaints in general
  • Parent meeting structure
  • Changes were well received
  • Credit card option for paying was positive
  • More scholarship money generated through the credit card option
  • Club data better and more timely. Jason Hower will be the liaison between AYSO and club
  • Great Board member additions
  • Referee schedule with new program
  • More coach and referee training options

Things that could have been better include:

  • Data flow
  • U6 confusion. Not enough research done and not enough coach training on changes
  • Volunteers not getting their original choice of job for their team
  • Lack of communication with volunteers
  • Lack of follow through on deadline dates
  • Need to recruit in person for filling Board positions that are open, not just an email blast
  • Staffing for safety/information was not always filled
  • Field volunteers didn't help clean up even though they were reminded many ways
  • The purpose of the August parent meeting was not clear to everyone

COACH: Thank you to Dan and Jason for making the U5 program a success. There is a huge potential for growth, therefore more coaches need to be trained to present the curriculum. One suggestion was to use the OSU club soccer group who has to do community service hours. It was suggested that game balls be returned and used the following year in addition to receiving new balls. More balls per team = better player involvement. It was moved by Kristin and seconded by Benjamin we ask for used soccer balls to be returned at the end of the spring season and redistribute in the fall along with 3 new balls per team. Motion carried unanimously. Anton will discuss possible storage after the spring season at a later meeting. Thank you to Eric for his report and suggestions since he could not attend. (There was cream cheese for our snacks, Eric!)

REFEREE: The U8 referees could sign up to referee their own child's games. This could be done in all divisions except U14. This seemed to help fill the game time slots, therefore there were less games that were not covered. The new game cards were custom made to match our needs. All games were scheduled in Horizon Web Ref program. Feedback can be given to other referees in this program. The referee administrator has a support structure to break the job into more manageable tasks. The structure is:

  • Director of Referee Instruction
  • Director of Assessment
  • Director of Youth Engagement
  • Youth Referee Coordinator

Referee equipment is being cut back, saving costs. Rather than a full uniform in the lower divisions, t-shirts have been issued. In the future, Progressive teams will need to provide a referee for their games. These will be scheduled in the Horizon Web Ref program.

TEAM MANAGER: Only 2 teams did not receive some sort of training in the fall. Email communication was good. Team managers need to be made aware of who is volunteering for which positions. An email with the list is helpful. For improvement for next season, Rachel and Michelle want to have three dates in the early part of August (2, 10 and 18). They would like to have rosters with email address on them. There will be an "open house" for the current team managers prior to the season. Training guidelines need to be made clear and all team managers must compete the Safe Haven training but the concussion training is suggested by National. It was moved by Rachel and seconded by Benjamin that all Region 149 Team Managers complete both Safe Haven and Concussion training. Coaches need to know that if their team manager is not doing their job, Rachel and/or Michelle need to know this. In the future, a token of appreciation will be given after the 1st game and a smaller appreciation will be given at the end of the season.

PROGRESSIVE: Anton will lead a subcommittee to look at the Progressive program as a whole and make sure both the girls and boys programs are structured the same way. Members on this committee are John W., Bob V., Jason, Juan, Prem and a member of Region 870. The boys program is growing , therefore, another coordinator is needed to help Bob. The age groups will change in January 2017.

TREASURER: Joan dropped off the report and had to attend a work meeting. There will be an additional $1259 added to the scholarship fund from summer camp funds.

SAFETY: Gibby was not able to attend since he a referee in AZ but did send the Corvallis School Policy about the use of drones on the field. It was decided to table the topic until more information can be obtained about the use of drones to film referees in action.

FIELDS: No report. There was good snow in the mountains for Mike!

CVPA: Since Anton has taken on additional duties as an Assistant Commissioner, we need to find someone who could help check references of new volunteers. Toby will look up the National position on background check and see if a Board member can do the calls to help cut down on the amount of time required by just two Board members.

SPRING SEASON PREP: Season will begin April 2 and end May 14. There will be some sort of closing day celebration on May 14. Katie and Juan will work on ideas for this.

VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION: Key volunteer positions will be recognized in the spring. Board members are to report back in February as to what this might look like.

  • Coach appreciation April 9
  • Referee appreciation April 16
  • Team Manager appreciation April 23

EQUIPMENT: Uniform deadline is March 11. There will be a late order placed on March 21 if necessary and the last order will be April 3. Leanne will do this unless a new Equipment Manager steps forward.

SPRING SEASON TIMELINE: The dates are also on the Google calendar and reminders will be sent to phone or computer.

  • January 11 Review Team Manager letter from previous year
  • January 13 approval of letter
  • January 15 letter sent to Team Managers
  • January 25 Kristin contact wait list players to see if they are wanting to play in spring
  • January 26 Newspaper/radio information
  • February 3 Follow up with Team Managers on openings
  • February19 Deadline to add teams
  • March 1 Newsletter articles due to Vicki
  • March 9 Players notified if they were placed on a team
  • April 1 Individual budgets to Leanne
  • April 30 Silent Saturday

INTERPLAY WITH REGION 870: Both regions will follow National Standards so every game will be played the same way. U12 coaches would have the option to playing 1 away game and 1 home game with Region 870 to eliminate the "bye" and get a taste of U14. Leanne will check with John W. and Keith U from Region 870 to see if it would be better to schedule the interplay games on two Saturdays ONLY or throughout the season when they make the schedule. A deadline will need to be identified so this can be worked into the schedule.

VIP PROGRAM: Katie expressed a commitment for at least 5 years. She will be attending all the VIP classes offered at EXPO, including instructor courses. The VIP program will be independently financed and will not be in the general fee for other players. Region 870 will start their program this spring and set a limit to the number of participants. Katie has a key person identified that might be willing to work with her in developing the program.

TEAM FORMATION: Andy, Juan, Toby, Dan and Leanne will be evaluating the goals scored and the rankings for team formation. Starting in the fall of 2016, U10 will be 7 v 7 to comply with National standards with team size, goal size and field size matching the standard. More key volunteers will be needed at this level compared to this past season. Changes will need to be communicated in the newsletter and all coach communication.
The topic of having a U7 division was mentioned but will be discussed at a later date. It was felt that team balance was good this past fall and there were less blow out games. Volunteer placement of key volunteers (coach, referee and team manager) should be spread out first amongst the teams, then start creating the balanced teams from that point. Less problems of getting volunteers is anticipated if this is done in advance rather than begging people to fill the key spots.

FALL 2016: By April 18, Coach training, Referee training and Team Manager training dates and job descriptions will be completed. Open registration for MY2016-17 will be May 7 and 14. The fee will be $75. After May 14 the fee will be $80. Since eAYSO will no longer exist after December 31, 2016, we will register through Blue Sombrero. This program has a credit card system that seems to work quicker than what we used last season. Kristin wants to have the registration as a walk-in at Adams gym May 7 and 14.
May 31 open registration will close so that team formation workshops can begin.
June 23 team formation will be completed for the MY2016-17.

NEW NATIONAL STANDARD GUIDELINES: Anything our Region wants to customize will become an amendment and not be found in an appendix. A key change is that ALL Board members will be voting members, however, there must be a quorum. In preparing our Regional guidelines, the first month we will discuss the amendments and the second month we will vote on them. A subcommittee will go through our current guidelines and compare to National guidelines. The final vote will be in June. Luke, Benjamin, Gibby, Eric, Anton and Leanne will serve on this committee.

PICTURES: Leanne has asked Luke to prepare a survey to be sent to all families about team pictures. It will be framed around whether families buy pictures, do they want pictures, why or why not? Should a new vendor be used? This survey will be prepared by the February meeting for preview.

RAP: Leanne Benjamin and Anton will be meeting with each Board member after EXPO over the next several months to fill out the RAP report that pertains to their Board position.

RETREAT 2017: The retreat date for next year will be Saturday, January 14, 2017. Mark your calendar now.

THANK YOU: Thanks to Anton for securing our location for the 2016 retreat. The venue was perfect. Thank you to those who were able to attend the retreat. Your dedication to kids in Region 149 is appreciated.

NEXT MEETING: Due to schedule conflicts, our next meeting will be Thursday, February 25 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

DEC 2015

No Meeting


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Anton Grube, Andy Ungerer, Luke Cotton, Gibby Reynolds, Eric Gleske, Toby Westberry, Elaine Markley, Rachel Smith, Humberto Nation, Kristin Francisconi, Joan Ruekauf

MINUTES: It was moved by Rachel and seconded by Humberto that the minutes from the October 15 2015 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD OPENINGS: We are currently looking for an Equipment Manager and Data Manager as well as a Public Relations coordinator. Marc Betz has indicated he would be willing to help as an Assistant Data Manager. Benjamin will give a better picture of the job description of the Data Manager since he has been working out the kinks. Leanne will contact Rich Raleigh and see if he is interested in helping out again. It was suggested an email blast be send out prior to December 15 with these positions advertised. Leanne would draft the blast and send to Benjamin to email to members.

EXPO: At this time the following Board members indicated interest in attending Expo in January. They are: Luke, Gibby, Walt (going as a presenter), Leanne, Eric, Anton and Benjamin. Leanne needs to know if anyone else is interested in attending so arrangements for travel and lodging can be made.

SAFETY REPORT: The was nothing to report since the October 15 meeting. Gibby clarified the question about having stretchers at the safety station. He said they should not be allowed and 911 should transport any player or spectator if necessary. The topic of drones was discussed. Gibby will bring a draft policy about use of drones during practice and games to the January retreat. It was suggested that Karen Selander from the Corvallis School District be contacted to see if the school district has a policy in place for the safety of those on the district fields.

TREASURER REPORT: There was no report given.

REFEREE REPORT: Luke reported there were 628 referees assigned in the computer for games. Allowing the U8 volunteer referees to do their own child's game was considered a big plus. There were only 6 volunteers that did not fulfill their obligation in the fall but there were 7 who did not do any games. There were 50 new regional referees properly trained. It was felt that the gaps in the schedule were smaller than in past seasons. Luke made appreciation coupons for referees to redeem snacks at the concession stand after the last fall game. Those who used them very surprised and appreciated the gesture.

RRA Addition: Fall 2015 - U08+: 628 referee slots were assigned in Horizon Web Ref, 131 Referee Assignments were filled, 137 Referee Assignments were requested, 133 Web Ref Licenses were used (135 purchased), 7 Web Ref users never logged in or took a game assignment, 42 Referees Trained with Companion Course, 8 Referees Trained in Person, 13 U8 Referees Trained, 50 new regional referees, & 6 reported incidences this past season. Intermediate Referee class on 12/11 run by Walt, no stats yet.

REGISTRATION: Open registration for spring 2016 will open February 1. There will be a detailed discussion about this at the January 9th retreat. Some players registered for fall and spring while others just registered to play indoor in the winter. This needs to be sorted out before teams receive new players for spring.

CVPA REPORT: No report.


COACH REPORT: Eric reported there were 200 coaches trained and certified. Additional training will take place in February and March. Eric will present a proposal at the retreat for coaches to have interactive training. There were three reported incidents this fall and all the coaches involved only had the on-line training.

TEAM MANAGERS: Rachel reported that approximately 75% of the team managers picked up their appreciation gift card at the shed steps when getting their mail from the team folder. The feedback was very positive to be recognized for their volunteerism. Both she and Michelle liked having a face to go along with the name they have been working with throughout the season. They talked about having an "open house" in the early spring to talk to team managers and pump them up for a return job next year. They are going to keep the extra gift cards and use them as needed. Leanne appreciated all the extra training both Rachel and Michelle did to help the team managers carry out their job.

INDOOR PROGRAM: Prem was not present, but it was reported there were a few problems tracking players that had 2 last names. Clarification needs to be made for the intent of the player for the spring outdoor season.

MEETING WITH AYSO REGION 870: Leanne attended their Board meeting. They have a rigid Roberts Rule of Order that she received and will send along to our Board. There was a concern that the U14 teams had the same uniforms in both regions. We will place our order first and then give Region 870 a list of colors/styles used. They are asking that we consider playing one game each week in U12 in the future. This will be discussed at a later date.

VIP PROGRAM: We are in the exploration stage, not a fundraising stage. Region 870 wants our region to have the same fee for the VIP program as theirs. It was felt we will do what is best for our Region.

ACCOUNT AT UPS: Region 149 now has an open account for printing needs at the UPS store on Philomath Blvd. next to the Subway sandwich shop. Bring receipts to Joan to help track spending.

HOLIDAY PARTY: It was decided to forgo the holiday party this year. Every Board meeting is a party!!!!

JANUARY RETREAT: Kristin has offered the services of her daughter's girl scout troop to babysit for those Board members who would need childcare on January 9. Agenda items that have been identified are:

  • Calendar planning/Use of Google calendar
  • Each Administrator have concrete goals
  • Regional goals
  • New National Standard Guidelines (every Board member present gets to vote)
  • Changing team sizes
  • Progressive programs
  • Registration procedures for spring 2016 and Fall/Spring 2016-17
  • Proposals from Anton, Benjamin and Leanne who each have sub-groups

The location of the retreat will be at the Corvallis Clinic Asbury Bldg. at 3680 NW Samaritan Drive. Anton will provide specific directions for parking.

Leanne will send out a Doodle poll with hour by hour time slots for Board members to indicate when they will be present. Elaine will base the food purchases on the results of the Doodle poll.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be the retreat on Saturday, January 9 at the Corvallis Clinic beginning at 9:00am.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.

Respectfully submitted:
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Andy Ungerer, Jason Hower, Luke Cotton, Elaine Markley, Leanne Henriques, Eric Gleske, Humberto Nation, Anton Grube, Kristin Francisconi, Joan Ruekauf, Benjamin Carleski, Katie Carleski (guest), John Fassler from Region 870 (guest)

BOARD NEEDS: Leanne gave a brief rundown of what is needed for priority Board positions and changes that may be taking place. She said that Marc Betz has indicated a desire to help as an Assistant Trusted Data Manager. Benjamin, Bob Carleski and Marc will talk about roles and how this will look. Leanne will talk to Rich Raleigh to see if he has time to assist with pieces of the data collection. Leanne has had someone approach her about helping as the Social Media Coordinator. She will meet with this person and discuss the role of this Board position. Lawn signs are being drafted for future registration by Tera Bluhm. The word "fall" will be added to the drafted signs. Joan is looking for an assistant as Treasurer. She will not resign from her position at this time.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby was not present by wanted to thank all the Board members for their help with ambulance calls the past two weeks. He reported that each of the incidents were truly an "accident" and no action needed to be taken, The Lebanon player had a severe concussion and will be held out of practice until released from her physician. There was a U19 player with a bruised rib that did not require transport. An experienced referee slipped and fell on his elbow and required an ambulance transport. There was also an ACL injury that did not require transport. It was a good reminder for all coaches to carry their emergency contact forms with them at all times and Eric will put this in his "Hey Coach" newsletter. A question for Gibby: What is the policy for having stretchers at the field for transport of an injured person?

RETREAT AGENDA ITEMS: The following were suggested for discussion at the January 9, 2016 retreat.

  • Proposal for emergency forms to coaches
  • Quality of soccer balls purchased from Baden
  • Walkie talkies on field
  • Assigning referees to U6 in the current format (just do it like we did before smaller sided games)

VIP EXPLORATION: John Fassler from Region 870 made a presentation to the Board regarding the training he has obtained and willingness to assist our region if we want to start a VIP program. Christi Carleski, wife of Benjamin, is interested in continuing the exploration of this program. The program would not begin until proper training can be obtained which would likely be Fall of 2016 or Spring of 2017. The youngest age of participation can be determined by each region and there is no top age for someone to participate, according to John. John is looking for a corporate sponsor to pay for any costs to participants. Special equipment may be needed as well as the uniforms. There are no practices, like our current U6. It was suggested that we may be able to tap into OSU volunteers who work with the special needs programs. John suggested a representative of Region 149 meet with the teachers in the Corvallis and Philomath districts to share the program and get the word out through their communication avenue. Benjamin would represent AYSO Region 149 when talking about the VIP Program until an official Board application has been filed and action taken on any applicants. We can start advertising with our current members when we are ready to proceed. It was moved by Eric and seconded by Jason that our region begin the exploration of a VIP program and support necessary training as we move forward. The motion carried unanimously,

TREASURER REPORT: Joan would like to remove past Registrar Rema Robinson from the signature card and add current Registrar Kristin Francisconi as an identified signer. The names on the cards would be: Leanne Henriques, Commissioner, Elaine Markley, Secretary, Joan Ruekauf, Treasurer and Kristin Francisconi, Registrar. Joan will prepare the paperwork that will indicate this change.

INDOOR REGISTRATION: Leanne and Kristin will talk about the players in the applicant status that want to play indoor soccer this winter. All players must be a registered for MY2015-16 in order to participate in indoor. Prem needs to be kept informed as to the status of the players.



FIELDS REPORT: The goals for U8 have not arrived yet. Leanne will follow up on this. In the meantime, thank you to Jason for loaning a goal from his home so we can have goals on all fields.

COACH REPORT: Eric reported there have been a few issues with the U8 teams having two players camp out in front of the goal while the other three are going the length of the field. All in all, there have been more positive comments than negative in the new look for U8 The U10 spectator/team signs are not being followed. A reminder will be made about why players are on one side and parents on the other. In the coaches report Kristin brought up the need to provide instruction or review when there are unequal numbers of players on teams during game situations. Eric will address this in "Hey Coach." The U12 coach training will not be offered before the end of the season but it will definitely be offered before spring 2016. Eric sees the value of having "live training at all division rather than just video training at U8 and U10.

REFEREE SCORE CARDS: The intent was to enter data on a spreadsheet while volunteers are at the safety/information station (in their down time). That has not been done. After the current high school and AYSO season, Anton will collect and sort data during the winter months. Game cards are stored on the table between the windows in the safety/information station.

TEAM MANAGER REPORT: Neither Rachel or Michelle were present so there was no report. Leanne has had good feedback from team managers about their training and the support they have from our Regional Team Managers. Good job girls!

COMMISSIONER REPORT: Leanne is trying to gather names of those who will attend Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah January 29-31. Although the road trip to Expo 2015 was valuable and saved money, we will fly to this conference. Walt will be there as an instructor. Others that have expressed interest in attending are: Kristin, Anton, Jason, Eric, Humberto, Luke and Leanne. If anyone else would like to attend, please get in touch with Leanne right away.

INDOOR SOCCER: Prem was unable to attend the meeting but asks for the following help in preparing for indoor season. How to process wait list or non-regular season players: I spoke with Andy and will take the following approach unless the board has issues with it:

For new (or returning) players:

  • Complete registration for regular season on eayso (it is open now for indoor).
  • Bring print out of registration plus fee for regular season to Safety / Information station.
  • Complete indoor registration for and pay fee.

For wait listed players: I will do this on a case-by-case basis as situations I suspect are different. I'm going to assume (unless you tell me otherwise) that all are registered through eAYSO).

For those that have paid for the regular season, I will allow them to register for indoor just like a player that is playing in the outdoor season. I will then verify that the player is registered and paid for outdoor.

For those that have not paid, I'll have them bring payment for the outdoor season to the Safety/Information station and deposit that along with indoor registration /fee.

Data collection: In years past, the data manager has provided me with player data that facilitates team formation. I believe that Benjamin is doing this role temporarily but cannot help in this process, which is quite time-consuming. I spoke with Andy on Saturday and he's willing to help me out. Additional help in this area would be great.

Team formation: Once registration is closed, I will be forming teams. I know the girls in the program fairly well, and have people that can help. Bob V. helped with the boys last year, and said he'd be willing to do it again. He suggested that Juan also help with the boys side. I have not reached out to Juan. This would take place shortly after Oct. 24th.

Jason said he can help Prem with team formation. Prem needs more help than just one person!!! Contact Prem if you can help him.

RETREAT DATE AND LOCATION: Andy found out that Consumer Power is a long way from completion so we can not use it for our January 9, 2016 retreat. Anton was going to explore a couple of options. If anyone knows of a clubhouse or meeting room that has heat, restrooms, a small kitchen set up, wi-fi, tables and chairs, please let Leanne know as soon as possible. Anyone live in Grand Oaks? We have met in their clubhouse before and it fit our needs nicely How about Willamette Landing? They also have a nice clubhouse that can be used by residents. And the cost needs to be FREE!

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting is Thursday, November 19 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building at 7:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Kristin Francisconi, Rachel Smith, Elaine Markley, Humberto Nation, Luke Cotton, Eric Gleske, Jason Hower, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer, Anton Grube, Benjamin Carleski, Kelsey Walker

MINUTES: It was moved by Kristin and seconded by Rachel that the minutes from August 20, 2015 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD APPLICATION: Humberto Nation, a current U19 coach, applied for the U19 Coordinator position. Board members had a chance to review his application and ask questions before casting their vote. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Rachel that we accept Humberto as the new U19 Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. Humberto will work with Marc Betz for the remainder of this year to make the transition smooth.

SAFETY REPORT: The walkie talkies and AED will be at the shed and ready to go for the first game. Leanne and Kelsey will look through the first aid kit and supplement any outdated items and restock what we are low on.

REFEREE REPORT: Classes are up and running for training. As always, there have been a few complaints but nothing major. There are still some openings in U8 and a need for referees for the Progressive games. Future plans for game cards would be to have the Safety Station volunteers to collect the data from the previous week and follow directions provided by the Referee Administrators.

REGISTRATION: There are currently 1077 registered players at this date. There are 67 players in the applicant status. There were 27 drops. Fall registration will close on September 19 except for U5 and U19. The website will show that beginning February 1, 2016 registration for the spring season will be open. Players will be notified in early March if they were placed.

CVPA REPORT: None. We do need Board members to check ID at the field the first few Saturdays being stationed at the Safety Station.

FIELDS REPORT: The goals for Fields A and F have been converted to smaller goals to accommodate the team sizes and number of players on the field during the game. Portable goals will be on Fields C East, C Middle, C West and I. They will be stored in the brown equipment shed after each game.

TEAM MANAGER REPORT: Rachel is looking for ideas for Team Manager appreciation since they have been asked to do a lot of work for their team so far this season. If you have any ideas send them Rachel's way.

U5 VOLUNTEERS: Leanne, Elaine and Rachel will check in the U5 players and check their volunteer ID if they are not on the master list that Toby will provide of all approved volunteers on the first Saturday. T-shirts, socks and a size 3 soccer ball will be given to the players when they arrive.

BOARD CLOTHING: Leanne explained the difference in some clothing items worn by the Board. If a Board member has been serving on the Board for 5 or more years or is in a position to answer questions on the field, they will receive a jacket to wear in addition to the polo shirt. Board members need to wear their clothing items on Saturday so be visible.

UNIFORM LOGO: The question has come up about the Fox logo on the front of all uniforms this season. The birthday logo made sense and no one questioned that. The answer to the question is to refer anyone who wants more information to National AYSO for the answer since they are the ones who made the decision. Region 149 does not get any monetary gain from the logo.

DATA TRACKING: Benjamin would like to have a data tracking committee to track any data that might be helpful for future years of planning. If you have anything what you want tracked, email Benjamin.

FUTURE MEETINGS: Regular Board meetings will be held on October 15 and November 19. The January retreat date was not discussed. Leanne would like to have a different format for the December Christmas party and include the kids in some way. Leanne will create a Doodle poll for a date that will work for the majority. If you have any ideas of what you would like to do for the party, send Leanne your ideas. One idea was to rent the Bounce House for the kids and get former AYSO players to chaperone while the adults went to dinner. The issue of having to hire a babysitter was partly the reason for the low turn out the last few years.

BAKE SALE TO SUPPORT SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Walt's daughter and friends are no longer doing the bake sale. Kristin said she would ask her daughter's U14G team if they would like to do that as a community service project.

FUND RAISER: Leanne shared a possible fund raiser centered around the donation of gently used clothing and toiletries. Several other Board members got the same email and felt more research needed to be done before moving forward on this. Leanne will check into the details.

NEXT SCHEDULED MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be at 7:15pm on Thursday, October 15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building. Thank you Leanne for providing the variety of treats for the September meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Benjamin Carleski, Leanne Henriques, Michelle Sparks, Elaine Markley, Luke Cotton, Walt Mahaffee, Gibby Reynolds, Eric Gleske, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer

MINUTES: The minutes for June and July meetings were reviewed. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Gibby that the minutes were to be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS: Leanne outlined the following Board positions that need to be filled sooner than later: 1) Trusted Data Manager 2) Registrar 3) Treasurer 4) Equipment Manager. All Board members are encouraged to talk to people to see if we can get these positions filled. Joan will remain Treasurer until there is a replacement. Kristin would like to start working with her replacement before the end of the 2015-16 season. The Trusted Data Manager position currently held by Bob is too time consuming for his current work schedule. Benjamin is working on a lot of the data entry as a partner with this position. We received an application for Referee Administrator from Luke Cotton. Walt would like to step down from this position and focus as a director of referee instruction. Ideally there would be another person who would be in charge of referee assessment and handle the complaints, review game cards and organize people for advancement training. It was moved by Walt ad seconded by Eric that Luke be accepted as the Referee Administrator. The motion carried unanimously. Luke Will continue to act as the Webmaster on the Board.

BOARD CLOTHING: Every other year Score provides regions with a Board polo shirt. Leanne will order the shirts in a royal and white color. Board members on the field on Saturday who are key people to answer questions will receive a jacket to wear. T-shirts will be ordered for other staff/workers at special events. If Board members were not at the meeting, they need to get their sizes of clothing items to Benjamin.

NEW GOALS: The size of the goals will change with the size of the field and number of players on the field at one time. Eric will email Gibby a proposal for goals that are safe and fit our needs. Jason was looking to this as well. Leanne will follow up with Jason. There was discussion of using the 5-a-Side goals that are stored in the rafters of the referee shed to save money. They are "portable" and may not be sturdy enough.

POST OFFICE BOX IN PHILOMATH: We will renew the Philomath post office box for another 6 months at the cost of $38.00. At the end of the 6 months which will be in February, we will decide if we want to change the location of the post office box to Corvallis. Since there are less Board members from Philomath now, it is hard to check the mail on a regular basis. Anton will be in charge of checking the mail on a regular basis. He needs to get a key from Andy.

CDC TRAINING PROBLEMS: Luke and Eric will put together directions on what people should do to make sure they can complete their concussion training in a timely manner. The program has not been responding properly. Benjamin will contact Torrie at National AYSO to discuss the problem. We received an email with information to email the completed certificate to Torrie and she would enter the information by hand. Some Board members were able to complete the training without any problems and others had to do it several times. Some have emailed their certificate to Torrie.

VOLUNTEER LISTS: Benjamin will continue to update the lists as they come in from the Team Managers. Michelle will send out an email explaining that families can volunteer for more than one position on their child's team. In smaller teams they will have to take on more than one job! Contact to team managers needs to be done to see what they have done to get people to step up. The training sessions are listed on the website so the longer the team waits to find their key volunteers the harder it will be to get them properly trained. A notice will be send to the Coach/Team Manager when their team has completed all the requirements to pick up their uniforms. There will be a list at the two uniform stations listing those teams who can get their uniforms.

AUGUST 27 AT THE SHED: We need to have a large vehicle or several smaller ones meet at the shed to take the balls, coaches bags and cones to CHS for the second parent meeting. Benjamin is that you? If any Board member wants to see the uniform choices and select them for their team they should be at the shed at 5:30 to do so. An email will go out to also select the color. Let Elaine know your team name and what color you would like to reserve ASAP.

SIGN UP TO HELP CLOSE FIELDS: Leanne requested all Board members take turns helping close down the fields each week. Elaine will put together a Genius Sign Up sheet for 2 members to sign up to help each Saturday. Elaine will assume responsibility for opening the fields each Saturday and if something were to prevent her from doing this, she will get a replacement. There are field volunteers assigned to help with this.

TEAM MANAGERS: The Team Manager Coordinators are requesting that a primary email be included on the rosters so their line of communication can be streamlined. Shutterfly will be available to coaches starting August 24. Leanne will set this up. Unfortunately it will only be linked to the coach of each team, not team manager. The coach must get the information to their team manager.

PICTURE DAY: Pictures will be taken by Hise Studio again this fall. The date for pictures is September 26. Leanne will confirm with Jock Edblom, owner of Hise Studio.

TROPHIES FROM WILSON: Leanne received information about a potential fundraiser for the spring. For every trophy purchased from Wilson, AYSO Region 149 would receive $1. This will be placed in the PARKING LOT UNTIL JANUARY.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, September 17 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


Those in attendance were Leanne H., Bob C., Walt M., Kristin F., Juan F., Eric G., Luke C., Anton G.

There was discussion about Golden Gate and who will be attending. Dan and Gibby will be attending as instructors. Joe, Zane and Leanne will be attending from our Region.

EXPO will be held in Salt Lake City this year. There is not a specific date at this time but it should take place in February or March 2016.

Referee Report - Walt is working through the new software and is learning out to use the program. Walt needs the specific team names so that he can enter these into the software database. There are tentative referee training dates set up for 8/29, 9/5 for full day, 9/2, 9/7, 9/9 for half day and 8/31, 9/11 for U8 training.

Registrar Report - Kristin is catching back up after being gone. Leanne and others are working through players who had paid, there are 80 originally and the number is slowly moving down. Juan and Kristin will follow up on this. Leanne asked that we set up some more registration dates. Luke will update the website with wording allowing late registration and updated registration dates.

CVPA report - Toby was gone but submitted his report to Leanne in writing. Overall things are going well. There was a concern with how many registered volunteers we have at this point compared to previous years. Letters will be sent out reminding parents to register and sign up online. Letters will be sent to all parents about available volunteer spots notably coaching and refereeing.

Boys Team Formation - Juan noted that we are missing some of the data to form teams (goals scored data, club data) and that they have been able to gather some of this data but not all of it. There was discussion around goals scored data and if coaches could input this each week, could a team manager input this each week, could the safety shed person input this while sitting in the shed when cards are returned? Leanne asked that Bob C. and Eric G. form a committee to come up with a plan for this fall to address how we can capture this data.

General Team Formation - We discussed that the "yellow sheets" will be sent in by Team Managers once completed so this will be continuous as opposed to on the night of the parent meeting. As these come in a weekly status update e-mail will be sent that lets key Board members know how many teams have completed their information. Parent meeting will be held August 19th and August 27th. Coaches will get balls and a coach bag but uniforms WILL NOT be handed out at these meetings. Uniforms will be handed out on September 8th and 12th with a final unpublicized date of the 14th or the first game for anyone who doesn't get to those pick up dates. It was agree that teams must be formed by the 27th (hopefully sooner) and that letters need to go out July 29th.

Scheduling - needs information on which coaches are coaching more than one team ASAP in order to develop the schedule. Andy and Juan to get this information to scheduling ASAP.

Fields - Luke is working to get a map created and on the website showing the new field locations. Jason Hower supplied information on suggested goals. Anton to contact Jason to make sure that he has looked at what existing goals we already have before we purchase. We need to also confirm with Gibby that goals meet any safety requirements.

Team Manager Meetings - Team Manager Meetings are set for July 22, July 23, and July 28. A detailed list of what team managers are supposed to do will be presented via a letter/e-mail as well at this meeting. We hope that this training will help with getting all the "yellow sheets" filled out correctly and in a timely manner.

Coach Report - Recruitment letters will be sent out to each parent asking them to consider coaching. Training dates have been set and will be up on the website. August 27th is the intermediate coach training. September 11th and 12th will be U12 coach training.

Parking Lot Items:

  • Eric would like that next year you volunteer to be a coach, not an assistant coach or head coach, just a coach.
  • Eric suggests that we recruit heavily starting in the first game of the spring for coaches for the next fall season.

Respectfully submitted,
Anton Grube


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Elaine Markley, Toby Westbury, Marc Betz, Eric Gleske, Jason Hower, Juan Fernandez, Dan Stevens, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Walt Mahaffee, Benjamin Carleski, Rachel Smith, Michelle Sparks, Mike Middleton


  • Data Managers: Print player card and get to team formation.
  • Juan, Jason and Andy: Get Toby key volunteer names for CVPA background check.
  • Leanne: Move applicant players out of that status to "active."
  • Jason: Research U6 and U8 goals and discuss with Gibby about safety features.
  • Mike and John: Lay out (identify with either numbers or alphabetical letters) the fields, coordinating with Dan who has done preliminary work
  • Luke: re-do the field maps after John and Mike have identified the spacing.
  • Eric and Jason: Draft the coach letter to be mailed out in early August.
  • Rachel and Michelle: Draft the team manager letter to be mailed out prior to team manager training. Make sure Eric and Jason have a copy to include key ideas in their coach letter.
  • Leanne: Draft a player letter to be mailed out in early August.
  • Elaine: Reserve CHS auditorium for the parent meetings August 19 and 27.

MINUTES: The minutes were discussed and one edit that was not in the revised minutes that were mailed out prior to the meeting indicated that the U12B will play a 9 v 9 format this fall to conform to National Standards. It was moved by Dan and seconded by Benjamin that the minutes be approved as amended. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD MEMEBERS: Welcome back to Luke Cotton, our webmaster, who has been working from across the United States and is now back in town to further assist Region 149. Kristin will continue as the Registrar through the MY2015-16 but we need to find a replacement for her since her daughter will not be playing AYSO after this year. Sean had to resign from the Trusted Data Manager position due to time commitment. Bob Carleski will step in and take the lead as Trusted Data Manager and Luke will be the assistant. Benjamin will oversee the transition. Dan will be stepping down as the Coach Administrator and concentrate on training and coaching. He will coach one U5 Jamboree session this next season. Eric Gleske will assume the role of Coach Administrator. Jason Hower applied for the Assistant Coach Administrator. His focus will be on making sure more coaches are trained in a timely manner and that families will love soccer as much as he does Marc will continue as the U19 Coordinator "one more year" and transition a new volunteer who has expressed an interest in taking on the high school group. No application has been received for Marc's replacement. All Board changes were approved unanimously. Benjamin encouraged all Board members to add "staff" members to help them with their duties, but the Board would like to meet them and find out how they are supporting the Board member in what they are doing. This is not to be confused with being a Board member just a staff helper.

GOLDEN GATE TRAINING: Dan and Jason will attend Golden Gate for additional coach training. Joe McVeety and Zane VanHorsen will attend the referee training. Leanne will chaperon Zane since she is a minor and needs a female chaperon.

REGIONAL BOARD TRAINING: Luke, Vicki and Leanne are qualified to do Regional Board training. A date will be set for this since there are a number of new Region 149 Board members.

SIX WEEK CALENDAR: Team formation will be taking place within the next few weeks. Player cards need to be printed before they can begin their process. Key volunteers (coach, assistant coach, referee, team manager need to be identified. Toby needs the names of these volunteers so he can start the background check process. Keep him in the loop. The progressive teams need the player emergency cards. It was suggested that those be printed for the progressive coaches. The progressive coach would need to provide the Data Manager with the names so they can be printed.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt reported that he received feedback that our very own Zane VanHorsen and Kieran VanHorsen were the best referee crew at Davis Cup. Good job! He talked about a software program that will send text reminders to referees to let them know when they are scheduled to referee. Other features of the program will block out dates they are not available, can ask others to pick up their game, will manage primary play games and progressive games as well as have training videos available. The yearly cost is $360 for 120 licenses.

REGISTRATION REPORT: There are currently 300 players in the applicant status. Leanne will work on moving them into the active status within the next week. If a player paid by credit card and was in the applicant status, they will automatically be moved to active status. The total number of players is approximately 950 which is down from our previous total, but as always, families will try to register late.
PARKING LOT FOR JANUARY RETREAT: A discussion needs to take place about the registration process. Can a player be fully registered if they pay on-line and not bring printed copies? Is it in our best interest to have stations where each family must physically get checked off to make sure volunteer jobs are indicated?

CVPA REPORT: Toby reported there are 150 registered volunteers at this time. An email blast needs to go out before team formation to make sure the volunteers who are going to do the key jobs are registered so teams can be formed around those volunteers.

FIELD REPORT: There will be 3 U8 fields as there have been in the past. Due to the change of team size, they are likely to be moved from the current site. Mike and John W need to work together to name and label the fields. This needs to be done in early July. It would be helpful if team formation could let them know how many teams there are forming at each division. Jason volunteered to look into the new goals size and possible purchase for U6 and U8. He is to check with Gibby for safety features. Luke will re-do the map of the fields. That will be posted on the website and the Corvallis School District will need a copy to assign teams for practice space.

COACH REPORT: The U8 practice time per week was discussed in length. National suggests they maximum time is one hour per week plus game time. It was moved by Eric and seconded by Dan that we adopt this for the MY2015-16. Eric, Benjamin and Walt voted in favor of the motion while Elaine, Toby and Rachel voted against. Commissioner Leanne broke the tie vote by voting to support the National Standards. Coach administrators will discuss this in their training and communication to the U8 coaches since this is a change from previous years. Marc has requested that the U19 have numbers on their reversible jerseys this season. He is to send a note to Leanne with this request.

PARENT MEETING: The agenda for the parent meeting will be generic to all divisions and specific age groups will not be assigned a specific night to attend. Receiving uniforms will be taken out of the parent meeting agenda. Elaine will see about the availability of CHS for the meeting. Coaches or team managers will receive equipment bag and balls the evening they attend. We will try to reserve Corvallis High School auditorium for August 19 and August 27 from 7:00pm-8:00pm for the meeting. The building will be reserved from 6:00-9:00pm. Dates for uniform distribution will be September 8 in the evening, Saturday, September 12 in the morning and the last pick-up will be September 14 in the evening. The first game will be September 19.
Communication leading up to Parent Meeting: Eric and Jason will draft the letter that goes to the coaches and explain the role of their Team Manager. They need to check with Rachel and Michelle to make sure everyone is on the same page. Rachel and Michelle will draft the letter to the Team Manager and have a training session prior to the parent meetings. A gathering for the team is suggested prior to the parent meeting so volunteer positions can be identified. They will be submitted electronically this year. It was not determined who will create the electronic sheet or where it will be sent. Leanne will draft the player letter that will go out in early August.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled Board meeting will be Thursday, July 16 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Daniel Haak, Zane Van Horsen, Elaine Markley, Michelle Sparks, Rachel Smith, John Williams, Dan Stevens, Juan Fernandez, Joan Reukauf, Gibby Reynolds, Andy Ungerer, Walt Mahaffee, Jason Hower, Bob Vingelen

MINUTES FROM APRIL MEETING: It was moved by Gibby and seconded by Joan that the minutes from the April 16, 2015 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Michelle Sparks applied for the position as Assistant Team Manager. She has two players in the program and lives near the fields, making it convenient to perform duties at the field throughout the week. She would work closely with Rachel to strengthen the Team Manager role and provide more detailed communication on expectations of the managers. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Walt that Michelle fills this position. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome aboard, Michelle

UPCOMING TRAINING: AYSO.org continues to provide webinar training. Each Board member needs to watch for the course that applies to them and take it when it is offered. Regional Board training will be set up soon for those who have not gone through that program.

SIX-WEEK CALENDAR REVIEW: Team formation cut off date will be at the end of May. Andy, Juan, Sean, Jason, Bob and Leanne will meet to line up what steps are next since player ratings are going to be placed on cards for team formation groups. At this time, there were 11 teams that have not completed their rating of players. Coach training will take place on May 29 from 6:30-8:30 at Adams. Open registration has been added. See details below.

OPEN REGISTRATION DATES ADDED: There are 937 registered players at this time. Additional dates will be added to catch those who did not complete their forms and turn them in. Dates decided are: May 27 from 8:00am-9:00am at the AYSO soccer fields (Leanne and Juan will be there), and from 5:30pm-6: 30pm (Jason and Andy will be there). On May 29 from 5:30pm-6: 30pm Jason and perhaps Kristin or Leanne will collect registration before the coach training. These dates will be posted on the website and an email blast will let current members know it isn't too late. The fee is now $80 for those who register. Elaine will contact the GT and the radio station with this information.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan presented the budget and discussed changes from the previous proposal. $5000 was added for conference expenses and $500 was budgeted for yard signs to advertise open registration. The credit card option has worked well. Joan can access the summary of those who paid with credit card and if they added a donation to the scholarship fund. Parents seemed happy with how that worked and there didn't seem to be any glitches. It was moved by Rachel and seconded by Gibby we accept the proposed budget for the 2015-2016 membership year. The motion passed unanimously.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported there was only one concussion reported during the spring season. The family chose not to do an insurance claim. The open volunteer spots for shifts during the day in the safety station were discussed. A better job will be done in the fall to make sure every spot is filled. Coordination with the Team Mangers will help this situation.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt discussed the need for new software program to schedule referees. The one he likes will send a reminder text and email to the referee of their scheduled game(s). There are a total of 155 referees so that would help with the communication piece. The cost would be approximately $600 for the season. He is looking for a U8 Referee Coordinator. There was discussion about restructuring the U8 referee program again. This past spring the referees representing the team didn't show up to do their job. If anyone knows of someone who would like to help with the U8 program, let Walt know.

TEAM FORMATION: The deadline for placing players on new teams in mass will be May 29. The player card with coach ratings will be used and printed out by new divisions. Can the data be sorted by August birthdays is Andy's question. Sean or Bob need to answer this question. Players that have not registered by May 29 will be in a waiting pile to be added if there is space available. Dates for actual team formation have not been determined.

PROGRESSIVE: Bob reported that players want to play in June and July. It was suggested that the registration window be opened for a very short period of time for these players to register for the 2014-15 season. Players requesting this have to be currently registered for MY2015 and have paid full price. Walt moved that players will be allowed to register for the previous season and pay half the cost of the player fee if they are playing progressive only. Juan seconded the motion. The motion passed. The exact cost was left generic so it could change from year to year. Volunteers must be registered in the MY2014 to help this summer. Gibby suggested that because of this motion, our Region Guidelines must be altered to reflect side-by-side play. Appendix 11, Section 4 needs to allow players to do this. Also there needs to be a change in Subsection B. Benjamin will be asked to edit this. The cost of the Port-a-Pot will be shared by the teams. The cost is $125 with a $30 service charge each time it is serviced. This will be added to the progressive player cost. There was a good player response for wanting to play in the summer program.

YOUTH VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Zane Van Horsen will assist Kelsey with the youth program. Since there is a growing number of youth volunteers, the job has become too large for one person. Zane will help as a youth referee mentor. She is striving to receive her National Referee Badge so she is well qualified for this job. Thank you Zane for stepping up and giving back to Region 149. We are happy to have you join us.

RAP (Regional Assessment Program): Executive Board members were sent out documents for their specific charge. Please fill these out and get them back to Benjamin.

UK COACH TRAINING: Various options of whether to use the UK coaches for training or if we do, what is the best use of their skills for our program. Anton did a survey with the U6 coaches and the results were a mixed bag. It was decided that we would pay for 2 UK coaches. The first Saturday of the fall season they will work with the U6 coaches. The second Saturday of the season they will work with the U8 and any other level that would like to attend. The cost to the region would be $1500 for this training.

COACH REPORT: Dan presented the National Standards for team size and how that might look on our fields. It was determined that in U6, there will be 7-9 players on each team and the games will be a 3 v 3 match-up. There will be 7-9 players on each team and games will be 2 simultaneous 3 v 3 match-ups. It was moved by Jason and seconded by Walt we adopt this format. The motion was approved unanimously. U8 would be using 5 v 5 game formation and carry 7-8 players on each team, leaving 2-3 subs each weekend. It was moved by Gibby and seconded by Dan we adopt this configuration. The motion carried unanimously. These changes would take place in the 2015-16 season. The U10 configuration will be discussed for the 2016-17 season. With these changes, more team names need to be created. The U12B team configuration will be 9 v 9 to conform with National Standards. Rachel, Michelle and Elaine will brainstorm team names. The fields will have to be located to match the new team size. Will the fields go to a number system or to alphabetical letters? Dan will need to connect with Luke to look at the field once we have determined how many teams will be formed and match the fields to that number. ****John Williams needs this information as soon as it is determined so he can build it into the schedule.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, June 18 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administrative Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Mike Middleton, Jason Hower, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer, Gibby Reynolds, Sean Ziniker, Dan Stevens, Joan Reukoff, Toby Westberry, Elaine Markley, Anton Grube, Rachel Smith

-- Kristin: Open Registration. Forms, signs, floor plan of event
-- Leanne: Create a Genius sign up for registration volunteers for May 2 and 9
-- Luke: Get all directions, registration volunteer Sign up on website
-- Elaine and Miriam: Create the flyer and written paragraph for schools in English and Spanish
-- Elaine: Advertise open registration in GT and on the radio
-- Elaine: Secure volunteers to translate in Spanish on May 2 and 9 from CHS advanced level Spanish classes.
-- All: Plan to spend time at Adams gym and/or computer lab May 2 and 9
-- Sean: Change the eAYSO to reflect the new membership year and open April 20
-- Anton: Communicate with coaches about evaluating players
-- Anton, Dan and Jason: Develop the "what it looks like" examples for coach evaluation
-- Rachel: Send note to U8 teams about providing their own referee
-- Rachel: Make sure registration materials are in team folders this week
-- Sean: Run off current rosters for Team Manager to check players off when giving directions for registration. Coordinate with Rachel to get in folders
-- Leanne: Meet with applicant for Assistant Equipment Manager

MINUTES: It was moved by Anton and seconded by Dan that the minutes for March 19, 2015 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

BOARD MEMBER APPLICATIONS: Rachel Smith applied for the position of Team Manager. After a discussion with Rachel, it was moved by Elaine and seconded by Gibby that we accept Rachel Smith as the new Team Manager Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome aboard Rachel Elaine and Leanne will mentor Rachel in her new position. There was one applicant for Assistant Equipment Manager, but Leanne has not had time to meet with the applicant. This will take place at a later date.

SIX WEEK CALENDAR: Sean reviewed the events coming up. The big event is the open registration being held on May 2 and 9 from 9:00am-2:00 at the Adams Elementary gym and computer lab. Registration volunteers will need to sign up to assist. A sign up Genius will be developed by Leanne and Luke will put it on the website. Each volunteer will focus on one specific part of the registration for their 2 hour shift. Bob and Sean will be able to help retrieve passwords for those who may have forgotten them from last registration. Sean will open the MY2015 on April 20. Board members are encouraged to register and try the credit/debit card payment method to test it out. Specific directions on how to register will be in the team folders April 25. Sean will make the membership year changes and price change.

PLAYER EVALUATION: Dan, Anton and Jason will offer advice to coaches on what each number might look like in the rating categories. The same rating system of numbering will be used for all divisions. Dan will send out an email to coaches letting them know they will be evaluating players in several weeks. The player evaluation will be emailed to coaches rather than be a hard copy in the team folder.

TEAM FORMATION: Three practice areas will be used to form and balance teams next season. Anton will send out an email to let folks know about this, along with a map showing the new zones. A subcommittee has been working on team formation standards.

SPONSORSHIP: Leanne shared that Dutch Bros will offer a one day Dine Out in the near future and give back $1.00 for every drink served to the AYSO Region 149 scholarship fund. The coupons will be in the team folder, concession stand and safety station. Everyone is encouraged to share the coupons with anyone they know to bring money back to the region.

BLOW OUT GAMES: The topic of lopsided games was discussed again. It appears that Region 870 and Region 149 deal with these games in different ways. Continued discussion is needed to make sure everyone is safe and is enjoying their experience.

BUDGET: Joan presented the detailed budget and numbers were punched in to reflect cost per player to help determine the player fee for the coming season. After hearing a proposal by Benjamin and discussing other options, it was moved by Gibby that the fee for the fall 2015-spring 2016 membership year be $80 with a $5 early registration discount if registration forms and payment are received by May 16 and the scholarship fee be a fixed $35 for those who show verification of being on the free/reduced lunch program. The motion carried unanimously.

GIRLS TEAM FORMATION: Andy reported that the Newport team experienced a negative experience in their inter-regional play against an Albany team this past week. Rough play was the concern and Walt will be in communication with the referee crew that worked that game.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported that there have been no accidents reported on our fields this spring. He is now the Assistant Area Director. Thanks for helping at the next level

REFEREE REPORT: Walt needs a referee staff who can help with the schedule. U8 has been a trouble area since the team referees are not showing up to do their games. Other referees are being pulled away at the last minute to cover those games. If there is advance notice, this would be much easier to facilitate. Rachel will send a note to the U8 Team Mangers reminding them they need to provide a referee for their games.

CVPA REPORT: Toby reported there was no report!

CLOSING THE FIELDS: Although Elaine contacts fields volunteers from the last games being played on the field each week, teams are still not helping like they should be close down the fields. Notes are put in the team folder for all games that are the last on their field with an outline of how to take care of their field. Board members will oversee the closing of the fields. There is a detailed checklist located in the safety shed on the west wall, one located in the medicine cabinet in the equipment shed and one in the file on the back table in the safety shed (goldenrod colored paper) to help the Board member know what needs to be done.

Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, May 21 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted:
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Walt Mahaffee, Toby Westberry, Eric Gleske, Dan Stephens, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer, Benjamin Carleski, Leanne Henriques, Marc Betz, Sean Ziniker, Anton Grube

MINUTES FROM February 15, 2014: The minutes from the February board meeting were approved. (motion by Benjamin, 2nd by Toby)


1.) Rhonda (Team Manager Coordinator) has already officially resigned, but further requests to be removed from all email correspondence. Leanne/Benjamin will notify Luke to ensure she is removed from all Corvallis AYSO email lists.

2.) Official resignation received from Melissa Edwards (Equipment Manager). She will help through Spring 2015, but we need to find someone ASAP. Get the word out‼

3.) Application received from Jason Hower for Boys Team Formation Assistant. Leanne and Juan met with him last week to clarify role and responsibilities. Both were very impressed. Sean Z. knows him well and gives an overall good recommendation. Dan S. also met him in recent coach training and was impressed also. Motion to approve application made by Walt, 2nd by Dan S. Unanimous approval. NOTE: an added benefit is that he wants to become a coach instructor.

4.) Anton Grube has applied to become a 2nd Assistant Regional Commissioner. He went to Expo in February and wants to take on more responsibility. Eric inquired about division of labor between Leanne/Benjamin/Anton. Leanne referred to recent email where this was spelled out very clearly. Walt motions to approve application, 2nd by Benjamin, unanimous approval. Hurray!


  • Benjamin working on annual RAP
  • Newsletter is forthcoming (beginning of April)
  • eayso preparation for change in Membership Year (MY)
  • Certain divisions need to close registration on 3/30. Juan/Andy email Sean to let him know which divisions to close and when.
  • 2nd week of April start advertising for Fall season
  • Eric G and/or Dan needs to work with new U6 coaches, ideally on or before the first Saturday (the two new teams play each other). Leanne will email interested parties (e.g., Andy, Juan, Walt, etc.) to coordinate meeting time/place.
  • Benjamin will create Google Calendar and share
  • Benjamin will check with Mike M. to make sure goals are in place prior to 1st Saturday
  • Elaine will take care of stocking concessions and sign-up genius
  • Sean Z. will download updated player information from eayso and import to local database during 1st week of April. Create up-to-date player listing for Safety/Info Shed.
  • Need to think about how to advertise Progressive
  • Sean Z. will send out existing timeline/calendar which Leanne is currently using as a guide.


1.) Committee for Improving Team Balancing (Anton) – full report at next Board Meeting, but summary provided by Anton G. There are 4 major suggestions:

  • Move from 6 practice preference areas to 3 (e.g., North, South, Central)
  • Standardize player ranking system to be 1-9, rather than 0-50.
  • Make sure to use goals-scored information
  • Stop honoring special requests for placement

There was a follow-up discussion about pros/cons of the first suggestion, in order to facilitate a vote. Note that the proposed 3-practice regions are geographic, not school-based. There will inevitably be push back and we may lose some players, particularly in U-8. Walt motions to support this suggestion and change existing practice zones from 6 to 3. 2nd by Benjamin, unanimous vote pass. We must think through how this ripples through wording on website, eayso, etc.

2.) Sponsorship committee (Leanne) – We can look to Corvallis Little League and/or Pop Warner Football as examples. Leanne also reached out to Tracey Lengwin (?) from Dutch Bros. to get an idea of what is reasonable to expect for sponsorship. This is ongoing.

3.) Blow-out Games U8 Committee (Dan S.) – nothing done yet. Dan will email committee members to get ball rolling.


  • Leanne, Joan and others will meet to discuss increase of player fees. Leanne will send out email invite to meeting for interested parties next week. Decision on this issue needs to be made prior to next Board Meeting (April).
  • Dan get coach-related expenses to Joan
  • Some basic discussion of player fee increase ensued. Part of problem is the Scholarship Fund which last year spent ~$7200, but only made $3187. Something has to be done to reconcile this difference going forward. We can't raise fees directly to accommodate scholarship fund, must find a different solution. Leanne mentioned Dutch Bros possible hosting a "Dine Out" event, for example. Perhaps the addition of credit card payment of registration fees (via Cordura) will make people more willing to add a donation when they register their child. Currently, the bulk of our player fees ($65/yr) are accounted for by National/Area dues (~$25/yr), Uniforms/equipment (~$20/yr), and water (~$6/yr according to Mike M.). Our player fees are very low!


Gibby not present. Nothing to report! Easy!


  • Walt and Gibby both became Referee Instructor Evaluators, hooray! This makes the program more self-sufficient because they can train AND evaluate referees.
  • Kelsey became an Advanced Referee Instructor
  • Walt has been working closely across regions (with 870)
  • Walt wants to approach Corvallis Soccer Club (CSC) to enter into some joint instruction efforts. He proposes to co-teach with CSC to produce USSF and AYSO certified referees. He would ask that CSC pays for referees' USSF class fees. This should benefit everybody. One down side is that we may generate good referees that leave AYSO in order to pursue other USSF referee opportunities (and make $$ for referee-ing). He notes that even in this scenario, we are still fulfilling the AYSO vision of player (referee) development.
  • Joe McVeety is going to help revamp the referee scheduling process. Leanne reminded us of our existing agreement/effort to work together with Region 870 on development of referee and game scheduling together.

CVPA REPORT: Quiet offseason. Only a few new volunteer registrations have been submitted. Toby will bring updated lists (4 or more) of volunteers who need ID checked to 1st Saturday.


  • Juan will contact Bill Callender (?) regarding use of OSU Intramural fields (turf) for tournament play
  • Early Registration Fee Proposal: This is under consideration. The idea is to provide a nominal discount ($5-10) to "Key" volunteers (coaches, refs, team managers, etc.). We would only advertise this to existing volunteers. Enacting such a program will reduce our budget and must be factored into the discussion of player fee increases (see above)
  • Leanne floated the idea of Kerrigold® sampling cheese products at fields, similar to the way Dole® did last year. Mixed feeling from the board members present.
  • CSC will be at Adams fields with a tent on April 11th and 25th, similar to last fall. Leanne has spoken frankly with Casey Fries about expectations of anyone working in the booth. Multiple board members stated that Casey was supportive of AYSO and performed well last time.
  • Walt will provide date for bake sale to Leanne
  • Last 2 Saturdays will be MY2015 registration
  • Anton mentioned idea of having a "Silent Saturday" where coaches and spectators are not allowed to talk during games. This fosters broader coach and parent awareness. Tentative plan for this is May 2nd. Anton will get something to Leanne/Vicki about this for the newsletter.
  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturdays (April 11, 18, 25, respectively) are designated as "Appreciation" days for coaches, refs, etc. Emphasis is not on anything monetary, just a time to go out of our way to thank those people. Each position will have a specific day. Details to follow (likely in Newsletter).
  • Anton proposes increasing utility of email from Board to parents. For instance, sending out "soccer shorts" reminding parents about a "theme" of the upcoming week (e.g., the appreciation days mentioned above.

Benjamin motioned to Adjourn meeting at 9:50 pm, Walt 2nd.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, April 16 at 7:15pm. Location will be in OSU Oceanography Admin Building (thanks Andy!).

Respectively submitted,
Toby Westberry, CVPA
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Benjamin Carleski, Juan Fernandez, Dan Stevens, Sean Ziniker, Anton Grube, Walt Mahaffee, Kelsey Walker, Andy Ungerer, Elaine Markley


  • Kristin: Open registration
  • Andy and Juan: Form teams based on new applicants
  • Andy and Juan: Get uniform needs to Melissa ASAP
  • Andy and Juan: Get new team names to John so he can create the schedule
  • John: Create the schedule and get to Luke to post on website
  • Luke: Post additional registration dates and schedule when completed
  • Melissa: order uniforms
  • Leanne, Gibby, Juan and Nichole: Meet to discuss sponsorships and report back at next meeting.
  • Dan: conduct U12 coach training.
  • All: get budget items/requests to Joan ASAP.
  • All: send Vicki Guenther any newsletter articles that you want published
  • Nichole, Gibby and Mike: Create the Volunteer Spot/Sign-up Genius for spring volunteers.
  • Walt, Benjamin, Dan (chairing the group), and Juan: meet to discuss what can be done to prevent the "blowout" games in U8 and report back at the next meeting.
  • Anton, Kelsey, Dan, Juan, Leanne, Gibby put together report from EXPO
  • Elaine: contact Best Pots for port-a-potties for the spring season.
  • ANYONE: Take minutes at the March 19 meeting since Elaine is out of town.

MINUTES: It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Dan that the minutes of the January 31, 2015 retreat be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

TEAM BALANCE: The practice zones will be reduced from six to three for the next year to help with team balance. There will be a South (Philomath, Adams, Lincoln, Muddy Creek), Central and North. The player evaluation numbering system will also be revised and standardized using smaller numbers. Samples of what each "number" looks like will be communicated to the coaches to help in the fair process. We will continue to keep track of all goals scored. It is critical that all coaches get their evaluations in on time.

REFEREE REPORT: Advanced training will be held with Region 870. Gibby and Walt completed the referee evaluation courses at Expo. Daniel, Gibby and Walt were all presenters at Expo and were recognized by National for their outstanding efforts to make our region so strong. This is a big honor and we are proud of what they have done for all our members. National as well as other organizations are using our youth referee program as a model. Great job Kelsey for putting Region 149 on the map! Walt is restructuring the chores for Referee Administrator. Joe McVeety will create the referee schedule. Walt will use referee volunteers who do not want to be on the field to handle some of the paperwork. He will continue to referee, monitor and direct volunteers each Saturday.

OPEN REGISTRATION: We are close to filling the openings on existing teams and two new U6B teams will be formed. Leanne is working with Juan in the transition to becoming the Boys Team Formation Coordinator. Dan reported that Newport is getting their team together but they need to provide volunteers just like everyone else. We will accept volunteer ID the first Saturday of the season so they don't have to make a trip to Corvallis. After the two registration opportunities at Adams, Leanne and Kristin will decide if another one will be needed and set that up at the shed. Computers will not be available for this one.

COACH REPORT: Starting next fall, the U8 teams will all be consistent with the number of practices during the week. Lopsided games are occurring and this has a direct correlation to those scores. Coach training will be offered for U12. Those coaches who have not completed the CDC and Safe Haven are being notified to take care of that online in the off-season. Further discussion will be taking place about the number of players on the field next fall in U8 as well as U6. The U6 proposal will require the purchase of more goals and teams will be limited to 8 players who will play 3 v 3 in games. Teams would divide into two groups when they are ready to "play" a game. The proposal for U8 would be to have 5 v 5 and a maximum of 7 per team. It appears this can be done with the existing fields and not extend the day at the field from what we are currently doing. A subcommittee was formed to discuss the "blowout" games. Walt, Juan, Benjamin and Dan (chairing the group) will bring a written review of ideas to the next meeting.

EXPO REVIEW: Leanne thanked the Board for supporting our members to attend the Expo. They drove rather than fly to keep the cost down and it allowed a lot of good conversation in the car to review and discuss what they learned. Each member that attended will write a summary of ideas they came away with to help our Region. Kelsey, Leanne, Juan, Dan and Gibby attended the Expo. Anton talked about the AYSO Playground program for U4 where emphasis is placed on motor skill development. Equipment used could be beanbags, hula-hoops, parachute and some soccer skills. The AYSO School Yard is the new name for the U5 program (U5 Jamboree). The books are not out for either program at this time. The Board members who attended brainstormed many positive things our region has going for it and how we want to improve. Reports will be given to us later. Leanne found out from Score that we should have been receiving Board shirts at no cost for purchasing our uniforms through them. They will provide 20 shirts this year (usually allow 15 every other year). Leanne will have sizes for everyone to try on so she can place the order. The Region 149 logo will be on the shirt rather than "Corvallis AYSO." Those who are teaching courses and can act as a question/answer resource will wear the polo shirts. The jackets will be worn out on the field and ordered for those serving significant years on the Board. Leanne suggested 10 years but few members have reached that milestone!

BUDGET DISCUSSION: The number of scholarships is exceeding the amount of money earned to be earmarked for scholarships. Currently money from concessions, shoe/equipment sale and bake sale are the sources of revenue. Leanne suggested that we only offer the number of scholarships as we had money for this year. The question would be how do you know when the maximum has been reached. The idea of sponsorships was touch on to use for scholarships. Leanne, Nichole, Gibby and Juan will present ideas about this at the next meeting. Joan is suggesting we increase the player fee to $75 for next season. No vote was taken on this. Also in the discussion was and early player registration discount, but again, more information is needed to make any decisions.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting is back at OSU Oceanography Administration Building at 7:15pm on Thursday, March19. The CPI building is going to have an extensive remodeling project so we will not be able to use their meeting room. The fourth Thursday of the month has too many conflicts, so we will go back to the long-standing 3rd Thursday of each month for meetings. Elaine will not be present so someone will need to take minutes (will be in New Orleans.)

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: John Williams, Walt Mahaffee, Dan Stevens, Bob Carleski, Kristin Francisconi, Elaine Markley, Leanne Henriques, Benjamin Carleski, Marc Betz, Toby Westberry, Anton Grube, Juan Fernadez, Andy Ungerer, Sean Ziniker, Eric Gleske, Kelsey Walker, Duston Denver (Albany 870 RC), Mark Baur (Albany 870 ARC)


  • Leanne sign up on School Dude to reserve Adams for Feb. 18, 28 and March 3.
  • Elaine will generate flyers, send notice to radio and newspaper when location is confirmed.
  • Sean email letter to Coach that was sent to Team Manager for verification of returning players. Include request for practice days, time and location to go to Team Formation Coordination Coordinators.
  • Leanne and Benjamin will sign up for the Corduro credit card option immediately.
  • Elaine send reminder midway through month for "to do list."
  • Benjamin will stay in contact with Region 870 on progress of finding a software program to help generate referee and game schedules.
  • Luke create information on website to advertise spring registration with dates and new player verification of age (birth certificate, passport or immunization record). Coordinate with Kristin and Marc. See how Region 870 advertised their registration.
  • Leanne will follow up on changing the volunteer options on the eAYSO form to include only Coach, Assist Coach, Referee, Team Manager, Board member and "Other."
  • Juan/Kristin have names of any new teams and divisions to John Williams by March 6 so he can create the schedule for spring.
  • ALL newsletter articles to Vicki by March 6
  • Vicki newsletter to Luke to post on website by March 21
  • Mike proceed with field up-grades shown in your proposal
  • Dan and Walt create an email to be sent to U14 and U19 families about rule difference when teams are playing Region 870.
  • Dan will let coaches and parents know Blue Ox Rd is a "no parking" zone and police are writing tickets!
  • Juan will poll the coaches from U8 and above to see if there is an interest in planning a 5-a-Side jamboree May 3 or if there is interest in going to Albany May 23.
  • Andy follow up on Newport and make sure they can provide certified referees and coaches and let them know our registration dates for spring season.
  • Leanne will contact NW Sports Photography to obtain bids and package information for team/individual pictures
  • Kelsey will seek high school students to volunteer with the U5 Jamboree
  • Anton will gather the subcommittee to discuss team formation/balancing.
  • Dan and Eric will share a vision for U8 team size and how to operate in the fall.
  • Melissa orders uniforms for next season by March 1 and March 18 for newly added players.
  • ALL submit any budget items to Joan by February 19 for the next budget

MINUTES: Since we have not had a formal meeting since October 23, it was moved by Dan and seconded by Benjamin that the minutes from that meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.


The following were identified as positive points:

  • U5 Jamboree
  • Number of coaches completing Safe Haven and concussion certification
  • Atmosphere at field on Saturday
  • Genius sign-up for Safety and Concession volunteers giving reminders of shift
  • Field conditions (thanks Mike .)
  • Interaction between coaches and referees
  • Coach communication from Dan on regular basis
  • Fairly smooth acceptance of no goalies at U8
  • Bake sale for scholarship fund thanks to Walt's daughter and friends.
  • Inter regional play communication between referee and coach training
  • Youth referee program
  • Game schedule pull down on website to identify individual team schedule (thanks Luke)

Speed bumps noted:

  • Communication at beginning of season within Board positions and what information was needed or how to obtain it
  • U8 referees being certified to do games
  • Replacement of U8 ref done too late…need advance notice to schedule new volunteer
  • Coaches not stepping up to complete training or run the team
  • Need consequences for not following through
  • Data managers transition to get information needed
  • Late data received created the above problem
  • Special Events
  • Field inspection for holes should be done when fields volunteers paint lines
  • Lack of dirt on site to fill holes

TECHNOLOGY FOR SCHEDULES: Region 870 is interested in sharing the cost of software that could generate new game schedules and referee schedules. Each region has their own needs and unique issues that might make this difficult. Keith Underhall from Region 870 is exploring programs. Leanne and Benjamin will work with Region 870. Benjamin will be the contact person for this. John Williams pointed out how he needs to customize schedules to accommodate coaches of multiple teams, etc. The hope is that there is something out there that can free up time for Walt and John.

TEAM MANAGER: We need one! Think of volunteers you know who might be a good addition to the Board in this position. Leanne will conduct a Team Manager meeting after the initial letter for Fall 2015 has been received in July. With proper training and expectations laid out, everyone should have less on their plate to have a smooth running team. Team Managers will have the volunteer form completed by August 7, 2014 and training notices will be sent to specific volunteers. Data should be entered the following week since it is being handled electronically from the Team Manager.

PARENT MEETING: The parent meeting will be held on August 24, 2015 at a to be determined location. The purpose will focus on information about the organization rather than securing volunteers. Team Managers will have submitted volunteer lists electronically prior to this meeting. Training opportunities will be stressed. Uniforms will not be given out at this time, but equipment will be. We would hold 2 sessions rather than 4 since the purpose has changed. Details will be worked out later. Uniforms would be given out September 14 with the last chance being on September 19 which is the first game day. The reason for the late distribution is to make sure the volunteers are properly trained for their referee or coach position, not just have their name on a sheet of paper.

REGISTRATION: Kristin will offer open registration for spring on February 18 and 28 from 6:00-8:00pm and March 3 from 8:00-10:00. Leanne will sign up for Adams computer lab and gym for the events and report the confirmation to Elaine who will develop a flier in English and Spanish, send notices to the schools, radio and newspaper. We believe there will be two new U6B teams based on the number of boys on the waiting list from fall. Any new teams must be submitted to John by March 6 so the schedule can be finalized. The U19 players will be referred to the website to follow directions on how to register. Luke needs to communicate with Marc on this. Changes in registration for spring include:

  • Proof of age for all new players (birth certificate, passport or immunization record)
  • No player card
  • Only form needed is the eAYSO form
  • Could pay with a credit card, cash or check

Paying with a credit card was tested by Region 870 and they found it to be very beneficial. They estimated that approximately 60% of their registrations were paid this way. They use Corduro which is linked with National eAYSO. There is a 2 ½% fee per registered player but they budgeted for that additional expense. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Dan that Region 149 use Corduro for immediate use (spring) and the exact player fee for the following season will be determined at the February meeting. The motion passed unanimously. Benjamin and Leanne will coordinate what needs to be done with Joan and Kristin, but they will start the process of applying immediately.

Leanne requested that we only include Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee, Team Manager and Board member as "key volunteer" roles and have a box that says OTHER on the eAYSO form. The "other" jobs would be filled by the teams on the volunteer form (safety, concessions, fields, registration, special events). It was moved by Kristin and seconded by Benjamin we honor Leanne's request on the eAYSO form. The motion carried unanimously. Leanne will need to follow up on the edit of the form. It was also suggested there be a space on form that allows families to donate to scholarship fund as a "optional fee."

Registration for Fall 2015/Spring 2016 will require only the eAYSO application form to be turned in with player fee. The player card will be populated after the coach ratings have been entered by Data Managers. This will eliminate the need to create player packets. We will have 1 handout with directions and a team roster given to each Team Manager. More details will be discussed at a later date.

CALENDAR: Leanne has set the date for the January 2016 retreat to be held on January 9. Mark your calendar now!!!! The Christmas party was discussed and Board members indicated an interest in getting together socially but use a different format. All newsletter articles need to be submitted to Vicki by March 6. The newsletter should be posted on the website by March 21. Sean and Benjamin were adding dates to the Google calendar so stay tuned for that document!

FIELDS REPORT: Mike submitted his budget request to continue upgrades on all fields. The total proposal was $20,222. Bids were included in the report. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Toby that we accept this proposal, knowing that Mike can make changes to better fit our needs. The motion carried unanimously. The cancellation policy for practices was discussed. It was decided that we continue with the same procedure and the Commissioner has the final say in the matter of cancelling practices. If more than 50% of the teams can not practice no one will practice. If a random field is closed, coaches are encouraged to share their space on a dry field, knowing this is a temporary situation.

INTERPLAY WITH REGION 870: Duston and Mark clarified rules that were different in our two regions. The Power Play Rule will be dissolved by Region 870 in the spring but the Monitored Substitution Rule will remain until the Fall 2015 season. When Region 149 is playing in Region 870 they will use their rules and vice versa during the spring. Good communication between Boards and parents is necessary. We do not want the referees to be policing the rules. Dan and Walt will create an email to parents regarding the rule differences so everyone is on the same page. U12 Interplay will be on a volunteer only basis for spring. Coaches will be asked if they want an extra game on Saturday or during the week. There is a parking issue on Blue Ox Road and tickets are being issued. Dan will let coaches know to inform their parents.

5-A-SIDE: Juan discussed possible times to do a 5-a-Side tournament. It was decided that before any extra energy goes into this, poll the coaches as to their interest. Would their team participate on May 3 (Sunday) at Adams or May 23 (Saturday) in Albany?

U12G NEWPORT TEAM: Andy has been in contact with a team that is perhaps interested in joining AYSO for the spring season. All coaches and referees must be certified to allow them to join. They will be informed of the registration dates.

TEAM PICTURES: Leanne reported there have been complaints about Hise Studio. She will contact NW Sports out of Portland to bet a bid and information about their program. They give an "kick back" to the program and have offered other incentives for give-away prizes.

U5 JAMBOREE: The location for spring is likely to be on the Jamboree B field. Team Managers will be notified and the field will be listed in the schedule. Too swampy in the Field A location during the spring unless we continue to have a drought. Kelsey will be contacting high school students to see if they are interested in becoming a volunteer at the U5 level. They would need to fill out a youth volunteer form, complete Safe Haven and CDC. While she is at the schools she will plug the U19 program for Marc.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reports "all is well!"

TEAM FORMATION/BALANCING OF TEAMS: A subcommittee of Kristin, Anton, Juan, Andy, Bob V, Leanne and Eric via email will formalize how teams will be formed and any zone changes that need to be made. Data will be entered from coach evaluation to each player card and then be given to the Division Coordinators. Anton will be the lead on this committee. Dan and Eric will be discussing the structure of U8 and report back by March 1. This is important for uniform orders.

YOUTH VOLUNTEERS: Kelsey reported she plans to be a part of our region for some time to come. She will also be helping generate youth volunteers at the Area level. She plans to recruit high school players/students to help with the U5 Jamboree in the spring. She is in the process of obtaining her Advanced Instruction certification for referees.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: Uniforms must be ordered by March 1 for the Fall 2015/Spring 2016 season and by March 18 for the new players in the spring. Earlier for this order would be better. Leanne will contact Score and see about what "deals" they can offer us since Region 870 has a contract with them that is offering different things.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan was not able to attend but will remain on the Board while she completes her Masters degree. All budget items must be submitted to Joan by February 19 so they can be discussed at the February 26 meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, February 26 at CPI at 7:15. The retreat adjourned at 3:02pm. Thanks to everyone for staying on task and for Leanne and Benjamin for their organization and leadership for the retreat.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

DEC 2014

No Meeting

NOV 2014

No Meeting


PRESENT: Joan Reukauf, Andy Ungerer, Toby Westberry, Sean Ziniker, Juan Fernandez, Walt Mahaffee, Elaine Markley, Dan Stevens, Leanne Henriques, Benjamin Carleski

MINUTES FROM SEPTEMBER MEETING: It was moved by Dan and seconded by Benjamin that the minutes for the September 18, 2014 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan reported that we are in good shape right now. Indoor money will be coming in and will be noted in the next report.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported that there were 2 reports filed, but neither were serious in nature. It is important to keep all the forms together and Gibby will process them. Leanne reported that she feels the coaches did a good job of discussing the concussion form and information with the parents. Gibby will ask National about the OR. law and whether or not the players ages 12 and up need to actually sign the form.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt reported that there have been complaints about rule differences when Region 149 plays against Lebanon and Sweet Home teams. Two in particular were mentioned: Free substitution and removal of players when one team is 4 goals ahead. At this time, each region must play by the rules of the host region, but this will be discussed at an AREA gathering before spring season. Inter regional play will be on the agenda for the January retreat. There was concern that the "home" teams were not equal in U8 for the referees games. This needs to be examined before the final schedule goes to public eyes in the spring. Walt reported the Bake Sale took in $276 in the fall and the girls want to do it again in the spring. Thank you to Walt's daughter and her friends for their support in raising more money for the scholarship fund. Walt is concerned about the condition of the fields where there are holes. We need dirt! The idea to build owl boxes and place them in the trees around the field to catch the voles was discussed. Walt will give Elaine a plan for the boxes and she will contact the Corvallis High School woodshop classes to see if they can do this for a class project. AYSO Region 149 would pay for the supplies. Mike has been given a name of a possible Assistant Fields volunteer to help him out.

CVPA REPORT: All is quiet at this time Only 17 Team Managers have completed Safe Haven so a push to correct this needs to be made before the spring season.

TEAM FORMATION: Andy and Juan will report at January retreat. There have been reports of lopsided games. It was suggested that Progressive Coordinators be a part of team formation since they know the strength of skills for those players. It was felt that the lopsided games do not lead to player development. Juan wants to keep the player cards so he can continue to check player information.

COACH REPORT: There has been discussion of the U8 changes. Some coaches report that players are parking a player in the goal mouth which seems to be a goalie. Dan is currently injured so he will not be able to actively conduct training sessions. All the U10-U14 coaches are Safe Haven and CDC certified but need to take age level training to continue at the next level. The goal would be to have all training sessions prior to March 30. Several opportunities will be offered so that the coach volunteers properly trained. The coaches and referees may have a pizza party in the month of November to celebrate the fall season. The U5 Jamboree sessions are going fine. Consideration needs to be made for location in the spring if Mother Nature repeats herself with the rain and creates a swamp where the U5 played this fall.

SPECIAL EVENTS REPORT: It was moved by Walt and seconded by Benjamin that the fall 5-a-Side event be canceled due to lack of planning time. The motion carried unanimously. A discussion will take place at the January retreat of perhaps opening the spring season with a 5-a-Side jamboree rather than regular games.

CHRISTMAS PARTY: Andy and Bobbie will host the annual December Christmas party/meeting this year. A doodle poll will go out to determine the date. There will not be a regular December meeting.

EXPO FEBRUARY 20-22: The following Board members have indicated they would like to attend the Expo this year: Juan, Gibby, Kristin, Anton, Dan, Leanne, and Benjamin. If there are not advanced coaching classes, Dan would opt not to attend.

INDOOR REPORT: Prem reported that there are 231 players registered for Indoor Soccer. This is about 25 teams. The numbers seem to hold steady from year to year. Thanks to Prem for coordinating this fun extended program for Region 149.

PLAYERS FROM MONMOUTH: There have been 3 requests for players to join Region 149 and perhaps form a team from their own area to play in our Region. It was suggested we try this for the fall and see if they can get enough to form a team. Registration would be held in Corvallis in May at the Adams gym and players would need to register at that time. Leanne will contact Rachel about this.

JANUARY RETREAT: The January retreat will be held at the CPI building this year. A doodle poll will be created by Andy to see which date works best for the majority. Leanne will attend the RC training in late January so she is hoping we can have the retreat after she returns with a wealth of knowledge to share! Topics for the retreat at this time include:

  • Following a player from start to finish with forms, team formation, notification
  • Up-date timeline with dates
  • Team Formation
  • 5-A-Side Jamboree in spring
  • Meeting date nailed down for CPI location

If you have any other topics that need to be addressed, please let Leanne know so they can be added to the agenda.

NEXT MEETING: There will not be a November meeting since the 4th Thursday is Thanksgiving. There will not be a December meeting but a gathering at Andy and Bobbie's home for a Christmas dinner party. The next official meeting will be the January retreat at CPI beginning at 9:00am and ending no later than 3:00pm. The date will be determined with a doodle poll.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Sean Ziniker, Elaine Markley, Toby Westberry, Anton Grube, Dan Stephens, Eric Gleske, Andy Ungerer, Walt Mahaffee, Benjamin Carleski, Prem Mathew, Juan Fernandez, Kristin Francisconi, Rema Robinson, Bob Carleski, Daniel Haak

MINUTES FROM AUGUST MEETING: It was moved by Toby and seconded by Walt that the minutes from the August 21, 2014 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

GUEST: Douglas Conrad, U10B Sounder coach attended the meeting to seek clarification about the amount of time U8 teams should be practicing and if other players can join other teams for practice sessions. Eric explained the amount of time for the practices per week. Players must be registered to participate in a practice and either a parent must be present or emergency medical information forms must be with the coach at all times.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt reported that there were two teams in the U8 division that did not have assigned referees. There were a few (possibly four) in the U6 division. He felt we have enough referees to populate. The U8 volunteers supplying a referee for their own child's game has helped in the upper levels with scheduling. Additional training sessions will be offered in the spring for those who got a late start. The question of wearing sunglasses was discussed. It was felt that if the player has sensitive eyes and needs the glasses as a corrective measure, they should be allowed to wear them.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan emailed her report to Leanne, but reported that all is well with the budget and financial standings. Leanne will email the report to the Board.

CVPA REPORT: Toby and Anton feel that they are on top of the volunteer background checks and all newly registered volunteers have been checked. There are seven teams that are missing one or more key volunteers. As with other key Board positions, they expressed a need for the names of volunteers earlier.

JANUARY RETREAT: Board members are asked to keep a list of items they want to cover during the January retreat. Leanne wants to follow a player with information from when they register to when they are placed on a team and see how our local data is kept in addition to where it goes in the National database. 2) Progressive structure will be discussed. 3) Discuss stumbling blocks from start of May registration until start of the season. Send your ideas to Leanne in advance of the retreat.

FIELDS REPORT: Yeah for Mike! The fields look fantastic. Board members heard many positive comments throughout the opening day about the conditions of the fields. Emails were also received. Mike calculated that the cost to cover the water bill this summer would be between $6-$7 per player.

SELECT A TEAM: Luke developed a program that allows anyone to type the name of the team they would like to follow and the program will show all the games for the season, the field and time without searching the entire schedule to find that information. Thank you Luke! There have been many positive comments about this new feature on the website.

YOUTH VOLUNTEERS: Kelsey will be using youth volunteers to help with the U5 jamboree this fall. Daniel Haak reported that Region 149 is being used as a model for other regions to see the success of our youth volunteer program. He said that Kelsey is helping advance more youth referees than any other region. This is helping retain referees. Keep up the good work, Kelsey.

COACH REPORT: Dan and Eric reported that there are still coaches that have not completed their Safe Haven or CDC. This must be completed before September 27. Benjamin will send out a note outlining the deadlines to comply if these volunteers are going to be allowed to continue in one of the key volunteer positions. Eric would like to offer a group showing of the CDC since many are having trouble with the online course timing out or just quitting. He would keep a list of those in attendance then submit the names to National. He will look into the possibility. We are better off than we were last year with coaches following through, but still not perfect. The next challenge will be to have all coaches trained at the level they are coaching. Dan will offer training for U10-U14 in November. Region 870 is having an instructor-training course that we can be a part of.

INDOOR SOCCER: Prem will have an email blast sent out to let everyone know the sign-up for Indoor Soccer will begin September 27 at the Safety/Information station. The cost will be $46 again this year. There are no scholarships available for this program. The program will run for 6 weeks as in the past.

BAKE SALE: Walt's daughter and friends will hold a bake sale to support the scholarship fund on Saturday, October 4. If anyone wants to bring items for the girls to sell, please do!

CLUB SOCCER: Casey Fries has requested that the Corvallis club soccer group have a tent at the field to advertise the academy skill building. The Board felt this would be appropriate since it will benefit all soccer players in the community. Casey would like to be on the agenda for the November meeting.

EXPO 2015: The Expo will be February 20-22, 2015 in Santa Clara. We have budgeted for 10 people to attend. If anyone is interested in attending, email Leanne. The Section budget has been cut 50% so all instructors must pay their own transportation.

U8 GAMES WITHOUT GOALIES: Concerns were expressed about the lack of goalies in the U8 games. Our coach administrators and referee administrators felt the goal size was not an issue since our goals are only a couple of inches off from the National standard size. Lopsided games were reported, but there were lopsided games when we had goalies. Since there were more goals scored in some games, the concern was it takes too much time to start the game at midfield, reducing the time to "play" the game. We recognize we did not train the coaches on how to adapt their player positioning prior to the first game of the season. Positive comments were also heard about not having a goalie…less stress on the one player in front of the net! Coaches were surveyed and the results found split opinions. Since National guidelines are being followed, no additional changes will be made at this time. Walt will track the goals scored and how the teams are doing the substitution. Leanne stressed the importance of all Board members to support this decision.

5-A-SIDE: Juan has selected October 19 for the 5-A-Side date this fall. Juan will send out information to all coaches about the event. Leanne volunteered to pick up any flyers that need to go in the team folder at the UPS Store for Juan. Sign up will be at the Safety/Information station. Banners will be placed on the fences and on the front of the Safety/Information station.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be on Thursday, October 23 at 7:15pm at the CPI building on West Hills Road. All meetings will now be held on the 4th Thursday of the month (except for November) at the CPI building rather than OSU Oceanography Administration Bldg. Thanks to Andy for hosting the meetings for so many years. Sean works at CPI so he can help with opening the building.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Benjamin Carleski, Bob Carleski, Sean Ziniker, Andy Ungerer, Gibby Reynolds, Juan Fernandez, Dan Stevens, Eric Gleske, Kelsey Walker, Marc Betz, Toby Westberry, Elaine Markley, Mike Middleton, Walt Mahaffee, Vicki Guenther

MINUTES FROM JULY MEETING: It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Toby that the minutes from the July 17, 2014 be approved as written. The motion was unanimously approved.

SAFETY: Gibby discussed the concussion form and how parents have e-signed them when they registered their child indicating that they have discussed the information with their child. Rather than have the players print, sign and turn in the concussion form, it was moved by Gibby and seconded by Walt that we accept the electronic e-sign copy and not collect an additional copy. The motion was unanimously approved. We will display posters of concussion symptoms to watch for and Dan will make sure the coaches discuss symptoms with their team. Referees will be reminded of symptoms as a continued educational awareness.

PRINTING MATERIALS: Leanne mentioned that Board members can use the UPS Store on Philomath Blvd. for any printing of materials. Sending files to the store will speed up the process. She will explore setting up an account with the owner, Sean, so Board members do not have to pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed. There is also an account at Hederson's Copy on 2nd Street as well as Fed Exon 9th Street (aka Kinko's).

VOLUNTEER UPDATE: There are about 12 teams that are lacking the key volunteers with the number of coaches, team manager and referees needed. Leanne will contact those teams individually to see what needs to be done and how we can support the team.

CVPA REPORT: Toby reported the numbers of volunteers who have actually registered and the number that are in the applicant status. There were 35 non-registered volunteers in key roles, but of those 20 are in the background check status so that leaves only 15 that have not moved forward. Hopefully they will get that done before September 3rd so the teams can get their uniforms. Leanne discussed information from Golden Gate, especially that all volunteers must be registered if they are going to be on the field with the U5 players.

FIELDS: Mike reported that the district removed the goals on Field A since they were in poor shape and we will use portable goals there. The field was originally going to be rested due to the poor conditions and unsafe areas on the south sideline, but will now be reduced in size and games that were placed on Field M will be moved to Field A. John Williams will need to change the location of the games from Field M to Field A on the schedule. Luke will need to post the revised schedule on the website when it is completed by John. The U5 jamboree fields will be moved to open space in the area next to the modulars where Field G was previously located. If necessary an additional jamboree field space can be created west of Field B. Sean Ziniker will create the final field map and send it to Luke to post. A copy needs to be sent to Vickie Taylor at the Corvallis School District office as well. Mike reported that our water bill for the past month was $3200. There are 3 water cannons going most of the day and night. We will have a 50' trailer in the "bone yard" to store the water cannons and the golf cart in the off season. The fields look green and great! Thanks Mike for all the dedication and attention to detail to make this happen.

COACH REPORT: There have been concerns about the length and frequency of U8 practices. Some coaches are doing one practice while others are doing two per week. All practice issues should be directed to Eric Gleske. Practices should not be longer than time allowed per session on game day. We are still in need of coaches. There are 5 teams without coaches and 29 teams with only one coach. The Area Coach Administrator is Tuck Thompson from Albany/Lebanon.

NEWSLETTER: Vicki will complete the newsletter and hopefully have it out before the first practice which is Sept. 2. If you have any edits to previous articles that were submitted, get them to her by August 24.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Shayna Hicks will be coordinating the Shoe/Equipment Sale the first Saturday of the season. She is hoping to get the list of special events volunteers soon so she can fill her slots. Juan will select a date for the fall 5-A-Side jamboree and hopefully it will fly this fall.

NEW BOARD POSITIONS: Kelsey Walker has asked expand her role on the Board to become the Youth Volunteer Coordinator rather than just the Youth Referee Coordinator. She would work with anyone under the age of 18. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Benjamin that Kelsey Walker become the Youth Volunteer Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. Kristin Francisconi resigned from Boys Team Formation but applied for the Registrar position. She feels confident in this role and will work with Rema during the transition. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Gibby that Kristin Francisconi be accepted as the Region 149 Registrar. The motion passed unanimously. Juan Fernandez applied for the position of Boys Team Formation. He feels like the commitment to his current Board position as Special Events Coordinator will not conflict with the time commitment necessary for Team Formation. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Benjamin that Juan Fernandez be accepted as the Boys Team Formation Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. Kristin will work with Juan through May to make sure the transition is smooth as teams are formed for the 2015-16 season. In the position of Trusted Data Manager, Bob Carleski will focus on the process of data entry and Sean Ziniker will take over the front facing of the job. They are changing their role within the Data Manager duties. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Dan that the duties of Sean and Bob change but both continue in the role of Trusted Data Manager. The motion carried unanimously. Information of this change will need to be relayed to National so Sean has the rights given to the Trusted Data Manager. There was mention of someone that might be interested in the position of Treasurer. Joan Reukauf is interested in becoming the Auditor if a Treasurer is found. We are currently seeking a Team Manager to replace Ronda McLean and would like to find an Assistant Registrar to assist Kristin. Melissa would like to find a replacement for Equipment Manager as her son's are no longer playing AYSO. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please let Leanne know.

LATE UNIFORM PICK-UP: Wednesday, September 3 between 5:30-7:00 we will meet at the main entry of the soccer fields to register any volunteers and players who are hoping to be placed on a team. There are limited openings in most divisions so no promises of being placed. If players can not be placed, they can try again in February for the Spring 2015 season.

PRACTICE CANCELLATION: Leanne wanted to have a clear policy on what is done if some of the school fields are closed due to too much water. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Dan that if an estimated 50% of the teams can not practice in their regular practice area, ALL practices will be cancelled. The motion carried unanimously after discussion. Mike Middleton and Leanne would be in contact with the school district to confirm which practice areas are closed before making a flash alert and website notice for teams.

AUDIT: Benjamin presented the findings from the audit he did with our Treasurer. There were a few minor corrections in what needed to be done, but it appears from his report the books are being done in accordance with National AYSO.

SPONSOR INQUIRY: Benjamin received an inquiry from Power Volkswagon wanting to be a "sponsor" for AYSO Region 149. The details are not clear as to what the general manager of Power, Bryan Koehnke, had in mind so Benjamin will follow up with his ideas. Mike Middleton will ask the district if banners can be placed on the fence if Power wanted to advertise on Saturday. If this sponsorship is a monetary donation, the scholarship fund is the likely place for the funds to be deposited. Further discussion will take place when more information has been received.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be on Thursday, September 18 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Bldg. The Doodle poll that was sent out did not include Tuesday so Andy will check with Consumer Power to see what dates are available. Leanne is not able to meet on any Wednesday. A new Doodle poll will be created once dates have been gathered.

Respectfully Submitted
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Leanne Henriques, Benjamin Carleski, Bob Carleski, Toby Westberry, Eric Gleske, Walt Mahaffee, Rema Robinson, Anton Grube, Andy Ungerer, Kristin Francisconi, Kelsey Walker, Elaine Markley

Secretary Note: The meeting was held in conjunction with the packet stuffing for team meetings, therefore difficult to track all conversations since everyone was multi-tasking!

GUEST PRESENTATION: Alicia Collins, a doctorial student from OSU presented information on her research project she hopes to complete with the use of AYSO children, coaches and parents. She is seeking support from kid's ages 7- 14. Her plan is to attend two practices in the fall season to record and observe kids in motion. She needs a maximum of 30 teams to help support her research. Eric will be the Board contact and communicate with coaches. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Eric that we allow Alicia to seek candidates for her research from Region 149. It was suggested that Alicia attend the parent meetings on August 6 and 7 to present her request.

MINUTES FROM JUNE MEETING: It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Andy that the June minutes were approved as edited. The motion was carried unanimously. Thank you Toby for taking the minutes for Elaine

BOARD MEMBER ADVANCEMENT: Congratulations to Gibby for qualifying for National referee assessor status and Walt for National referee while they were at the Section conference in LasVegas. Walt shared a picture journal written by Adrian, Zane and Kieran VanHorsen who participated as referees at the AYSO National Games. Kelsey, Gibby and Daniel Haak mentored all three VanHorsen's. They expressed appreciation for the opportunity to represent Region 149 and all performed at a high level.

BOARD MEMBER ROSTER: It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Toby that the current Region 149 Board of Directors is voted in to serve in the MY2014 season. The motion was unanimously approved.

BOARD STRUCTURE: Leanne is working on a spreadsheet of what would be considered the E-Board, Board and Staff. Different levels of commitment would be indicated with these titles. Board member clothing could possible change to match the level of commitment of Board roles. The spreadsheet will be emailed at a later date.

CHANGING OF MEETING DATE: Since the number of Board members has grown for our monthly meeting, it has been suggested that we try to reserve the Consumer Power building for future meetings. Andy will check into the dates available and a Doodle Poll will be created to see if there is a better date for the majority other than the 3rd Thursday of each month.

NEWSLETTER: Vicki has agreed to be the newsletter editor for the Fall newsletter. Please submit all articles to her by July 26. The newsletter will be electronic.

MANDATORY TRAINING: Don't forget that Safe Haven needs to be done yearly, after August 1 as well as the concussion training. The links can be found on AYSO.org under training.

FIELDS REPORT: Since the water cannon can not reach Field A, Mike has set up a new field south of Field F that will take the place of Field A. The size will be a bit smaller than the current Field A to better match the division that has been playing on it in the past. The U5 Jamboree will practice on Field A on Saturday with their parents on the field at the same time. Mike will purchase a new water cannon to allow more coverage of fields.

FIELD BANNER/BLADES: Leanne discussed and showed pictures of samples of Field Blades to purchase to mark the fields. There was considerable discussion that the pictures that Leanne presented needed to be altered to make sure we are accomplishing our goal of identifying fields and educating fans about Kid Zone philosophy. She was going to discussion the concerns with Vicki who has been looking into the purchase of the blades.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be on Thursday, August 21 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building. A Doodle Poll will help determine whether or not we will change the meeting date and location.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Walt Mahaffee, Toby Westberry, Eric Gleske, Kelsey Walker, Dan Stephens, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer, Bob Carleski, Benjamin Carleski, Leanne Henriques, Kristin Francisconi, Bob Vingelen, Rema Robinson, Nichole Stucki

MINUTES FROM MAY 15, 2014: The minutes from the May meeting were approved. (motion by Kristin, 2nd by Juan)

SAFETY REPORT: Kelsey spoke briefly on behalf of Gibby. The AED and walkie-talkies are currently offsite with Gibby. There was a brief discussion as to whether they were needed for the AYSO camp the following week, but it was decided that they were not. We need to have a plan for the new concussion forms submitted with player registrations. Where should they reside? With coaches? On a related note, what will we do about players with missing concussion forms? Questions need to be answered.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt is trying to schedule referee training in conjunction with Albany region. Details are forthcoming. In other exciting referee news, Walt attended the Davis Cup tournament near Sacramento and has become a new National Referee!. Gibby also became a new National Referee Assessor. These are great achievements, congratulations to both! The major item from the referee report was an imminent change in the way U8 games are refereed. There will be only one referee required per U8 team. The "home" team for each match will provide the center referee. The primary advantage resulting from this change is the reduced scheduling burden (now U6 and U8 will not have to be "scheduled"). However, Benjamin requested that the U8 (and U6!) referees be reflected in the master referee schedule that is posted. Currently many U6 referees get confused by the fact that their games are not included there. One aspect of this change that requires further attention is that John (Williams) will have to be aware of which teams are "home" and "visitor" when making up the schedule, so as balance the referee assignments across teams and throughout the season.

CONCESSION REPORT: Nicole mentioned that there has been increasing interest in gluten-free options at concession stand. She has some things in mind and will likely start carrying them in the fall (sorry, no more details).

REGISTRATION UPDATES: Currently, there are ~1000 kids registered with ~75 additional incomplete applications. In order to comply with a RAP requirement, Leanne wrote out a Late Registration Policy. There was some discussion about the details of priority. The highest priority is given to players whose parents are willing to fill one of the key volunteer positions. However, after that consideration, we must balance practice location preference, order in which applications are received, and a number of exceptions for special circumstances. There was some extended discussion about this latter point which highlighted exceptions associated with families new to town, misunderstanding due to language, health/sickness-related problems, and problems unique to the spring or fall portion of the season.

We also discussed late registration events/dates. Leanne initially proposed 6 dates, as early as next week (6/23). Andy/Kristin immediately said this is too soon and too many! This led to discussion of benefits of doing late registration sooner versus later. The idea was floated that if we do it sooner, late registrants could be included in the team formation process now. Andy/Kristin were not too keen on idea. It seemed clear that the registration/team formation process is exhausting and coordinators need a break. Ultimately, it was decided to forgo the first few proposed dates and have three dates in July: Tues/Wed 7/1-7/2 and the following Monday 7/14, all from 5-7pm (at the Safety shed?). Applicants collected from these events will technically be put on a wait list and not guaranteed roster spot. However, should they be included on a team, these dates will still allow them to get the "letter" in late July. Eric suggested that Bob C. sift data to find registered players from MY2013 that are not currently registered for MY2014 and send a reminder email about late registration dates.

On a related note, we discussed how to deal with late registration within eAYSO. National encourages us to leave registration open indefinitely. This did not work out so well last year, albeit an accident. However, just opening registration for a few days prior to each late registration event is not ideal either. It was decided that registration will be left open, but it needs to be made VERY CLEAR that no mail-in registrations will be accepted. Benjamin and Bob C. will craft a message to convey this on the website and hopefully avoid the bulk of these problem applicants.

FIELDS REPORT: It was proposed that we purchase some "Blades" which would advertise Kidzone, but also have field identifiers (A-H) on them. Options were presented to purchase just 2 for the main entrance with no field designation (13' each, $230/each) or alternatively, to purchase 10x at a slightly discounted price ($206/each). There was some discussion as to whether this was a good use of money, where the money would come from, how durable they are, etc. Walt motioned to purchase them, Leanne 2nd, vote passed! (So, we will be spending ~$2K from the Fields budget). Mike M. was not present, but provided a lengthy description of recent happenings at the Adams fields. Most significantly, they have successfully watered! See his letter for further details.

TEAM FORMATION: Team formation is almost done. On the boy's side there are still a number of coaches (~8), assistant coaches (~13), Team Managers (~2), and lots of referees are still required. Kristin detailed what she has been doing to fill these positions. On the girl's side the overall picture is a bit better. Only ~1 coach per division is still needed at this point. For U12, there are even more coaches than required! Lots of referees are still needed though. Leanne reiterated that the the August Parent Meeting is too late to be getting these key positions filled and that in order to fix this problem, we first need to understand why the problem exists. It was suggested that a survey of present/past coaches might be informative (action required??). Further discussion centered on how to better recruit more coaches and key volunteers. Andy suggested that certain head coaches could be "leaked" rosters in advance to see if they recognize any parents that might be willing. It was pointed out that letting this kind of information out before teams are made official is socially dangerous. Andy pointed out again that team balancing is difficult in the U12/14 due to the discretization of practice zones. We should consider breaking our region up into fewer, larger pieces (e.g., Philomath, and E/W/N/S Corvallis).

COACH REPORT: We will push discussion of OSU research project until next month.

RC TOPICS: There were several topics covered and additional details can be found in the Appendix of the Agenda.

  1. Parent Handbook – Hasn't been updated since 2012, need feedback. We are hoping to distribute it with the Newsletter ~4 days prior to August Parent Meeting.
  2. Board Safe Haven - Only 1 Board member remaining that is not currently Safe Haven certified. Getting all Board members certified is obviously important, but also counts towards our RAP.
  3. Parent Meeting – Will be August 6/7. Proposed to use CHS Theater with the Cafeteria area for registration/paperwork. Cost is $240 total. Benjamin motioned to spend, Walt 2nd. Vote passed unanimously.
  4. Logo Update – ongoing
  5. Changes in eAYSO – Since access rights have changed significantly this year, many people are having difficulty and/or are unaware of certain capabilities. Benjamin as offered to help people work through these.
  6. Trusted Data Manager and Secretary job descriptions – Over the years, Elaine and Rich (and now Bob) have taken on many duties that might not necessarily be considered within their job descriptions. This may be an issue should they ever resign and new people need to take over their positions. We need to better understand and define their roles.
  7. Open Board Positions – There are many open positions. Walt commented that if many of the positions were not actually considered "Board" positions (and all that entails), they might be more attractive. That is, some people may be more willing to volunteer if they don't think they have to attend monthly meetings, vote, etc. Benjamin clarified that there are already 3 "layers" of Regional Management: voting board members, non-voting board members, and staff. Perhaps some of the proposed "Board" positions could actually be considered "Staff".
  8. Board Meeting Location - Have we outgrown the Oceanography Admin. Building? The last few board meetings have been pretty full. The CPI location was proposed as an alternative. It is bigger and has a kitchenette. Andy mentioned that scheduling there can be a bit difficult because you can only schedule 30 days in advance. However Sean Z. (Asst. Trusted Data Mgr.) works there and might easily facilitate getting keys and access.
  9. Summer Camp Housing – We are still in need of housing for ~5 UK Coaches for the AYSO Summer Camp.

MISCELLANEOUS: There is a free paper shredding day coming up this Saturday (6/21). Some people accumulate soccer-related paperwork. Spread the word. Dan will email a reminder to all coaches.

Benjamin motioned to Adjourn meeting at 9:41pm, Toby 2nd.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, July 17 at 7:15pm. Location TBD, but will likely be at CPI. Andy will contact CPI for room availability to host the stuffing "party" followed by the board meeting.

Respectively submitted,
Toby Westberry, CVPA
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Walt Mahaffee, Marc Betz, Toby Westberry, Eric Gleske, Kelsey Walker, Dan Stephens, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer, Ronda McLean, Bob Carleski, Benjamin Carleski, Leanne Henriques, Kristin Francisconi, Bob Vingelen, Mike Middleton, Aaron Rock

MINUTES FROM APRIL 17, 2014: The minutes from the April meeting were approved. (motion by Ben, 2nd by Juan)

BUDGET: Money spent on scholarships far exceeds that taken in from fundraising. We have been operating at a loss, but luckily have had a healthy reserve accumulated from recent years. However, as a non-profit we are not supposed to be making money each year (we should have a net zero income). We will continue the status quo with respect to scholarships for MY2014, but starting in MY2015 we will only grant scholarships according to dedicated funds raised in the previous year (MY2014 in this case). This decision led to a larger discussion of potential fundraising activities, some of which have been considered in the past. In particular, team sponsorship (as is done with Little League) was discussed. There were mixed feelings, but it seemed that the main problem in the past has been that there was no dedicated used for these monies. Putting this $$ toward scholarships might be a viable reason (not applicable this year since jerseys have already been ordered).

Budget needs for travel were discussed. Dan and Eric will not be going to Golden Gate. Walt and Gibby are going, but Walt kindly pays his own way, and Gibby is an instructor and thus his expenses will be paid for by National(?).

Other budget line items were discussed: coach uniforms, tournament/summer camp costs, Expo. These aspects were an open-ended discussion.

Motion to approve MY2014 budget by Dan, 2nd by Benjamin. Approved unanimously.

SAFETY REPORT: Nothing to report :^)

REFEREE REPORT: Walt presented an idea to provide some mentoring of adult referee volunteers, based on the success of mentoring youth referee volunteers. However, the problem is that the U10 and U12 fields that they start on are spread out. This led to a larger discussion of field layout. It was suggested that if Field A were moved to an open spot near Field F and Field H, they would all be together and within eyeshot of the Referee shed/tent. We noted that this is no small feat, but does present additional advantages. The current Field A is one that is actively used by Adams and pest controls issues are in direct conflict with the school district. Additionally, there are tree roots beginning to impinge on the edge of the field and Field A is the most difficult to water. This issue certainly requires further discussion. Two related comments were made. Lacrosse practice is much harder than us (AYSO) on Field E, where they currently practice. Maybe we could ask (who?) that they move to the current Field A, which would be particularly great if we did migrate Field A to a new location. Last, if this field re-arrangement were to ever happen, it was suggested by Eric that we rename the fields to be in a more intuitive order :^)

REGISTRATION: Leanne discussed registration results. In total, we have >900 registered for MY2014 in eAYSO, which is on par with past years. Monday garnered ~25-50 new registrants at the Safety shed.

Bob V. raised the issue of kids who are not currently registered for MY2013, but want to play Progressive, which spans MY2013 and MY2014. This is a problem, but there is no real way around this. To play the full slate of Progressive games, players will need to registered in both membership years, even if they do not play in the regular AYSO season.

TEAM FORMATION: Issue of team sizes for U6 and U8 was brought up. There will be no changes for this year, but likely for 2015-2016. Details need to be worked out. There was also some discussion of team balancing and the merits of moving away from emphasis on practice location, which inherently leads to less "balancing". A compromise might be to split Corvallis in half or into quadrants, rather than the many-fold 6+ regions currently used. Leanne, Eric and Bob V. will discuss offline.

Regarding this year and the compressed timeline of registration and team formation, Andy has not yet scheduled "work sessions". The delay has been in part due to Andy's reluctance to involve coaches in the process. Regardless, these work sessions have to be the last week in May at latest. Andy will check with CPI to schedule dates.

YOUTH REFEREE REPORT: Kelsey reported that the pizza party was a great success! Approximately 17 kids attended and ate 7 whole pizzas. It was noted that they were engaged and talking amongst each other quite a bit. The older youths sounded receptive to mentoring younger refs than themselves.

SECRETARY REPORT: Benjamin reported in place of Elaine. Hayden Rock was nominated to receive the AYSO Volunteer Recognition Scholarship. Kelsey has received this award in the past and will present it to him. Details about where/when are TBD. Walt motioned to accept the nomination, Juan 2nd the motion. Congratulations Hayden!

COACHES REPORT: Dan and Eric comprise the "Paper Volunteer Committee" designed to address the problem of paper volunteers. Several ideas were floated that might help. First, the role of the team manager needs to be made more prominent. Ronda will have a Team Manager Meeting, dates TBD. It really is part of their job to make sure the other volunteer positions are filled. Another thought was to have the volunteers initial or sign the form turned in at the parent meeting when the teams are "registered". That is the point at which someone's name is put down, and then often forgotten. Marc also suggested the idea of a Coach Card, which has been discussed in the past (I gather). Leanne also made reference to the GoogleDocs lists that Benjamin has set up to keep track of coaches/referees that we do not want to volunteer.

BIRTHDAY PARTY: Vicki has mad a "Wheel of Fortune"-like device for the kids/volunteers to spin for prizes. There will also be Dole Squishums to distribute and birthday cake. They will likely set up a tent near the main entrance across from the equipment shed. Ronda suggested inviting somebody from the Gazette-Times.

LOGO CONTEST: There were not many submissions, but voting results have been compiled. Sports Pins International (SPI) will make a professional design(s) incorporating elements from submissions and we will re-vote. Ronda suggested that any mountain element be in the image of Mary's Peak. It will be done in ~mid-July in time for August parent meeting.

SOCCERFEST: Region 149 contributed ~1300 players to the advertised ~17,000 participants in SoccerFest. This is great, but also frustrating that Dole would not send a dedicated person to help give out the Squishums given our level of participation. It took a lot of volunteer effort to give these out, at the expense of advertising our area tournament, for example.

AREA TOURNAMENT: As of today, there are ~20 teams in some stage of registration, most from our own region (~3 from Albany and 1 from Lebanon). U10B and U10G are the only viable divisions thus far. Juan expressed frustration at inability to communicate with coaches, etc. outside the region and overall lack of support at the Area level. Currently, the tournament is not viable. Options for downscaling the tournament to 2 days might be one way to make it work. Juan has requested a few more days from Dan Haak to rally interest in the U8 division, in particular. We will know by Saturday whether the tournament can happen. Juan will let board know by Monday 5/19 whether this is the case or not.

CORVALLIS SOCCER CLUB: If any board member has any questions/comments, please relay them to Leanne. It is better to have a single point of contact at this point. This request was spawned by an incident involving an AYSO board member approaching a CSC member directly.

BOARD COMMUNICATION: Just a reminder about email etiquette. Always be polite and start with "thank you". Anything with legal implications technically needs to be checked through the CVPA. For example, if you were to say, "…to be in compliance with Oregon State Law…", the CVPA needs to ensure that this is indeed correct. Walt also suggested having some pre-approved boilerplate language at the ready in order to avoid much of this double-checking.

MISCELLANEOUS: Benjamin, Leanne and Vicki meet every Tuesday from ~8:30-11:00am at Imagine Coffee. Everyone is welcome to join, but please give some forewarning to ensure that there will be time to discuss your matter of interest.

Dan reminded us that coaches need to turn in equipment this Saturday after games.

Benjamin motioned to Adjourn meeting at 9:17pm, Walt 2nd.

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, June 19 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Bldg.

Respectively submitted,
Toby Westberry, CVPA
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Walt Mahaffee, Elaine Markley, Rema Robinson, Toby Westberry, Anton Grube, Eric Gleske, Kelsey Walker, Dan Stephens, Juan Fernandez, Gibby Reynolds, Andy Ungerer, Ronda McLean, Bob Carleski, Benjamin Carleski, Leanne Henriques, Kristin Francisconi, Joan Reukauf, guests Jamie Hansen and Casey Fries from Corvallis Soccer Club

MINUTES FROM MARCH 18, 2014: The minutes from the March meeting were approved as submitted.

CORVALLIS SOCCER CLUB: Jamie Hansen and Casey Fries presented their vision for the Corvallis Soccer Club and AYSO to work hand-in hand to promote soccer in the Corvallis/Philomath communities. They feel that the common goal is to have more kids playing soccer in our area. The two previous "club" soccer groups have dissolved and have now merged as one club. Jamie spoke about how CSC can serve AYSO:

  • Help train and work with coaches
  • Have a booth at club soccer tryouts
  • There is room for both AYSO and CSC
  • Would like an AYSO liaison at their meetings and CSC liaison at AYSO board meetings
  • Have an access point on the field to inform players about CSC. They will not recruit on the sidelines of the game fields as has been done in the past.
  • Have a booth at the AYSO fields two consecutive Saturdays before their tryouts, but the AYSO Progressive Coordinator will have a booth next to theirs so families can compare the programs and ask questions.
  • There will be 2 teams at each age level from U10 and up.
  • Currently there are 275 players and 17 teams who practice at Ashbrook, Wilamette Park, CHS turf and OSU turf.

It was made clear that AYSO wants it known that CSC is not affiliated with AYSO in any way and AYSO will also publicize that CSC is not affiliated with AYSO in any way. Walt and Anton will act as the liaison for AYSO at the CSC board meetings. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Walt that we allow CSC to set up an information booth at the field April 26 and May 3 and that someone will attend their try-outs. The motion was carried unanimously.

BIRTHDAY PARTY: Leanne briefly touched on the plans for the Region 149 35th birthday party. There will be a prize wheel, volunteer gifts for coaches, referees and team managers as well as food. Vicki, Ronda and Leanne will be on the committee and will use Special Events volunteers to help out.

LOGO CONTEST: Ronda will post the information about the logo contest on Facebook. Posters are at the field, half sheets for every player have been in team folders and entry forms are at the safety station. The rules are also posted on our website.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan reported that very few Board members have submitted a budget for their position at this time. Please do this ASAP. Joan discussed the reimbursement form and encourages everyone to use that when asking for reimbursement. Be sure to give Joan the receipts or you can scan them and email them to her along with the form. As soon as Leanne has been accepted as the Region 149 Commissioner this month, new signature cards for the bank will need to be signed by Elaine, Rema, Joan and Leanne.

REGISTRATION: We will no longer be accepting mail-in registration since there were so many problems with incomplete information and the lag time between getting the forms from the PO box and to the Board member that needed the information. We will have multiple walk-in opportunities for people to come to Adams to register in person (just like "the old days!") It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Kristin that the player card be eliminated from the website and all data will be stored through eAYSO. The motion was passed unanimously. Volunteer forms will have to be turned during the registration events and will not be received through the mail. Toby will need help checking ID and volunteer applications on May 3 and May 10. He will train other Board members to do that. All board members need to be on hand for helping in the gym or computer lab those two Saturdays since we are going to the arena registration concept. Elaine will ask Luke to put together a Doodle Poll for Board members to indicate when they can be available to help those days. There will be a "packet party" at Adams gym on Tuesday, April 22 at 6:30pm for anyone who can attend.

FIELDS REPORT: Mike was unable to attend the meeting but supplied the Board with a written summary of what has taken place over the winter months. He shared the good news that the old lines (trenches) are now all filled in, but the bad news is it made it impossible to find any markings for the lines so every field had to be measured before painting lines. The fertilizer has kicked in and the fields look great. He will be utilizing more fields volunteers over the summer months to learn how to use the water cannons. A storage unit will be placed in the "bone yard" south of Field C East and West to store the water cannons. Joan has donated an old golf cart that will be used to pull the water cannons into place. The golf cart needs repairs.

One Board member will be responsible for seeing that all the buildings are locked at the end of each Saturday. Other Board members, along with the fields volunteers are to help as well if you are there at the end of the day. The following will be responsible for closing up:

  • April 19 Walt
  • April 26 Toby
  • May 3 Juan
  • May 10 Joan
  • May 17 Eric

Elaine will post these names in the safety/information station along with the checklist of what needs to be done.

YOUTH REFEREE REPORT: Kelsey reported that she is having difficulty communicating with the youth referees. Email does not seem to work since they don't check it regularly. The legalities of texting and having a "cc" to parents will be looked into with Karen from National. In order to help the growing number of youth referees, Kelsey will be training intermediate referees to help monitor games and offer feedback. She talked about the Zero Tolerance policy in other regions and wants to make sure the youth volunteers are not feeling threatened by comments from coaches and spectators. Spectators can not be asked to leave the game, but the presence of a Board member can help calm them down.

SOCCER BALLS: Walt checked on prices of balls at the EXPO conference as did Dan. Dan will contact Melissa with the information he received from Baden and suggest the type of ball to order for next year. The cost was under $8.00 per ball.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt reported that we are still missing 20-25% of the referees that as supposed to be certified and scheduled. The 109 or so that completed all training and turned in a data sheet are safehaven certified this year. Walt reported that ALL referees have now turned in their data sheet. Most Saturdays are looking good for game coverage except April 26 when there are advanced training courses being offered. Next year there will be one referee assigned to U8 games and the lines will be covered by a lines volunteer.

TRACKING VOLUNTEERS: Benjamin has a tool that he will share with Toby and Anton to make sure the coach, assistant coach, referee and team manager are registered in eAYSO , have taken Safe Haven and are certified at the proper level to volunteer. Dan talked about the "Paper Volunteer" who signs up on paper so the team can get their uniform but never follows through with the commitment. With the "app" that Benjamin has, this will be easier to monitor.

COACHES REPORT: There was a discussion from the Coach Administrators about changing the number of players on the field and not have goalies at U8 next year. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Anton that we move to a 7 v 7 format next year in U8 and eliminate the goalies to align with National Guidelines. The motion carried unanimously. With that decision, Eric, Mike, Gibby, Dan, and Leanne will need to meet to discuss the field size in order to accommodate more teams and not extend the length of our day on the field each Saturday.

SOCCERFEST: Juan reported that we will receive (actually he will receive at his house!) 250 pinnies, banners and 2400 Squishims for the Soccerfest. He will submit a note that he wants placed in the Gazette Times to Elaine and she will see that it gets to the proper reporter. Mike, Dan, Juan and Eric will need to get together to work out the logistics of the field layout and rules. Walt will send Juan the 5-A-Side rules. Each coach will divide their team into two equal teams. All teams report to their assigned field as shown on the schedule.

RAP: The nominating committee for the next season will be Eric, Juan, Elaine, Leanne and Bob.

CANCELLATION OF PRACTICE: Due to the time of day, the discussion about what is fair or not fair when it comes to fields being closed was tabled until the next meeting. Hope for good weather!

NEXT MEETING: The next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, May 15 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Bldg.

Respectively submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

ADDED BUSINESS: The Board was informed the week of April 21, 2014, that Leanne Henriques' nomination to serve as Region 149 Commissioner was approved by National AYSO. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Toby that Leanne begin the duties of Region 149 Commissioner effectively immediately. In an Executive Board vote by email, the motion carried unanimously. Leanne will now need to meet with Joan to get bank signature cards changed to remove Vicki Guenther as an approved Board member to sign checks for Region 149.


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Leanne Henriques, Benjamin Carleski, Marc Betz, Bob Carleski, Andy Ungerer, Dan Stevens, Juan Fernandez, Sean Ziniker, Kelsey Walker, Eric Gleske, Kristin Francisconi, Toby Westberry, Anton Grube, Elaine Markley, Gibby Reynolds, Daniel Haak, Walt Mahaffee, Rema Robinson

MINUTES FROM FEBRUARY MEETING: It was moved by Gibby and seconded by Benjamin that the minutes from the February 20, 2014 meeting be approved as written. The motion was unanimously approved.

TREASURER REPORT AND BUDGET: Joan was not able to attend the meeting but supplied the Board with the financial report. Vicki reminded everyone that they need to submit any budget items ASAP so we can review the budget next meeting. Golden Gate Camp for coaches and referees should be considered as a budget item if we plan on sending any representatives from our Region. Commissioner training will be added to the budget.

CVPA REPORT: Toby reported that he contacted Hise Studio about the pictures of Region 149 players shown on-line for placing orders. Jock Edblom, owner of Hise Studio took them off his business website immediately. Toby discussed the sex offender registry and has been in contact with Rich (former CVPA) about this information.

FIELDS REPORT: Mike was not present to give a report. It should be noted that there are gopher holes on the east side of Field C East that need some attention. Elaine will purchase bee traps for the concession stand, safety station and equipment shed. Porta-pots will be ordered for the regular season, Area Tournament and AYSO camps by Elaine.

COACH REPORT: Dan reported that he has sent out two reminders to coaches and assistant coaches about concussion information. Players 12 or older must read and sign the information form (parents sign as well). These forms will be collected and turned into the Safety Station on April 5.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt has sent out information to referees about completing any necessary training before the spring season begins. Very few have filled out the referee data sheet, therefore a game schedule can not be developed.

REGIONAL GUIDELINES: Benjamin presented changes that had been made since our last review of the Regional Guidelines. It was moved by Benjamin and seconded by Gibby that we accept the Regional Guidelines with the edited changes. Thanks for all the input and to Benjamin for taking the lead on this project.

NEWSLETTER: Leanne and Vicki will put together a newsletter for the spring. We will continue to advertise for a newsletter editor for future editions. Articles for this issue include:

  • Boys Progressive - Bob
  • Schedule Revision #4 - John
  • Concussion and Safe Haven requirements - Dan
  • Soccer Fest - Juan
  • Area Tournament – Daniel
  • Team Formation – Andy
  • Welcome New Board Members – Vicki
  • Scholarships – Leanne
  • Shoe Swap – Elaine

U19 REPORT: Marc would like a meeting with Albany Region 870 to discuss the interplay. Vicki, Leanne, Dan and Benjamin will be a part of this meeting as well. It was noted that the U19 numbers are growing in other regions.

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS: We will advertise a need for U19 Coordinator, Newsletter Editor, Social Media Coordinator. Vicki had asked an applicant for Webmaster to do a "mock-up" of a new website, but she has not heard back from this applicant yet. This position may still be open. There was a discussion about having two levels of the webmaster. One would have the rights to edit the front face for current information and a back-up administrator for behind the scenes.

PLAYER CARDS: Discussion is still underway about the use of player cards and the security of data. Benjamin will find out at the Expo if each Region can customize one section to add to the eAYSO data. The group going to the conference will try to get answers to questions we have about merging the data we need with what eAYSO is already able to provide.

SOCCERFEST14: Juan reported there are three different levels for the SoccerFEST14.

  1. Pick-up game like 5-a-Side for only registered AYSO players
  2. Registration for outside AYSO members for a one day experience
  3. Use as a fund raiser for the program.

He selected option #2. Registration will take place at the Safety Station on May 3. Players will be directed to a field to play. The schedule will be followed as printed. Dan and Walt will be in communication with the referees and coaches about how this will be run.

AREA TOURNAMENT: Daniel Haak (Area Referee Administrator) came to report on the progress of the Area Tournament that will be held June 6-8. Friday will be a short day with only a few games being played. The proceeds will be a fundraiser for our Region and the Area. It was decided that the money will be split 50/50 between the area and the region. The money raised for Region 149 will go into the scholarship fund. The remaining 50% will go for the Area training. The fee structure for the tournament will be:

  • U10 will pay $100 and play a 9 v 9 format
  • U12 will pay $115 and play a 11 v 11 format
  • U14 will pay $115 and play a 11 v 11 format

Local Board members volunteered to serve in various capacities for the tournament. Marc will be the Registrar. Vicki will be the Safety Director. Leanne will be the Assistant Tournament Director. Toby will be the Treasurer. Although he was not present, hopefully Mike will help with the Fields.

U5 JAMBOREE: Dan, Eric, Leanne and John met to discuss the needs of the U5 Jamboree and any changes that need to be made for spring. Better scheduling will occur in the spring with ½ hour between the end of the U5 Jamboree and the beginning of the next game. Support to the Master Coach will be provided by the Coach Administrators. U19 players will be asked to help coach small groups. Assigning volunteers to help set up and take down fields will also be done. It is great to have so many interested in starting at this level!

CORVALLIS SOCCER CLUB: Vicki, Leanne and Benjamin met with representatives from the Corvallis Soccer Club. All "club" soccer groups have come together under one umbrella to better serve the players in the community. An additional meeting will take place on March 25 at 11:00am at Imagine Coffee.

NATIONAL GAMES: Gibby reported that the National Games will be held in Torrance, CA. this summer. Gibby, Kelsey and Daniel will be attending. Walt suggested we support three youth referees out of the referee training budget to attend the National Games and attend the referee courses to advance their levels. There appears to be money in the 2013-14 budget to do this.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Leanne Henriques, Benjamin Carleski, Rich Raleigh, Toby Westberry, Elaine Markley, Kristin Francisconi, Rema Robinson, Sean Ziniker, Juan, Fernandez, Luke Cotton, Gibby Reynolds, Walt Mahaffee, Andy Ungerer, Bonnie Johnson, Kelsey Walker, Dan Stevens, Ronda McLean, Aaron Rock, Marc Betz

NEW BOARD MEMBER APPLICATIONS: The first part of the meeting was devoted to reviewing applications of new Board members and taking action on those volunteers seeking a position.

  • Katherine Simpson ~ Assistant Referee Administrator.

Katherine will work with the Referee Administrator building a schedule for the games the referees will work each Saturday. It was moved by Kristin and seconded by Gibby that we accept Katherine as an Assistant Referee Administrator. The motion carried unanimously.

  • Bob Vingelen ~ Boys Progressive Coordinator.

Rynda will be stepping down at the end of the season and will work with the new Boys Progressive Coordinator. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Toby we accept Bob Vingelen as the Boys Progressive Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously.

  • Bob Carleski ~ Trusted Data Manager.
  • Sean Zinkier ~ Assistant Trusted Data Manager.

Rich and Elaine had a chance to meet with both Bob Carleski and Sean Ziniker at the Open House earlier in the month where Rich explained the nuts and bolts of the Trusted Data Manager job. Both Bob and Sean have a solid background in the skills necessary for the Board position. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Toby that Bob Carleski assume the role of Trusted Data Manager and Sean Ziniker assume the role of Assistant Trusted Data Manager. The motion carried unanimously.

  • Anton Grube ~ Assistant CVPA.

Anton came to the Open House to visit with Board members, showing an interest in helping wherever he could. Anton has a long history with Region 149 as a player and a volunteer of his own children. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Dan that Anton Grube assume the role of Assistant CVPA. The motion carried unanimously.

  • Leanne Henriques ~ Commissioner.
  • Benjamin Carleski ~ Assistant Commissioner.

Leanne and Benjamin have been meeting with Vicki and discussing how they could become a team to lead AYSO Region 149. The term of Commissioner will end June 30, 2014 and the Assistant Commissioner term would begin immediately. Both felt they are new to AYSO but they feel comfortable stepping into these important roles with the support of the Board and the training they will be receiving at the EXPO and Commissioner training later in the year. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Walt that we accept the applications for Commissioner from Leanne Henriques and Assistant Commissioner from Benjamin Carleski. The motion carried unanimously. Benjamin will continue to hold the position of Auditor. Leanne will continue as a Division Coordinator for the spring and will be seeking a replacement for the U5 Jamboree Coordinator. She will continue working as the Summer Camp Coordinator at this time.

We are pleased to have Leanne, Benjamin, Katherine, Bob, Bob, Sean and Anton step up and become a part of the Region 149 Board. Thank you for saying "yes" when we needed the help.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan was absent so Vicki read her report to the group. A reminder of the budget schedule was reported. Please have a budget of needs to Joan by the March board meeting so she can begin preparing the 2014-15 budget. Key people are Walt, Dan and Mike. Joan will gather more information at the EXPO about protocol for the timeline to deposit checks once they are received for registration.

INFORMATION SYSTEMS REPORT: Luke flew in from Chicago to present the work he has been doing to enhance Region 149 and see if more of the documents can be prepared electronically to save time for the Board members.

  • Volunteer information (formally the yellow sheet).

In Luke's system the Team Manager would gather the names and information for the volunteer and input that into a data entry form. The system would email the volunteer and explain their volunteer job. Any edits to the information would be done by the volunteer and the changes go back to the Team Manager. The information would be current and up-to-date.

  • Digital Player Card
  • Digital Player Evaluation
  • Team Formation Reports
  • Mass Email
  • Information Security
  • Risk Acceptance
  • Task Timeline
  • Possible Enhancements

Questions surfaced about the security of player information if it were stored through gathering it on the website. Board members who are attending the EXPO will gather information on whether or not this can be done legally. Luke has put in countless hours developing ideas to merge information from eayso and our own data to enable our Board members to generate reports that fit their needs. Thanks Luke.

NEWSLETTER: There was a discussion about the format of the digital newsletter that was tried for the fall. Many felt it was not effective because of all the text and not enough breaks to generate interest in reading the entire letter. A PDF format would be preferred. Vicki will contact Jennifer about this. Be thinking about key articles that are necessary for the spring newsletter other than the schedule.

COACHES REPORT: Dan had a coaches meeting at Papa's Pizza where about 20 coaches attended. They discussed the new Oregon Senate Bill 721 and how the concussion information can be covered with the completion of AYSO Safe Haven. Dan also reported that the spectators will be on one side of the field and the players on the other from division U8 and above. He shared a map that was revised (Fields C East and C West) by the group. Dan was also concerned about players individual and team photos displayed for purchase on the Hise Studio website. Toby will contact Jock Edblom from Hise Studio about the concern.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: Melissa was not present but Leanne reported that we need to order Size 3 balls for the U5 jamboree division. Vicki told us that Score does not do custom balls any longer. Walt volunteered to check out different soccer balls at the EXPO vendor fair and report back to Melissa. We were not pleased with the quality of balls the past two years and need to make a change.

SPECIAL EVENTS REPORT: Juan contacted John Williams about schedule changes that would be necessary to participate in the "pick-up" game May 3rd and he felt that we could do this on our existing fields. He will check on the pinnies, banners and healthy snacks that are advertised in the information we received. Dole is the sponsor of the Soccerfest 14 event. The Area Tournament is scheduled for June 6, 7 and 8 on our fields. Daniel Haak and Juan met to start ironing out the details. The biggest reason for failure in the past was the timing and lack of communication. Information about the tournament will go out in late March or early April. Head coordinators are needed. The following have been filled:

  • Head coordinator: Daniel Haak and Juan Fernandez
  • Referee Coordinator: Aaron Rock
  • Registration Coordinator: Marc Betz
  • Fields Coordinator: OPEN
  • Safety Coordinator: Gibby suggested Simon from Region 870 in Albany. He will check with him.

Since we will be doing a 5-a-side format for the Soccerfest May 3 we will not do any other 5-a-side this spring. Hopefully this will generate interest for the fall offering.

U5 JAMBOREE DIVISION: Leanne reported that the feedback from the first attempt in the fall was that families felt rushed and the space for activity was too tight. In the spring there is hope that there can be more sessions with 20-25 players maximum on the field. Eric Gleske will help oversee the coaching. He will attend sessions as the EXPO to enhance the program. Having more than one Master Coach and smaller groups is preferred. The idea of having youth volunteers help was also discussed. New players are being accepted for the spring season.

REGIONAL GUIDELINES: Luke send out Version F for review that included changes from the January retreat. Any changes need to be submitted to Luke by Tuesday, February 25 with the final draft being sent out to review. The Executive Board will then vote on the Regional Guidelines on Friday, February 28.

NEXT MEETING: Vicki will send out a Doodle poll to determine the date of the March meeting since there is a conflict with those attending the EXPO and the following week is spring break. Watch for that in an email and be sure to respond quickly.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Kelsey Walker, Toby Westberry, Leanne Henriques, Kristin Francisconi, Marc Betz, Rich Raleigh, Dan Stevens, Joan Reukauf, Juan Fernandez, Ronda McLean, Elaine Markley, Andy Ungerer, Walt Mahaffee, Rema Robinson, Benjamin Carleski

EXECUTIVE BOARD ACTION: During the November 21, 2013 Board meeting two applicants were appointed to open Board positions. Benjamin Carleski was appointed to the open position of Auditor. Benjamin has four children in the program and is active on the referee side of volunteering as well as his interest in becoming the Auditor. Juan Fernandez, also active as a referee volunteer, was appointed to the open position of Special Events Coordinator. Juan will work with Daniel Haak as plans are being formed to host an Area tournament in June, 2014. Welcome Benjamin and Juan.

On December 31, 2013 it was moved and seconded that Region 149 would add a second Indoor Soccer session that was requested by parents. Prem was willing to organize the session, open registration for a short window of time, and Walt was willing to help schedule referees. In an email vote by the Board, the motion was unanimously approved. Thanks Prem.

On January 15, 2014, the Board met with Toby Westberry, applicant for the open position of CVPA at Imagine Coffee. Rich explained the "nuts and bolts" of the position that he once held and the Board had an opportunity to visit with Toby about his interests and how this position would fit with the time he could offer to Region 149. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Joan that Region 149 accept Toby Westberry as the new CVPA. Welcome Toby.

ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION, ETC: Luke has been preparing programs to move toward electronic registration and using electronic player cards. Walt has been working with Luke with referee data and plans to meet with Luke before the February Board meeting. It was agreed that Region 149 is not in a position to do anything new for the spring limited open registration. Luke will be in town to present his ideas on February 20.

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS: The top priority will be to fill the Regional Commissioner, Assistant Regional Commissioner and Trusted Data Manager. Elaine, Vicki and Ronda will draft a letter that will be sent to Team Managers and another letter sent to the entire region about the importance of these positions being filled if we are to have AYSO in the 2014-15 seasons. We will have an Open House on Thursday, February 13 from 7:00-8:30pm and again on Saturday, February 15 from 10:00-11:30am at Adams Elementary library to meet with anyone interested in any open Board positions. Leanne will schedule the meeting location.

REGISTRATION DATES: The birthdates for players to begin AYSO was discussed after Luke sent date information. Andy and Rema talked about the advantages of keeping the August 1 birth dates that matches National AYSO. If a child is born in August, they should contact the Division Coordinator to move up to match their classmates in school. They would need to submit this request every other year. It was suggested that there is a hot link to the division coordinator to make it easy for parents to communicate with the right volunteer. It was brought to our attention that the Division Coordinator link on the website might not be working. Elaine will ask Luke to check these since it is important they can be reached as we approach spring limited open registration. Leanne suggested that Luke perform a monthly check to make sure the link is working for the Board members. Vicki would like to be sure we recognize the Division Coordinators in some way for all the work they do in forming teams at the end of the season birthday party.

LEGAL COUNCIL: Vicki reminded everyone that it is good practice to use theAYSO legal council for all forms/contracts that might be used. There is no charge for their service. They approve and return the written contract.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Juan will be contacting Daniel Haak to see what his needs are for volunteers for the Area Tournament to be held on our fields in June. Stay tuned!

We will hold a 35th birthday party the last day of the season. Joan reported that there is money in the budget to recognize our key volunteers. Those volunteers would be the Coach, Assistant Coach, Referees and Team Managers. Leanne and Vicki will be looking into the details of the party.

Region 149 logo contest will be held the first two weeks of the season. All entries will be due no later than April 12, 2014. The contest is open to the entire region. National has specific rules that must be followed and the winning design might have to be altered for publication. A decision will be made and voted on at the April 17 Board meeting. Juan, Leanne, Joan and Ronda will serve on the logo committee. To advertise the contest, it was suggested that the website have a link to show "Logo contest coming soon" where the current logo is that Luke designed. Once the contest rules are decided, the link would be hot for players to read and follow the rules. Vicki will discuss this concept with Luke. The winning logo will be unveiled at the birthday party on May 17, 2014.

On May 3, 2014 AYSO is attempting to break a world's record for the number of players participating in "The Biggest Pick-Up Game on Earth." Juan will look into the support given by National for providing player pinnies and work with John Williams to schedule games. Kelsey will help with the planning as well.

INTER-REGIONAL PLAY: Region 870 (Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home) requested to add the U12 division to their schedule. It was unanimously agreed upon that Region 149 would not participate in inter-play below the U14 division. Vicki will let Region 870 know the results of the discussion.

COACH REPORT: The required concussion training was discussed. Every Coach and Referee is required to take Safe Haven. Walt and Dan will draft a letter for the volunteers so they can get the training necessary before the Spring season begins. Our Regional Guidelines must be changed to reflect the Oregon Law. It was suggested that a "hot button" be on the website for a direct link to the concussion training (Safe Haven). All U14-U19 players must sign the concussion awareness form that indicates they have read the information. This will normally be turned with their registration form, however this spring it will be the responsibility of the Coach and Team Manager to collect the signed forms from those divisions and turned into the Safety/Information station.

REGISTRATION: The Division Coordinators suggested that we hold our ground on a closing date for allowing players to register for the Fall/Spring seasons. The window will open the last week of April and closed at the conclusion of the spring season. Players who fail to meet this deadline will have one week to mail their registration materials and payment (Saturday to Saturday of the next week). If there are openings after teams are formed in June, the window will open for those divisions at the end of June. U19 will remain open throughout this time. Outreach intervention will be used for the Spanish speaking community. It was suggested we investigate the possibility of putting an individual flyer in the elementary school "take home packets" advertising the Fall/Spring open registration. Elaine will check with the school districts. We will continue to advertise in the local newspaper and the radio station as well as posted flyers in English and Spanish.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt recommended that our equipment manager NOT order any solid yellow uniforms in Division U8 and above since the majority of referees are wearing the yellow uniform and are difficult to identify. Walt suggested Region 149 implement the concept of having all the players on one side of the field and the parents on the other from U8 and above. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Dan we begin this in spring, 2014. The motion carried unanimously. Dan and Ronda will draft a note to the Coaches and Team Managers so they can inform their parents in advance of the first game.

REGIONAL GUIDELINES: A review of the Regional Guidelines began, but was not completed. Walt and Ronda volunteered to read and edit the current guidelines and report back to the Board. The following changes were made at the meeting:

  • Page 4 E: Change the second sentence to read: No information from any outside organizations in Region 149 will be placed in team packets for dissemination to players and/or their families without specific prior approval.
  • Page 13 D: Change to read: Any fees incurred on NSF checks shall be the responsibility of the payer.
  • Page 16 D: Change the second sentence and remaining paragraph to read: However, each team must provide a coach, assistant coach, two referees and team manager with appropriate training. Teams unable to provide these volunteers may be disbanded.
  • Page 19 H: Change typo to read: No item may be worn… (not worm!)

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, February 20 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building at 7:15. Luke Cotton will be in town and present programs that he has been working on. There will be a preliminary meeting with Luke for those interested to ask questions prior to the meeting. The exact time and location will be announced later when we know for sure Luke is in town. Several Board members have expressed an interest in finding out more information than may be able to be presented in the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

DEC 2013

No Meeting


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Nichole Stucki, Mike Middleton, Rema Robinson, Dan Stevens, Prem Matthews, Walt Mahaffee, Kelsey Walker, Gibby Reynolds, Andy Ungerer, Benjamin Carleski, Eric Gleske, Juan Fernandez, Leanne Henriques

Fields Report:

  • After end of spring season, field care took place, especially to field B and D and areas where NW Natural was. The grass is growing well and fields look great!
  • Golf cart to be donated by Joan Reukauf for water cannons and also to be used on game days as needed. Per Gibby golf cart will not be covered by AYSO insurance or anyone driving it.
  • Mike will check with Adams School to see if we can charge at fields as was planned.

Board Applications:

  • Application from Juan Fernandez, for special events coordinator
  • Application from Benjamin Carleski for Auditor

Rema, motion to accept applicants Gibby seconded Approved unanimously

Conference coming in March: Anyone interested in going that hasn't already told Vicki please do so immediately

Coach Report:

  • Area 2S Tournament 6th through 8th June
  • Possible t-shirt with registration fee
  • Coaches night out happened last week 15 to 20 people came
  • Plan another one Feb 6th 2014
  • Some U10 coaches want goal kick to be from penalty box
  • Walt says FIFA law says "no" to any modifications
  • Importance of keeping games on time. Shorten if necessary
  • If a family wants to change teams they need to talk to Team/Division Coordinator first
  • Dan will look into idea of having teams on one side of field, spectators on the other
    Will give report at Retreat


  • 238 registered at this time. Ends Dec 21st
  • Numbers about the same as last year
  • Only have room for 5 – 6 more teams before we are maxed out
  • Is the new G3 Building an option?
  • Question asked how to have registration forms on site for all coaches.
  • Perhaps a "master binder" with all the forms to stay at the sports park. Or is there a digital way to cover it?
  • Will the hospital accept a registration medical form from the coaches phone instead oa a hard copy?
  • Master binder in a locked box? How to keep them secure?
    Prem will print forms and Vicki will bring a secure place to put them for the first game this Saturday.
  • Prem Follow up for procedure for next year.
  • Check with hospital identify secure form storage at Indoor park

Referee Report:

  • Dec 7th training coming up. 8 people registered so far.
  • 2 refs are being assessed at the training.
  • 2 new refs have been trained for indoor
  • Youth Referee Fall went great. We appreciate them all!

Luke designing a website for AYSO. Question in what will happen long term. Further assessment needed


Gibby taught us about "Jenna's Law" about concussions.

Goes into effect Jan 1, 2014 (Handout given)

Gibby suggests making all coaches and refs take both Safe Haven and AYSO/CDC Concussion Awareness training EVERY year that can be tracked on eAYSO

National needs to be contacted to change the information on the registration form that says both the parent/guardian and the youth participant has received and read the concussion information.

Coaches and Refs need to be trained NOW before the spring season and AGAIN before our AYSO membership year of July 31st. Then it will be done yearly with the MY

Discussion followed as to what should be required

Gibby made a motion to require Safe Haven training for all coaches and refs annually with the MY year. Those who don't currently have the training need to have it completed before the spring season. Dan seconded the motion

Voted and approved unanimously

Respectfully submitted,
Vicki Guenther


PRESENT: Vicky Guenther, Walt Mahaffee, Miriam Estrada, Benjamin Carleski, Juan Fernandez, Andy Ungerer, Marc Betz, Joan Reukauf, Mike Middleton, Eric Gleske, Dan Stevens, Rema Robinson, Ronda McLean

CALL TO ORDER: Vicky Guenther called the meeting to order at 7:18 pm. There are not enough board members to make quorum. Minutes were reviewed and no revisions were suggested.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Two new potential board members attended meeting and introduced themselves: Ben Carleski, applying for auditor position; and Juan Fernandez, applying for special events coordinator position.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan Reukauf gave treasurer's report. Discussed concessions income is at $1800 so far this year.

CVPA BOARD POSITION: After many years of AYSO service, our CVPA, Manny Hur, will be resigning as of Dec. 31. We need to recruit a new CVPA who can start January 1. This position requires analytical skills and there is a position description online. Let Vicky know if you have an interest in this position or know of anyone who might be interested.

COACHING REPORT: Dan Stevens gave the coaching report. He has had many discussions with coaches about who can coach and has explained that coaches need to be a registered volunteer and take the Safe Haven training prior to coaching. He suggested that Team Managers can give the coaches a copy of the registered volunteers for their team in the future. Dan discussed that he will be contacting UK International to discuss possible training for coaches when they are in Corvallis in the summer.
Dan reported that there have been some issues with field use this season and that AYSO has to defer to the school district events when they are occurring at the same time as AYSO events. In some cases, there is an informal understanding that may need to be clarified or creative solutions need to be used, for example at Garfield. There are some fields that are underutilized including Mary's River Park in Philomath and Philomath Elementary. Mike mentioned that if teams want to practice at city parks, we can be in Parks and Recreation to see about that.
Dan and Walt discussed possibly having a referee appreciation day where the referees are acknowledged by the coaches, teams, and fans. Having the team and coaches on one side of the field, and parents and fans on the other side of the team may promote good sportsmanship. Discussed having special "Kids Zone" days on the first Saturday of games in the fall, and in the spring. This could involve coaches and referees walking to parents and fans on the other side of field. Board discussed this idea and decided to discuss it further at our January meeting.

FIELDS REPORT: Mike Middleton gave the fields report including that the water pipes are in and are functional, so we will be able to water the fields starting in the spring. A water meter will be installed and Mike will monitor how much it costs. Mike reported that field volunteers were better utilized this season and were used to line the fields every week, set up in the preseason and take down in the post-season. Gophers and voles have been digging some holes in the fields. We can either take their food source (weeds) away or we can have pest mitigation conducted, using the school district policy. We have put in 50 to 60 gallons of dirt to fill in holes so far. Mike met with school district official and learned that district will allow AYSO to put in a shed to store equipment Board discussed this and decided to put out a call to volunteers to find people who would like to design and build a storage shed. Pacific Sports Turf aerated the fields last fall and can do this for us again for about $21,395. This would include fertilizing and aerating all the fields and giving three fields extra attention. Suggestion was made to be in contact with OSU Turf Club to possibly build partnership.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt Mahaffee gave the referee report. He said he is managing an incident currently. He also shared that 3 new intermediate referees have been trained. New intermediate training is coming up in December and he will be coordinating with Albany and Eugene clubs.

35TH CELEBRATION: Vicky Guenther discussed that the national AYSO is celebrating their 50th year and AYSO Corvallis is celebrating 35 years. She suggested we have a celebration in the spring.

CREAM CHEESE UPDATE: Vicky Guenther also shared that there may be a non-refrigerated cream cheese option to sell along with bagels at the concession stand which she is exploring.

INDOOR SOCCER: Indoor registration has 53 participants so far. Saturday is the deadline but applications will continue to be accepted if space is available.

AREA TOURNAMENT IN JUNE: Vicky Guenther discussed the AYSO area tournament happening in June (June 6, 7, 8?) that we are coordinating. This tournament is for Section 2, Area S which includes Oregon, S. Washington, and Idaho. We need to have a Tournament Director, Co-Director, Treasurer, Referee Administrator, and Coaching Administrator. Information will go out to teams soon.

EMAIL VS PHONE: Vicky Guenther encouraged us to make a telephone call or talk to people face-to-face rather than relying on email in delicate situations since emails can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. She told us that AYSO has a policy on using emails and that we need to avoid using inflammatory statements.

MEETING ADJOURNED: Meeting was adjourned at 8:48pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Ronda McLean, Team Manager Coordinator
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Andy Ungerer, Vicki Guenther, Joan Reukauf, Kristin Francisconi, Ronda McLean, Elaine Markley, Meika Vengelen, Claire Schrodt, Dan Stevens, Walt Mahaffee, Eric Gleske, Kelsey Walker, Marc Betz

MINUTES FROM AUGUST MEETING: It was moved by Joan and seconded by Walt that the minutes for the August 15, 2013 be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan reported that the concession sales are doing very well after the first two weeks. There are still Galaxy soccer balls for sale in the Safety/Information station for $9 each. The Papa's Pizza coupons did not generate the interest that was hoped. It was a 2-week window of sales so perhaps we will try again in the spring.

SECTION MEETING IN MARCH: Vicki reported that the registration for the 2014 Section meeting would open on October 11. We have budgeted for 10 Board members to attend. The dates are March 21-23. Room rates are $129 per night at the Rio and Vicki would like to lock in rooms early. Flights will be looked into at a later date. This conference is very important for new Board members to attend if possible. Check your calendars and submit a request to Vicki ASAP if you want to attend.

TEAM FORMATION: Kristin discussed her desire to have all player card information completed on line. She is in touch with Luke and they are working on possible ideas that would save time and energy, hopefully be more accurate and easier for everyone to read. Walt talked about the possibilities of tiers of volunteers being used when signing up for a volunteer job. The January retreat will be used to discuss this in detail. If we go to an "E-Card" the design of the card should be different for each division since they have different needs, number of players and volunteer priorities after the top 5 is different. It was suggested that Ben create a "bookmark" with key dates so everyone knows when registration opens in February for limited openings for spring of 2014. It was suggested that the dates be in the Park and Rec tabloid as an ad. It was also suggested that Luke have the registration dates on the front of the webpage where it is easy to see and don't change the location for ease of finding the information. The idea of on-line payment was briefly mentioned. There will be classes at the Section conference about this so members should attend and learn more.

COACH ADMINISTRATOR REPORT: Dan would like to offer training in the spring for coaches who will be coaching in the fall/spring season of 2014-15. He also would like to offer"refresher training" for the coaches similar to what the referees do prior to the season.

FIELDS REPORT: Mike was not at the meeting but Vicki reported that the irrigation pipes are in, the water is working and we have not received any bills at this time. The on-line signup for Fields Volunteers is working well for Mike. He is going to continue to perfect it to better fit his needs for the spring season. There are a few goalie boxes being missed on some fields and there is the ongoing problem with holes for the underground animals.

INDOOR SOCCER: Prem will continue to offer the Indoor Soccer program at the same $45 cost again this winter. There are no scholarships available for the program since it is an extension of our primary play and must stand alone with finances. Games will begin November 2 and run for 6 weeks. There will be a few games played throughout the week, but the majority will be on Saturday as in the past. Indoor Soccer is open to any registered AYSO player, but priority will be given to Region 149 players if there are too many players from other regions. Sign up will be at the Safety/Information station from Sept. 28-Oct. 19.

SPECIAL EVENTS: There will not be a 5-a-Side jamboree this fall. There has been an application received for Special Events Coordinator, but Vicki has not met with the candidate at this time. A brief discussion of having an Area Tournament for U8-U19 in June 2014 at our site took place. A possible entry fee would be $250 per team. An organization committee would need to be formed, advertising done in advance and enough volunteers to work a Friday, Saturday, Sunday weekend in June. Walt will coordinate the referees. Keith Underall of Albany is willing to help out. Another item for the January retreat.

REFEREE REPORT: The referee numbers are up from previous years. The only problem is the dates to train are too narrow to get proper training before the first games. Walt and Aaron would like to see the teams formed earlier so volunteers know they are going to referee and can plan on attending the training sessions. The good news is we have more trained referees than we have games so that allows Walt and Kelsey to observe rather than ref games. There are over 40 youth referees this fall Kelsey would like to have older youth referees mentor the younger ones since she can not get to all the games where the youth referees are scheduled.

BIRTHDAY PARTY! National AYSO is celebrating 50 years of existence and Region 149 is celebrating 35 years. Leanne is working on something for the region. Stay tuned!

U-5 JAMBOREE REPORT: Vicki reported that everything is going GREAT! Thanks to John and Leanne for taking this on. The one suggestion would be that the groups are limited to 25 in the future. The parent volunteer requirement went well. When a parent came to the Safety/Information station they were cleared and given a bright orange clearance card to take to the field so their child could get started. Everyone looks so cute in their t-shirt and socks

TEAM MANAGER CONCEPT: Vicki thanked Marc for initiating the idea of the Team Manager. It seems like things worked out well this fall with someone other than the coach organizing the volunteers and making sure paperwork was completed. Ronda is doing a great job of tracking teams who still need a little work with getting to the team folders each week.

U8 COMPLAINT: It was reported to Elaine by a U-8 coach that he had issues with the following: 1) Did not like the current substitution rule and wanted open substitution to take out players when they are tired 2) The fields are too large and 3) goalies are not needed. Any added discussion was tabled until there is more time to consider these points.

PARKING ISSUES: It was suggested to have a bright NO DROP OFF sign added to our current Board/Handicap parking barricades to people are not driving to the main gate then backing out. Elaine will look into getting a waterproof sign made to attach to the barricades.

U19 REPORT: Marc reported that there has been some unsportsmanlike conduct occurring on the Albany fields with the U-19 teams. A lot of trash talking and intimidation not being observed by the referees. Vicki will contact Dustin, the Albany Commissioner about this.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, October 17 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Bldg unless there are necessary changes to accommodate the Board members who are refereeing high school soccer games. A notice will be sent out if there is a change.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Eric Gleske, Vicki Guenther, Marc Betz, Kristin Francisconi, Leanne Henriques, April Spehar, Elaine Markley, Mike Middleton, Kelsey Walker, Walt Mahaffee, Joan Reukauf, Rynda Gregory, Dan Stevens, Andy Ungerer, Rich Raleigh

MINTUES FROM LAST MEETING: The minutes were approved as written for the July meeting.

BOARD UP-DATE: Vicki reported that Erica Lerch Griffin had to resign from the Board. Applications were received for Coach Administrator and Team Manager as well as Auditor after the parent meetings. Board members reviewed the applications that were submitted prior to the meeting. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Walt that we accept Dan Stevens as the Region 149 Coach Administrator. The motion carried unanimously. Dan comes to our region with a lot of soccer experience as a coach and as a retired teacher. He will received training to enhance the pool of coach trainers for our region. It was moved by Joan and seconded by Eric that we accept Ronda McLean as the Region 149 Team Manager and that Elaine would serve as her mentor. The motion carried unanimously. We welcome Ronda to Corvallis and are delighted she wanted to become involved in our community through AYSO. She has experience working with soccer organizations prior to her move. The Auditor position was not voted on. Vicki would like to set up a personal meeting with the applicant before we act on this position.

LATE UNIFORM DISTRIBUTION: On Wednesday, Sept. 4 we will gather at the Adams soccer fields at 5:30 to greet those who need to have their volunteer forms checked off in order to receive their uniforms. Helping Manny at the CVPA table will be Marc, Rynda, Ronda, Jeremy Reukauf, Kristin, Susan Rose, Andy and Leanne at the U-5 window of safety station. Any Board member that was not at the meeting is encouraged to come help out. Rich and Joan will be at the Finish Line, Elaine at girls uniform station and Melissa at boys uniform station.

TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES: Vicki has been meeting with the Albany Region 870 to coordinate training sessions for coaches and referees. The more opportunities we have to offer volunteers the greater chance they can fit it into their schedule to be trained.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan shared an expense form that has been created as a result of her training at the Section conference. Anyone who needs reimbursement must complete the form and attach the original receipts. There was no official treasurer's report.

NOTE TO TEAM MANAGER: Vicki and Elaine will draft a letter to be sent to the Team Managers via email through Rich, reminding them of the following:

  • Referee training dates
  • Coach training dates
  • Return volunteer registration to CVPA before Sept. 1
  • If volunteer positions can not be filled, the team runs the risk of being disband due to lack of key volunteers
  • Team Managers need to bring their volunteer forms to the field on Sept. 4

FIELDS REPORT: Mike reported that line locators have been sprayed on the fields by B. Johnson Turf. They are expected to start the irrigation lines by Monday, August 19 and the project will be completed by August 30. We are keeping our fingers crossed! Mike will ask B. Johnson Turf to remove the old goals in Field F that were not removed before the NW Natural Gas project began. Mike reported that Philomath School District has a seed and fertilizer bill of $1000. Corvallis School District is not seeking seed or fertilizer at this time.

EQUIPMENT: Melissa and Vicki have registered an official complaint about the quality of the Size 3 balls from Score. They are cracked and the paint colors are showing up with paint streaks on them. Hopefully we will be compensated for the cost of the balls. The Galaxy balls will sell at the parent meeting for $9 and if there are any left over, they will sell out of the Safety Station at the field.

CHANGE MEETING DATE: There was a discussion of the Thursday meeting date being a hard day for some of the Board members this time of year due to soccer games to referee, football games to coordinate or attend and advanced degrees being pursued. Vicki will send out a Doodle Poll to see if there is a better day of the week until the end of the calendar year. Stay tuned for the results.

U5 JAMBOREE DIVISION UP-DATE: Leanne will close the registration date on Sept. 7 for anyone wanting to join U5. There is concern we might be short supplies if we keep getting more registrations. The question of monitoring the volunteers with the U5 player came up. Anyone in the family that is likely to accompany the player on Saturday must register through eayso as a volunteer. Leanne will draft a letter and ask Rich to send to all U5 parents explaining the volunteer sign-up procedure and their child will not be allowed on the field if they are not registered as a volunteer to accompany them. T-shirts are going to be ordered from Shirt Circuit in Corvallis so there will be a quick turn around if more shirts are needed. John and Leanne will also wear a U5 shirt so they can be identified.

REGION 870 5 V 5 INVITATION: We have been asked to play in a 5 v 5 tournament in Albany but it is the last regularly scheduled game in the fall. U19 coaches will ask their players if they want to participate in that format rather than their scheduled game.

PROGRESSIVE PLAY: Rynda reported that she is in the process of creating a notebook of process that need to be in place in order for the program to be successful. Things worked out this summer because the coaches did their job. Rynda will report to the Board in September with her suggestions for the future.

NEXT MEETING: The date of the meeting for September will be determined from the results of the poll. The time will be 7:15pm and the location will be the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Joan Reukauf, Elaine Markley, Manny Hur, Andy Ungerer, Marc Betz, Eric Gleske, John Williams, Rich Raleigh, Gibby Reynolds, Aaron Rock, Walt Mahaffey, Kelsey Walker, Vicki Guenther, Kristin Francisconi, April Spehar

COMMUNICATION TO PLAYERS, TEAM MANAGER AND COACHES: Prior to the meeting, Board members stuffed 1100 envelopes addressed to players informing them of the team they have been assigned and information about the annual parent meeting held at Corvallis High School football stadium either August 7 or 8. All Team Managers and Coaches received a first class mailing with instructions, roster information and volunteer forms that must be completed before uniforms will be distributed. Elaine will mail the letters July 19 2013. Thank you Rich for all the copying and sorting to make this happen.

TRAINING SESSIONS: There will be coach training sessions before Labor Day weekend and one session after Labor Day. John Williams will assist with this. Welcome Eric Gleske, our new Assistant Coach Administrator. Referee training will be August 23 and 24 for Basic. Albany Region will offer training on August 17. On line training is available August 22, 27, September 3 and 10.

NEWSLETTER: Welcome Jennifer Gardner, our new Newsletter Coordinator. Melissa will be guiding Jennifer through the fall newsletter and Board members will be getting their articles to Jennifer by July 29.

It was decided that we would try an E-newsletter this time since we have a new editor and Melissa expressed concerns about having to come up with 16 pages for a hard copy. We would print extra schedule pages for those who do not have computer access and stress to the Team Manager that part of their job is to see that all team members have access to a copy of the entire newsletter. The following articles must be submitted to Jennifer:

  • Commissioner Report ~ Vicki
  • Training Dates ~ Walt/Aaron
  • Referee Availability ~ Walt/Aaron
  • Schedule of games ~ John
  • Coach training ~ John and Eric
  • Safety ~ Gibby
  • Concessions ~ Elaine
  • Shoe/Equipment Sale ~ Elaine
  • Team Manager ~ Vicki
  • U5 Jamboree ~ Leanne and John and maybe Vicki

The number of pages does not matter with the electronic version of the newsletter. Jennifer will jazz them up with her special touches!

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan reported that she is creating an expense form that must be submitted with all receipts in order to get reimbursed. This will help track expenses with the correct account numbers. Joan had ordered the soccer balls that were sold at the annual meeting last year. She will check her records and connect with Melissa to see that the same balls are ordered for sale again this year. Although it was not advertised in the Coach/Team Manager letter, it was felt that if we had extra, they can be sold at the shoe/equipment sale on September 14.

FIELDS REPORT: Mike was not present but it appears there won't be any action on the fields prior to the start of the 2013-14 season. The question of use of Field F came up and if "temporary Field F" is used, will it be watered or left like it is. Joan reported that someone from Philomath School District placed an order from WILCO for seed and fertilizer. Region 149 will continue to support the school fields, but ONLY MIKE MIDDLETON is authorized to place the order. Corvallis School District currently has enough field supplies.

U5 JAMBOREE: John reported that he would inquire at Shirt Circuit about getting t-shirts made locally for the U5 players. Vicki will approve the design before anything is ordered making sure it meets the guidelines for AYSO. Elaine will let Melissa know of the decision and John asked to order black socks for all players, Each player will get a t-shirt, socks and a size 3 ball on Saturday, September 14. Parents will receive a letter that will be drafted by John to meet at CHS on September 7 with at the same time as the U6 parents. After the general meeting with Vicki and other Board members, John and Leanne will break out with the U5 Jamboree group and explain the program.

UNIFORM SORTING: Anyone who can help sort and load uniforms into Kelsey, Vicki and Sean's vehicles is asked to meet at Melissa Edwards' house (33144 Ada Drive in Philomath) on Tuesday, August 6 at 6:30pm. Board members are asked to contact Melissa if you have a particular color of uniform you would like to have and she will reserve it for your team.

PARENT MEETING: All Board members are asked to be present at both August 7 and 8 parent meetings. There are a lot of questions that can be answered and a variety of stations that need support, even if this is not your Board position. Melissa and Elaine will deal with uniform distribution, Sean and Joan will run the finish line, Manny, Marc and others that are being recruited will check ID and collect volunteer forms at the CVPA station. There will be a table for anyone who signs up for Special Events to select a shift for the Shoe/Equipment sale September 14. Safety and Concessions will sign up on-line but will have instruction sheets in the team folder. A few people have requested to speak at the parent meeting: Vicki would like to know what you are saying in the interest of time. Kelsey, Gibby, Eric, Elaine have asked to speak. We need some Board member's children to help hand out Parent Handbooks to the new families. Addison will sell new soccer balls. Any team that does complete their volunteer form properly will not receive their uniforms. Wednesday, September 4 those teams will come to Adams Elementary soccer fields to turn in forms and get uniforms. Board members will be needed to assist that evening. 6:00 start time for parents so be there no later than 5:45 if possible.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, August 15 if it is deemed necessary. Many times we use the last evening of the Parent Meeting to have a meeting and wait until September for our next meeting. The meeting will be at the OSU Oceanography Administration Bldg at 7:15 if we have an August meeting.

Respectively Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

JUN 2013

No Meeting

EXECUTIVE SESSION (reported by Elaine)

PRESENT: Gibby R, Joan R, Manny H, Walt M, Elaine M and Vicki G in and out by phone. Mike M and Andy U as non-voting attendees.

BUDGET REVIEW: The Executive Board met to review the budget one more time. Mike presented alternate ways to look at the field expenses to make sure we are staying within our means. After clarification and discussion, it was moved by Walt and seconded by Gibby that the budget be approved for submission to National. The motion carried unanimously.

REAPPOINTMENT OF COMMISSIONER: Vicki has requested approval to submit an application for reappointment as Commissioner of Region 149. Her current term expires June 31, 2013. She requests that the extension be for two more years. During that time, she plans to recruit and train an Assistant Commissioner. In a vote by the Executive Board, it was a 100% agreement that Vicki's request be honored. The Executive Board appreciates the commitment Vicki Guenther has to Region 149 and her willingness to continue in this leadership role for two more years.

AYSO VOLUNTEER SCHOLARSHIP: Applicants for the AYSO Volunteer Recognition Scholarship Award were reviewed by Elaine, Joan and Rema and it was unanimously decided that the winner of the scholarship for the 2013 year was Jayce Guenther. Jayce has been a youth referee for Region 149 and also completed his Eagle Scout project coordinating the building of the Safety Station. Jayce plans to attend OSU in the fall and hopefully will continue his involvement with AYSO while he attends school. Elaine will coordinate the specifics with Jayce to get the $300 into his account at OSU. Congratulations Jayce and thank you for your volunteer hours.

NEXT MEETING: There will not be a formal Board meeting in June. During the month of June Team Formation will be working to form teams. April and Andy will inform the Board when they are meeting and all Board members are encouraged to attend this process and help as needed. We will meet again July 17, 2013 at 7:15pm in the OSU Oceanography Administration Bldg.


PRESENT: Manny Hur, Erin Harrington, Leanne Henriques, Rynda Gregory, Cindy Haskill, Kristin Franisconi, Gibby Reynolds, Joan Reukauf, Walt Mahaffee, Ben Potter, Luke Cotton, Brent Pawlowski., Vicki Guenther, Rema Robinson, Marc Betz

Minutes were reported by Gibby in the absence of Elaine…thanks Gibby

MINUTES FROM APRIL MEETING: Walt moved that the minutes from April 18, 2013 be approved as written. Gibby seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously.

COACH REPORT: A discussion centered around potential replacements for outgoing Coach Administrator, Luke. Coach trainers were discussed and it was felt that we have capable candidates to fill the role of Coach Trainer, but they may not want to assume the role of Coach Administrator. Keep your eyes and ears open for volunteers who can fill this important role. Luke will be leaving Corvallis by June 26. We wish him well and thank him for the extended time he has given to Region 149.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported that there were two U14 girls injured; one with a broken wrist and the other head a dislocated finger. The AED has been ordered for a total of $1705.00, which includes a 35% discount that Gibby was able to obtain. Thanks for wheeling and dealing to Gibby and thanks to Elaine for applying for the OSU Thrift Shop grant to help reduce the cost Region 149 pays by $750.00.

U5 JAMBOREE REGISTRATION: There seems to be a lot of interest in the new U5 program with about 50 registered players for the fall season. The birth date guidelines will conform to National guidelines. Players must be 4 years old by the first game date.

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS SOCCER CHALLENGE: Brent Pawlowski presented the National trophy for one of the Region 149 players who placed at the national level. This is the second year in a row that one of our players has placed nationally!

NEWSLETTER EDITOR APPLICATION: Jennifer Gardner has applied for the Newsletter Editor position. After a review of her application, it was moved by Rema and seconded by Walt that we accept Jennifer for this vacant position. The motion carried unanimously. One of Vicki's goals is to meet with new Board members to debrief with the outgoing member, making the transition for the new member as smooth as possible. She will set up a meeting with Jennifer, Melissa and Ben to coordinate the communication between the Board and the region members.

SCHOLARSHIP CONCERNS: The percentage of requests seems to be increasing. The cost of National dues and uniform cost continue to increase. We will be looking into the number of scholarship requests and see how much it is actually costing the region to support these requests even though we raised the cost to $20 per player for the 2013-14 season.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan presented the detailed treasures report. The budget was reviewed after suggestions were added to the revised version. The Executive Board will meet to go over the budget for final approval. Thank you Joan for crunching the numbers over and over again as Board members provide new information! We have budgeted for two weeks for the UK coaches to help out in the fall due to the addition of the U5 program and the current lack of a Coach Administrator.

PROGRESSIVE PLAY: Rynda Gregory, the Boys Progressive Coordinator, expressed concern about the lack of guidance and lack of information she has received in trying to make the Boys Progressive program work for this spring and summer. The Board will provide as much support as they can to make this a success. Elaine will contact Julia Jones, the coordinator before Cindy Preece, to see if she can support Rynda.

Respectfully submitted;
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Andy Ungerer, Joan Reukauf, Kristin Francisconi, April Spehar, Elaine Markley, Vicki Guenther, Gibby Reynolds, Luke Cotton, Mike Middleton, Kelsey Walker, Manny Hur, Rich Raleigh, Ben Potter, Leanne Henriques, Rema Robinson

MINUTES FROM MARCH MEETING: Gibby moved that the minutes from the March meeting be approved as written. Luke seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan presented the budget for the next year. If anyone has any changes, the need to contact Joan immediately. She did talk about the increase for travel and registration to the section meeting next year. It is hoped that we can afford to send at least 10 Board members for training.

BOYS TEAM FORMATION: April reported that there were a lot of late drops in the spring, making it difficult in some divisions to fill with new players. Several ideas were presented to try next year.
Send out roster at the end of the fall season asking who does not plan to return in the spring.
Division coordinators deal with their own issues rather than having the Division Coordinator solve all problems.
Close eAYSO if a division is full so players can not register and think they are being placed on a team.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Welcome to Leanne Henriques who has joined the Board as the Camp Coordinator. Ben Potter is serving in a new position as the Social Media /Publicity Coordinator. We are excited to have their fresh ideas and enthusiasm

BOARD MEMBER CHECK IN: Board members are reminded to stop by the Safety Station when you arrive at the field and fill in where you are going to be. Take a radio with you if there is one available so if anyone at the Safety Station has a question they can not answer, they can radio for an answer.

COACH REPORT: Luke reported that he would be leaving in June. The Board would like to thank Luke for all the years he has spent at the Adams fields as a player and as a Board member. We appreciate the roles you have chosen to take on and the vision of how the fields can be improved at Adams. There will be a coaches meeting on May 3 at Papa's Pizza to discuss the up-coming season and honor veteran coaches with a small gift. An agenda of that meeting will be sent out to the coaches as well as Board members.

FIELDS REPORT: Luke talked about the latest plan for irrigation and field layout. There will be one full sized field (Field D) and the rest will be modified sizes. We are waiting to hear back from the Corvallis School District as to where the water will come from. They will continue to mow the fields for us.

WEBSITE: Luke and Ben will get together and talk their language about the website and how things have been set up so Ben is familiar with what Luke has been doing. Luke has been gathering statistics on what gets the most hits on the website and has found that the Board roster gets the most hits after the home page. Any information that should be added to the website needs to go to Luke as soon as you have it prepared.

U5 PROGRAM: Vicki reported that some regions are using the UK coaches to help instruct the U5 program. She will contact Stuart to see if they can work with U5 and U6 in the fall for a 2-week period of time on Saturdays. It was suggested that they are invited to come the 2nd week and send 3 coaches this year.

REGISTRATION: The "packet party" will be April 22 at Adams gym for anyone who would like to help out. Packets will be handed out through the Safety Station volunteers April 27. Help is needed to check volunteer applications and photo ID. Manny will contact Erin and Donna to see if they are available to help either May 4 or May 11 or both Saturdays. A tent will be set up to receive information.

TEAM MANAGER: Rich shared an information sheet that will go on every registration packet explaining the role of the Team Manager.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported there were two injuries that were reported but no claims were filed. The AED quotes have been received and he will order the machine. No medical training is needed to operate the AED and the Oregon "good samaritan law" protects anyone using it. Elaine received word that AYSO Region 149 received a $750 grant from the OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation to go toward the purchase of the AED

YOUTH VOLUNTEER REPORT: Kelsey reported that she would be ordering a two color lettered T-shirt printed on purple for the Youth Referees. The shirt cost is $6.25 per shirt for a total of $243.00.

COMMISSIONER REPORT: Vicki would like to have outgoing Board members join her for coffee and talk to the incoming Board member, providing insight and create a positive transition. During an email discussion and vote by the Executive Board, it was moved by and seconded that Rynda Gregory fill the position of Boys Progressive Coordinator. The vote was unanimous. We welcome Rynda to the Board and thank her for stepping up to help the boys who want to continue playing soccer after the primary season.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 16 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Andy Ungerer, Luke Cotton, Rich Raleigh, John Williams, Marc Betz, Kelsey Walker, Walt Mahaffee, Aaron Rock, Manny Hur, Gibby Reynolds, Leanne Henriques (guest), Elaine Markley

MINUTES FROM FEBRUARY MEETING: It was moved y Andy and seconded by Walt that the minutes be approved as written. The motion carried unanimously.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan was not able to attend the meeting so Vicki went over the financial report. It was noted that we are over budget in several areas, uniforms being one. We may need to adjust this item, as the cost seems to continue to increase. The budgets are due to Joan for those who have spending responsibilities by April 1, 2013. You are asked to break down one- time and on-going expenses. Andy volunteered to do an audit, which needs to be done by June 1st.

COACH REPORT: The Board reviewed the email that Luke is proposing to send out the coaches and assistant coaches.

TEAM PARENT REPORT: Erica was ill and not able to attend the meeting. Marc discussed the new language for the Team Manager responsibilities. Concerns were raised about changing the title from Team Parent to Team Manager. The new position would take the place of the Team Parent and that person would be the #1 contact for each team rather than the Coach. They would be taking on more responsibilities than in the past. It was moved by Luke and seconded by Gibby that the job title be changed from Team Parent to Team Manager. The motion carried. Additional discussion was brought up by Luke that the Team Manager Coordinator be added to the Executive Board. He suggested that the Assistant Commissioner be dropped from the voting Executive Board. Vicki suggests everyone think about this and we will discuss it at a future meeting. If anyone has any language changes for the document explaining the rationale for Team Manager, send them to Marc as soon as you can.

TEAM FORMATION: Andy reported there are four new U6G teams and two new U6B teams for the spring. Since there are so few openings in most divisions, it was suggested that Luke identify the open divisions on the website so everyone knows whether it is worth their time to register for spring season. We will open the eayso window for registration. Andy will communicate with Rich about the message to include on the eayso registration form. The window will open from March 31-April 1 to pick up any additional players.

EQUIPMENT MANAGER REPORT: Melissa was not able to attend the meeting but contacted Vicki about concerns about the jersey sizing and wants to order longer shorts in U12-U14 divisions. Melissa will be asked to email the cost difference to Vicki.
CVPA REPORT: National AYSO is no longer accepting Paper forms. Everyone will have to apply on-line from now on and e-sign his or her form. They will only print 1 copy since the data is stored through National.

COMMISSIONER REPORT: National AYSO dues are increasing by $2.50 per player to $17.50. We must consider this in building our budget. We did decide at an earlier meeting that the scholarship requests will cost each player $20 for the 2013-14 season. Vicki reported there are four Board members who have not completed Safe Haven. She will email them directly. Vicki also reported there was trouble with the printing of the newsletter. Melissa is suggesting we use an electronic newsletter rather than paper. This will be discussed at a future meeting.

U5 JAMBOREE DIVISION: Aaron and Kelsey reported on what they learned from the conference about the U5 Jamboree Division. The objective of the program is to have players and parents experience a pressure free soccer experience. In order to qualify, players must be 4 by July 31. If there were enough player interest, there would be a girls and boys division. The format is broken into three parts: 1) activity session 2) break and 3) 3 v 3 "game." Everyone would have the same uniform. They would be on an assigned field for one hour. One possibility would be to split Field C East or West during the middle of the day for the U5 Jamboree Division. There is a "Master Coach" and youth volunteers are considered the "trainers." It was moved by Luke and seconded by Elaine that we implement a pilot program for the 2013-14 season. The motion carried unanimously.

FIELDS REPORT: Discussion about contractors for future field work was discussed. The agreement with the Corvallis School District is that AYSO Region 149 can select the company to do the work but they are contracted by the school district. They would pay the contracted company with a purchase order and we would reimburse the district for the costs. The school district will be responsible for mowing the fields. They need maps and tracers for the project. AYSO Region 149 would have it's own water meter and pay the bill directly. Pesticide management guidelines must be followed. The district requests that we stop supplying seed and fertilizer at this time since they have too much. If we are purchasing a water cannon, we will need to have some type of shed in the "bone yard" for storage when it is not in use. Field F is not ready for use this spring so games will be played on Temporary Field F. The fields will need to be painted since lines will no longer be able to be burned in. Fields volunteers are going to be asked to do more than simply put up or take down the nets.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby discussed "safe equipment" worn in hair. Bobbie pins seem to qualify as safe but barrettes do not. National guidelines do not allow them. Walt wants to be sure referees are consistent and not go overboard.

WHISTLE STOP: Our own Kelsey Walker was featured in the Whistle Stop for her accomplishments and advancement in the referee ranks. Great job Kelsey. Kelsey shared a draft design for a shirt for youth referees with the theme of "Proud to be a Youth Referee." She would like to have the youth referees receive a shirt to wear and encourage others to volunteer.

THANKS: Thanks to Gibby for taking notes until I arrived at the meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be on Thursday, April 18 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Bldg.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Marc Betz, Kristin Francisconi, Elaine Markley, Walt Mahaffee, Cindy Haskill, Joan Reukauf, Kelsey Walker, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Mike Middleton

MINUTES FROM JANUARY RETREAT/MEETING: With the addition that Elaine was present for a minor portion of the retreat at the end, it was moved by Walt and seconded by Kristin that the retreat minutes be accepted as amended. The motion carried unanimously.

SUMMER CAMPS: The AYSO Camp will be June 24-28 and August 5-9. The Skyhawks camp will be July 15-19. We are still in need of a Camp Coordinator for the AYSO camp and Elaine is hoping the Camp Coordinator would also oversee the Skyhawks camp as well.

NEWSLETTER DEADLINE: It would be helpful for Melissa to have the articles for the newsletter by February 25 if possible. The goal is to have the newsletter in the mail prior to spring break, which is the week of March 25.

  • Team Manager aka Team Parent...Erica
  • Concessions chart...Elaine
  • Shoe Swap page...Elaine
  • Safety instructions for sign-up...Gibby
  • Girls Team Formation...Andy
  • Youth Referees...Kelsey
  • Fields Update...Mike
  • Commissioner Report...Vicki
  • Coach Report...Luke will send to coaches, not in newsletter
  • Schedule...John

5-A-SIDE: Luke would like to be in charge of the 5-A-Side that will take place Saturday, May 25 for anyone who wants to participate. There is also a Jamboree in Albany for U8-U19 but it was the feeling of the Board that we need to keep the momentum going for players to enjoy the 5-A-Side event at our own fields and help raise a little money for the fields' funds. Walt will schedule the referees. Good publicity is the key to the success of the 5-A-Side event.

TREASURERS REPORT: Joan reported that we are over budget on the fields therefore funds will have to be transferred. It was estimated that $30,000 would be transferred. There are a lot of unknowns with the new fields project and how much the water will cost each year. It is estimated that we should allow no less that $5,000 per year. Everyone needs to have his or her own Board position budget to Joan by April 1. We will review the budget at the May meeting and it will be submitted to National June 1, 2013.

SCHOLARSHIP FEE: A discussion of how much Region 149 should charge players who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Since the cost of uniforms has gone up and National dues have gone up, we are paying a lot of general fund money when families are currently paying $15 per player. Elaine moved and Gibby seconded the motion that we charge all players $20 for the 2013-14 season if they provide evidence they qualify for the free/reduced lunch program. The motion carried.

CVPA REPORT: Manny was not present to give a report. Vicki shared with the group that one player will be moved to another team due to circumstances centered around behavior with other players outside of AYSO and the players can not be on the same team.

U5 REPORT: Kelsey and Aaron attended the U5 session at the conference. Kelsey explained how the U5 Jamboree was organized and how it was different from U6. The biggest difference is that the parents are taking an active role on the field during the "game time." No decision to add U5 for the Fall/Spring 2013-2014 season was made. A definite decision must be made next month in order to advertise the change.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: Melissa was not present. Deadline for ordering new uniforms is March 8 in order to have them in time to meet the new U6 teams on April 1. Marc is requesting better quality size 5 balls for the U16-19 teams. He will need 6 new balls for the spring season. Marc and Luke will work with Melissa to get the best ball possible for the most reasonable cost. Purchases are being made through the supply center and only Executive Board members are authorized to purchase supplies. Vicki will verify the list.

ROSE PARADE 2014: AYSO will have a float in the Pasadena Rose Parade and would like each region to sell pins for $5.00 to raise money for the float and celebrate the 50th anniversary year of AYSO. It was decided that we would not do this at this time.

SECTION CONFERENCE: Those who attended obtained valuable information and were thankful for the opportunity to attend. In attendance were Vicki, Joan, Kelsey, Manny, Walt, and Aaron. Next year the venue will move to The Rio in Las Vegas and have a lot more classes scheduled. Regions are encouraged to send more members next year.

FIELDS REPORT: Luke, Mike and Vicki will be meeting with the district office to discuss the improvements of the fields. Luke has drawn out maps and charted sizes of proposed fields for the next season. Irrigation will be considered for the summer with the purchase of water cannons. It was moved by Luke and seconded by Walt that we increase the size of Field B. The motion carried unanimously. Vicki reminds everyone that this is a several phase project and we will not be completing everything at once.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Mike Middleton, Manny Hur, Elaine Markley, Marc Betz, Erica Lerch-Griffin, Kelsey Walker, Gibby Reynolds, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Vicki Guenther, Walt Mahaffee

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby researched the purchase of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to have at the Safety Station during games each Saturday. There are no specific guidelines from National AYSO and no specific training is required but encouraged. He reported that there are 365,000 deaths due to heart failure nation wide each year and 50,000 are preventable. After a brief discussion it was moved by Gibby and seconded by Luke that we purchase an AED subject to the availability of approximately $1500 in the budget. The motion passed unanimously. Gibby will check with Joan about funds and then order the AED so it will be here for the first game in the spring.

TEAM MANAGER DISCUSSION: A discussion centered on the new responsibilities of the Team Manager (formerly the Team Parent) for the 2013-2014 season. Each Team Manager will need to take the Safe Haven course on line prior to assuming the responsibilities of this volunteer job. The rationale behind the change was twofold: 1) Reduce the burden on coaches to do administrative chores so they can focus on teaching skills and strategies of the game 2) Create a better tracking and utilization of volunteer resources. We are hoping that the philosophy of "Many hands make for light work" will be divided by our 110 Team Managers. Additional information will be found in the spring newsletter and on line.

TREASURER REPORT: None. Joan was absent.

NEWSLETTER EDITOR: Melissa would like to have all Spring newsletter articles to her by March 1, 2013. She is also seeking a replacement so she can concentrate on her new Board position as the Equipment Manager. Please get articles to her on time!

CAMP COORDINATOR: We are still seeking a Camp Coordinator. Elaine suggested that Vicki contact families who have attended AYSO Camps as a starting point. She will contact the volunteer who arranged housing for the coaching staff last summer, hoping she would like to continue this volunteer role.

JANUARY RETREAT: Notes and action items from the January retreat held January 12 2013 from 9:00am-4:00pm will be sorted and distributed at a later date. The monthly meeting held tonight was brief due to the amount of time the Board spent on Region 149 business the previous weekend. Vicki expressed her appreciation to those who were able to attend.

OPEN REGISTRATION FOR SPRING: All coaches received a roster and directions to contact all players/families to see if they plan to play in the Spring 2013 season. They are due back to the Division Coordinators at the end of January. It appears that there are few openings so on-line registration will take place beginning February 1, 2013. Luke will put the information on the website and Rich will open the window of registration beginning Feb. 1. New teams will be formed in U6 ONLY if there are more registered players than we have openings. Elaine will advertise the information in the Gazette Times, the radio and the local schools.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, February 21 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building at 7:15pm.

Respectively Submitted
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

JANUARY 12, 2013

Attendees: Joan Reukauf, Luke Cotton, Gibby Reynolds, Aaron Rock, John Williams, Marc Betz, Andy Ungerer, Walt Mahaffee, April Spehar, Kelsey Walker, Manny Hur, Melissa Edwards, Elaine Markley

Thank you so much to Elaine and Joan for setting up and providing wonderful snacks, beverages and lunch!

Please note that much of the meeting I forgot to take notes or they were very sketchy. Those of you that attended please feel free to add more information or additional items for anything I've missed.

John brought up the need for game cards to be completely and accurately filled out by refs particularly in the fall. Spring scheduling is done by separating the divisions in two halves so the games are better balanced. That separation is based on the information taken off the game cards, incomplete cards make that very difficult. Walt will address that with refs.

Breakout Sessions:

Re-purpose Team Parent - Team Manager: Marc, April, Walt, Andy

This group focused on working out details to repurpose the team parent position into the Team Manager position. The idea is that Team Manager would take the "managerial duties" away from the coach and truly run the team. Marc has drafted a Corvallis Team Manager Page (also attached) that will be posted on our website after we approve it and notify current team parents and coaches of the changes. Erica is working on an article for the newsletter addressing this change.


  • Responsible for all team communication
  • Insures volunteer position filled and commitments met
    • Send weekly reminders
    • Get assignments from volunteers
  • Must be present at games but practices optional


  • Develop web voice over training
  • Explore Shutterfly for utility in helping with team management
  • They are welcome to distribute responsibilities to other parents but they are our primary contact


  • Lead volunteer on roster / teams formed around TM
  • Preferred practice location
  • The thanks of the referee administrator, coach admin and board


  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Email to current team parents and coaches
  • Registration folder
  • Annual meeting


  • Need to reduce the burden on coaches since their training requirements are increasing
  • Improve the efficacy of the volunteer base

Items to follow up: Region specific video download for training, develop training process

Board Recruitment: Joan, Kelsey, Vicki

This group focused on various ways to recruit for the board members, but also touched briefly on recruitment for other positions

  • Positive and Proactive
  • List of long term team parents to pull from for board positions
  • Face to face on fields, all current board members, same fields multiple weeks (on duty?)
    • Who I am, What I do, Humanize the positions, Connect
    • Why do you volunteer, favorite moments etc.
  • Traditional forms to continue, Newsletters, fall meeting, website
  • Use of Facebook for emergency recruitment only
  • Personal, names to faces more likely to follow through

Follow through with Thank You's

  • Kudos on Facebook
  • Volunteer of the week parking spot, 3 categories, Coach/Assist Coach, Ref/Assist Ref, Team Manager
  • Newsletter years of service and thanks
  • All Board end of year Photo with Thank You (Some fun photo idea conveying our thanks for website and e-mailed to volunteers)

Step by Step:

  • Introduce self and what you do – name tags kept at fields
  • How's it going? Get conversation going, LISTEN (Perhaps assign teams)
  • Follow up on suggestions
  • Always get contact info
  • Testimonials

Fields: John, Gibby, Luke, Aaron

Luke reported on improvements that have been made to the fields. We are going to watch the progress to see if we want to continue having improvements made by the same company annually. Outlined upcoming tasks and ongoing annual maintenance and changes.

  • Fields Task List
  • Watering plan proposal (early April)(started)
  • Field Repair (aerating)(mid April)
  • Install pipe and fill burn lines (mid May)
  • Set new field sizes and burn field marking guides (corners) and sink corner stakes (late Aug)
  • Rethink deal related to annual donation to 509j

Luke mentioned the roofs for the Brown and Blue sheds will need to be replaced soon. Vicki will e-mail area troops to see if any Scouts are interested in taking on the project for Eagle.

Guest Speaker: Keith Underdahl is the AYSO Area Tournament Coordinator. He is currently setting up a tournament that will be in the Albany/Lebanon area in June. It will be open to all regions interested. He will be drafting an article to go in the spring newsletter and will send that to us early to mid February. Vicki will forward that information to the board when she gets it.

2013/2014 Fees

Discussion on fees, currently cost per player is significantly above $55. Will remain higher due to increased spending to maintain and improve fields. Moved by Luke and seconded by Walt to place fees at $65 for 2013/14, motion passed unanimously.

Discussion on Scholarship fees, plan to hold at current rate $15, recommendation to raise. Will revisit vote pending info on numbers of players we currently support vs number we would be able to provide scholarships for at the new rate for players.

U-5 Program: Vicki was strongly encouraged by National to include the U5 program. Didn't have on-line ability at the meeting so was not able to show complete information. There was concern that we would not have proper field space, Luke, John and Walt felt we probably do have adequate space. Would need to know program specifics to know exactly. Would need to increase our coach certification levels. Master coaches are preferred to run the U5 programs, but not required. John will follow up and find out more information about U5 and look into what will be needed to start the program. Will also contact his son-in-law about possibly running the program. We would also like to make sure that one attendee to the Section 2/9 conference will champion the u5 program and attend those classes.

Fall Parent Meeting Discussion: talked about the benefits of having the meeting moved back to all one evening. Locations discussed, our fields or possibly going back to LaSells. Cost for LaSells seems to be prohibitive. Fields difficult for hearing/attention. CHS our best option currently which necessitates a two evening commitment.

Based on above, the discussion moved to content of Fall Meeting. Move U08 and U12/14 to first night, U6 and U10 to second. Tailor each meeting to fit group, ie 1st time parent information not necessarily beneficial to U12/U14. Have completely different format allowing teams to organize in advance, make attendance optional for older divisions, have a separate smaller meeting for those new to the area or AYSO with general info (all same evening). Benefits of reducing the size of meeting for older age groups vs loss of contact with parents discussed. The idea is that having a Team Manager would enable that procedure to work.

We would like to be able to have multiple computers at fall team meeting to facilitate speedy volunteer registration. Elaine will check with CHS for WiFi. If none available we'll check with Verizon on hotspot rental. Belief is that it would be approximately a $35 rental for 1 month.

Plan to continue ball sales at fall meeting. Decrease the number of size 5, increase the number of size 4 offered. Customers would like to see other colors than Duck colors, will need to check availability of quality balls at good prices. Last year we were able to get them at a special discount, colors weren't an option. Melissa will see what is available May/June.

Team Formation: Open to coaches and all others interested. Create a partial blind system beginning with Team Manager, then Coach, Refs, etc . April and Andy will continue with developing that system.

From October minutes: A note will be drafted by Walt to put in the January letter to the teams of the 26 volunteers who did not fulfill their obligation as a referee for that team. It was suggested that Walt summarize his report and include that in the Spring newsletter to make all Region 149 families aware of the volunteer obligation that is not being fulfilled and why there are games where there isn't a referee.

Vicki explained her reasoning in making the decision not to include that note to the coaches. Walt agreed that it was fairly harsh and did not target the audience we need to reach with that information. Walt has created an excellent table explaining the numbers of refs we have, should have, numbers that do minimum games and numbers that fill in large quantities of extra games. We discussed the reasons that referees are not showing up for games or not signing up in the first place. Reasons varied from work related issues to I just don't want to. Elaine suggested that board members each take a few refs that have volunteered in that position and then never have shown up and call them. Using a positive/proactive method and asking what we can do to help them. How can we make it possible for them to actually ref the games .

Melissa will be placing the order for custom balls for the region before Jan 31st. Luke would like to change how we run the U6 program and so requested that we order balls for the fields rather than teams and will be working out a check out/return system for U6. 2 Sets of 10 balls with bag and cones for each field for the teams to practice with since they don't have practice in between Saturdays. This will make future years less expensive in ordering balls and should cover the cost of having UK International come in and run U6 clinics.

Discussion about ordering Blades/Banners that would identify fields and have Kid's Zone information on them. Melissa? will look into custom Blades/Banners. Sorry, question mark because I can't remember who offered to research that.

Walt will be holding spring ref training. Dates to be determined after Section Conference. John W requested that part of that training cover properly filling out game cards.

There has been some indication of club recruiting during games that is done in a very negative way. Negative comments about AYSO parents/coaches during the games. While we understand that both AYSO and club have their place in the community, negative comments will not be tolerated. We will continue to address those issues as they come up. We can not kick them off the fields, but we can ask them to use professional words and behavior.
There was a brief discussion of rebuilding the newsletter to a more exciting (new) format. Will not be for spring. Something we need to look into along with a new editor as Melissa is ready to move fully into her new position.

Board Positions Open:

  • Summer Camp Coordinator
  • Boys Progressive Coordinator
  • Auditor
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Assistant Coach Administrator
  • Newsletter Editor
  • U5 Coordinator
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Public Relations
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Division Coordinators Currently U14B, possible U08 or U10B, U12G


EXECUTIVE MEETING: Vicki gathered the Executive Board together to announce that Donna Sattem is resigning as the CVPA and Manny Hur is willing to assume that position. If there were no objections by the Board, Manny would attend the Section Conference to obtain training for the new position. Since Manny was the Assistant Registrar, Rema felt that the Division Coordinators have relieved a lot of the chores that she once did with the use of the eAYSO programs and having an assistant at this time was not as critical as filling the position of CVPA. It was moved and seconded that Manny Hur assume the position of CVPA. The motion carried unanimously. Manny will need to complete a Board application for the records and send that to Elaine for her file.
We will add Assistant Registrar to the Open Board positions.


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Mike Middleton, April Spehar, Rema Robinson, Elaine Markley, Prem Mathew, Kristi Franisconi, Rich Raleigh, Luke Cotton, Walt Mahaffee, Andy Ungerer, Marc Betz, Joan Reukauf

MINTUES FROM OCTOBER MEETING: It was moved by April and seconded by Andy that the minutes be approved as submitted. The motion carried.

COMMISSIONER REPORT: Vicki reported that the RC Training was "incredible!" She was able to network with 33 other Commissioners from all across the United States. A tour of the Score factory was an added bonus, especially since her previous position on the Board was Equipment Manager. She toured the National office as well. Region 149 received a report card for how we are doing as a region. We only had one needs improvement, a few satisfactory and the rest were outstanding. We need to work on the Regional Assessment Program and have different Board members complete sections of the report that pertain to their specific board position rather than having one person do the entire report. Vicki thanked the Board for the opportunity to receive the training and feels it is necessary for all Regional Commissioners.

CVPA REPORT: There was no report.

COACH REPORT: Luke gave a recap of the World Cup 5-a-Side event. 13 teams participated. Registration was done on-line and through email. The largest number of teams came from the U10 division. To reduce the amount of lining for short-sided fields, the field size was slightly bigger than the size we have used in the past. This seemed to work fine and no one seemed to notice any difference! It was suggested that if we were to do this in the fall of 2013 perhaps a pitch should be made at the August team meeting so everyone has a better idea of the event and how much fun it can be. Prem mentioned that it was difficult to sign up not knowing if the games were in the morning or afternoon. The new format had a later start time and extended into the afternoon.

PROGRESSIVE REPORT: Vicki reported that Cindy Preece would no longer be the AYSO Boys Progressive Coordinator. She has taken a position with the Valley Futball Club and therefore there is a conflict of interest between the positions. A new coordinator will be needed before the spring in order to keep the boys program going. We appreciate the energy Cindy put forth in her brief stay with the Board.

INDOOR REPORT: Prem reported that there were 210 players signed up for the program this fall. That is 30 short from last year, which is approximately the same number of players who requested scholarships last year. Scholarships will not be given for this Extra program. The good news is he did not hear any complaints! Prem needs coverage on December 15 since he will be out of the country. Vicki and Luke will represent the Board that day.

REFEREE REPORT: Walt presented a visual report and recommendations to better the referee volunteer pool. Too many referees have to do multiple games that were not assigned to them to fill in for those who did not show up for the assigned game. The youth referee program has been very successful and those volunteers are gaining more confidence all the time. Thanks to Kelsey for her role in encouraging more youths to volunteer. To help keep the cost down, it was suggested that referee uniforms be turned in if the volunteer is not continuing the following season. Lisa Still following the game on Saturday called all the "no show" referee volunteers. Walt will be working with the computer science department at OSU to develop a way to help monitor and manage referee volunteers. A note will be drafted by Walt to put in the January letter to the teams of the 26 volunteers who did not fulfill their obligation as a referee for that team. It was suggested that Walt summarize his report and include that in the Spring newsletter to make all Region 149 families aware of the volunteer obligation that is not being fulfilled and why there are games where there isn't a referee.

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS: Vicki reported that Mike Wilmert could no longer fulfill the position as Assistant Commissioner due to family obligations. We will miss Mike's insight and forward thinking and hope to see him on the fields in a lesser capacity for Region 149. It was suggested we add a Board position to catch the younger generation who are using Facebook and Twitter in addition to the more traditional ways to communicate through social media.
-Assistant Commissioner
-Boys Progressive Coordinator
-Volunteer Coordinator
-Assistant Coach Administrator
-Special Events Coordinator (5-a-Side)
-Summer Camp Coordinator
-Division Coordinators

FIELDS REPORT: In an Executive Board meeting held on November 14, Luke presented the bid proposal for renovation/maintenance of the fields at Adams. The bid is from Pacific Sports Turf for $10,304 to aerating defined playing surfaces of all fields, slit seed the most used portions of the fields, add 800 pounds of winter blend seed, apply 2300 pounds of ammonium sulfate, and apply 11.8 tons of fertilized lime using a spreader that will not damage the fields during the wet conditions. This renovation process should be repeated approximately every three years. Elaine moved and Walt seconded the motion that we approve this bid and move forward with the improvements as soon as possible. The motion carried unanimously. Work will take place on November 30 if the weather cooperates. Joan will contact the company about payment and Luke will set up a time for the work to be completed. Mike will chain and lock the portable goals together that are on the outer edges of the fields at Adams.

SECTION MEETING: Vicki, Joan, Walt, and Todd will attend the meeting. These Board members need to get together to finalize the travel plans and register for the meeting.

REQUEST FROM ANDY: Andy received a phone call from a former Region 149 volunteer who is in Costa Rica. He is hoping our region could help with donations of used soccer balls for children in that country. There is another family joining him and could take the donations with him. Andy will go to the shed and select some soccer balls to donate to the children in Costa Rica.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Joan presented a written report of the finances. Joan will be looking at the long range fields funds and make sure there are available to pay for improvements to the fields at Adams. The Adult League that exists from our region has an account separate from the players Region 149. Vicki found out that the Commissioner can close the account and the money can be donated to Region 149. Marc and Vicki will coordinate the forms and get that account closed.

JANUARY RETREAT: The two dates that are being considered for the retreat at Grand Oaks recreation room are Saturday, January 5 or 12. Luke will prepare a survey and all Board members should indicate when they could attend. If you have specific agenda items please get them to Vicki as soon as possible.

DECEMBER DINNER: We will enjoy our December meeting at Rich's home on the 18th. Use the survey that will be send out to indicate what potluck item you will bring to supplement the meal. If there is any pending business for December, it will be done at the dinner.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, January 17 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administrative Building unless it is determined that we do not need this meeting after the Board retreat.

Respectively submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Walt Mahaffee, Andy Ungerer, Kelsey Walker, Luke Cotton, Rich Raleigh, Todd Moss, Erin Harrington, Elaine Markley, Aaron Rock, Mike Wilmert, Joan Reukauf, Marc Betz, Brent Pawlowski

MINUTES FROM SEPTEMBER: It was moved by Walt and seconded by Luke that the minutes for the September 20, 2012 meeting be approved with the edit that Rema Robinson was present. The motion carried unanimously.

5-A-SIDE: Elaine reported that she tallied the registration forms for the 5-a-Side scheduled for October 21 and there were very few teams in each of the divisions and the individuals were scattered throughout the divisions so a team could not be formed from those interested players. She will notify the coaches and individuals to pick up their registration fee at the Safety Station before the fall season ends. Luke proposed a 5-a-Side concept that he is doing for a school project. It would be called The Corvallis World Cup. The target date would be November 4. There would be a higher cost for each team and the proceeds would go towards the fields improvement fund. He feels that better publicity will be the key to getting players interested. Mike Wilmert moved to support this endeavor and Walt seconded the motion. The motion carried.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan presented the report for the past month. There were some questions about the amount budgeted for certain line items that Joan will discuss with George Looney, our former Treasurer. National AYSO sets the categories and each Region must comply with using those categories for expenses. We will be sending as many interested Board members to the Section conference in Las Vegas February 15-17, 2013 that we can afford based on the budget. Vicki needs to know the names of any Board member who wants to attend and write a short summary as to why you should be allowed to attend. This needs to be done immediately so reservations for air travel and conference registration can be taken care of. Luke ordered new corner flags. Elaine suggested that Progressive Soccer teams use the old ones so they have their own equipment and wouldn't need to have a key for the equipment shed.

ADULT SOCCER REGION: Marc would like to find out what needs to be done to dissolve the Adult Soccer Region that was started years ago. At this time, he is listed as the Commissioner and Joan would be considered the Treasurer. He said that Vicki was listed as the Safety Coordinator. Vicki will take this issue to the Commissioner Training in November and find out what happens to the money in the account.

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING: Luke explained the purpose of the "memo of understanding" that was drafted for the Corvallis School District. This document stays with the district and provides guidelines to what has been agreed upon. Both Elaine and Rich feel that this document and the maintenance agreement need to be read by a legal expert before anyone signs anything. Vicki will take the documents to the Commissioner Training and have the legal authority for National AYSO look over the documents for us.
Luke felt the maintenance agreement needs to be improved.

NEW BOARD MEMBER: Aaron Rock was present at the Board meeting and has applied for the position of Assistant Referee Administrator. Aaron has been a referee with our region since 2005 but due to a knee injury, he is no longer able to actively referee. As we all know, there are many details that need to be attended to other than running up and down the field and he feels he can assist the referee program in many ways. It was moved by Walt and seconded by Elaine that Aaron Rock become the new Assistant Referee Administrator. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome Aaron

PROGRESSIVE GAMES: Elaine brought up the fact that there was no one cleaning up the fields the past Saturday after a Progressive game and wanted to know who is in charge of making sure the equipment is stored and port-a-pots are locked. She will send out the Closing the Fields document to all Board members so they all know know what is to be done at the end of each soccer event if you are the last one there. The document is located at the field in the front of the Board member mail box in the Safety Station, in the white metal first aid cabinet in the brown equipment shed and hanging on the shelf in the blue referee shed for everyone to read if they are the last one at the field. Vicki will check with Cindy Preece and John Williams to see how they are handling this as the Progressive Coordinators.

FLYER REQUEST: The Corvallis Aquatic Team (CAT) requested that a half sheet flyer be placed on car windshields at the field on Saturday. Vicki will report back to them that they are not to do this and go through the proper channels at the school to distribute registration information just like AYSO does!

SOCCER YOUTH CHALLENGE: Brent Pawlowksi wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the soccer challenge coming up Oct. 27 and answer any questions that Board members may have. Registration will take place at the Safety Station. He will bring additional flyers to have available to sign up.

SAFE HAVEN TRAINING: All Board members who have not completed the Safe Haven training on-line need to do that sooner than later. It takes approximately 45 minutes if you start and finish without interruptions! Once you hit submit, it is recorded in the National data base.

BIRTH YEAR CHART: Vicki has suggested to Luke to include a birth year chart on the front of our website so people are not registering children who are too young. She would like it to say that they can register "…if child is born between _____ and _____" changing the dates with each new season. Then have a "see chart below for age divisions." Our region does have a field that pops up that says "player is too young" but people still register. Walt suggested that we change the field so it blocks them from going any further if they are too young.

DECEMBER MEETING: Rich and Nancy Raleigh are again opening their home to host the December dinner meeting. Everyone should check their calendars to see which day might work best for them. This meeting is a potluck affair and spouse/significant others are welcome to attend. Vicki will ask either Gibby or Luke to create a Doodle Poll when possible dates are submitted to Vicki. Carpools will be formed when we know the date and who can attend.

BOARD MEMBERS AT THE FIELD: Thanks Gibby for putting together the chart for tracking when Board members are at the field. It is very helpful and allows us to see where we have open spots throughout the day. If it is raining and you want to stay dry while wearing your Board member jacket, just put a light weight raincoat under the maroon jacket and you will solve your problem of getting wet

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 29. There are five Thursday's in the month of November and Vicki will be back from her training by then. Please mark your calendar with this change. The meeting will be held at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Walt Mahaffee, Kelsey Walker, Mike Wilmert, Elaine Markley, Mike Middleton, Prem Mathew, Gibby Reynolds, Daniel Haak, April Spehar, Connie Buddingh, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Rich Raleigh, Joan Reukauf, Todd Moss, Vicki Guenther, Jayce Guenther, Erin Harrington, Rema Robinson

SPECIAL GUEST: Jayce Guenther came to share with the Board that his Eagle Scout project for the coordination of the new safety station is now complete and he needed to have the final papers signed. His primary responsibilities were to secure in kind donations and discount prices on goods and materials needed to complete the project. There was good community support for project. Region 149 purchased the Tuff Shed to be placed on the concrete slab that was prepared by Jayce and his work crew. Jayce will write a summary of the project, listing the community sponsors for our next newsletter and submit that to Elaine. Thank you Jayce for thinking of Region 149 for your Eagle Scout projectJ

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: In an Executive Board member email communication it was moved by Elaine and seconded by Mike Wilmert that Erica Lerch-Griffin become our new Team Parent Coordinator. The motion carried unanimously. Elaine nominated Todd Moss as the Assistant Trusted Data Manager and Daniel seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. All Board members had an opportunity to read the applicants application prior to the vote. Both Erica and Todd have already jumped right in and have been performing their duties. Thanks and welcome!

TREASURER REPORT: Joan changed the look of the financial statement, primarily on the last page, creating a budget comparison. By January Joan would like to have a fields budget to help prepare for the following year. Mike Middleton will be working on that document.

COACH REPORT: Luke reported that there have been two coach-training sessions (one in August and one in September). Luke has informed all coaches who have not completed the necessary training that they have a specific deadline to complete this in order to continue to coach. There will be additional training in April. After some discussion about the process of getting all coaches properly trained, it was decided that an "intent to complete" form will be developed for coaches to work toward completion of missing pieces of training. All coaches must have Safe Haven in order to be at a practice with children. Luke will prepare a flyer on "how to complete" the necessary training and will be speaking to the 22 coaches that are missing parts of the training. Connie Buddingh announced she plans to step down as the Assistant Coach Administrator. She has contacted another Board member about taking her place but no application has been received at this time. We would like to thank Connie for all the energy she has put forth in our region not only as a Coach Administrator but as the Message Center Coordinator. She thanked the Board for the opportunity to be a part of the Board and the chance to grow as a person.

CVPA REPORT: There was no report.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: The coach shirts should arrive in time for the September 22 game. They will be distributed from the safety station.

5-A-SIDE REPORT: Ariel was not present but the registration for 5-A-Side should be October 6 and 13 with the games being played on Oct. 21.

INDOOR SOCCER REPORT: Prem has worked with the Indoor Sports Park to identify the player cost this year. After some discussion, it was agreed that on all information about indoor soccer, we must advertise that there are no scholarships available for indoor soccer. We must break even on this and it is not fair to have players pay for their own soccer expenses and subsidize those who can not afford the program. It was moved by Daniel and seconded by Elaine that we charge a flat fee of $45 for the indoor soccer program for the 2012 season. The motion carried. We will start advertising on Oct. 29 and registration will take place out of the safety station. Prem will prepare the flyers and the Q and A for the safety volunteers to have. He will inform Albany of the program but priority will be given to current Region 149 players. If a club player wants to play indoor, they must register for the 2012-13 season and pay the full $55 plus the $45 indoor fee. They too will be on a space available list.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported that there were no major accidents reported the first week. It was suggested that a form be generated to log incidents that required some type of attention (band aid, nose bleed, scrape, bee sting, etc.) and have that log in the safety notebook for volunteers to document. Gibby will be create a Board member availability sheet electronically to allow everyone to check when they are going to be at the field each Saturday. Please check your game schedule and personal schedule and sign up to be the "official" Board member on duty. Gibby will have the walkie talkie radios at the field each Saturday. One radio will always stay at the safety station and the other 3 can be taken to the fields with the Board members that are present.

FIELDS REPORT: Welcome Mike Middleton to the Board as the Fields Coordinator. Mike has been extremely active in getting Field F ready for the season and has been working with the Corvallis School District to maintain a good working partnership. Since the water cannon seemed to work well to get Field F green in a short period of time, Mike will explore the cost of water cannons and prepare a budget and proposal for the long range plans of the fields. He would like to use fields volunteers to line the fields on an every other week basis in the future. This will be factored into the budget for the cost of paint or chalk. The cost of water for Field F could be as high as $2,000-$3000 but Mike is not sure at this time. Mike Middleton, Mike Wilmert and Luke Cotton have been meeting with the district. A memorandum of understanding with the district is being drafted. It was noted that the principal of Adams Elementary makes the decisions for fields from the rock roadway to the south and the district controls decisions from the roadway north.

REFEREE REPORT: Daniel announced to the Board he will be moving to Reno within the next few weeks. It was moved by Luke and seconded by Mike Wilmert that Walt Mahaffee move into the Referee Administrator position. The motion passed unanimously. Daniel has contacted another volunteer to fill the Assistant Referee Administrator position but no application has been received at this time. It was noted that 1/3 or our trained and scheduled referees are youth volunteers. There are a lot of new referees and therefore a considerable number of uniforms had to be ordered. Elaine suggested that we collect the uniforms from any referee that does not plan to return to cut down on the cost. The mentor program for referees can use more help since many of the mentors are scheduled on the field for games. We wish Daniel the best and thank him for all the hours he has volunteered for the players of Region 149. We will see him in Vegas for the section conference in February.J

MESSAGE PHONE: It was discovered that Pioneer Telephone did not cancel our landline at the end of May and we are still receiving a bill for their service that we are not using. Vicki will contact them immediately to stop the service and see if we can get a discount on our bill.

MINUTES FOR JULY: It was moved by Luke and seconded by Joan that the minutes of the July 19, 2012 meeting be approved as written. The motion carried with a unanimous vote.

EXECTIVE SESSION: Due to the length of the meeting, the Executive Board stayed after to discuss the Commissioner Training that will take place in California November 16-18. Vicki presented the paperwork and costs to our Region. National will support part of the costs to train new Regional Commissioners. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by Joan that we send Vicki to the Regional Commissioner training. The motion carried unanimously. We have money in the budget to support this training as well as the section conference in February.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, October 18 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administrative Building.

Respectively submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Cindy Preece, April Spehar, Walt Mahaffee, Marc Betz, Gibby Reynolds, Kelsey Walker, Connie Buddingh, Elaine Markley, Rich Raleigh, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Mike Wilmert, Joan Reukauf, Nichole Stucki, Rema Robinson, Kristin Francisconi, Ariel Johnson, Daniel Haak

AYSO CAMP: Vicki reported that AYSO Camp wanted her to sign a contract for the following year at the conclusion of the June camp. This will be done to secure dates in June and August 2013.

TREASURER REPORT: Joan provided the Board with her first treasurer's report. The uniform and ball order has not been paid at this time since they have not been received. One CD matured and that money was moved to the money market account. It was decided that we will purchase Galaxy soccer balls from SCORE ad charge the families $8 per ball which covers the cost of shipping and handling. Vicki will order 30 size 3 balls, 40 size 4 balls and 20 size 5 balls. Joan will sell the balls at the annual parent meeting in the court yard at CHS. Joan ordered the field liner and it should arrive soon.

CVPA REPORT: Donna was not present but Vicki reported they are investigating an incident that occurred during the AYSO Camp the week of June 25-29. That is all she is able to report at this time.

COACH REPORT: Luke has the coach training dates on the website. They will be the Friday and Saturday after the parent meeting (August 16 and 17) and again September 7 and 8. It was reported that the Safe Haven training is not working according to Walt. Daniel will check into that and alert National there is a problem. Luke reported that the UK training for the coaches at U6 will cost $1680 which is $180 over budget. The coaches would be on the field all day the first and second week of the fall season to work with teams the first 30 minutes of their scheduled time on the field. Any coach is welcome to observe but the training is geared for U6.

REFEREE REPORT: Daniel reported that there are 5-6 volunteers moving up to intermediate level and that Gibby passed the National level course while in Knoxville at the National Games. We have volunteers at our Regional level who can be trainers so we don't have to send anyone out of the area to be trained. Gibby, Kelsey and Daniel represented our Region at National Games and through the assessment procedure, all three were awarded games in the finals..Daniel taught the Advanced Referee course prior to the games. National Games will be coming to the West coast (Torrance, CA) in a year or two and Daniel is hoping we could send a team from Region 149. Each team must do their own fundraising for this tournament. Kelsey will try to get more youth referees signed up for the 2012-13 season and especially try to target females.
Gibby requested that expenses for training for National certification be paid for by the Region. He is asking for the cost of the flight and three days of car rental. It was moved by Daniel and seconded by Mike that we support this request. The motion carried unanimously. Gibby needs to get receipts for expenses to Joan.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby had nothing to report.

REGISTRAR REPORT: Rema reported that there are approximately 1150 players and 80 are in the applicant status. There have been 8 drops at this time. There are very few players in the unassigned status. Good job team formationJ

TEAM FORMATION REPORT: April was seeking clarification on the number of players assigned to the U10B and U8B teams to match the girls divisions. If there are a few extra players that have not been placed, she will contact the coach and see if they are willing to take an extra player. Vicki has ordered one extra uniform for the boys teams so that would not require an additional uniform order. Andy reported that they only division with an odd number of teams is U14G so hopefully they can pick up an extra game with Albany/Lebanon/Sweet Home.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: Vicki reported that the uniforms will be delivered to her home between August 1-6. We will have a sorting party on August 13 at 7:00 for anyone who wants to help. We will use trucks from Rich, Connie and Sean (can we use your truck as always?) and any extra will go into either Melissa or Vicki's vehicle. And speaking of Melissa Edwards, it was moved by Elaine and seconded by Daniel that Melissa become the new Equipment Manager to replace Vicki. The motion was unanimously carried. At this time Melissa has agreed to continue as the Newsletter Editor as well. Vicki will help in the transition to Melissa on board. Late distribution of uniforms will be September 5 from 6-7pm at the Adams soccer fields. Rich will indicate that on the "sorry" slip given out at the parent meeting.

BOARD MEMBER ROSTER: Rich needs to have a firm list from Vicki confirming all the Board members for Region 149 prior to August 1.

NEWSLETTER ARTICLES: Everyone should submit their Fall newsletter articles to Melissa by July 31 so the letter will be distributed prior to the annual parent meeting. We will be using the 16 page format so articles can be spaced out better for easy reading and more information can be found in the newsletter. Western Oregon Web Press does not print the 12 page version as a rule so it is cheaper to have more pages rather than have them custom the order and waste paper to make things fit. Articles include the following:

  • National Games…Daniel Haak
  • Indoor Program and registration dates…Prem
  • Youth Referees…Kelsey
  • 5-A-Side…Ariel
  • Commissioner Farewell…Aaron Collette
  • Commissioner Report…Vicki and Mike
  • Silent Saturday…Ariel
  • Safety (no jewelry and general tips about casts,etc.) …Gibby
  • Schedule…John
  • At cost soccer balls at annual meeting (cash or checks/no plastic)…Vicki
  • Concession sign-up…Elaine for Nichole
  • Safety…how to sign up (even though Gibby will have a sheet in folder at parent meeting)…Gibby
  • Coach tips/training reminders…Luke
  • Referee clinics…Daniel
  • Picture Day…Elaine
  • How to check your courses/certifications…Use Fall 2011 article … Rich Raleigh
  • Shoe/Equipment Sale…Elaine
  • AYSO Regin 149 Rules…Melissa (check with Andy on numbers of players on each team)
  • Limited Open Registration?????...Rema will there be any?
  • Other?????

PARENT HANDBOOK: Thanks to Luke and Rich for their efforts in revising and editing the parent handbook. There was still some confusion on the registration pages that were discussed. Changes need to go to Luke for final edit. The handbook will be ready for distribution at the parent meeting on August 14-15. Western Oregon Web Press has run it in the past. Last call for any changes to Luke!

ANNUAL PARENT MEETING: Vicki will do a brief introduction of the purpose of the meeting. Kelsey will speak briefly about recruiting youth volunteers to fill referee spots. Elaine will briefly speak about obtaining fields for practice at schools. Other than those three speakers, the remainder of the time is for teams to meet and decide volunteers, practice times, etc. Uniforms will be given out after all volunteer forms are completed. Curbside distribution will be the location for picking up uniforms and equipment. Meeting will be in the CHS gym with bleachers pulled out. The first session is at 6:30 each day so Board members are asked to be there as close to 6:00pm as possible. Tables will be set up for the following Board members:

  • CVPA…4 volunteers needed that are trained
  • Finish Line…Rich, Sean and Mike Wilmert
  • Data Entry…Marc
  • Coach table
  • Referee table
  • Team Formation/ Registrar together
  • Special Events (Shoe Swap) and Concessions together
  • Safety table
  • Greeters/Handbook distribution: Kristin Francisconi's kids
  • Soccer ball sale…Joan in the court yard
  • Changing of team name signs between sessions…Connie

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, August 16, but this could be changed if we met at the conclusion of the parent meeting on August 15 so we are not bonding for 3 nights in a row!. Stay tuned for an executive decision!

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Vicki Guenther, Andy Ungerer, Kristin Francisconi, Mike Wilmert, George Looney, Joan Reukauf, Elaine Markley, Sean Kutzler, Gibby Reynolds, Luke Cotton, Cindy Preece, April Spehar, Rich Raleigh, Manny Hur, Nichole Stucki, Aaron Collette via telephone system from Bend

TREASURER'S REPORT: George submitted his last treasurer's report and is turning the books over to Joan Reukauf. He noted that there were only three NSF checks this past year. The scholarship numbers remained about the same as the previous year. George Looney and Aaron Collette's names will be taken off the bank signing card and Vicki Guenther and Joan Reukauf's names will be added to the card. Elaine Markley and Rema Robinson are also authorized to sign checks. Thanks to George for his continued dedication to AYSO as our Past Commissioner and Treasurer.

CVPA REPORT: Donna was not able to attend the meeting. Rich reported there were 78 volunteers who had not filled out registration forms. He sent emails to all these volunteers and had 18 reply that they turned in their forms. The forms seem to have been misplaced. Elaine has checked the file in the Safety Station and they are not there.

COACH REPORT: Luke has not set dates for coach training. It is his hope that we will be able to get more certified trainers so John Williams is not the only one who can train coaches at the higher level.

FIELDS REPORT: Sean researched the cost and quality of field striping machines. Elaine moved that we approve Sean's proposal to purchase a new machine to line the fields. Luke seconded the motion which was unanimously carried. Joan will order the machine. Mike Middleton applied for the Fields Coordinator Board position. Sean interviewed Mike and feels like he would be a great fit for the position. Elaine moved that we appoint Mike Middleton as the new Fields Coordinator. Gibby seconded the motion which carried unanimously. Sean will become the Assistant Fields Coordinator and mentor Mike. Welcome to the Board, MikeJ

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported that we had one concussion reported in Progressive Play. The player has been cleared to continue activity and the form was filed properly. It is the intent to provide all coaches with the AYSO concussion information that is made available. There was also discussion about having the coaches take the CDC concussion training that is required by OSAA for all coaches of high school sports. A certificate is printed by the coach once they have completed the on-line course which takes about 20 minutes. Gibby and Luke need to decide how they want to handle this training.

AYSO VOLUNTEER SCHOLARSIP: Kelsey Walker received $300 toward her college education this past spring. Elaine will coordinate with Kelsey to make sure the money gets in her account at the college of her choice. It is the hope that Kelsey will continue to be an active part of Region 149 as continue to work with the youth referee volunteers. There have been many positive comments made about the wonderful support Kelsey provides our younger referees.

REGISTRATION/TEAM FORMATION: There are 1144 registered players at this time. All player cards are to go to Andy and April and the registration forms to Rema. Vicki must submit the final uniform information to Score by July 13. April reported that the new coaches evaluation system did not work out they way it was intended. The number system needs to be changed for next year. Andy has three new divisional coordinators. Aaron would like those names sent to him so he can add that in the August newsletter.

ENVELOPE STUFFING PARTY: Tuesday, July 24 we will stuff envelopes to be mailed to each player regarding their team placement for 2012-13 season and information about the August parent meeting held at Corvallis High School gym August 14 and 15. We will meet at Consumer Power Bldg at 7:00. Older children and Board members are encouraged to attend to make this go quickly.

PRGRESSIVE PLAY: Cindy reported that National AYSO states that players can play EXTRA without being registered for primary programs. As a region we can require players to be a part of the primary program in order to be a part of the EXTRA program or play one of the adjacent seasons. Cindy requested that one player be allowed to play EXTRA immediately and pay the $15 National dues fee. After some discussion, Luke moved that we allow this player the opportunity to play in the summer and he will be enrolled in primary play beginning in the fall. Gibby seconded the motion which was carried unanimously. Rich will register the player for the 2011-12 season.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: Vicki reported that she will have the uniforms delivered to her home the first week of August. She intends to use as many of the old sets of uniforms that are available to free up garage space! If she can find a replacement for Equipment Manager she would mentor that person for the following season. Elaine will pursue a possible replacement.

REFEREE REPORT: With sadness, Bill Stickle has decided to step down from the Regional Referee Administrator. We are so thankful for all the hours Bill has spent on the field each Saturday and the hours of training that he has done for our region. We had a gift to present Bill but he was not at the meeting. We will catch up with him at a later date. Daniel Haak applied for the RRA position and Walter Mahafee applied for the Assistant Referee Administrator. It was moved by Gibby and seconded by Elaine that these positions be filled by Daniel and Walter. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome WalterJ

TRUSTED DATA MANAGER REPORT: Rich presented the idea of up-dating the Parent Handbook and having it ready for the August parent meeting. The Board agreed to print new handbooks. Luke will receive the edits and be in charge of refining the information. Each Board member should look over the section that pertains to their position and send Luke and changes.

NEW COMMISSIONER: Vicki Guenther will assume the position of Regional Commissioner. We would like to thank Aaron for his time as Commissioner and wish him the best in his new job in Bend. We are sure you will find an AYSO for your daughters to be a part of and you can go back to coaching!!! J

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, July 19 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building. Our informal gathering will be Tuesday July 24 at the Consumer Power Building to stuff envelopes for the 2012-13 season.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Cindy Preece, Luke Cotton, Manny Hur, Andy Ungerer, George Looney, Aaron Collette, Gibby Reynolds, Bill Stickle, Daniel Haak, Elaine Markley, Vicki Guenther, Rema Robinson, Walt Mahaffee (guest), Brent Pawlowski (guest)

FIELDS REPORT: Bill will check with the Corvallis School District about the possibility of removing old goals and replacing them with new portable goals before the end of the summer. The cost to replace goals would be taken from the field improvement fund. Gibby will check on new lining system for the field lines.

TREASURER REPORT: George presented the revised budget for review and approval. Gibby moved that the revised budget be accepted. Bill seconded the motion. The motion carried. A big thank you to George for all he has done in a short time as the Treasurer.
Cindy asked the question that needs to be answered by Rich: How are the newsletter labels sorted? She is receiving one newsletter per family member rather than one for her family. This would save money if less were printed and mailed.

SOCCER CHALLENGE: Brent Pawlowski presented information about local winners who scored big at the International Level for the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge. Max Sun and Saul Contreras will be honored at the field Saturday, May 19 and trophies will be presented to the boys. There will be a free hot dog lunch served by the Knights of Columbus at the field to say "thank you and don't forget we will have another event in October, 2012." McDonalds, Trader Joe's and Knights of Columbus donated the food for the lunch. Youth out reach is a goal of the Knights of Columbus and they appreciate the opportunity to reach this goal through AYSO.

COACH REPORT: Luke reported that there were no major problems. Cindy mentioned she has observed coach volunteers acting as AR's and still coaching. This is a "no-no." This can be addressed in the coaches meeting in the fall.

SPECIAL EVENTS REPORT: Daniel reported that there was $99 received in registration fees for 5-a-Side. There will be teams in U8-U14. The U14G and U14B will play together. Two fields will be used and the games will begin at 10:00am and will be over by 2:00pm. There will be NO concessions due to lack of volunteers and families tend to bring their food with them since they are "camping out" for several hours for this event.

REFEREE REPORT: Bill reported that there are 3 volunteers seeking Advanced level. Classes will take place at the area tourney. This year Daniel, Bill, Gibby and Kelsey Walker will attend the National Games. Great representation for Region 149J There were five volunteers who are completing the Assessor's Course bringing out total to eight in our region. Ricardo Letelier will be attending Golden Gate camp this summer for National Referee certification. Gibby will be doing this as well but at National Games.

SAFETY/RISK MANAGEMENT REPORT: Gibby reported there were two accident reports that ended up with positive results. One was a concussion with a U12B where the coach did a great job of recognizing the situation and handled it properly. The player was checked out by Gibby and was cleared to play again. There was a U19 player that suffered a broken rib and did not have sports related insurance. His grandmother was very pleased with the AYSO coverage plan. There will be AYSO information flyers on concussions in the coach's packets next fall. Rema and Gibby will see that these are ordered.

REGISTRAR REPORT: Rema reported that the one copy, electronic signature forms are wonderful! She would like to explore another time for Open Registration other than Saturday when all the computers are bogged down with the National load. This is the second year in a row that we had trouble logging on with so many using the system. It is frustrating for the volunteers and the people trying to register. There were a lot of scholarship requests but people seemed to understand they needed verification of the free/reduced lunch program in the schools. The Kid Zone form was discussed briefly. Luke suggests we laminate the Kid Zone pledge and attach it to the recycle bins so the message is out at all fields. It is a good idea to have families sign the Kid Zone pledge the first time they register a child but some felt it was not necessary if the reminders are posted. National does not require this form as a part of the registration packet. It was also suggested that we might have "A" frame signs with the fields marked on them to take to the fields so people can identify the fields.

TEAM FORMATION REPORT: Andy reported that six volunteers responded to help with the work session for team formation. Some even wanted to be division coordinators! In order to help with team formation, volunteers must help with the work session. All registration forms must be received by June 15. Board members are encouraged to attend the work sessions and team formation to assist with the balanced team concept. Andy will need to let everyone know the dates and times of the sessions.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Luke and Vicki both were considered for the position of Regional Commissioner. Luke could only guarantee that he would be in Corvallis for one year, while Vicki is here for the long haul. Elaine felt that moving Luke out of Coach Administrator would not be in the best interest of the region since he is developing a lot of positive action with the coaches. Bill nominated Vicki Guenther as the interim Regional Commissioner for AYSO Region 149. George seconded it. The motion passed unanimously. Applications were reviewed for the position of Treasurer. It was moved by Elaine and seconded by George that Joan Reukauf be appointed as the new Treasurer of AYSO Region 149. The motion carried unanimously. Joan has 19 years of banking experience and has been looking for an organization to become involved in since moving to Corvallis two years ago. She felt this was the perfect fit for her. George will mentor Joan and he will get the proper documentation switched over to Joan and Vicki's names for the bank statements, etc. Mike Wilmert was nominated for the position of Assistant Commissioner by Gibby and seconded by George. The motion carried unanimously. Mike has been involved in AYSO for 10 years and has just recently completed the Assessor's Course offered by our Region. He has been and area and section referee in California and part of the training staff. Kristin Francisconi was nominated by Gibby and seconded by George for the position of Assistant Boys Team Formation. The motion carried unanimously. Kristin has been involved in AYSO for 13 years as a player and as a parent. Welcome to all the new Board members. We are glad you have stepped up to be a part of the big picture of AYSO Region 149. The children of our community will benefit by your dedication and enthusiasm.

NEXT MEETING: Our next Board meeting will be held on Thursday, June 21 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building. This will be the last meeting for Aaron and new Board members will take over their positions at that time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, George Looney, Rich Raleigh, Andy Ungerer, Manny Hur, Cindy Preece, Luke Cotton, Daniel Haak, Rema Robinson, Casey Fries (guest), Erin Harrington, Elaine Markley, Gibby Reynolds, Bill Stickle, Connie Buddingh, Marc Betz

FIELDS COMMITTEE REPORT: Aaron reported on options the fields committee (Aaron, Gibby, Bill and Daniel) had proposed for the use of fields funds. There were four options to consider:

  • No action. Do not use the money at this time for any changes. Use the money for other operating expenses such as electronic registration signatures, keep player cost low, etc.
  • Alternate action. Do not emphasize fields, but emphasis on training coaches.
  • Field upgrades to existing fields at Adams. Work with OSU turf management, seed research to better the playing surface, purchase new portable goals and remove old goals on site. Also firm up a formal contract with the district for our protection of fields use.
  • Buy our own fields. Would we have enough money and if not, how do we generate more funds? We would need to maintain the fields so added costs would include equipment to do that. Rates may have to be raised to make this affordable. Long-term use would allow us to rent out the fields for added income.

The Board was asked for opinions on which option seemed most realistic and supportive. Elaine suggested option #3, upgrading the existing fields since we do not have enough money to support the purchase of new fields. There was a brief discussion but that seemed to be the best option for our Region at this time. Bill is the chair of the committee so if you have any suggestions on how we can upgrade the existing fields, please let him know your ideas.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported that he has purchased an "IN and OUT" board for the Board to use each Saturday. There will be a space for notes to write what field you will be found. There is also a chart that asks Board members to be the "official" Board member for a 2-hour block of time. He will send out an electronic version of the chart for people to sign up. The "official" on site Board member can be any place on the field but will have a "walkie talkie" with them so if the Safety Volunteer needs a question answered, they can be reached. Rich will purchase the walkie talkies.

BOARD MEMBER PARKING: Elaine did an hour-by-hour tally of the number of vehicles in the new Board/Handicapped parking area. There are 20 legal parking spaces in the area marked off. At any one time there were no more than 10 spaces occupied the first Saturday. There were some cars without any marking, several handicap stickers on rear view mirrors in addition to Board member tagged vehicles. The comments for the AYSO community seemed positive and they felt safer in that area since there are fewer cars actually there and they are not dropping off kids and then trying to back out of the parking area. If you haven't picked up your Board parking permit, they are located in the Safety Station. Sign the form and identify the number on the permit.

PROGRESSIVE PLAY REPORT: Cindy asked for clarification on several issues with the boys progressive play teams. It appears the number of players has grown and additional coaches are needed, especially in the U10B group. Andy pointed out that the same philosophy of balanced teams and everybody plays is to be honored in extra play options. Anyone who wants to try out may do so. The teams are not necessarily the same from year to year. The training sessions that Cindy is offering throughout the week are generating more interest. Good job CindyJ

REFEREE REPORT: Bill reported that there are a lot of youth referees this season. There are 57 teams that need two referee volunteers for a total need of 114. There are four teams without any referee volunteers. We have 101 referees signed up for the spring. Of those 101 referees, there are 35 that are not associated with a specific team and those volunteers end up doing the most games. We are grateful for volunteers like Pat McGowan and Mark Wilson who are highly trained and love helping us out. Look for them in their red referee jersey and say "thanks."

TREASURER'S REPORT: George presented the monthly report as well as the budget for the 2012-2013 year. The timeline will be the presentation of the budget in April, ratification in May and submit to National in June. There was some discussion about bumping up the total amount of coach and referee training. This year we would send one referee and one coach to Golden Gate camp if there was interest. It was moved by Luke and seconded by Bill that we authorize Rich to purchase a laser printer/copier not to exceed $200 for this calendar year. Motion passed unanimously. George will make any final adjustments to the budget draft for a vote next month. If anyone knows of anyone who would be a good candidate for Treasurer, please talk to them and get back to Aaron right away so contact can be made. If we don't have this Board position filled by the end of June our region can not exist. Elaine gave Luke a name to follow up with since he knows her personally.

REGISTRAR REPORT: There will be a "packet party" on Monday April 23 at Adams at 6:30pm for anyone who can help out assembling registration packets to distribute April 28. We will be done in time for Dancing with the Stars at 8:00pm!!!!! The Board was introduced to Rema's new Assistant Registrar, Manny Hur. Manny and his family just moved from the east coast and they are happy to be a part of our organization. Manny will do a lot of the computer end of the Registrar's duties and assist Rema as needed.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, May 17 at 7:15pm in the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, George Looney, Andy Ungerer, Luke Cotton, Vicki Guenther, Gibby Reynolds, April Spehar, Daniel Haak, Elaine Markley, Bill Stickle, Cindy Preece, Marc Betz, Erin Harrington, Kelsey Walker

EQUIPMENT MANAGER REPORT: Vicki did an inventory of old sets of uniforms and there appears to be about 12 sets. Some would be difficult to use since they are discontinued and are not a close match to the new options. She will sort through and keep random jersey tops, socks and shorts to have available at the Shoe/Equipment Sale. Elaine mentioned that there is a community church group going to Mexico over spring break and as part of a service projects they are taking "jerseys on a journey." Steve Gress is a local contact for this project. Vicki and/or Elaine will contact Steve about taking uniforms to the Mexican village for the children to enjoy. Coaches will be able to sign for the uniforms for new players at the Safety Station April 7.

SAFETY MANAGER REPORT: Gibby will be purchasing a white board for and "IN" and "OUT" contact for Board members to use on Saturdays. The intent is to have an identified Board member on the field at all times. Two-hour shifts are suggested as a minimum to cover the day from 8:30am-3:30pm. Gibby will purchase an upgraded walkie-talkie set to have at the field for the Board member "on duty" when they are roaming the field. The other walkie-talkie will be at the Safety Station for those volunteers to contact the Board member. The idea of canceling the cell phone service that is used at the Safety Station was discussed. Some Board members felt that there are enough cell phones at the field in case of emergency. Elaine felt we were obligated to have one on site. Erin suggested we do a pre-paid monthly phone card for approximately $25 per month. George reported that we are currently spending $33 every month for the phone service even though we only use it four months out of the year. George will cancel the phone service. A phone card will be purchased the first week of April to be used during April and May for the phone at the field.
A "closing the field" walk through will be held at the conclusion of the U6 new team orientation held on April 2. Board members are asked to be at the field by 6:45pm to participate in this.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT: Luke, Daniel and Gibby brainstormed possible coaches and/or referees who might be a good candidate for the position of Assistant Commissioner. Rich should be added to this committee for future meetings. Several options were suggested about current Board members changing roles until an Assistant Commissioner was found. The bottom line is, we must recruit an Assistant Commissioner to complete the Board so that would not solve the long-term void. Aaron is willing to continue as the Commissioner after his two-year term is over in June until the proper replacement is found. Andy and Elaine questioned why the term was only two years and not three. It seems that the Area Director had given Aaron that information. Aaron will send out an email requesting folks to think seriously about stepping up and being a part of the Region 149 Board.
April suggested that rather than having Board Member as the last choice of volunteer positions on the player card, Rich move it to the TOP and then have Coach, Assistant Coach, Referee, etc. follow on the card. Since we have to have the Board positions filled to remain a Region this should be the top billing! J

TREASURER'S REPORT: George presented the financial report. There was not a lot of activity recorded since our last meeting but things will pick up with the Open Registration checks being deposited and some of the uniform costs for spring. There were a few NSF checks from the fall open registration that we will cover this time around. George stressed the importance of the Division Coordinators completing the placement of players as soon as possible, making sure they are notified as soon as possible avoiding less confusion by all.
George requested that anyone who has a big ticket item of $200 or more to submit the request to him with some type of documented price listing speculation so that can be considered for the 2012-13 budget. Examples he used were the purchase of a printer or laptop for the field or new portable goals to replace some of the older goals. The esignature has already been figured into the next season budget review. The timeline would be to have all requests and suggestions to George by April, present the budget to the Board at the May meeting and vote on acceptance/rejection at the June meeting. The budget committee consists of George, Luke, Rema and Aaron. It was suggested that the scholarship requests be recorded as an expense to help track how much money is spent for uniforms and other costs beyond the National dues that we are requiring players to pay as their payment for the season. Verification for free and/or reduced lunch will be a part of the scholarship form for the 2012-13 season. Luke was going to design a draft of a new scholarship form.
A request for a handicap port-a-potty was brought up. Elaine will order two standard units and one handicap unit for the spring season. The cost of a standard unit is $92.40 per month and the handicap unit is $138 per month. The handicap unit will be placed next to the "C" Fields.
On a sad note, George informed the Board that he will resign from his position as Region 149 Treasurer effective at the end of June, 2012. He feels his current schedule can not fit the needs of the Board and he always wants to pull his weight on the responsibilities we all have at game day. Everyone needs to think of someone who could fill this important position. Due to the trust, integrity and sensitivity of the position of Treasurer, personal references and a known commodity to Board members are highly recommended. The replacement must need to know how to work with Quicken. We will not function as a region if we do not have this position filled by the end of June.

PROGRESSIVE PLAY REPORT: Cindy asked about purchase of equipment for the Progressive Play program. The expenses to purchase any extra equipment must come from the player budget for the program, not the general AYSO Region budget and then it will stay with the Progressive Program. Cindy reported that Progressive would not be participating in the Keizer program this spring due to the lack of time to prepare. Referees who are certified at the higher levels are recommended to referee Progressive games. It was suggested that the Progressive games be listed on the Referee Board game chart so everyone knows when the games will be played and not take down the field at the end of the primary play games. Both John Williams and Cindy Preece need to send this information to Daniel.

TEAM FORMATION: Andy clarified that the age cut-off for young players is just that…a cut off date and they will have to wait until they are old enough to play. As Erin mentioned, it is just like waiting until you are really 16 to get a drivers license or 21 to buy a beer in Oregon (she may not have said that, but it is the same idea!)

COACH REPORT: Luke discussed the new Evaluation Form to be used by the coaches and this year, assistant coaches, to evaluate players. It was felt that the current U6 evaluation form works just fine for evaluation criteria and will not be changed. By having the coach and the assistant coach fill out an evaluation form there will be a second opinion on the rating of players for balanced teams for the next season. Only the coach form will be used initially and the assistant coach form will be used as needed for confirmation of skill. It was suggested that since the evaluation is a matter of interpretation a video be developed and put on our website showing what level of skill would represent a high mark, average mark and lower mark. Using the same player(s) to demonstrate the skill would be necessary so no one is singled out by skill level. No one stepped up to do this at this time.

COMMISSIONER REPORT: The handicap/Board member signs are ready to go and look good. One suggestion would be to create another sign that says "no drop off past this point." Perhaps that can also be discussed in the newsletter or April Soccer Shorts since the signs are already purchased.
All the investigations from Fall season are completed. Certified letters were sent to those involved and no one chose to respond to the decision presented in the letter each received.

KELSEY WALKER SENIOR PROJECT: Kelsey reported on her progress of her Senior Project for her Philomath High School graduation requirement. She has created a booklet for referees that could be used to help potential referees for AYSO as well as club soccer referees. Bill will be looking at the final draft to make sure all is well with the information. Once it is completed, Region 149 could print copies to have at open registration events to encourage volunteers to give the position of referee a try!

SOCCER SHORTS: It has been awhile since we have published Soccer Shorts. Andy feels it is important to have an issue distributed BEFORE the registration materials to help people make informed choices about volunteer jobs and specific changes to the registration procedure, just to name a few articles. The deadline for articles would be April 10 and distribution would be April 21 in the team folders. Registration materials will be received by current players on April 28. If you have articles to submit to Melissa Edwards, start thinking about them NOW.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, April 19 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, George Looney, Andy Ungerer, Rich Raleigh, Cindy Preece, Rema Robinson, Luke Cotton, Marc Betz, Donna Sattem, Vicki Guenther, Elaine Markley, Connie Buddingh, Bill Stickle, Daniel Haak

TREASURER'S REPORT: George presented the treasurer's report. He reported that the money market account is gaining more interest than CD's so that is why there is money in that account. George would like to form a Budget Review committee to be a part of the budget process. He feels that knowledge is helpful for more Board members to see the process and how the budget is created. Aaron, Rema and Luke volunteered to serve on this to give input and learn more about the process.

COACH ADMINISTRATOR REPORT: Luke would like to have a player evaluation committee to study what is being done now with the evaluation process and how it can be improved for future team balancing. April, Cindy, Andy and Vicki will join together to work on this evaluation process. Vicki volunteered since she gained information from the Area conference that will be of value to the group. It was suggested to remove the uniform size from the player card. There is an expectation that every player will get the exact of uniform they indicated on their card when that is not the case. If there is an exceptionally large or small child playing, the parent should note that on the comments section of the card. We are keeping the height and weight on the card.

COMMISSIONER REPORT: Aaron briefly touched on the status of the incidence response procedures and where we are in the closure of the issues. Elaine shared that at the Area conference in the Dispute Resolution course, a Review Panel should be established at the beginning of each year. Typically members of that committee are the CVPA, Coach Administrator and the Referee Administrator. They would be responsible for gathering the facts and present the findings to the Commissioner. We have a Due Process flow chart in our Regional Guidelines for everyone to follow. Other Board members are not privy to the investigation and it should be private between those on the Review Panel and the RC.

AUGUST PARENT MEETING: No decisions were made as to what we will do with this at this time. We want to make this as productive as possible so we can gather all the volunteer information and make sure the uniforms are distributed. Further discussion will need to come at a future meeting.

PARKING LOT SIGNS: Rich ordered two Board Member/Handicap Parking signs that will be placed on each side of the narrow driveway leading to the main gate of the fields. A generic Board Member tag will be given to each Board member to put on their rear view mirror when they are at the field. A Board member nametag and/or Board member attire must be worn in order to park in the designated area. We must set a good example and represent the Board if we drive into that area. After the signs arrive someone will figure out what kind of base is needed to support the signs, making sure they are light weight enough to carry to and from the equipment shed.

E-SIGNATURE ON FORMS: Luke contacted National to be certain of the price of the esignature. At this time each player and each volunteer form will cost $1.00. If enough regions use this, the cost could go down. When we were at the Area conference, the AYSO Help Desk told Elaine that the cost was going to be 25 cents. Rema and Vicki had also heard that number in some of their classes. It was moved by Luke and seconded by Rema that we go forward with the esignature on our registration forms. The motion carried unanimously.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Daniel discussed possible ideas for the 5-A-Side and it was decided to have the event earmarked for the 7th Sunday which would be May 20 this spring. There would not be medals so the only expense would be the cost of chalk to line the fields. Cindy suggested that we have the event even if there are only a few teams rather than cancel it. The teams signed up can play each other several times. Advertise it as a end of the year celebration full of fun for your team! Daniel needs to find out from Sean how much the bags of chalk cost and approximately how many bags it takes to line each field. A cost will be figured from that information.

REFEREE ADMINSTRATOR REPORT: Bill reported that there will be Intermediate and Basic referee courses offered in March but did not have specific dates at this time. Daniel would like to offer training that is coordinated with the Area tournament to be held in Lebanon in May.

REGISTRAR REPORT: There will be a walk in registration at Adams Elementary on Thursday, Feb. 23 from 7:00-8:30pm. Elaine has arranged for Spanish speaking translators to be present and has advertised the event through the radio, newspaper and flyers at the K-12 schools and local pre-schools. Rema would like as many Board members to come help with the event. Set up will begin around 6:30pm. Wear your Board attire and nametag. If you don't have a nametag, let either Elaine or Rich know so we can make one for you.

EQUIPMENT MANAGER REPORT: Vicki had good conversations with representatives of Score at the Area conference. She will be placing our order soon. She will be getting bids on a polo shirt and jackets for Board members to consider if we are investing money in a different line of apparel. She will also look into the cost of the Kid Zone flags to perhaps place at the entry of the main gate.

MESSAGE CENTER: It was decided that we will disconnect our phone for the message center at the end of the spring season (end of May) and have our website as the place to make contact with Board members. Rema noted that many people think the phone is at our "office" and we work out of that space and are irritated if they do not get a call back. This will eliminate that thought! Elaine and Aaron will contact Diana Kepner to let her know about this plan and ask that she change the message to NOT have a "leave a message" at the end of the message…just direct everyone to the website.

COMMISSIONER REPLACEMENT: Aaron's term as Commissioner will be up at the end of June, 2012 and we do not have a replacement. Rich reminded everyone that in Article 5, item 5, of our Regional Guidelines it is clearly spelled out that we need to do to fill this position. Luke, Gibby and Daniel had volunteered to help with recruitment of this position.

POSITIONING OF PARENTS/SPECTATORS ON FIELD: Cindy brought up the concept of having all the spectators/parents on the opposite side of the field from the teams that are playing on the field. Only coaches and players would be allowed on one sideline and everyone else would be across the field. Rema mentioned that this did not seem to align with what she had learned at the conference and that would not be a good idea for younger players. Cindy suggested U10 and above so it makes it easier for the coaches to coach. Luke had to leave the meeting early so he did not get to be a part of this conversation but was going to be asked to bring that up in his newsletter article. Luke did some research on this concept and shared that in an email the next day. Sources were from Text from AYSO FIFA Handbook and the following quote:
A small part of the coach training is team management, aka parent management, and the idea is to put all the people trained to deal with parents on the opposite side of the field. (Team Management - U8 Coach Training Manual Page 12) (Parent Pledge - U8 Coach Training Manual Page 51) (similar pages in U6 & U10)

It would appear that we are not ready to act on this until there is further discussion and it will not be a part of his newsletter article. After further discussion, communication can be made to the coaches in the age appropriate divisions if this is something that AYSO follows.

Vicki, Rema, Donna and Elaine attended the Area conference in Las Vegas Feb. 10-12. The conference was very informative and we brought back a lot of good information to share with our Region. Attached is a summary of the classes that Elaine, Vicki and Rema attended. All conference powerpoint presentations are found at www.ayso.org in the Toolbox section of the website. Rema thanked the Board on behalf of those who went for the support in attending the conference and wanted everyone to know that it is valuable even if you don't see very many classes with your Board position. Being a part of the Board is grasping a large picture of AYSO and the conference lends itself to this.

NEWSLETTER: All newsletter articles are due to Melissa Edwards by March 1. Aaron would like Board members to submit a sentence or two as to "why you are a Board member" so he can incorporate this into his Commissioner Corner. State a first name or first and last name, position held and how many years/months you have served on the Board. At the Area conference we learned that Board members must be committed and know WHY we do what we do so others will catch the feverJ Melissa will hopefully be able to put the ideas in bubbles rather than sentences. Andy would like to see a Soccer Shorts in April. It has been awhile since we have had one and registration information as well as Progressive Play can be a feature of that edition.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted:
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

JAN 2012

Retreat Missing

DEC 2011

No Meeting


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, Luke Cotton, Elaine Markley, Vicki Guenther, Donna Sattem, Marc Betz, Rema Robinson, George Looney, Prem Mathew, Andy Ungerer, Gibby Reynolds, Connie Buddingh, Daniel Haak, Erin Harrington

TREASURER REPORT: George just flew in from a conference and did not have a written summary of our accounts. He did deposit $10,000 into our account to pay the Indoor Sports Park for the Indoor program. There were 31 scholarships totally $1100. There were 245 registered players this fall, which is up from last year. The $3500 outstanding checks is still an issue for George so it is critical that Andy, Kirsten and Rema get together with George to see which players were actually placed. Next year it would be wise to put the name of the child on the "Memo" line of the check with their division so it is easier to trace the check to the player. Many players have a different last name than the person who wrote the check, making the task more difficult.

INDOOR SOCCCER REPORT: Prem reported that there are 70 more players this year than last year. All slots that the Sports Park allowed were filled. It was suggested that we go to a "first come first served" basis next year and end the registration one week earlier so there is a bit more time to organize the teams. Next year each player will need to print out their AYSO emergency form and turn that in with their registration fee so the coach will have that at all times at the Sports Park. Prem did all the scheduling of teams and referees by himself! WOW!!! Great job PremJ

EQUIPMENT REPORT: Vicki reported that she would finalize the custom design for the balls by the end of the month. She admits she is not an artist but has great ideas for the design. One Board member (not to mention names E.H.!) said her husband could be used as a resource for the artwork if Vicki needs help. Several Board members who are also coaches reported that the balls we purchased this year are not holding air like they should and are not keeping their round shape. Size 5 balls were especially faulty. Vicki has found that the custom balls that have received in the past hold up better. She will contact Score to let them know we are not satisfied with this past years supply. U19 will receive all new size 5 balls in the spring.

COMMISSIONER'S REPORT: Aaron reported that Santiam Christian School has offered the use of their turf field if we needed to use it. There would be a cost for the use. Aaron will ask them for a fee schedule just to see what it would cost, if we were to ever need a field. The Portland Timbers is offering group tickets at a reduced rate. They also offer for a $250 deposit, on the field activities. An AYSO parent is willing to help coordinate this. We need to find out how much the tickets would be and offer the information in the spring newsletter for anyone wanting to participate.

JANUARY RETREAT: The following topics were suggested for the January retreat to be held at the Grand Oaks clubhouse.

  • Board recruitment
  • Progressive Program
  • Board presence at the field
  • Team formation
  • Inter regional play
  • Fields committee

A date has not been finalized for the retreat. Most likely the date will be either January 21 or 28. A survey will go out soon to give Board members a chance to indicate which date works best for their schedule. Watch for that email and fill it out right away! If anyone has additional topics for the retreat, please let Aaron know as soon as possible.

YOUTH SOCCER CHALLENGE: The Board felt the Knights of Columbus Youth Soccer Challenge went for the first time effort. The group seemed organized and the kids had a great time. The participants received a soccer ball. Elaine will send a note to Brent Pawlowski thanking him for the opportunity and welcome their organization to do this again next year.

CVPA REPORT: Donna reported that the end of the fall season has been busy! There was one issue regarding two players on the same team and another issue with the personality of a coach. She has done investigations on both issues and will finalize her report as soon as she can.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting will be held at Nancy and Rich Raleigh's home for our traditional holiday potluck dinner. A survey has been sent out for Board members to indicate dates they could attend and what they are willing to bring to the dinner. Please do this right away so we can lock in the meeting date. Rich will send out directions to his home. It is suggested we carpool. Last year some of us met at Vicki's house and parked there and then proceeded to Connie's to pick up others. Once we know the date and who is attending we can figure this out.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, Rema Robinson, Erin Harrington, Rich Raleigh, George Looney, Gibby Reynolds, Prem Mathew, Daniel Haak, Cindy Preece, April Spehar, Elaine Markley, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer

BOARD MEMBERS AT FIELD: Aaron reminded Board members that it is important that our presence be observed at the fields each Saturday. It is his hope that Board members can stagger their time at the field and be around the hour before and/or the hour after their games. We need support in the closing routine. Even though Elaine calls the "closers" each week and goes over the information, it is still hard to know exactly what to do, especially when there are still games going on that are not on the schedule. At a later time in the season or in the spring, the Board will tour the field and see what needs to be done to close the fields. The "open" chores are taken care of by Elaine and the fields volunteers that are called since she is there before the sun comes up each Saturday to get things going at the concession stand.

REQUEST TO FILL GILL: Aaron received a request from a representative at Oregon State to put information out to our Region about filling Gill Coliseum for the women's basketball game November 11. The Board was not in favor of supporting this since it is not soccer related and gave suggestions of contacting Boys and Girls Club or Park and Rec programs since they are involved in basketball. Aaron will follow up on the request.

JANUARY RETREAT: Erin will reserve a couple of dates in January for the retreat at the Grand Oaks clubhouse. It would not be the first weekend in January or the MLK weekend. Check calendars and see if there is a Saturday that works best for you. For new members, the retreat is a fancy name for an extended meeting to cover a lot of business that our monthly meetings don't allow time. Food is provided and a set agenda will be presented to stay on task.

SECTIONAL MEETING: The Sectional meeting is Feb. 9-12 in Las Vegas. The deadline for early bird registration is Dec. 14 so if you are interested, write a note to Aaron expressing why you would like to attend. At this time the course outline has not been published, making it hard to know if it is valuable to attend. We have a budget for $750 per person, which would be 4 Board members. Hopefully the attendees are gender paired to keep the cost to two rooms.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reported that there were several injuries in either games or practice that required a visit to the doctor but all accident reports are on file. The new on-line sign up for shifts worked out well for the volunteers. Next spring there needs to be a field added to the sign-up to include a phone number where the volunteer can be reached on game day. A team link would also be helpful, especially if they do not show up for their shift and we need to track them down! Nichole will wait for Gibby to work out all the bugs in the system then use this method of sign-up for concession volunteers.

INDOOR SOCCER REPORT: Clarification was made that an Indoor coach does not have to have national training at the level they are coaching but all must be a registered volunteer and have completed Safe Haven. Prem said there is a club team that wants to join our Indoor program. If they were to do this, they would have to pay the $55 for registration for fall/spring and the $46 for Indoor fee. Scholarship price for Indoor will be $10 but this will be reviewed at the end of the season to make sure Indoor is supporting itself.

TREASURER REPORT: George is concerned that he still has $3500 in checks that have not been deposited from players that may or may not have been placed on teams for late registration. Coordination with both the Girls and Boys Team Formation Coordinators must be made, along with Registrar so this can be cleared up. This process is easier said than done! Concessions has been averaging $450-$480 each week and the Shoe Swap took in $280 this fall. J

VOLUNTEER PROTECTION: Rich prepared several documents to share with the Board regarding Volunteer Protection (Chapter 139), Volunteer Requirements and Youth Volunteers (pages 8-9 in AYSO Safe Haven 2011-12). There was also a discussion about the wording on the Youth Soccer Challenge liability form, but it had been changed to protect Region 149. The bottom line is we must follow the operating guidelines making certain the Board is held harmless. Thank you Rich for the extra work and thought that went into this presentation.

REFEREE REPORT: Daniel reported that there are a number of youth referees receiving negative comments from parents. As a spectator and Board member, if anyone hears of such things, they need to step up and protect the youth referees by saying something to the parents. We do not want to lose youth referees. Daniel requested that he and Bill attend an Advanced Referee Class in Los Angles January 14-15 since the one previously scheduled in San Francisco was cancelled. It was moved by Gibby and seconded my Rema that we support the attendance of Bill and Daniel up to $1000 total expense to attend the training. Motion carried.

PROGRESSIVE SOCCER REPORT: Cindy reported that there has been a 3:30pm pick-up game each week to draw interest in the Progressive program. She would like to poll the coaches to see who has the ability to play Progressive and encourage them to play in the extended season. A reminder was made that the medical release form must be present when players are involved in the 3:30pm games.

NEXT MEETING: Our next schedule meeting will be November 17 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, Bill Stickle, Luke Cotton, Elaine Markley, April Spehar, Cindy Preece, Donna Statem, Rema Robinson, Richard Raleigh, Andy Ungerer, Gibby Reynolds, Connie Buddingh, Kristin Holbo, Kelsey Walker, John Park, Keith Underdahl

TREASURER REPORT: George and Steve are still in the transition phase for Treasurer so George will present a complete report next month. George would like to request that all Board members let him know when you have purchased something for the Region and when it arrives so he can pay the bill only after receipt of goods.

AREA 2-S TOURNAMENT: Keith Underahl from Albany presented his ideas of having an Area 2-S tournament in the spring each year. It could be a potential fundraiser for the host Region. He pointed out that there are differences in all the regions in the area so finding the right mix might be a problem. Some regions do not play in the spring, others are co-ed from U12 through U19. He would like to see regions put together balanced teams, not an A Team and B Team. A pilot program would take place in the summer of 2012 in Lebanon. Keith recognizes that not all communities have adequate fields to host a tournament. He will keep us posted but our Region is interested in participating.

MANNY HIRSCHEL AWARD: John Park presented Elaine with the Manny Hirschel award that was given to a member of Area 2S at the conference this past spring. This is the second time she has been honored for her long time volunteer service with AYSO with this volunteer award.

COACH REPORT: Connie was pleased at the number of coaches that have attended the classes. One thing that was noted is that the manuals do not match our region (as an example in U8 with 7 v 7). On the field training has been successful and combining U10 and U12 has worked well. Coaches training budget needs to be worked out with George and with the referees as well.

REFEREE REPORT: Bill reported that there were about 45 referees trained in Basic. We are short on numbers (95 listed on schedule) so an email will go out to make sure we are not missing anyone who has been trained and get them on the schedule. A post card will not be sent with the scheduled games to each referee. Instead, an email will be sent with all the scheduled times and games. There are an increased number of youth referees. Kelsey will be working with these younger referees. Referees are needed for the Progressive games. Due to the late notice of the need for experienced referees, it is difficult to schedule. This will be discussed at the January retreat.

SOCCER SHOOT: Brent Polowski presented his ideas for the Knights of Columbus Soccer Shoot. Aaron cleared with Shelly to make sure we were not violating any National rules about outside groups presenting an event. Prizes of soccer balls will be given to winners in each age group. No emails will be sent out to any players about the event. The even is scheduled to begin after the last games on October 29. Brent will let our Region know what specific help is needed but his organization is responsible for the set-up and take down of nets that day. It was moved by Gibby and seconded by Bill that Region 149 co-sponsor the Soccer Shoot. The motion carried unanimously.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: At this date, there are still 4 teams that have not received their uniforms. Board members will be on hand at the Safety Station to check paperwork on opening day to make sure the volunteers are properly registered. It was reported to Vicki that the uniforms were too large this year and that one team complained about the socks not fitting. Further investigation finds that there were two sizes of socks in the uniform bags and all the team needs to do is swap larger ones for smaller ones within the team!

TEAM FORMATION: Further discussion will take place at the January retreat, but it seems like there needs to be some streamlining of the registration process. There are issues in some of the boys teams and Division Coordinators are working overtime to correct problems. There has been a lot of complaining from coaches about lack of balance before we have even played one game! Grrrrrrrrr!

COMMISSIONER REPORT: Aaron would like to have everyone work on better P.R. and communication within the Region and within the Board. Try to eliminate the emotional tones when communicating to others.

YOUTH VOLUNTEER REPORT: Kelsey decided to change her Senior Project after discussion with the Board last month. She is taking on 4 youth referees each Saturday to mentor those volunteers and help them with pre and post game critique. She will do a follow-up in the spring.

SECTION MEETING: The section meeting is scheduled for Feb. 10-12, 2012 in Las Vegas. If anyone wants to attend, they need to submit the request in writing to Aaron stating why you would like to attend. We have not seen a schedule of classes at this time so that will determine interest.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, October 20 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Bldg. at 7:15pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, Bill Stickle (and his date…aka wife), Elaine Markley, Donna Sattem, Gibby Reynolds, Rema Robinson, Marc Betz, Andy Ungerer, George Looney, Nichole Stucki, Kelsey Walker

REFEREE REPORT: All equipment has been ordered and received. Two trainings are being offered but no data yet to know how many referees are signed up and need the training. All training sessions are listed on the website.

TEAM FORMATION: Andy reported that there are 30 openings across the board in girls. There were awkward combinations of numbers so many divisions ended up adding another team to place everyone who had signed up in the spring. It was suggested that we add another box on the player card to say: 1st Choice-____2nd Choice____Any place____ for their choice of practices. That would cut down on the phone calls when trying to find a place for players. The boys teams are full but still taking registrations just in case there are drops. There may be openings in U14B.

SENIOR PROJECT: Kelsey is still working on the concept of her senior projects. She wanted to have the "Referee Camp" on August 29 and 30 at Adams from 5:30-7:30pm but that is when high school students have their own practices if they are not playing AYSO. Various Board members helped brainstorm ideas and the importance of having volunteers sign up in advance to know how many to expect. More details need to be worked out.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby is trying the electronic sign-up for his volunteers this fall. At this time there are only 12 spaces left for the entire season (not counting 5-a-Side). The volunteer will receive an electronic reminder the week they are scheduled to be at the Safety Station.

CERTIFICATION: All coaches need to be certified through U8 and continue to take certification each year to match the level they are coaching. There was a misconception that in order to coach this year, the coach must have completed certification through that level. Eventually they will but not this year.

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS; Still not enough information to make a decision. The main concern is that this is a religious affiliation and we do not want to violate National policy. Aaron will check with Shelly and see what she thinks.

CVPA REPORT: Donna reported that out of 225 Volunteer forms turned in that were filled out by hand, 55 were not done properly. Donna needed to make a lot of phone calls and sent our a lot of emails to gather information that was omitted. Biggest area of omission was drivers license number, expiration year of license and social security number. Thanks to past Board CVPA Assistant Susan Rose for helping on both parent meeting nights.

PARKING FOR BOARD MEMBERS: Aaron mentioned at the parent meetings that we might be having an area blocked off for Board member parking. He would like to put a barricade up in the alcove leading to the main gate for Board members only. The sign would also indicate "no drop off" so people don't drive in to the gate then have to back out.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, September 15 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Bldg.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)
Region 149
Corvallis, Oregon

July 31, 2011

Dear Board of Directors:

On July 13, 2011, I met with AYSO, outgoing Region 149 Treasurer, Steve Zander, and incoming Region 149 Treasurer George Looney, for the purpose of reviewing the Region 149, 2010-11 FY financial records. My review included comparing June 30, 2011 bank statement balances to the bank balances reported in the year-end financial report. Further, I tested a sample of expenses by randomly selecting invoices from the invoice files and comparing them to expenses listed in the financial report and to the canceled checks. I also reversed the process by testing a sample of expenses found in the report and tracing them back to the supporting invoices and to the canceled checks..

The results of my review are as follows:

  • The financial records are reported on a cash basis.
  • The June 30, 2011, MorganStanley SmithBarney investment statement agreed with the AYSO, Region 149, financial report at $144,408.92.
  • The June 30, 2010, Citizens Bank statement agreed with the AYSO, Region 149, financial report at $72,074.21 after reconciling 11 outstanding checks valued at $2,148.95 and 4 deposits valued at $4,774.14.
  • Total cash on deposit at both institutions on June 30, 2010, was $216,483.13.
  • A sample of 20 invoices valued at $63,058.35 (76% of total expenses) were tested by either tracing the invoices to the expenses listed in the year-end report or tracing the expenses from the year-end report to the invoices. No discrepancies were found.
  • Analytical review revealed that the amount of registration revenue reported appeared to be reasonable for approximately 1,200 registered players.
  • The financial records were in good order and the records needed for my review were readily provided by the Treasurer.

In conclusion, during my review I found no errors or irregularities in the 2010-11 FY AYSO, Region 149, financial records. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this report or AYSO's financial records.

Dean Stephens
AYSO Region 149 Auditor


PRESENT: Marc Betz, Gibby Reynolds, Aaron Collette, Mary Johnson, Kirsten Holbo, Daniel Haak, George Looney, Bill Stickle, April Spehar, Connie Buddingh, Donna Sattem, Kelsey Walker, Rich Raleigh, Erin Harrington, Sean Kutzler, Andy Ungerer, Elaine Markley, Luke Cotton

AGENDA TWO FOLD: The purpose of the meeting was to stuff envelopes to all coaches and players informing them of their team placement and information for the parent meetings held in August at Corvallis High School. Thanks to the AYSO players who came with their parents to help with this project. Elaine will purchase additional envelope sealers for next year since we had more helpers than equipmentJ

KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS: Aaron received a request from Knights of Columbus to run a "Soccer Shoot" on our fields and offer prizes to players. They are requesting we supply the referees. Questions were raised and more information must be gathered before making a decision.

AREA 2S ANNUAL TOURNAMENT: Keith Underall from Albany would like to speak to the Board about Area Interplay and how it could move from city to city in the month of June. An invitation will be extended later in the year since there is no rush in this topic.

SHED CLEAN-UP: A big thank you to Luke for organizing all the shed organization and clean-up. Thanks to Rich for doing the spray painting and Marc for his help with gravel and other jobs as assigned by Luke. It looks great! Still need to finish the shelves in the Safety Station.

NW NATURAL GAS COMING: The school district office has made us aware that NW Natural Gas will be setting large mainlines that will probably disturb Field F. Luke volunteered to check out the size of that field and see where we might fit another field to take it's place until the project is complete. No dates have been announced as to when this might occur but it won't be this fall.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Welcome to April Spehar who is going to be the Assistant Boys Team Formation Coordinator and Cindy Preece who will be the Boys Progressive Coordinator. We are still not sure about the status of the Message Center applicant.

HAULING UNIFORMS: The uniforms are in Vicki's garage ready to take to the parent meetings. Connie, Rich and Sean will provide pick-ups again this year. Be at Vicki's house at 6:00pm on August 9 to help load the trucks.

PARENT MEETING: If you have anything to say or want to be on the agenda for the parent meeting let Aaron know right away so he can prepare the agenda. He wants it to be short so parents can move to their individual meetings. Stations for the meeting will be:

  • Referee
  • Coach
  • Safety
  • Concessions
  • Special Events
  • Team Formation
  • CVPA (two tables)

Elaine has the bin with the signs and will bring them to the meeting.

SENIOR PROJECT: Kelsey Walker wants to have her Philomath High School senior project center around helping youth volunteers learn how to referee. Anyone 12 years or older is eligible for the instruction. She is still working out the kinks but wanted to give the Board the heads up.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, August 17 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted:
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


No Meeting


-several added registrations
-35% profit in concessions
-need to find something to do with Citizens bank account and Smith Barney
-sever thousand are owed to insurance for AYSO

Scholarship issues:
-funding created by concessions and shoe swap ect.
-scholarships must find another earning source
-indoor and 5-a-side lost money
-127 players can be on scholarships for 40$
-past several years around 10% of players have been on scholarships
-13% on it now
-130 players signed up for scholarships
-scholarship fund is losing money
-fields reserve is the only place to get more money for scholarships
-possible withdrawal of money from fields fund to support scholarship opportunities.
-two types of scholarships, to play and high school scholarships for graduates
-to be eligible for high school scholarships one must fulfill certain req.s
-1300 approx. Players in AYSO
-Must make decision about whether or not to allow extra scholarships next year
-possibly check and verify free and reduced lunch status of families to receive scholarships
-possible abuse of the system but cannot be verified

Vote on whether or not to require letters from school district to verify that families are on free and reduced lunch. Secondary option for families are to allow AYSO permission to verify free and reduced lunch.
Luke Cotton proposed to have a vote on the issue and Bill Stickle seconded this vote.
Vote results: 5 in favor 4 abstentions
Resolution is to require families to submit proof of free and reduced lunch from the school district. Also to possibly allow AYSO to check with school district to verify that families seeking scholarships are on the free and reduced lunch menu.

It is decided that applications for scholarships will continue to be allowed and will be payed for by the interest on the fields fund. When half of the field fund interest is used then scholarships will no longer be accepted.

Preliminary decision is to is to raise scholarship price to 25$ paid per family. 30$ in savings is seen to be plenty for a free and reduced lunch scholarship. Decision will be revisited in January. No vote occurred.

Something must be approved by the board because budget must be submitted by June 1st
-Budget is based on a 1300 player pool.
-Budget assumes that there will be no more scholarships.
-assumed that there will be no profit from 5 a side and indoor soccer
-scholarship of 300$ for graduating high school student
-no golden gate camp cost accounted for referees or coaches

It has been decided that the budget will be accepted with the following changes: scholarships will move to 25$ minimum, Shed rent will be subtracted.

Golden Gate Camp
-Gibby Renolds and Ricardo Letelier would like to attend the Golden Gat Camp during the summer of 2012

Storage shed in Philomath
-The board would like to clean out the shed in Philomath and store anything necessary in the blue shed at Adams
-Luke would like to head a comity to clean out the shed
-shed must be inventoried by no later than early June

Our Own Fields
-possible corroboration with OSU on new fields

Coach Reports
-calendar for the next season
-Coahuila training in august and September
-referee classes and coaching classes should not be on the same weekend
-Luke will make a calendar of all aiming called in mid to late July

Special Events
-5 a side was a success
-2 problem coaches that were handled very quickly
-inviting Albany AYSO teams was good
-teams, coaches, parents, and players enjoyed the games
-no complaints about the lack of medals
-U14 teams had a playoff group of games
-price for 5 a side ought to be set at 30$ per team of 6 kids
-possible date in fall would be Sunday in early October

Team Formation
-refund procedure
-all requests have been filled

Data Management
-many vacancies in board
-regional commissioner ought to appoint a nominating committee
-U12 boys division coordinator is filled by Mary Johnson
-nominating committee is made up of Mary Johnson, Luke Cotton, Daniel Haak, and several unnamed others

New Board Member
-Rich raised the concern that possibly minors cannot be on the board
-board decided to postpone the vote on Nolan Kelly pending further research

Submitted by
Nolan Kelly, volunteer
For Elaine Markley, Region 149 Secretary


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, Bill Stickle, Elaine Markley, Connie Buddingh, Daniel Haak, Kelsey Walker, Kirsten Holbo, Marc Betz, Steve Zander, Rich Raleigh, Luke Cotton, Rema Robinson, Andy Ungerer, Gibby Reynolds, Vicki Guenther, Erin Harrington, Mary Johnson, George Looney

TREASURER REPORT: Steve reported that there were only three transactions in the month of March but there will be more activity after the open registration for fall 2011/spring 2012 coming up at the end of the month. The budget will be prepared by June 1st. Next year's budget will reflect additional funds for the UK training done by coaches from AYSO Camp.

CVPA REPORT: Donna was not present and Erin did not have anything to report.

COACHES REPORT: The UK coaches will be coming to Corvallis on April 23. They will be working with the U6 groups all day long and have a short afternoon session with the U8 coaches on Fields C East and West. Because of the weather and limited time they can come, Aaron was going to try to negotiate the cost of their program.

5-A-SIDE REPORT: 5-A-Side will take place on Sunday, May 15. There will be no charge to the teams from Corvallis due to the shorter season this spring (rain outs). Albany teams will pay $30 to help defray the costs of the event. It will be made clear that this is a one year only no cost event. Registration will be at the referee tent on April 23. Daniel feels this is a good event to help recruit youth referees to gain confidence as a center referee.

REFEREE REPORT: Bill reported that there have been "no complaints yet" but that is largely due to the fact that we have only been able to play one game so far this month! Bill and Daniel are working with Luke to streamline the referee schedule and getting information out to all referees with their game information. There are 8 or 9 region volunteers who will be taking the advanced referee classes taught by John Park. It is the hope that we can send members of our region to San Fransico the first week in June for the training to be an advanced instructor to give our area more instructors. Elaine made a motion that we support the advanced training and spend the $600 per person for those who want to seek additional training. Luke seconded the motion. The motion carried.

FIELDS REPORT: Bill, Luke, Gibby, Daniel, Sean and Aaron met and will continue to meet with the school district office about our contract with the district. The last contract that was signed was by Laurie Iversen, our Past Commissioner several Commissioners ago. The school board must approve any contracts. This is different from the contract that Elaine has all coaches fill out to use the field. That is a field use agreement contract and we must continue to do that at every school, not just Adams/Westland.

SAETY REPORT: Gibby reviewed the accident insurance and incident claim forms. Three are forms in the Safety/Information tent and coaches should have a copy as well. There will a special section in the parent handbook next year explaining the insurance procedures. He reminded everyone that there are no casts or splints to be worn in either practice or games.

TEAM FORMATION: Andy reported that there were 45 new girls added in the spring. U10B lost a coach so Daniel Haak will step in for that open position for the remainder of the spring. Due to the declining number of boys returning in the spring season, it was suggested we lower the number of players on the U10B team to 9 like the U10G. The team formation coordinators need to communicate with the Equipment Manager if this is going to happen.

EQUIIPMENT REPORT: Vicki did not order custom balls this year. The cost of a custom ball is $7.45, a stock ball is $6.25 and an AYSO specific ball was $7.95. There were 13 sets of uniforms for individual players not picked up this spring. A waste of money and coaches need to be more careful with their counts in our January survey of equipment. First Aid kits will be ordered for coaches for next year. Gibby is working on this.

NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Steve is stepping down as Treasurer at the end of June. Past Commissioner, George Looney has applied for this Board position. George comes back to the Region 149 Board with a firm statement that "he is not going to be the Commissioner." It was moved by Steve and seconded by Elaine that George Looney fill the vacant Board position for AYSO Region 149 Treasurer. The motion carried unanimously. Welcome back GeorgeJ

U19 REPORT: Marc is traveling with the U19 to Eugene for games. The Eugene AYSO will provide the referees. The players seem to enjoy the experience of going out of town for some of their games.

GAME CANCELLATIONS: A discussion occurred around changing the opening weekend of soccer for the spring to perhaps a week later. The down side of this is that spring sports such as Little League baseball and softball overlap already and this would make it more difficult for players to do both without hurting their teams. The idea of having a "make-up Saturday" built into the schedule. This past two spring seasons have been atypical so hopefully this will not occur again.

COACH LEAD PRAYER: There has been a concern raised about a coach leading a prayer prior to their games. Not everyone on the team believes the same way and some feel very uncomfortable about this. It appears that the National policy 2.11 addresses this. Luke and Aaron will have a discussion with the Hornets coach and give him a warning about his conduct.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting is Thursday, May 19 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building at 7:15pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


(Elaine was gone, so...)

  • Emails around the time...
  • New Player Registration Card & Kid Zone Digital Form
  • Voicemail Auto Attendant Research
  • Sorry for the last minute e-mail, just got back into town from a conference. If you are catching this on the way to our meeting, from what responses I got the agenda is short and attendance is low. My thought is we try to start right on time and work through what agenda we do have so you all can get home at a reasonable time this evening.
  • Just a note that the lines are sprayed for spring season, I have tried the last two years to roll the fields but weather has not permitted , looks like this year will be the same but I will try . Will not be there Thursday , happy spring break to all!!
  • Equipment update: All spring uniforms have been ordered. 5 new teams plus additions to all divisions. Pre-order for Fall 2011 has been sent. I will be working on the ball order this month. This will be new for me since we did standard balls last year.
  • Elaine Markley - I have worked with the district office to get the poles and signs for NO PARKING by the library. Also asked for eye bolts so we can hook the rope through them. They will be in place by April 2.


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, Steve Zander, Erin Harrington, Rema Robinson, Andy Ungerer, Rich Raleigh, Daniel Haak, Luke Cotton, Gibby Reynolds, Mary Johnson, Elaine Markley

REGISTRATION: The main focus of the gathering was to register players for the spring season where there are openings. We were able to add two new U6G and two new U6B teams as well as finalize the U8B team that was on a waiting list from last fall. Kirsten and her Division Coordinator felt they had the major volunteers to form this team. There were a lot of people registering for a spot on the teams. If players can not be placed, their check will be returned to them. It was helpful to have the computer lab open to guide many of the families through the eAYSO process. This really created a good relationship with those who are very uncomfortable with using the computer. We must keep the kids off the stage in future registration events. We are guests at Adams and that is not a place we have asked to use. STARS program leaves their supplies out and we need to make sure they are not bothered.

NEW PLAYER MEETING: A new player meeting for the 5 new teams that were added will be on Monday, March 28 at 6:00 in the Adams gym. Elaine will request a microphone so we can give instructions in an organized manner. Uniforms will be given out that night so Vicki needs to order the complete sets for these teams. We will need to have a Referee Administrator there to help with U6 referee duties and give out shirts.

COACH ADMINISTRATOR: Luke Cotton, our Webmaster, applied and was unanimously approved as the new Coach Administrator. Luke has attended many classes and values continued education in this role. Connie will become the Assistant Coach Administrator.

NEWSLETTER: Melissa has informed everyone she will be out of town between March 1 and March 5 so it is very important that you get your newsletter articles to her sooner than later. Try to have them to her before she leaves town, please. Articles submitted should include the following:

  • Aaron…Recruiting new Board members (Assistant Commissioner, Team Parent Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator) New Board members, make up of Board (most don't have kids in the program any longer)
  • Aaron/Luke…AYSO coaches training being offered
  • Rema…repeat from previous spring letter, but needs to edit that
  • Daniel…referee clinics
  • Ariel…5-a-Side information and timelines
  • Elaine…calendar (please let me know training dates for coaches and referees!)
  • Elaine…Edit concession and safety charts
  • Elaine…Edit equipment/shoe sale page
  • Elaine…New player meeting
  • Elaine…Field closure policy
  • John…schedule to reflect the 5 new teams
  • John and Julia…EXTRA play try-outs/information
  • Andy and Kirsten…anything about team formation?
  • Rich…volunteer forms/certification

Please help Melissa out and get these articles in on time.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be held on Thursday, March 17 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, Bill Stickle, Luke Cotton, Connie Buddingh, Ariel Johnson, Elaine Markley, Steve Zander, Kristen Holbo, Andy Ungerer, Rema Robinson, John Williams, Nichole Stucki, Richard Raleigh, Mary Johnson, Kelsey Walker, Daniel Haak

REGISTRATION: Open registration for spring season will be February 1-March 1 for on-line mail in. A walk-in registration will be held at Adams gym/computer lab on Thursday, Feb. 17 from 7:00-8:30pm.

Fall complaints: It was noted that people were dissatisfied with the length of time it took from when they registered to when they were informed if they were placed on a team in the limited opening time frame. There are multiple steps that must be taken in order to get a player registered. Rema explained the steps it takes to get to the end of the registration process.
Mail-in forms go to PO Box and picked up by Rich.
Rich gives forms to Rema to process
Rema then gives forms to Division Coordinators

  • Applicant applies (fills out forms, mail check and 2 signed copies)
  • Registered by Region
  • Placed by Region
  • Notified by Division Coordinator
  • Coach notified of new player by Division Coordinator

REGIONAL GUIDELINES: After going over Draft 7, it was moved by Elaine and seconded by Gibby that we approve the document as edited at the Board meeting. The Regional Guidelines were approved. Luke will create links on the website to connect specific references in the Regional Guidelines.

COACHES CLINICS/TRAINING: Aaron presented several options for involvement with AYSO Camp instructors to come to Corvallis to help train coaches with their players present. Before a decision is made, Aaron will poll the coaches to see if there is interest in the U6 coaches to have training the first part of their time on the field and then play their game on selected Saturdays. U8 coaches (or any level) could have instruction after the full day of U6 is over. There is a cost of between $2000-$4000 depending on the concept we choose. It was felt that having the AYSO trainers on the field on Saturday made better sense since there is more of a captive audience and visible to draw interest. We might even find some people who want to coach next season!

SUMMER CAMPS: AYSO camp will add another session in August. That will run from August 8-12. June 20-14 is the first session and Skyhawks will run from July 11-15. All camps will be at the Adams/Westland fields. Mrs. Collette will coordinate the housing for the AYSO camp coaches.

OPEN BOARD POSITIONS: Mary Johnson will be stepping down after the spring season as Volunteer Coordinator. She will train a new person this spring and help with special events where she can help check ID forms, etc. We appreciate all the time Mary has spent helping secure volunteers and help with the EXTRA program in the summerJ We are also seeking an Assistant Commissioner and a Team Parent Coordinator. Elaine assumed the duties of the Team Parent Coordinator last spring but would love to train someone to fill this position. We are also looking for an active Assistant Registration Coordinator to help Rema.

FIELDS: Rich volunteered to build some light weight, splinter-free barricades for the parking lot at the far north end of the fields by the old library and Field F. Elaine will contact the school district about constructing some permanent poles with "No Parking on grass" messages so we have less to do each Saturday to keep cars off the grass area. Elaine will contact the district office about a long-term lease, but will time it right, so we don't give them any ideas about dropping AYSO from using the fields. We feel we have been good stewards and have put money into the fields not only at Adams but all the fields in Corvallis as well as Philomath. Once we get a feel for the mood of the district, and find out whom the person would be to talk to, Daniel, Bill, Sean and John, along with Elaine and Aaron would present a long-term plan for the field use. Time needs to be spent developing this.

REFEREE: Silent Saturday has 113 responses from players. Of those responses, 70 were favorable, 30 were not in favor of the concept and who knows what the other 13 thought? Our Region will be offering Basic, Advance and Intermediate training in the near future. U10-U14 games were filled by youth referees and it was reported that they did a great job. Some people took the first part of the basic training and not the second, therefore were not placed on the schedule for the fall. Hopefully they will take the second part this spring and be ready to be added to the schedule. The BBQ at the field the last game of the fall was a huge success. The Referee Administrators want to continue this as a tradition to honor the referees at the end of each half season. Now that we have our Safety Station, that frees up the two large tents to house the referees throughout the day. The referees would be responsible for setting up and taking down the tents as needed each Saturday.

FEE SCHEDULE: It was determined that we would not increase the player fee for the 2011-12 season, but the fee for those seeking a scholarship would increase to $15 to fully cover the National fee. It was suggested that we post on the website the fee schedule and itemize what players get for the $55 fee. A scholarship form might also be added on the website, but that was not determined at the retreat. Rema will create a new scholarship form reflecting the new fee.

SHUTTERFLY AWARD: No final decision was made about how to use the $1500 we received from Shutterfly at the end of the fall season. Suggestions were:

  • Put money toward paying the AYSO camp coaches for on site training
  • New goals for Field I
  • EXTRA scholarship funds
  • 5-A-Side expenses

NATIONAL AWARDS: Region 149 received a Silver award in 2009 but did not complete the paperwork for the 2010 season. Aaron has set a goal to complete this for the next year.

SECTION LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE: Daniel, Luke and Gibby will be our representatives for the conference this year. Although the conference classes are limited, they felt they could spread out and cover most of the topics to share with our Region. They were asked to keep their eyes open for some larger Kid Zone banners.

YOUTH REPRESENTATIVE: Kelsey Walker has applied for a Board position. Kelsey is a junior at Philomath High School and has been a player and referee in our region. She is seeking the newly created position of Youth Volunteer Representative. Her responsibilities would include networking with other youth volunteers and mentoring them in their volunteer positions. We welcome Kelsey and look forward to having her serve on the Board with the "old folks!"

THANK YOU ERIN: Thank you to Erin who arranged the Grand Oaks recreation room for our retreat. With the pool just outside the door, we felt as though we were meeting in a tropical paradise! It was a perfect setting for our meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be held in conjunction with Open Registration at Adams Elementary on February 17. We will meet briefly after registration closes at 8:30pm. As always, everyone is encouraged to attend registration to help Rema and her volunteers.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

DEC 2010

No Meeting

NOV 2010

No Meeting


PRESENT: Aaron Collette, Bill Stickle, Daniel Haak, Luke Cotton, Erin Harrington, Rich Raleigh, Vicki Guenther, Rema Robinson, Steve Zander, Nichole Stucki, Elaine Markley, Ariel Johnson, Andy Ungerer, Gibby Reynolds

TREASURER'S REPORT: Steve shared the monthly treasurer's report as well as the yearly audit prepared by Dean Stephens. Everything was acceptable in both reports. Dean submitted his review to all Board members to view prior to the meeting.

CVPA REPORT: None due to illness of Donna.

SILENT SATURDAY: Aaron received 10-20 emails expressing disagreement (mostly from coaches. The negative feedback stemmed around the inability to cheer and that we violated their freedom of speech. Referees will be asking players Saturday, October 23 for their feedback and recording their responses on the back of the player cards. The decision on future Silent Saturday's will be tabled pending more information.

5-A-SIDE: 5-A-Side was canceled due to the low registration. It has been a long time since we sponsored a large 5-A-Side and current age groups do not see the objectives and don't understand why 5-A-Side is so beneficial. The trend seems to be that players want to play and parents/coaches don't! We will be looking into ways to increase interest for May 2011.

INDOOR SOCCER: Registration will continue through October 23. Prem Mathew is on top of the registration and everything seems to be on track. Daniel Haak will not be scheduling the referees this year for Indoor Soccer. Perhaps Rica can help Prem with the scheduling of referees?

REFEREE REPORT: There will be an intermediate class scheduled for this weekend. Between the fall and spring season, advanced and intermediate classes will be offered. Since we now have our Safety Station, the referees will use the white tent to have a place to relax between games and be visible to other referees who may need to find them. The referees will be responsible for setting up and taking down the tent each Saturday. This will be the "Referee Haven!" Who knows, maybe others will want to be a part of this and sign up to referee next year

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby will be checking the notebook at the safety station each week, looking for injury reports as well as comments that could have been left for other Board members. If there is something pertinent, Gibby will send that message to the Board. The issue of toe cleats surfaced a couple of weeks ago. The player was not allowed to play with the shoes she had since our Regional Guidelines prohibits the use of toe cleats.

DATA MANAGER REPORT: Rich is in the process of modifying the Regional Guidelines and merging ideas from the National Guidelines. Be watching for the revised version to read and make any necessary changes. The document is 53 pages so you can do this in smaller readings! We will review changes in the November meeting and then final edits will be made. The December meeting will be when the final approval is made.

FIELD REPORT: The barricades that we have borrowed from various places present some dangers with sharp edges and nails. Elaine will talk to the Corvallis School District about installing permanent poles that say "No Parking on Grass" to be placed along the south side of the driveway to Field F. Region 149 will offer to pay for the installation cost. If the district accepts our offer, the ropes can be wrapped around the poles, saving a lot of time setting things up. The barricades would still need to be placed around the gravel area to keep vehicles off the grass on the north side of the driveway. The question came up about the condition of some of the goals on the fields. Field I is especially crooked. We will discuss the possibility of purchasing more heavy-duty portable goals for some of the fields.

COMMISSIONER REPORT: Aaron encouraged Board members to actively recruit volunteers to fill the Assistant Commissioner role and the Coach Administrator role.

EAGLE SCOUT SHED REPORT: Vicki reported that Jayce will be installing gutters on the new safety station and the concession stand by the weekend. He will complete the shutters and finish the painting after the regular season. This will be done in time for the winter months. We need to keep our eyes open for several "bar" stools with backs on them for the new safety station. Folding lawn chairs are too low for the volunteers to sit and see out the windows. It was suggested that Jayce not lower the window on the east end of the shed. Volunteers have been seen leaning on it and look very comfortable with the height.

NEXT MEETING: Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 18 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully Submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

...With the help of Gibby Reynolds until I arrived. Thanks Gibby


PRESENT: Andy Ungerer, Marc Betz, Luke Cotton, Rich Raleigh, Rema Robinson, Steve Zander, Connie Buddingh, Nichole Stucki, Mary Johnson, Daniel Haak, Gibby Reynolds, Bill Stickle, Aaron Collette, Kirsten Holbo, Elaine Markley

TREASURER'S REPORT: Steve provided a detailed treasurer's report. He noted that there were $3000 additional player registration fees this month and $24,000 paid out for uniforms. Aaron is still working with the supplier for the portable goals that were covered under the guarantee.

COACHES REPORT: Connie reported that Silent Saturday will be Oct. 9. Connie will develop a sheet of information to email to the coaches. Bill will forward the information to all referees. Connie will have a tablet available at the Safety/Information Station for anyone who would like to write comments about the event.

REFEREE REPORT: Bill clarified the differences between U8 and basic certified referees. The feedback has been positive to allow U8 parents to be an assistant referee for their own child's game. Special referee shirts were provided for these referees. The referee refresher class will be held Sept. 17.

SAFETY REPORT: Gibby reminded everyone that wristbands or jewelry are not allowed to be worn in games. His volunteer pool looks good. Cate Conway will be contacting the volunteers each week to remind them of their two hour commitment.

REGISTRATION AND TEAM FORMATION: One of the big concerns that needs to be addressed at the January retreat is the flow of events that takes place from when a new players submits their registration form and when they are notified of placement. A lot of frustration from parents that they 'have not heard anything and left messages and emails and no one has contacted us." Board members need to register each year and make sure that player cards are marked "Board member" so priority placement can be made. If this is overlooked, on the Board members part, they may not get placed on the team they prefer.

U19 COORDINATOR: Marc reported that our region will play against Albany and Lebanon on smaller fields several times this fall. Coordination with the referee schedule is a must for this.

COMMISSIONER: Aaron would like everyone to keep track of Questions and Answers for the Top 10 Concerns to help educate everyone about what is happening in Region 149. Keep track of things you hear "out and about" and get those to Aaron.

SPECIAL EVENTS COORDINATOR: Welcome Ariel Johnson as our new Special Events Coordinator. Ariel volunteered in the spring to help with 5-a-side and is willing to become a member of the Board. She also plans to referee in addition to her Board position.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be Thursday, October 21 at 7:15pm at the OSU Oceanography Administration Building.

Respectfully Submitted
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

Thanks Kirsten Holbo for starting the minutes until I could get there

AUG 2010

No Meeting


PRESENT: Bill Stickle, Vicki Guenther, Elaine Markley, Daniel Haak, Erin Harrington, Steve Zander, Aaron Colette, Rich Raleigh, Rema Schniedecker, Luke Cotton, Andy Ungerer, Diana Kepner, Marc Betz, Nichole Stucki, Connie Buddingh

EAGLE SCOUT REPORT ON SAFETY SHED: Jayce Guenther presented his plan to install a new safety/information station at the field located east of the new concession stand. He will have Tuff Shed do the construction work. The AYSO Board must comply with the 509-J request that if we are asked to move the building for any reason, we will be responsible for the removal. We are also responsible for the maintaining of the building. The new building will need to be painted similar to the concession stand. Jayce will also paint the blue storage shed (old concession stand) as part of his project. The school district has a blanket waiver for liability. A motion was made by Elaine and seconded by Bill that we invest $5075.12 for the cost of the new Tuff Shed. The motion passed.

TREASURER REPORT: The uniforms have been purchased and the payments for the progressive team are included in the report for this month. There are still players registering so fees are still being processed.

COACH REPORT: Connie is having the Silent Saturday on October 9. She will put an article in the Fall newsletter and talk about it at the coaches training. Aaron will address the concept at the August parent meetings. Joel will be presenting U14 intermediate coaches training on July 31 and August 1. Connie would like to split the U6 and U8 coaches training this year. Specific dates and location of the clinics are being confirmed.

REFEREE REPORT: There are four instructors able to teach classes in Region 149. Instruction will be held August 27 and 28 and again Sept. 10 and 11. U6 will have their orientation on the night of the parent meeting at CHS.

DATA MANAGER REPORT: There are 1188 registered players at this time. The letters to all players and coaches will be printed Sunday, July 18. If there are any new players being added to a team, please let Rich know ASAP so the most accurate information can be mailed to the coaches and families. Rich filled in the volunteer positions in the top 5 jobs if there were volunteers on that particular team. There were a few teams that had a volunteer for each position and he typed those names in as well. We will have our annual stuffing of envelopes party on Wednesday, July 21 at 6:45 at Consumer Power off West Hills Road.

NATIONAL GAMES REPORT: Daniel attended the National AYSO Games in Florida in early July. He spoke highly of his experience and kudos to our Region for all the positive steps we take with our players, coaches and referees. Daniel passed the National referee course and just needs two assessments to finish up. John Park will do the assessments. We are proud of the fact that Region 149 has 3 National referees; Daniel Haak, Bill Stickle, and John Park. The highlight of the National Games was that Tom B. hand picked Daniel to referee the championship match with him Way to go Daniel!

TEAM FORMATION: Andy reported that we are short 2 coaches for teams in U12G. If anyone knows of someone in the community who might like to do this, please let him know. Division coordinators are needed for both the girls and boys teams. Talk it up to get more volunteers for this valuable position

WEBMASTER REPORT: Luke reported that the eayso schedule program does not work. This may create extra work to schedule referees this fall. There will be a web change to a cheaper provider saving $350 month. More to come on this and how it may affect each Board member.

EQUIPMENT REPORT: Vicki reported that the shipment of equipment and uniforms will arrive August 6. We will not have the signature Region 149 balls this year since the order was placed too late. The "free" gifts this year will be sports bags, cones and a ball pump. Sorry, no goalie gloves. Kelley really got a deal on those and we probably won't be able to match that again. Vicki needs to email a picture of the Board jacket to the AYSO Store so new Board jackets will arrive before the beginning of the fall season. Connie, Vicki and Sean will provide trucks for the hauling of uniforms. We will get those loaded up on August 9. Vicki will let us know if they are at her house or Sean's work at E.D. Hughes like they were last year.

LATE UNIFORM PICK-UP: If teams can not provide us with the names of all volunteer positions needed for their team on August 10 or August 11, uniforms will not be distributed. We will hand out uniforms to those teams who complete their volunteer forms on Wednesday, September 8th at Adams Elementary soccer field from 6:00-7:00pm.

PARENT HANDBOOK: The Board decided to make the parent handbook ageless. We need 24 pages in order to convert it to the publisher program. Someone needs to expand the Progressive Play section (Julia Jones would be the logical person), Marc Betz needs to write something about the U19 program and Connie Buddingh will write something about Silent Saturday. Everyone is asked to proof the 2009-10 version and make necessary changes. Submit these changes or new articles to Luke Cotton.

PROGRESSIVE REGISTRATION: Rich reported that there were 5 or 6 boys who paid the additional $25 to continue playing progressive after August 1. We will evaluate the program at the October meeting and the amount of Board member time it takes to register and process fees for those who have not signed up for the fall/spring season. Aaron is making progressive soccer his two year goal and will develop procedures for both the girls and boys to follow. The procedures need to be the same for both genders.

NEWSLETTER FOR FALL: Elaine reported that all newsletter articles must be submitted to Melissa by July 22 so the newsletter can be mailed on or around August 1. Please don't be late!

PARENT MEETINGS IN AUGUST: Aaron reported that George Looney will be at the parent meetings to introduce Aaron. Elaine will bring the white board with a listing of Board positions that are open. Board members will be asked to speak about their volunteer jobs people need to know about and how/where to sign up that evening. This is especially for Special Events (shoe swap), concessions and safety/information. Luke will bring the flood lights to CHS for the second shift of meetings when it gets dark. Vicki, Elaine, Melissa and Luke will be at the uniform distribution. Sean and Steve will be at the finish line. Donna will need to get a few extra people for the CVPA table to streamline the process when teams come to get checked off. All Board members need to plan to attend the parent meetings both evenings and stay for both sessions. A reminder will be sent out later.

5-A-SIDE REPORT: Daniel would like to have the fall 5-A-Side on Sunday, October 17. Teams can register on October 2 and October 9 at the new safety/information station. The cost will be $45. A list of current coaches will be provided to confirm their status.

AYSO CAMP: Aaron agreed to host the AYSO camp in June, 2011. There were 130 campers registered this year.

NEXT MEETING: Our next scheduled meeting will be on Thursday, August 19 at 7:15 at the OSU Oceanography Administration building.

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Markley, Secretary
AYSO Region 149

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